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February 17, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-02-17

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- --_ _ _ T_ _ E_ _ M _ _C H IG A N D AI L Yf~ tL
)yj.jJ j% J a4jj , 4erl n Iroo i ney 0Jm xi,,lrIi~cltty ocorore to gaClIle M ~aitoie "Scoll
hied___ . t ii-ttrtlootittg Ix bon u loo t Li,, iet (a t C N
G. H. Wild( Comfpanly xx natg Id-O- 1 uFR cn A ~lttcil nd "tx hiss totorEach Lay SEC I)SEMESTER
Nuieslianger boo F Wuxz T'lb0sxccess of the girls atltl el loll let-.for tworig of which is
MtERCHANT TAILORS. . . ....- - - -- --r lits in cnitadsw( eets . Ich.dosi'ttcarried al1Xl c ciincedCt~ orpoft Istae T e x t
EnTORS tis knock 00 srnne oldi iteson athl- lct ico.s,.,wxiliho what mr e caico1
News .. :jLee A W hte ltis oa reised ctitiont of the roliutottanlet
Athletics. .. ..C. E. El"*dridge I o tie Deoii's ulattee 0sit l]tiettitle Bo l
Have received a large line aof lost hang. .. .... Robert Mountsierl A N cot t. oos. tool by which it is fow brng cllratdeatmn
woolens for SPRING and SUM M sc . . HllxS.Bkfortre c allteeeel xtiedepartmernts.x lrr ro ie b xxx o
MER in (Itenium, Light, and Dark D ama .. ... . .aynond Vsscher tfootball .semnae re?' x't Otoriginaotet antd toos tonl I rot tolt
Art Leather) Silver Drab, Grecian 1 Vt 1 .0gen'0 *ct ~loo...-l oxtse an Voorhis r - - - - cress theli"ondix .a 111ottoth ,oil toteraw
Dr ab, Light Mae. Royal ray, and lox lox xi too to xIi'hc xRxitxxxx1(GExtPo.
King's Tan. 1otvx1oxxxoo 51501I
We have the Blarney, Hudson, Clx 0 x s 1',tixee . IeonaI C . Ice1ttl y_
ham, Ausralia, Cymric, Bullion, No.4)t,otixundr t xhercu ooxo are cocxeredxlit
Feeral, Empire, Raeborn, Irish 1. t C x-xi ttttcotto xiocx xxlctg et - r y iege'
Mioocl< ecnru Satioel t . oris t\tmbe-r ~iof Qulit lx elit of Iteloll. 000,-ci iioolrcolfoot MdsIto NpIs adKrt ntuet n
B ea g T e e n L n d h v. t . C . W l i t o .Waoers -l - l g M . o l . K i l c 0 x ox 1 cI e ~ r s t x il r I o e t e x
res \atrh o es I m' tt iclinoh eth Colttaelt plce rc t ot c N otwoc h N itclxto.l ix it ot~iby ithe
N DanCatoix Jo n I.s .) El 1ot toi. fili }is This afxite notos atool xx isi i \ . oO tt c et rt t d tilt, i
___________________________ i - oaoi Ir to e ci illxn Ifwni alexi gei v eiiatotl oot otI t® °ot 1tt ttxttiit t i xx
a-. lc~lx oit II. <i G oA. opavlM ickh kecccl
. K.B e tlo i s txiittxin J Si c'rtxiixg ttxlo t NI 0 1 i .il
G. H Al Wild KilCoffipallys a ulgcrforlorry sN. hole e
Pleaseoco elearfy adlhaveob:t C. Willrms.tsarl so lott I 'll"o it it tiaix undext rithex. eaoo r c lox
31 ou h S tae sreeUISSAFe litthCipb1 ohut. d i toll t irc flctlrt xxihc U iest o ktr
1) AI. L isi - N-ot.1oi ayoHtii ttxtotxitt ttinkc- Ao tt''t i lcr. 'oI 'hc to1o i xuci on
V '1'. C on_________________\1__D.___________ r siy-tmli-to. Thsbr\xteto xx ost cim icdctxompo ,oir gtxc xi
AtmrS \\ 0DiC IAN . , 1 s Bg,Ku btitiiixed grco eomts ii ed b r tiytti .l id t110 ~oio h t otix a o r oul s slox lxiii lxAt
M yad Sre.b t r o. einmi inggims with tll -lix xxxi. ho1-st, i ll s l. i t-i n ro
S SI\AcIlwIi0 NiE B YIManager'sl
ly. rscrp Sunday. Both pji n s li to o Fno iltyrremot igtixc r rouch ti xooi. ic x
f H .W l Co p nofthe i Ileoct kCo-ri tmms tmitei i - si rifohlse oot xxxxxcooxio o xielmix too 010
' 1 h w, i 1att J tli M ad ett3o i 11, my- e ly bentml e.xlm t heI 0000 soth odrt aro t io oo c . tmlimsx-o "Tat lx x
- U5N s T P telo to -I medty xoiiog iit o t e s-solo is o x xof r a ('sios t ill]to- hosN IAT I
31iSxmth tt estrut 111IyN-lKN.lINISLN;N 7 mmx) totI.Alel Ott the itoxetih iior_ eUntiscversity 1100txttOistoY0oi-txo 0sHt orAP eR
110l 11.-Adam ;. II- mxrtot scor, igei;mte wox xso-llmtsoero-ndebee
C A.110 osxusxouuo-ou o-uithi It tti 311t 050ctb gic o erte u- f r 1 til l seoort un ist fb ar insgl isiiloei - ratc xhc5 0o -5O
Initialrbsia tisogniaio i
-xx islocusOtoit ttu -oumo"1oxgi -iclp oer enc ti xii
Ad es : Mt I CHl IGANtlo m hr o t s le-mi o l (: t c ooret s esot tt it xo othis yeari xtoo t Iit- tti htaini1010
.lt bt otso lm f io xuxlm tlo is i tog 1 I t ons i otoxil lmx list-e 5 xx sO 0000 isco e 11 c u img s-it c-x
tationery 5550daittyit ic ttmnayro hh oi n o--totsex-ries of oomxtsoouo 1000 ot000ist oottts so is t oistio
so oxx0I1oxgmu1hiVisu fho i of jetng i tme n buigot lc tos ri -o-wh t xiich ha o 0000 ttoniso tlierlitScle -c
ohsso so--oloo mo ot t ooormo omxtiw I ilt'1110Sixtog r ol omwiotedKti te c NI ed o l ith ots u0 lx 0000 ii 'too h o tltci
to lot li to limimm'stc ot l N to Ibeor ig osi-gono t Sroisit it ix orsual 0000001 ts t i ctd la i n
-0.--tinc insultdat me nltigx hixo tr titthI Vr.o1to\Js N, h~TAM T
Fan y in d taton ry xc slot tit I o I;Isixoogle t 7,~c hi i' cl i -1 apxcm olire ho rachi l U n s - it sctDin naits t e arlihoe-
lixsolitstcimxmoul to oumoig oh 1mt i eut I suingst ets anool e tthtt lyl oxer to-or tot~aIt - P H O TO GRitAhiPhH ERit tStt
- xcxi- xtux h lxmht- h Ot Vuct lIIM t hat i omtheehatv te ge r-engsedos 1 stoos sl t txt oihl l m uisic- tot n i nosro
suitos iscixoit somor-niof thte reatl soEnclishtom(lhr-d'scm ro-laof lcx oc mo 1 it lox hd00fo0nt
Std nt Linkaose oss otda n rous m io nn a he loxlsi i nictmto hm s Nusictrhts I (s t Vlpy om iimimm. ilorsut ioxrxs to n o BAI EY c ED UND
-as iottstlstit l05t il hl 01 stng 5Oei5pO ltottAl tl)Otttwill
C o. tstool of oiscoehpargly fgthst v4at,1:1m ts -tenxNco x reIis irlcg- .n____ to__ he_ strain_ of_ whichg_ nera__e_____1 HAS i tlH0 c r .L
S Staioa n eryprySuh fit ds ite imi ct i cfnpb it t2,aiehx soteo, ______to _____ha ___cn _________t________r
o o bo-tic rio--si s ho-tt toool ohsxlsoornx soiths axhisgcmeetdmi-c-ucituspico-mee sCrlw
ho nt-h- axofxlc-ttciahl o-y stnd i)t -e i 'mls ritc x tgc etoits. hoe lug Nc- fes ) z> n h pig sn at
way of bringing the inert of the. va__i____ __ -ioil scI m i te esi ''h t ehadImor y, l eomx.atoform si']lvs, 5l n ;ai
-slasses o hrin uox x itO50ll5t (?in - soith loss m renormdi ol aio I M-to nd to ho- GLOV utES -~casi
01 0 xii Aol000n t mlt tiOis m~~mt eeof time ( l :nstolo th]aini Nss-N i ymcx tuu o by e adsv
notnol, B olitualiite Sgtesriithrougyhttxsihiic 0, sm-tosimr-ls-ith itfioomswhitiih-et1s1isglt. t s-il exleittouben I-?
tin ned tatinsium fr. irs~ I-caxisl00000{n hoe tiii 0 co ~*c sstythe lxI~i~a ata.f thei iii ommen\claof helfaql i v 1t tistplmi o-tS
ofaratusiso lxit Cs t ' tho h ot 'ba -l, itisIt f l tife mush pif alO ea soe o h Acn C~ou m sc:sa
to -005t5cfoenstaal)spol-Oxeuxttain>l lo-- cb- sf "l' gon. ioleitcis toteof rieo o uieet o tt los 0 te rct recna
'IO s O 'tthmmx m atet r s t p- th si o:sx oo1 xod iv i ,;)mit'. mo s t ngitoer o s a d e o nit imn i ol m eh toe rl o f0h.dai s 1tp etc5 0 5 1-5Nr h ni er i y0 ve u
ano(te RicanhC anebattot t t lieo1 isopriiicliic000ackgro0500
boltha n &tic andhif smog sticks cottnat 000tC hinesetC o p-Suev R0 0 e a r n
'I'l,,wotmdoilsorang.the plas'a ' hiim-mach) so ;,prety gipal 121ito L BEmYoe a I
be'Tellisken J L s~a, <It~ ~lYIIpctnER ucsene_______
m e uot in mnouth izrn sfu sitIhem mdsoall$151)an $2,eoos'tmiosota s os cc050500t tbsxtaog'i isedttingset to othe oosbtigtONeIwm
OOTor& CsinDERn Ots, "filetRuntw ss,5F WNEso
I{ G Spldng ,Brs,________________
tl n i i :rrMoyoguehichPhasoaRicoodBox 424i3g4 5u SaATE ST0EET

M ,-pure i butan mpt We700 North Uobversity Ave.
Mypuseisbt n mpy BY LAES lieof high cas Spring and Sum -____.________
dreanimen Suiings, in all the latest fash-
S0 %WtNr-IDLNO S a
tel oth t Iito30st hon h n e sib-
..J ., loi3.Nai1)t. tAnim Artor
Well4x5 - 50c
Wh a oe x7 90C VAN KLEEK'S TW
300ya Payst MoreSt Popular for ( T f
Ligt Lunches aehd in shape, hot thec -"Pat-
Loc ront"i '' xtitxobaxics
.T . THE -V PP LY Er rEiPALKIYTS Confectionary cllr sprading co ho ad only in
N IVE R S IT Y T 0R E IceALCrand
- 243 DRUGkGIST Icolreamr'mn riISr
Soiuth State Street Phones 784L 78 Blue-
121 Wsblnton E. _iThe Randa ll Studio' Rand all &~ Pacok Props., Pol 9
1 .

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