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January 08, 1909 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1909-01-08

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ow THE MICHIGAN DAILY. ignrnf. It l{h t it ititing fr- Fiiki >tyn 'St-itS iitarit. IS'S
o ral taar- and each e itttaeicemto t< <'. "ittia . g c a t an it a -ll
itttga dta R ae F i amit. nae . callingtit aStnaurl Sppyt at'.
BusinessManager -JoxN F. WURz. 73S-;ath ' tter-m -;
- - h e tyini ~t ttt nt ler t h
itt Larp'eat Sackin tiiTna teaatnp irstrda-. A fhi ltt't mu - 'ft']lI _. f\ r dncana- i a To begin the New Year right
Nehe .'i.......... . . Lee A White --siei thatirthe rtewest ittliitg onithe tin . r'c'aftatt a tt. nitattit Bttsc- atyou may need an
ofAheis C. ...... E. Eldridge Icampn wo ou ti-tn a flock tnf dt 1 tt \i il at i o (i n
Atchane ... . . Robert Mountsier cas iifar nts ant.a cct d n t;tC i lt i t l'icI D. tns. it l att it ttter. hel E clir D iy o
ExhsieStls M1u~tsic... Hollin S. Baker 51 - ?3.- Desk Calendar
Exhsy tls i ramat_. . aymond Vischer .l utttll tttoaiently ititt i 2Iletter fie
Women'ris REitr.Louise Van Voorhis 1 a kaittll gaityt rd says roll do't 55 5 ' l{D- Siftlen ititporiti ti an leder, Journal
nautittist, tari'hae t ga ta the tik ttto njymt 'A'5 t ,t tto hl aIns f tie tt'thilrughi as B o
I ittitit t liaftnltni r aieo ardi C. gRid tin'. fitti . I.73it n-1 al iQuart of Ink
W5 . Latn erhaps Ftctrke (takr tottmtiy le tle Pint of Mucilae
tnN I nEITRS itotlIts linw the ptole. al i tei e 5 hfate miiidt atr gratdfater Jar of Paste
F or Gentlemfen's Wear Afutel . fin i .Ma gh Fred E. Goding rtrtaititgiteaiitnnta ~ tiiitn~ tttt i e t eli nt Box of Pens
iDonaldf L. Miny Dana E. Jones -_- i tlifistdf18,;8- falen's jwry nPecl
5 'ktitanKis lowersn fros Kraft Itairke Cacranartitot. tik t now if t hSl n- 26 ft inS.Vu t. eodril-t D ze
~ " tr natliteil for Sita.inn Jpan.fepl"al' -intule It migt n t- ii-i [ilrg Cabinet
iii1 eJ.'Caarancy stns tidall ita Sttti ittn.itt tttItia'ltis iit\ii' Bo of clips
ai en ifand ec aStyliheus . " ,ttum , at ni ti t iittti S i i ctnutre at Paper asteners
Paulia iidapGreetri-. '- Samuel H.. M rris It rtitier strtchslirt ttnitttg i t o tti1tttt itAlso reduce'-pric tnia Rubber Bands
Full Dress Suits a L A C hWliatms Paul Leidy ttth ii ifMaytnttnfiis en-ndtti ritin - i 9 it hiiiF f itucs Y(1. 1d7
Specialty l V Ific ta Fred Lawton iintti these at Th most complete line ittI td.lIaltaryL.F zth ci .
V55'nli 4 . L.Elliott 11,1t11 U XL' lTPOit ~S (Lots of people
LI.I A . K a h n M 1 1 t:L 1 \ f (i )O SO . SC l i tl l ) 5 5 n e v e r w o r r y a b o u t s ty le
af I1itiir. ttattiiLL___!________________just__buy_________
J"'r Dh . K.iBrentonTa e flt' u ti ll meN f idnit* \\ A iI S
3f Suth Stale Street f1. Shawi, Jr. iinttd itfSatindtith life re it FOW NES U iest oktr
BUSINEiSS STAFF cu tof1ut t -c .m e fte Al GIOI;
-~.,.,g l ~ S Ites icamta l~uc. res ld., ti akno u Allettis e ts arctf a tit i a d 'titriKt
(SiiiP 11111 Maynard Street. tre le pragnatuu. \(ffIi(t1 ami' rid ti-14
1zIL Managers Hurs 12 p n., 78 . , t t m, IIni c' i andbaimg iii
taialy except Sunday Both phones Stimte larin is ii -. -a dI-ituu l S; Ie sc h:w.om d . 7-3 0
OF______________________StiNGS ON TiHlE CSINO ifi . Pi -m 153 tedmenu u iD
---i55.JaN R ~~A Second
AA.Aiad I i)tliJNAR tilo ii ent-.ath toifiroties a t i. Sct latti,[ r it na i ao<tit ipmet.f lyoiii Handt
- yit o-.f' (tallhangingsfromourtutu)__pit-_do_____________For__the _closed _front _cUse
an gi hsyciin suppot~rtia -- - -SSiittgtti tti Porto Rican Canes K Kodaks.
--a-. iar ii aon;ekicihve atit tedif Mis 1olt o-. en tit. , e't i hg r iswlk ing .ttcks itt atit;
iltionods, tor ng, satin itoti. pltite i n
i~ ly,-aohrtt gethaler -- - -is-litrie-ies:$1, $1.50 and $2, it- W
oi tll pitt i nb t enr it 'ta'y. Fortt prtyi ton night ordter 'tttt'-cr an idii. t -tatyf Si e tra Addre-s
nncss iageitof I itatuict hel ; ln TitaSi. ROOT & CRIDER
At Cost kIhI" ta i tiel a ptoetahlae pa281 Jefferson S. fri-il Mayaguez, Porto Rico Box 424
dill tLY N DO N
e- A MttLANCE iBenPhone, 92
For a few days only tat destt inttti outi isosptifsicaib tlerty i2f R. A. DOLPH & CO. 719 North University Avenue
lit -.-a-ha t t ' >e i tay avi-ie Mit-wintte t hinttg tlt' t tti i Att'i Funeral Directors
ibehii I iti t tt ind ta tinch g useftu., aniitr- suit-..ovratus ta ind titicatat .i tttie201 S4th Ae. Axe ArborMch.
S h e e h n . Si C o . n t\I ndiii 'ti t he mit ntii .i " aredu ced i ces l le ,im the c lt ie Ala i tiB A ILE Y & E D M U N D S
Students' Bookstore ritl cat'tttttt'a-. ha-ntietthea}egit to GOilt)V DR'ILLE, AThAT51121 EAST LIBERTY STREET
- - ei nsa-nttd-itltie titia-ti-itofla TilSCASINOI')i 1 S V FRK t_________________________
(Y ¢,-aiterl t set~n titoit ttit tata rceive 1St aie tle agentsa Itfor te SVassaae
A, GSpalding (& Bros,. he ~,,m-i;: o cn da;o~ i dc Swss ndewea.'Te-oly--- - Tit-oilet Sets
sea . I ith tfim handlinta tfhi i n itg ttideweattade.it laitex& li. N.
eletBeettiIckae, it it i - i tii artiula tuyiitohtlookTWO SEASONS (. 25. Ses o Design Qualiy
toce ky, Gelf.. Gymnestunr iii lettf uu tljaiiititttl ii SiL)I g'NN f' Imitated in shape, ut the it at- and Price.
Apparatusitbe 1Owital fcite it a ig aty totitof thinY ' t fTfIN ItCTURkSS. 7r- entd Lck Irnt" which avids
tich t ita i trmen ict -.au iin hetwtuttiseettoii -_____________collar -preading, can be had only iu $51J1Jto $2500 Better
Ua ltgfaisos ntattisun, iia- it thtuat1li'al ittitititit ii I otittmtrttltat etbtetandttimost cpeteef$pitha'g sin aie re n- e1nues iehidfrnm'dsus htib Hurrynad oenwl b. r o t9®//l /1
A.GNeLwG&BOS ttli 'thftt hn ie ip~is W.ANLJEWELER
A..s PA DN R S M R ~ Yrk OCiag LDetroic Iis new titut shtmettuouril rtehafs at Mait St Afiartagentsl-fr the era - 220 Soth Mete Street.
__________________________t ulo ng atticant.tijustlylbe stick rubetr fr itt-ti 6-,6 UNITDItD CtILI £., iikeesoyeNY.
Do You Pay BANNERS and
01n all lines of merchandise. for~ you clothes because you cn't be $1fluoiBannrs
ssV ~ tf atisfied with ready-made clothing? It °j o . 00W

-isn't necessary Wke wil furnish yost 5t- hastit-- 58
CAEDR,- - - 1-2 off y/mlothtes nade to measure by nw $
Ed. V. Price & Co, of Chicago, now. -38C
JE'WELRY, - - - 1-2 offf front your choie of 500olhadsoie $30 Plloi~iws $229
Oarc o o ls hnayn". ."..... c INK, PASTE, E - - at 6c salltabrics u'lt"t3es iti at112i'llw $9
wthe additional advantage of tneqalled $110.Pilow
so 1 Bo ks r7f workmianship ad correct style $.00.nw.(Pillows
Our Tailoring Department Pillows 8
Buy now or futue use. doing.n..xcelet.t.htsi.ess.ith tou
tuho or uue s.i oeg wehave lertdbusynswtohwlWhetey as
dressed at all tines at a very reason-___
able cost Look over our clotls and E..CAKN
THE VP PL Y fashioni figures and yo'll see whly. E .CAKN
oovniK > v Y F 0 13 . i r S s 324 South State Street
121 Washington E. The Randall studio, Randall & Pack Props-. Phone 598

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