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March 30, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-03-30

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The Michigan Daily



. [ 30.

Prospects Bright for Southern
Baseball Trip; Four-Mile Team
Working Hard.
Wit.but little tore tatanweek i-
tervetinigibefore tie varstty baselclt
sutad starts soutit for te insnsial sprng
vaicationi trip, te prospects arett t tthe
teamis will go into te oeint'g ttte of
thte.'seasontiwitht lessottdoosr siokthantit
its previosis years. Tle temt is nsevier
inth le best of conditiot for teslpitg
trip, atins it is partly fsr this rasons
hatthle sudstl i'vents jaustitto
Diie ous. a year;ibt tthsyarcossis-
tiots havebeetutusualy tunfaisorbe,
ansi this, together iwit tsefIast tisat tse
vacation comssarlirthstan tustalre
sIts its a big hitcatep for tetea .is
The frot is oust (f tesris sitaI
Ferry fieldsisid is soon as sseiwether
relents a trilesthisqsasd wislbini sihsasr
osstioor wotk I tse smestnteall
these ndat rs dos is to sssf5 5 itr fleinit
tie ositiels andpratticseilig rrouds-
ers, as Csach Xks Alistr issunillissg
hat tey sotiltakesany clances cit
having tieir troswingsars ' u ouet of
ostmsmsicssin, wt listopnsisgeofi tit
seasonso iner t bhand.
Forttinatlyslit.pitchintg Stiff this
year lisoks stronger thsniarty oiler yer
sirce Ciiach \lsAltstcrtootuk charge of
\iteligai's sebaitls'ifsrtunsies. IOf the
veteranshBtrr ssnd Ijutissusts are stik-
ig hadsais dsuiwisil Iiris eit frms
pratice mstasis i he time t byslinicusi
wsrk,te is ratisly gttiig its cts
dition, sihile ithisirssi i i woringss5 is
bettet foristhtiantevsri.befori.s'Ibisbitg
rgt-ainder, trhssaltrrsatsd iwitl Iarr
ini iciigas's gases last sesoini'it
pareutly has issore stied1taniin iIsi
first seasostsitsthe varity, asu ith iliisi
excelleint conitsl aisidIhiawrsh ouisitdt
le stle tosi isw tfins imjori ty ftir
gules in wic liiiitli.strts.f
Ini atiitionsitisBarsitasitu ,itiiiiui.
three nirisethirstlainlglDeans ads
Smith, are ptting tilt a stremss isgit
for psitont ss iswstie it iharly liosis
is thssghigithetlsr Btier vii tshicisit sill
fir dispacdtoe trioiii ew ttntlookls
good. Unfortsina-tls fo Coacis c-
Allister's trusscifsmstd, sit of te
pitchers whslo sok bstsiare rigst-adt-
ers andfithe coins wrulsdsilike to nutdsit
experienicedsouthti-paitw t hi, list ioi
Entusastic as is the coislov(sithli
miaterial for itssltaitworkihe is evesi
siore jitbuit wis likig of 'anoter
departmeti otielstgme--se-ssriisning
"If its sont hfaesthisniftist busnrs
cii laserssttiers ever colectd on one
collegetsamI'slitle trribly istupoit
ed," sal Coscht Mslltste ,yesterayi
ishile wscibgtstomts.o thetprtthectie
miembers ofthisvarity work otXtit
Sulliant tsissad off assi ounitai to
folow,'hitt, the oposig surler and
cather are goitig ti ave ssmse trouble
keping them froins rnisnistg asa.
Alelont adt Laiers sill prbaly iii
thirstatd fourth respectively, ait if tiatu
pair romes ip with ayoesit the bases
there is likely to le rottble in ai rn-
tmakitg way. Diter Laters or Mellons
cani clout theis as hard as ay college
player I are to look a, so I guess
offensively we ook pretty good. Atd
II guess that btunch of pitchers will e
suie to take care of the othe" end sf
the gamte."
Apparently the figt for scotd bs
hats iarrowedl dowtto a cotes etweei
Lotrop, Sow ands-XMagidsohni, and it-

til the train has seentsaisle to get mtore
real practice the outcome wvill he doubt-
ful. Snow atnd Loibrop are faster thatn
the third candidate, hut Magidsohn's
ability to sing the bail may eventually
glee him a shade the hetter of the argu-
ment. At any rate, Coach McAllister,
is confident that from the three meet

ie ct choose one wt ilts nti'abe to
fill Kelsey's so'es satisatrily.5
ich sigans tdootsrtrac'ik prcitesill
commensesWedinesay aftroiosst 4
oclock.-Captasin ut siiis ,sitdiascll
tor sll canidaititi foirthistrisi isasit o
reptitIat thisfieistattsit it5isis, sitn v
lvockeurs sillle 'assigntedi titssitsni
XWithlill(,isndosoir s.siasoncoin;tot aisnt
istisacftrsycud by te actien isfIC.
A. A ittianselling last Stusraisex
pesid mtesit a ssttetions lfirts uses-
en1 t will Ite tseiotidntoite devslpmensitsei
of theisimin swlons 'T''iser Fitzps-it
expects tis Isks to ts Iensl isl
Mtischigsisi strunts effor. lsti sill Its
'he four-m ils ienil Foi cesiv
'stck ars ad it' bnnr roImsitsila-i'
delpiastemlemsas tis ot istyin ii t
ftu-stir ius ely andsitIlls i-liis itsfinst
susve eguntsto lokl'pon tis evunts s
'st'ouldsi feeitsuite its'nded'ifctua'ri'rinsi
shoii issuggielst etshac sllnothsesi cositeisi
ight i i stiw 's in htrc.Bt ntes st.t
,:ornel sitisnit'1Ptlststillsia ite is
)iil'tios thii i sNe r sit i lliimstksit
.5 'sits coming; to its es's'sss'ns thatt event
t lests
Ftratieth soleies chancitsies'
'isikusi s'ce'e'itgly g loIotiny lits ithii
Mlay 'sitdlDriithsl sissninsg itslisi
frmttiidvos, asiTowisserXWests fll
ands isifin-at in iiisgiodsim, it sem
satit'rca-stsm igt blieiitiltediou
at stisalstrflet greisisc rit n theii
due isisimsiit titislitgit'C('tin'tlt ull
'remiftpltassure tdsietfriwa
f him yiewfet illhees:; coup
'iinice latr s itf tll'a.'ll.s' 'is
bas I year sitswito-mtliito i ~stls.
fit I ii s. i fsifisbu t al tuhtu e-it
_etsii list ea, tht l biiitabandonedsis
is is at tl list s o lisof t iltour- itse sits.
; i tsun intheitwoi le raceIss. dstuMr.
,he ti"os'e' 1cr. Istsa fteto
i te steven ts ter imti ti'stut is bissis
;otlupstedissThit ifis ite scoinglutf s
Alt-mite sla=tsamtasuts. Thi ss.'-s
itinustibsr sf stfa i ss tuermies t'st
isis'secetrsly i',sen developsevihis'slevi
le fits'fto ops thitrt a teamw l e st'
cast whtrs ichcntakeifshist',eventssalsoNo'
satemuptsill bits.dstas seit suchstsI
reamithough, b sse', ri.Ititatrik
festhis thelsre.iusa bits'scance o is-c
Inilthespestialssesits H-iornser 'isidI 1er
lastsBesthrooilisiipirotaslitbst ltois
rvtiltheu stssh-ut isinsiuRIatuh Crai
siar gos itte huttdles
Theirrematiningl' 'copisof theGarolit
silt Its.placesd ott sale its.estrrds o
f Unvsuitsuy ftallitomosrsuitsAXls.nu
uthits'ete Apil uerit sstlc si the 11o0
cess of sconstsrucstion.It uswiscari
stwo-oor cov er drswni by K stle r s
its te M'th is u istesrc iiibi its b-tl
utah 'allowanusreitsisis.or cannus tesis'
'Tur cartoons frusmioler clleges h',ve
tess seecteud, ansdtsvi reprsst ts
Minnet-ha-haitafroststheU ivCsuitssy of
innisesota ttusirnd i uthe s ponftotisHtr
Tistilsrsrity' msaidents tre ot gongs
to alowi te recrut oyoto 'affets
class paurties tas showuTesuay' essn
inig at Grange's, s a nutttbetItrse
sentinigleading organiza~tons atetsdesd

time soph esigiuneer tdansce. Tue party
was a successful everuth, about sixty rots-
pies enjoyhig the program. Professor
and Met. F,. B,. - M rick wrere chaperuoss.i

Michigan Pedagogues Convene
Here Last Three Days-Free
Tickets for Students.
liv suory-fourtth anntiutal meitig f
tile \Mischsitsn Sshoolmasters''lubnisll t-t
ibe hel i n stAXnnseArbritis wit' ed -
slut I lhustssda y, Fridasy' smithSutu"
ihv hts'ge'ne'al stssions i siil he hiris
it 1.nsiltsrsits isall, ushile the hadqiituasr-
ieris tsar ts.e it hits tA usui 'rtost.
liscThu ssslt mourinig msetig itst
o'coc. he ricial addruets of thit.
morig usisT'e (laitin stsfite
sis t Shoos ICutse. its I' usutsh inmisChi-
ago,"iby Prof ,h' hMosiclsh'aduiou
[i, tn l s i le t' mustis.st, C hsu''s iTe
will s ' be hshy itnga s uitsrll it st -it
ual gitasestiatabursigXXnhstmend
FPitlitcttonuitserisyussity, sill akitsUni-
sits ihal n :ouiont."us Thistlic-
itueiuner hut a5utspis sofii tehs'saruhs
clubi of st. theU iltsrsip tyl s l i ui ts , ill
t'his Irily morissgisusysrtig swil
sitl wi u ilt t t iw r lts s uitsinters uitla sti
ahle st,'siisitscssri suitsopo its.efra
SiatusithliicsssciutisitsThis, lit'rary'
n ctitlistf t't'ssh'm' insttg tiill it liet huh
s lit silftsrtes iesucsssmtnstgThin
geea o istillse"Thi1i Xii stofi
s~rclty it I sitsatitus hietitsornig
see' u t - il ish t-hdin U n siversty' h.
Ilthe aternoont in the ushi ichooulsouh 'us-
si stits stltsiat itr us'r ts hy' tttsiess'
ofit t rfaulis tylitu' Usitsvesiy'Shtutu
ifu9 X is will bes t h atusru. This tus-
.uissssstsu its lsiilietwfsetyfits ctsl,
ut fistite to utal hutem sesto itue tutb
Xihuigan ustwsomens' snuats dinnesssr uitt
it heldi s in Brbuitgmsiumsssast f
stad omrut udentssu ubsiy fPresient
Xi ys ttuo'icock ~ . teuirstyp jiuior ly
hall Ait i trut esitsiltaishivengrt
the Hih sStihsieiausditiorisu, Friday'
usnnga 8oclockset hunsujestill he
Xlsshss andti Ii rnls."
Stital utsrd suritsg'inUnivirnsity hatt
brit addtustsusridleters from repure-
situ's.-situ-sn sui hut'rsail by' President
Xisgell, Prssf.II (Isse tush Puf Dae
if theit ssus'rsiy'fhits cuesltopis
usit its thuesvaluerutf htutu sustc lar-
tistlt ti clsicIalsies s atahesinng
lutistmensofiiaffasums Citailes RX Wiiams
of lt I ttuhttliantpisiMeNtns siltaslk ot
'TheStuSillily tin hisnsutGreel asa
I 'ra g s forsssi hiss t it-autLife" iwisl- Dr.
ifve W.us XX leyus of ti te ins.rits of
_hutluistr it W s hIintti ontwisl si hscusso
liii Studys ofstsin n re s us
is.hitpara tionfriteSftudy of Science.''
fis t XXtrus su 11aftsernoon scofsterec
will sitit hutldsinusStsahCasswselltAngel
al a15 2 I o'uccI, restent 'Antgel
peis g s-sssgthin clas-sitl cnferetne i-it
its I usr siup atiesrnoeonsat I 4', o'clock
as Sarshs CswelnniXsgsllhalls. Pof. F.
W. Kelsey of heunivrsiutty sterustl-
it-sit tusle ProfsiJ.Hl Drsae softhin
utsitersitssill uresde.eFiyauer-
sountheconferencerssill hehis.diti t :45
wih iPsr of. tt.L.ID(ogs of thi ntituser-
sty' presstding 'ue f' ugiis cnfrece
ofi FrCmiiiai t eu.rnoonsu u'ithe hr-(Iitt it
RoomuussC-3 highs SchusslI. Plr Crneluias
S. 1[lsiss ofiGrandRaptidss thisschir-
stats Thus.toutersncosfserinseis sc--
diu.i u ss XXrWednesday sfts.rnooidt -f2
ooc usnm RomiG, CUCiiietsty hat.
T chsisruts is Purcii '. C. Cnidiii
thus uitsemrsits. Pof SIB.hatsy of

IHillssdaletrill presidhe us the Thtursdasy
afternotont cnfereisce iseldtill Roomts'G,
Unis-ersity' suit, sitittFridauy afternsoont
Prof. Max W~iker will preside at the
Germait consierentce held in Room G,

Uivftersity hilat 52 occ. Thincots
iernsce o01Pliiictss andheCistssry silt
1st thlsumthe Pittsis lusrtorsyI Prof
XX D. 1 tesiuersuiss pretisi g itsoti it-h
A. Cobb oh this Centra Notrmal is huasum
thasnsof hehes itnstry 'st til.Thliss
conflsesente silt itbseucon tiud IFrtty'
stsroo auus t 1:45I.' PiletHisIitorc on ~ssfer
-i cs'e s iis held i'e I ' in' dingsttt"Riftut
Irush Crost of thuivesissty pusdng
Thus gensiealsuetisusCitruslst s'in
itoicalrinisgsitsg sthun Shoolt s.'
lhisstonftetetsesilt Ie conutintutu' ri
sits afternoonuts thlis -usstiste tus
flar inn cheliii I ti-u d 'stu hesCmitsitt'
it sitl C Qusu'tss' i t hie. T i hisg sf
Ihlisi myi Sthos."ui
\ [sintS tiltissu ofithelist' ialCol
etce ait d scitu ntruts's. ch'luts'is sue-
disn u steld for uitsidy tnooni inithie'I ighs
Schoosl .udu ttitusatituschutck. The
geeltoic it s "Thtutu fct of the Dar
hs't'u'tit'' s hels. t he hi'h s h ool t rt -
slu t 1:531)o'clockt
admssih ihut actrdedituosly t titute
iso its.badis tutu'suesthIis till
he ecutietutl stu utssas anystudent'
coreSatike it ee sitcitrgsbyhuipyig'
aS th l[ssustum sitroom,'beginning-"Wedns'hs-
sli. p lio is teloreus ha titc the' it
numbeisr tof5tteachrss it siu'vlubin
coldit, indttielii''.an1 utu sullyip rgetuo -i-
hIhiFtS'h'T*h hiNC liii XXI,
VISIT' 8 , Ill' NM Ri-h hhltIN
Statesstfoire ~st eidedagisutt icir-i
atiuiiuiusiti iiintretsts hoitt
cot sluth r- I uetlsytus sill so
it cn li ilhef an Anni Arbo'' v"i itor.
tastmateur, andiu it istexpeited halutS Xi.
fPiinhotwillt, ive iatalk uswic i tll his
uustisiutuhy'iit-irestig ts te fru r
'Tickets fusethis I itti arei s eing1 sold
suitw'tuud thosti se hothsuit'ot secturedt
thanumsisy' o so tits shut sit XX nliidt-Si
aftrnooin Ro iomsss .XWet h'sall. ath
t'clck. Its trer Stusresachialsuit otrisi ee
t satttdalis uitl he pocstdin it fuit
4t hisgned.
Special inutretsienesint'sIhutPh r
ctrs c omig, s it is ts'e his imeShils i
its' vsitedni tAuro ritertutd tichasne
lu- isisestigate pursonalsyttheIuworsrhrthe-
img actompliutshd by te foestry- dearht-
mentsHI Iis visistruast swholy-uexteced.
NWhou astjugge' Ltikesise sihere
amuotig tse grea sluunknowns o te ncam-
iuss isthiss essi'nsuritquisitI Thusse
questionisa-ee ushtotthue ublhihusby ts.'
sssisowx ommniteof thi n('itottucr-
tus. It apusarentluysdoesn' tutie t
tue fficsis concernie whehuethin for-
ser use the onvetioalrssitsesuuelsuh
or use hue i tshitlante sassu s.er cottagei
upo itIs i n.s Allithins-atits5is a ug-
glee. Neiheruns rits.thir nsyat lusittsisss
placuiedi usuonushisstyleiiof ventrloqismsu
t hun empoyetd.
Caniatsi for ius eiter pocitionlustssitsri-
stuesisul t cssussssssc 'or-with1u als-ttu
tug- forsutggetionsuss fr luh is'epatmenitl
RferXW. . Shawsi, I..uof Mididlel-

ruts', Mucs., agedl 87 years. andthe lurtt-
est it-icisiguissgrauate, us criticallyillii
uS hislt omie. Hth atsbeems ill for some
litte, 2tud tote says Ite is ready So dic.'

Interpretation of the Deutscher
Verein's Production to be Given
in Four Talks.
promie t proess or ofss heusuI i vrsihts
ture; ut h iven ''55in prepar to r a is
V it ' si phu re uusitt itsn us'fus ' t he',lu -
'suit us S ''us-isut' in augurai55 '5 ted t itts
it', cd mier i t siuc tsid it i,
t)tul l frus t e n u h ti e r t
se-foritssciutstPofsor t ot
tush suh it I;''-tsu t h ehis thi(s
din g huts 1 suus i tthitthus iii 5e s
russ-u situ uwhichtstlity alitrispsit itthu
itrestttd sitd iof ushitsish ut-u' lusts itsd
tspecialsst stuhy. nhi ollinshsssg arcteti
Prf.F.N. Scull."''hiss' ai t rss it'
Isis l mi. ra.Xp"I'ls Inluhc
IfSitaketspeaen o gmo'u'- Wtutcu.
hay -unpit-XXi7 su.
ina c thu itsus us sushi rus
tul oftu he til st i su\%ill beh its ' ut n
uits." uless-utrerus i ihy' me
Frc N.Scot, ead of it, Hiim s deu-i
uauumcn ,ullsdahun- h 5 5 thet(Iriti tc
Ir m~i7Iv ec t but itu- is "ones ,h f
he genealulxous ugi s iti it
-itittsttu sut 5 5t uns T- itt 1 tu k
lusts.I St u' uS't'a utp w r andt stittuusiu-
uits of sut's 'ut s'stthel nit ts',maitaiShuts u
uhf inets pst iohtsn uS thus Ietutu ista e
-5555551lso it tait y ant'is eItuhusto
its. Itil suan ichara tr. n-'hs -tuu h
lustit S ofithen plays Get he d(1 a si tuu
wth risu snd suite nition hs.and threwui
tiftshit, itusi tsluen fe of th Frencs.'s u uh s
sit-s onlut Getunrte t-' ig is by Prof. tLhuh
ht~ s i othe Englsh n ePansrtmeto
Cii' CC.-XSS-l ofXX'kespearehon i g
hut , in eths -Xsttilsth w'satlus ut (i
un-si of Itheill u rm mi1 -stanit' thus-
wssasuthefuss'tehilof Shake'u'i stare, thus
na~tura tht. G eth in 'ri Sn it shttuS '
7 Cnine on30. 3.
Tni ghtris ll X ithu AdelphirooImI iUi-
cu-sinu Hal wilssch se he cls
ora str usforsthe lit'e thrs Ie'stes css l-u
Te i s'hs.' fori u sthfillest aletRIsis -h
utit- Hall, J.luti.tSt oku ant d thu isltati
besnelsted illhs itthusfaluthetutuatugad

thu eC'-us- cousne sts insg lace a.t- u th It
htszc, iS nat spostpoedn's1 tniht
'hts-counsstsn'sie't'stiited illu
their scopetcofi subujects. T'e ctedstiet s
opien toitte ubuliic.

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