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January 10, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-01-10

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_ iHE M1ICIc GAN D I~AIL1 ift h I rijboftit acitect, e t-ii eriti t h\ I , III- NDK ,Ib
G H.W i1 JO p;lsaguIUVI d No A cue iF. Riest. hii hite lii ite tl. \\ edcli iy i , t lt iiir-d e I Sat 1 I C
l'uring1't tit Ioni1igDimi.l-:oth I -ri it\rd- To begin the New Year right
\i ~. .........Lee A Whie - _- . tdlci cl I n- p c. t i a, you may need an
Athletics....... .SE. lidridge l I e tis.' ltting ntittii dl mun:> thUil -mi ag .... oetMonse ae ii-s' Q tri iai~ ad o rcdn~r t~cI1Sn,,Sr~e xesorDiyo
(t iui1W .. .... 1-Hlolis S. Baker tithimit. J t uthink. girl:i! Ki ii-l esk Calnda
Exclusive Styles in Dlaimit.......Ramond Vischer -\--~ - Letter [ile
i\ ol 1 i itor.n ose VnVoorhis \ A I ?I Sp'ni g1 u- fr Ledger, Journal
urtolial TA~i ndcnt t 1,,tt< ,(I 11 a C(ash Book
W OO ENS ('anuorI csuchiLonard 1C. Reid (It0iCanO Trams la cI ~ lhi, I . ta . i- la- Quart of Ink
1. ._Lane___IPintof Mucilage
5111xr.1110 l NRM IN -it Irri s ii('-ti t nu~lt i x ,Ai ch . k- Jar of Paste
F or Gentlemfen's W 1 lcar 1i B. M logh Ired C. Goding GIetrit i ith til ittitst eictappluse.-ii,_til sit ii ii K - - - ur, rlc Box of Pens
D nl L.Kinney Dana Sr. Jones tItt-h tititinue o ughoti tia. liiVe- %i) - eIUi, '1a Dozen Pencils
\\alte IN I osers LoistKiriaft in, NormaniHakett oeiiic n. 0 ali I illilg Cabinet
it ci-nll J. Cart at tit.L itt-u - if .11tl.h an apteared
itiltsadntg rle of "C h ssnistie1sr- In-iI-ce rV l asili %%
iii I' . -iwtu li Jlti ltun t lt t t - l t-I Pper asteners
I h; . -Ai l itittite l Le niy \i'utu litcunt g. he1 playItt-Ct l ir er &C . l 1 t f Rubber Bands
Fti11 Dress Suaits a II Wkii aitiLedy lit iiit1. Iormlh itfficll t acn.0.andThe most Complete line it
Specialty 1 \ li-lie. tionrelyy Z awtott ,Ir. Iiket-.tiso lt tl Ifi tufii' ' ______________________ the city.
Iorp . oeat tall tim s olt-n titti- I 1't i s >11- i ________It's_____________a__
________Conk_____in____\____ ID- . ilotI \Iilitlta oit i ilti 1ttt lileCont-
\1 av. 1 A. Kiniitrilinnlttdhinoittile iec, tiw I a ki-ielOW N!E.S ,
G. H. i {Company C Ml"%tii1.'ikslitch 11f.h111a' ilit ,~c~
k lctDlnJ. . Brentontinill te ifrtu a[s hat's all yo nee tI kow
311 Southi Sate Siret - .,I - iI iiiJr. Attlieconcusiiiin ofitheithirdii t. li.ab no aj University Bookstore
BUSINESS_____________STAFF________Ha___________ - lti. (11111 iged ti-tilts lie tlopIthe -
0 1 1..n h . Lriwill __urta___andin______________hi__________________;S
C Ioiman o i ii . IHill htio of li ii-elomeit lt lii--d isi ii Ii
cairn elli-ni- ays D- i n11110Ii-.1y-itt lli
41 d t s :MIHtoIGA aiir. PrsBldg.. =\niiii , I riet - HacIIkett m-i ienltr tti l K
NMa ard Street. byti lt T heta IDli-ta (Ii fe-ciit 1 f1111il1e i1t sai
llslfl anagers Hours: 1-2 p. m.t 78 p. m n Iit u-Kndoi-1s- Il- ii I.. 1 I, t i,- ItSorrse
daily except Stnday. Both phones lti el I tin ill Itllttit0 Bag
ii on.& Iland-an. ~I ,,11trliitTrDt ui
1ulirv enii \ zii iu . tillT
IS il J15-K . &Skt s I Skats!I Skates'al tLlulg 111151; I -ii - i 1 - itre .SA ~ i
'A an tN SJA Rl ort). &SeititdSsp. MaiSt ,()-od r ai t W rtLw rli F IH n
__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t it bti f i t 1 1. I an
A ,, ,nc ii-iu Pi iitpitt1sit itiitsihihitlit I (adp i tcrtii atll id aidt. miosi hty
C. B. Ie aion of tilt FIin eiimiond cetl t ; Mli, t-i "i Iii 11. .3 Porto Rican Caes KI v Used
' ilc nn l list n ' hmeruh i S takalt l.~ rretn 'Si t -i I -C. " h I, -aiv
e t it (lia te idc t"1ie it iii NW RITEKS Ne siill sell y-o a type- itpa id is $1 1 9) a ntI $2 lisi-
ul I! hi ciliiuhI my psiirwitllii iieil I i cle-to a i-les-.riter. an do ROOT & GRi DER
c i frmte 111111wha re " n i.est t mm tpiuu i tilig fr i-ai. Joliffe & Mayaguez Porn Rio Bx 424
Is i 1ad thul ~eun rte iepreselt 7/eiialdit310 5.Stair S;t. edtf ___________________________
i i imu m mm in 11 n iii ii ou tli--il ~d ars iphomne s 37 C 1. I NotiS1mm i tr li-ff R. A. D OLPH (T C . 79 N rh Uifriy A en
F'or- a few days (lya 1"1proposiioatitu dmilesrutive -- - 79Nrh UivriyAeu
rlh 1:111 1 onstruc tini", it. 'i leIt A'm telh tllhn disesi- nd to i l l l - th_____________________________
ram r1. mum \(;]]<.or ith m is it aluble lig & Shi,-5t a S . MiniSI - codF neral IDirectors ___________________________
y1prt mnu limioe .t hose- lium-i-it ari -i20 S. 4th Ae. Sen Abo0 - iht.
flumej absmtimrltlm tiIr mittr. On-itut ill nNaaoCht-tniaom1 BAILEY & EDMUNDS
mliiif° It :siat i . incttan te R u ankmiai-d I .1 ill ut I lm-itusat Dar1"tix - I ng Goo~ s
She. hn 7&iCo. c ;ptc 1cs h imiin itathe lig 3kiallatus at75-7
StdnsIoktrellm I' hiIo h aps n tt- - ---II 4110_Kt(m, 1l21*EAS____ LIBERTY____STREET_
h tact th~~n1 Ih, liii-cildosthan ft he Usi-ilI (liiflir wa . ot
A[ G. palding Q& Bros, ,, h nt~imt ht yhave a mu\i-; 'S P tLR lUliKE~lS ---Toilet Sets
h 4a lii miii i 1 'Ii h sfey held aligt til te oblt- I ipa ages lil to 1mm I . Ja n J-lu 1. The Season's Only I Two for
NVl lnts i - i i -~p i - -We Have the Silver Toile
ii i iiiiii<ii m-Iny iySt h a ,titt i niiii5Tie, 117 . a. (3rumod NEW CREATION 25. Ses o Design Qualiy
IIuacl tnralBusIeelI ~a i t ilt any 111(planI tl's revrsible.trade it-hi Easy and Price.
Hocyk (i, G ( ynin o. mn lu mt ll n o iie. Pas itg Se elltrlig & tutumid.shate inittwmust tie-sliding Spce ' and PIaeni-
Ap ats in
mma-l- 5 luii iiiv ti Ilifo ilht 11 iuiu tnuotl a ny S. aiiiut.SI It-i-ill Lock Frot.' 13',hil t.itt, .i-rSus. ' toC ~fllBeler
<,i utal-imu lnt - i r mmm]['iii ll n umc mimio i l uintuess. - hls2UJ L'L..,U H rr
10, r o ut .e.miii-K lii Ill he ie m n i--e aIlaniimto sae.thus- liul w t-htetlulinlul--slt'folimeni umA llI
an ,I~cit s t itl 51le suittit- freuati n a mlI-i-moa1i tsutalit)V n j 3r WM. ARNOLD, JEWELER
A.(G.SPALDiNG BROS. " u mli I m ll mmn-cuh mu Iandmii slized11 ut-udue-tIpis-s Ili i the lo tthir.Alaimi 220 Soth Man Sret.
'niuty rl. hliee-ti Detrt
it mitem cln utIwisthm i.I 2t TDSHITT C sit AR cr Oa.1esi e T'N.I.S
11 DoYou a I'IBANNERS and
High Prices PILW

Gi all lines of merchandise. a--- for yotr clothes lbease ytu ane~'t lao 1.i3INBanoi-s
S satisfied withtready-miade clothinig? It nw1100 .. .....95C
u s 4 isn't necessary. We will furtist you1 I;W foBane,'i ~
CALENDARS,- - - 1-2 off oes omade t esreb-o
-2 ofEd. V.Price& Co, of Chicao, miii0 no nw..38c..
J EWELIRX1, - - - 12of5 rn orcoc u (0iaiiirl l ~tFlt
fabrics, for lJ to aless th)"111 siia1111 $2.2
1c INK, PASTE, Etc. - - - at 6C small tailors charge aitd also iln youiti :;o illlos W
o a s10/the additional advantagofstyle ailled $1i.Il Pillows
/ MI r ~wrknanship and corretl style.no.73
Our Tailoring Department P~'illws 8
Buy now for future use. is doing an excellett busitiss with
those we have learied lio to be well While they last
____________________________________________________ tressed at all tines at a sirrea Csoi -_-__
able cost. ook ove otr clohis atduE.l.
..THE - V P P L Y fashions figres ad -to'see sb>F.E C LKN
- 15 it (1 ~ 123 . Lbert ~.324 South State Street
121 Washington L, The R an d all Studio, .R andall & Pack Props-., ot5J

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