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March 14, 1909 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1909-03-14

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The Michigan Daily

VmO.. XiX.

No. 117.

New Marks Established in Quar-
ter Mile Run and Pole Vault-
Captain Dull Did Not Run.
l'wo indors1rcc 1101wereIoknland
sr 011 ohr;ier n I grof being
t \"0Wa'errn l >110010(00(1St(10 nght
Da lly 11(1 1114 0111 1of1424(I -5l i n t 111el
mile. \ (:o, od dev4e4long int
11(1(101 1P1(1made 11it1imp'o111111e1for1te
1lei (10Capta1in 1to (1 fat l. 1101
I r~ncvfu~rishc] te sna ioll o th d
meet bcle Ilng t 10harinthepoe
lili' li 'mrl rc'} i ed tol goi
11toO the(ilar(four 11> 11, hig1er. (n hiI
he1t(ttem t Il jus (11(111r \beI 11(1
link, from the stan11rd, hill111i1111 1( (11
Th thr eord In be l oi((o (111 11
ail of"11( rot l( ecrd o
1011 -; 11e1(c+(1(10 ara(111( lladdi
t11111to11ll1((11or1(1ill (1h11e two(ev11 11(1 1ht,
(11(1111 1;t,1(1( o1 11% 11h1r1an 1t
0110014f(1t b'71-1 nch1e fol(1sI.lo
Beling .t (1(11of ., o f 1 (0ns((1001 (011
:ill,81(1(111 1111inoo('ut.1%X-1111 tie)hd~
ha1ll - 110,(011tilt, '001o oo sm Il the 10:11 l'Oa
4 lllfoot int innh 0 <1,f1tilot 1110110 shoal
1(ing 1(01 111101 111111. 101- 1i , (1111d 111011
01(11mp . In t 1e1it 1(101 1 (00 <,Io 00111o1-
11 1Ca 110n 11111111 o f 110p 01(11111a 11
Clra0i111g1 w1, tirXit~ll on. 1110: 11(
elec, ( l~t llodhidm1100( 1(iotllt oo lint
111(1111(l11t-11(11100 (1(11 1he'0other114 illr
in odich le was100t11(110(1 ilgo 1110

l(1' tars 1 a j Junior ellgileers was1 t111 e11
itoers' 401111 toe start. MNyors, 1110 lit
1a t(1o 4110 for 1(0(1e 1011111005der, se
cured1 a comiforttable load anldl 1145 11e(11
1111(10 0011111n1e1 10 add to it.

inhs;scod enrok tfeeltI7oolo
04 -.
,c oml, lll 1(0(1(1hid 11Torrev. Tme-1
Fort lard lo urle -FrsIc as
((10110second T rr-'1 hid111its
B om 11>1 I (1(3-7d.1
Poe'aut- irt(1(11e s~od
1K rS 1(1 r,01 10 I- '11(-i1(fet0
inches( 10e 11o1rd 011). 1
011(1 01111111 st. Iraper( nd 1o1
(11 10141 ,Ilskm ndR is. H ih
- 1(1110 (0(1n1h110
Quarter-stil rpm1 Fir1t1(1(11(14 sr-0
ond. rmith thir, Ros. 1Tim -:,,
Cl11ys r>1(-10 11 lt, df> 1 d 111
Milad 1.1(10 1 > II, B y(to oul, .0
I 11(0 010 ror h at, 1 -at (1 (ll AI-
Pot I(11(ll( ((((((10 II , IIL.
01 1ITO AD 1111CW
:i1 ((arc1 busily1>11(1011 oil 1,1 alo
lst~ olloc
Plaint 1f,1Mrs. I1 il-d1 1 ...noon '' I on 0(110
00 ') cla. c: >00>....C.Po e
>0a 01(11(......0.... ..... ...I2 (c 1
1 mosilobnIr011( k clr, Ici
I owltmc 00(11h,(1 n im laif ci
Samuel c (If.....s..... .F.OP FagotS
110111>1(l B III 1 111(111(W.1II1Clar
Th (((1 '0 mtilItt'Oill ch lge o(1w 0 11(1
s 4. 4i)1oamo1.1 IL on r01 c5>1 \I1lwi' h
0a >01 IlllnkoFTII Ko 10 100 81(11 h1
Clob}'t> c 11(11110> e 00 stc s
s. :it atnddth ifithanuloa g
'i the Hawkin1111hous( ll Ypsi((lan(ti1,'Sa
cielIllr o . 11.I0(>'l(11it 111"C Ill(g 1(01111

I- was101he (10 f 11i- i0he 0be ((4 1110'eChristi
Endeaotolr societ1y and11was1(%ve0l11ttil000l

F OR BAND BENEFIT 11illiam Jennings0'o illIIs>eaks10ill
I1110 >rs111 Hall 1110 loo t 7:30 o''lck
Best of Vaudeville Stunts Se-4111100e(of Pece(11' title100111>w10i11 1e0F
cured-Band and 4:ilee Club to n1111101 11(1 11101o1010 ( \\ es00 le1')'(1
Appear Tuesday Night Only. gu1i1d11pre1111n10
sip0or (Semi 1chu (c111 11(l1dispens
Maje'ic~~ this w11>0>1> 1111>cltine ow 11( an'1101 eirpas11o(11 w11>1(00 rtiipate11 n1(1
conis~~ ting'((of l th reg l'ar'M aesic lo lll t1111jointllt mee tg 11 1in ( 010111' (Hall. It
by w le: ln , og th it h (I0l0lt iilfa t b1(Prof,1SI anl11(11 111(01(1( la1(11
'1(1t goes11(0111 thfinanil suppot of te Shy allwil 0b1(oened1a( T000
higo one >11(1he 1(110.tM r_ 111 1 1(11(0ill'> lkit 0 1l1 1(110
Th bane h o'h o prc oii ogreglar 'ld at iI ti sft enoo nr anI ill he enter-1
agil ((to1(( o oa hihy r ined pofesiotal0r- \ 1(110I((1\ III 1(1 (N 1(PLANS 1(
II 0 111011 tllII (1111110 (1hey1((llhaotel (111a111cthoiceit1(>OprogramtI(''
the leader(1says11the}' (tw id th I11ioielvc 1>\s1a It'(to t((lmeans c' ((bringingthe('(i
010 d ,,,(1 this i(( o Ircbo c ~cioCn.ilTeyImembers o fhimob 11(11 oether00 nd1'
adtheyI ri seto sh10 oftaheir appre- I it ooiti ((11 to1 ht',the ito 1>1111 oi Ibbo
('1~~~~~~~~~~~ decide(litd0010oi(gil1101101 'c140 10( 01)11 0 5 .1 1>111
(0 1(01' lit icto Iok s l 1114 hiro d. ( h st0140 '"(5 1100eal thatB)h 0hef.tino
I ba ilhas 1rs4l(Ith bo e otelft 101 sa 1011 tt 1 001 lifperito 00t((011 d(to1 brill othe1t
c11(1l 1hate 111(ings o ha c'ange1dfo hi'r1111'y> forml' it111,shnoit ibllo 1111ilti the ol l
'o 1( co cilo I . attractcotsnarS01011 liwillein11o>1d1erl) bc-F
>1f 1(110 (11 ied rll t h M jsi aa - tcict 140 00011101111a1g1 enera l tsocSibl(0(11 If

1111'c(1and1ill 10e((10forobot showts w1011enatonal music(1 0 o114'1'cs 0(it>1innto>la
° 0 reort 1'l0i. 'Iic' tox 014f00e10s1111011al11d1(y 2>.IThic'toicOof his paperi 1'will btt' 'Ot-
anto Itak1e1(1c00r00>14f(toe lug ldemlandl. >1icton011101caniiveo"ties."
tin Itritt Stane la ls111101o('represent. thei
anl Meooting114 gleocluabthis afternootin1 110aotounvesiy tite1111us il 1c41onference1a1
At.J 3 iio' lolea 'Ita lP1ithottse.Roe. C orne>111111Unitversity, June 2()0

reshies Choose Granger's For
Their Banquet Monday Night
-Sophs Plan For Invasion.
IThe froshman1(n0111 l>'ie a ,Ito atl
'le plan, 111' Ithfirst-year( men1(1' lea's
'l''it ('nd ithe ary soi o m~lll o fisor ho'
11th d tiltheyI c0ould.11Squads11 of
win(1s 10011ed (1>111a1a 1 ow 5(Ma'y1ard
t(0> ect yesIe11(0an(11a)0 torelimbed
bot the 01 '>110> >111longly paeo
I> itlthI it ois 11( to tu ih o
,ran er' Ii, open ('Ito t ttck4 fr("(1(40 rI
BefoI I o o c to day51 oli tie(s(1m 11(
tut after th(1 aotimhi Stilihelielt lw
er1 alloithe bIiti they w(11 i linthe
(4it (ikely o be so e pot.iIth
snoty1roa. lone;11Mayna(11 ItreeitlOtu-
The(I tti- mgl (44(o1(1rangr's pro
boalexet1(as(1iI 111111111 the ata 0001itng
iI r((liltger1says
ix rlatioothe>f1(111 (11 (1(411 oil (11(i
) f1( lc nnourse ixp (ct telt ud01e1n It o lilt>ner I
tol io.T-ilori 11)in ]Iotbes lISllB
fo th promtiesWIN iii (4((1111 ilolock
illinot ieiotke1101(d(theilt(1101b1
fa1psltcto i cerbtill io'toi111' 1w 1
-oors 1(0(1(10 4eop01(01 1to1(1114oit
111 (I f 1111uid i lilot1 as th ife 01ntra ce i
canttnc'sbll o otlti to oactolaiir
criti r otl l le n rg ,or h a e]il
tht freshmenio i ill Ido ca((0t ne0iiti 111(1
;1aie entt011111to1their happsy a(14g
cIh r r o e ig hel.y0111101(0c1111(4 l1l(10 ( to10
andl lSotnci ngs) 0h011111 't,11 lb'o Iltiich

temle se' verao' o em110-~s blip Ilrti 110t Mao-
sons0noabl.K'lto1010 ing a11nd Ll01oyd, were
treSad.ilThe poemosoiterel'iscussed itand iit
was Shownwhe1ei000 rtain1Maonic0doc

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