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December 16, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-12-16

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The Mlichigan Daily
itsN X1iZI))I- \Ni CfiIGi. tN ititFI)NI'SPAY, DFrC. BFR r6eNo. 66.

No. 66.

Voi XIX.

Fifty Candidates Answer Cap-
tain Dull's Call; Ineligibles De-
feat Regulars in Basketball.
":1 hisi>> tlk a cii tihe faculty is-
cr cli at y' cia s acctcis rc ot, ai
Dir ct ccc itciiatricialasi i;ght. III
fiat (c h t is rg t, 11 cllrc
sonar( f ii>> (i>>;>>> ciii to i m-kcait
~ Orkhard the if (tt sh~tlll hapen t
drawa cmditon, Iol) -oarond cii n
thtvm avn >c'lteae fiiv
(1)11 ti k t e e i a l t e fc

caccsit> tliotket t ciiictabititcc'lCccc.c it>
crigl thelcci chaces forit itfcain ii-
of the>sciii>duariic:sim but itasic
aic> iiic i> to ayafter tithebicfiiiii of
ticranc beforetuthe>season clo>e.

"'Culture" Finished For the Cur-
tain; Last Rehearsal Goes Off
Without a Hitch.

awtotldlncver suspci that tac beantiful,
cailiing, beitchcing charus> girls cotnld
csmoie sari; a htorrid thing as a cigarciie
oracorn-cot; pipe.
Tihc chairman ofte inance commait-
icc reiporis ibon> 'if>tycceits left for
Wedniicsday'c show, anditiohcrc for lter
performcances. ThccWitncy iboxcofficc
is citeicfor iihe catic every day front to
unitil >2 cnd fromt t> o 5: a30.
On the taysa of "Cnutue"perform-
ances ladlicscaho are guesic of mncccicrc
cof ihc Michtigant Unit;nc aay >diccat itic
cltubhocisc. Thecaccfecwiii ccrve> itnchc
after pcrformnanccc andt will clay opcn
uintil 12 a. mi. for thc remainidci ofrtifh1c

_ __

Askedl ifificherec >>> any>' truthfintheli
rceiort that>;hfi i igcaii>>ifghla;iy itf MowNicfo~r theigc hw e h et iii clrnm
coi>ci>ccinootbalii icx> year itcictan~t ccii>> wcrcicicdy
AhlticD irec>>m Ritcieimercly>csiooic: ITisclac>ratcion, ae tic theii>ciosc of
h is hea neticveicly-, i> tthe ccsi. ;i-t>> et>> list rechcaticli ITiuesdiay eveinitg,
parenly he aswll asthe tdentsicis trsely expiesss thei>clim;;ax if >t>eiccrd
becoming cdisgusted iwih ife>> ilca t worki ofiaiihiidretdlmtic for ihe pit>
stris> ha> ae> eig>tafotic i c the iicc s ixe s.Cltureis> i-tadyi
sticht>- provcation>>ior iiiiwitotanyi h ial futll diissc reiicarcc -songc,
proocti>1a>-t. il-gue, costumecsctictkecup,; orcietcrai.
Xc"As t iis w lll > V a id Mr.tRitchtic, ights---allcompleciteccciii cff awiticoutta
if>he Cocciiicecolleges-areciiind>by s lit>o>aitich tcienitic curtain> tis-
ac>>>idithatt>hiyic'>cnii ttly lic;higanc t'tiicon iheiliracndcii>altic '>aliStcphcns,
whie1e ae cut f >heConf;eiren )>;c tc>c.cthi teroitprod crwh wotc"A Bro-
l tor>thatic>eason .ii iiacc i cif o oote>ot-kn ll"admu sae AKntighti
ball> gamce wif>hiscontsin for cnexictiear forIa Da tic heavediaighcif rcliecf, anti
tee i ittle>>> ciiince thatc cciiischetidle I'mc>glad >1he iifirs:pcrfiiimacccis nt>
wc; i beian ccargcrticanccthis year>cAita>liter>ticaccctomiorrowca-night," aitOfMr.
miatte-rci of c- fa tct, ipe ingofcollegea Stphens. ciie buysasrticinfirstc-clais
week la1iit-ic-i>>->keitcc cessarycc cc to cct1> shape ; ciii>nowthir;>ines, t hcy knioiw
stail cit i-ihf>>" ()tie ccinure rehearsa ii would tactic>it sitle.
_____I'mc tltasedciiat>>;thei>boys-mtighiiy
TI ,' N CULiST-f FFR peIasedi.c >ccIif Ithtveiccin a littlecsecre
NItICI ItIt NNI fi-\ I \>> it was cciiiy bicauset Ithin' t witt hc
________ ailicc> ccc ay, I'Pretiy-good for an
't'ell ien>hav>ah-cad tad v c;vicamateurshow.'It'sba cuse Itccciiithem
tacgs ocfcithec -new ii>plan c-i-crtcsele ccti ic cm;sa I iThe ctdii k>eiprofcsonalsc'
fie'>rs i of iitstff rct-->> augura';ti ed> byi > I luk>- >1cc showi, tiidlI hopc ihey'lli like
tic- it i ich it-eniait iOf >1cc-cc-tice-fitsi iithe 1 icci'. itWe-vcc donie our ibest-now
iesf icc-c>-tmecici climsc cciii>icaiaces, >; iiupimIthcit deliorthcici icct"
c-ic >>> . Theiic-i>rIicincludesssolcicting tic>t I liceiiboyscknioiith>1cc>>necccEarn
it>> it>> - mc han 1>itscforc cci-ti;ements;- i theyi icwculdl foigit ihe taorids thcy
and c>'> cus > I >>>ccwith> busicness c fl> wot ld 'ti t cc--i ci , beciusce >1cc>'i-cgot
mt ie of the c43d% > aTh>iis i titi pr- this>> ii ift ti ngii, cc' if C~i
sisc >acquintancewith>thir>worktic>: ITicy knuowtahei> icusic Ii'm
vi > sccedtoth>saf,>recciitlyclascd i itiltthe princuipals, tce
ife>takencitr of justc asc « l itt'>';>> ,>;Hc wardtti> i tic c lc g>1ccrcciciiairtman
The ir requliiredto> eepthepicureA Cutlt;>>> C "p icccaithiiiieila t
commiiiii ittebsts> >>>c thti the depar> tic ticlays t ic>> rk iofithei sevrarl ccir-
' en rtclsar i.and helinc theic cciii>>> ca ccciio' lesincdecc>pndcecnt,

\1ic ciii:t
ii> cOW

c iOld ic-icc>> i ii ii> th ii>ff crts ii
viAw ifth o cciii>>>hdtc
r trct:teall c'S t1c>>toCapii>taic'
c t c(ii>c e i lcrctciii fitc h-cc
n~en thir cma cc cilli n ii> tic

Flt~p trll<ope ed Ole alcccc'ii>- ti'
cccIIIIt cc(r h cli i>> lllCIII CcI
actve raling or cheIllc-c>'orsasotc
wil h gn i i.I ciii I II) ()ini t he re-ci
cpcn ii if i it c uiit ciii atr ie
- ic-icc>anngha ee ape oi
tic>>>> ee M nic esonibi>> cl ciith
rangedic ascl> cciii i ccli iaucposiblcc icccci
cccli. i"cinh" l cccccc ccis cccii tosi
coach cth cc> tific and > le i> cciitic
Alciit'T yi -iii> lit c]civing> ltu iitil c i>>' crit
thecic>- if tcieco theic ti ccci tIc lit
3ectil> was iii iii>ccedi utill ifcec itcit
Rinfcd byc; Ci co tic> has;bews
ad etc it,cist fic icceligcibls h scr>ii'tit
latic>'ighiticcpliaied tlilyarof tiv ceuofahin
cc 1ciioppinets , tpeic>-eacic ng if>1c


cccciaiocn ofi the book.iIciC tic>>> cotic-
:)cci>;-cccc'cctiiimamo g can iatcs iustim;; utd
1)-i ,ui ii> i (i> tchIl>acll util 1-1iYI> I~l
of ia'prtiof hei bo kic' c ciii>]hac
l' ll (ti--ic s i t iictoll)eac till>>>>>
ill-chief -cit nextc-c eari",c- ic ii> c-ic- i'tcc .i
liii>> ii1dtor ti il cciStt iii
tiyond'allic>pcciitio ythe suii iii> dof
t1 new >->il liYo ccantcuccatiii
the 1111) cc astics-accii s>> h>a>1e>-' icc' ichi
lilt IsCrierhiln it-icha I eapere
it past years, o tic ''ite t i, tetare cging>
to i>pIrodu c teudlies t icchic> icciial i le i'
1 iri ith>Senin year",;," cciitc
hrrill'ccc- ;clast cciinlc ccthir ci icac-;
lltice Pres'sccibu iicli>>'toiii ii tics-ay
"Illn, ccc w>>lihichcisccoc be cpreseniticdc
ct'ieruche a tioc ioff l ivcuicci I1ti
Allct'icuuccc is CtcIcs;>henli tiuicive
t ccoutlook.;procisesiicall cciiicllcncciis'.
thelas cci iicliic f.hic cittma; ete

hiut ioccitat hicpriu cionic is complecit
we cci>cc a s tccece iac 1;has cointribtedc
an > > itnt>acciiiscciasci factri.
%vhit fci; amesic thic ctcorsclice csi,
tiechacidiccthe >1cotumeity1ccc;1cc iii>pu-
taic itmacagecrsthe propecrty committee>1c,
tice fina;c itt rccctrs, it-ta- c c-tl our
ccclyi; ii;; th>1cc cc cl iii ce; oiccorroac
it cilshicia; dl.hitpchentis tic-
accica c- eedccc rccii>ie it-s dcnairgeact
The performnce last ciaucgiht itad ai ii-
ih rarcciiencI i lic-heiprouictionu of anuy
Ibut>aifirst-classc iprofessionaclicomcpanyc
Ih hipc el ctcric aice'lights ccerr aced
bothifrom ice gcaliery tatu cfrom theu
wis. c a Icii;;, >1cc cCulitreccphcoicog-
tica;vitw blmid t>1chececsicbetweenthe
-incs preectsc ac;moa>taunteestig sighti.
hl iiciccisltaea nhry : staige hcands
siihcccciitig cxy, ropity;>imenci>carryig
armricc-c c to '-cti> >cc cig tic ccciifro.
i,\ittitt>huteia' wigsccciimache-tip, the
shwliri' isicandl broilt>sa will>thiriafiat-
eryi;and lacc.,are a aught icine. Btt
caethey> dnc tic;hie grc-iccpict;,the
roug, lad ctecwgs, it's abocuti cs Earl
hit>;n theii>assis>taut mutsical direcor,
sail nighcte>;>"They'are saceccl rnotugl
toks. Asrange~r wcc' inc ato lice
%hit c;;> ait a Ciultur; lieurfotrmcte
Seat Sale
WHITNEY Box Office, Regular
48 Wed. 49 Thurs. 5o Fri.
5i Sat. Mat. 52 Sat. Night

D) uingtheii>'ChristasicIhoidacy te'
hitch>>in chaptcer of thur cisociin ofi
Cosmicopoltani iClulsnuimbieinag forty-I
twoatucativetmembescilhit thue crst iii
thicc- ndt l acitual tatu ionlcvionici.
IThit ciib acill icc ic scssioniathree-tdcyc
cut AiAtrorititPteidcii> >ConritaRaisls
f the> ilocalcicht>>riwho>ic promuiet
i nat ional ciCousmpcolitacutcatrc, bunit
one> iof i i- a- t ;e trio who'organized ihe rubh
ciiivemcuct; i in 106, illiihatt carge of
te cen tioncthis yeca
Folloin ag s a listhf thelc-clegiccie
chaprs ihto a rersentdin i;At >Arotr
iliac moth :ti Wisconsii, Coricell, Pr-
due, Iinisci aOh; ; Stat>, Chicgo, Iwc
Siatic Iotis>ita Stat>, cielatd Stafor,
Coltumia Hairv;aidcivt;ersty of Petit-
tyaic .i Gerg iit'ashinton, Utier-
ii;v ofiSoutherntitaClift;;ia t Sevens I-
lituuc cif'Tecehnolcogy, CaUnversit of
Whit gon Univctct cc;era ;y of Pris tof
Puace>tudtuhe Utniverity of 1Xiciig tic
Besxtidesithe chapttu>>amediltcabvetic>
assciationii aill -sttancha;eiioterc, asthec
tacit of chaptetr torgcnizicatotis ion
acity'eacatidciiit ihe Out>ario Ag>>-
cultualictlegeiiof(ulph, Cnaa; tit t
thec Unicverity of> Oxford, IEitchauth a;
German uy aiitheCUtat;rasiica ccPle;in,;
Lipzg ctai ndci Bormt ;>Saci>17>>anditt
the LUicersitya f Zurich, tdicnticen-u
mark>>at theUnCuiersuityof Cpinhcatn
tutue tatIci > icctlcnai mmbrs rprscnting
fity-twocuntcc;;rics fruit tll iaris of thur
wold-nu vealu uuilcu ieuuiiu ccicmi 'meshiup
of ocver fifteenc hundureduiveuuarsis sta-
Presidentit p, ta-Ic;;sccii lcsinight,
madce ;that'folloinitg scatementii ielctie
to thureiiaimof theA ssociationoiiiCicsco
poliianCubs : "xOtt>mttoi'Econoici
dooruicndiio>e1in >'a>thcsslier s >5pt riie
trut leiiracue, justtcerad cciizedtiii
laborat s mcati; fprogrss i;lift s at
expresces tieiaim;ofl the>associatioin,
scidhul i. Ratis It is oci;objciiititautro
mtthe ic-nterst adt ticnd-theu in-ii
fluence o;;f thecvariousuieccitesat
hom andt-tuucii abradi;-itoi adi prtcti
foreignc studenctsc comcincg It; the uier-
sity,acti to promo; tasociP itrrcure
betuwen tiemara>> Atc me~rcstuens;
tic prteucrthur indivial welcfcr cal >1c
membeuiurs ccl thecclbina;thueirsevalc
countuuries, -and aieta atcrdhf tr-
der, fustier,'tutu Iiaittg; adtotapurmocte
thecuorgancttcian;;atf sa itis awihcsimcilcr
aitms ini ctheruci ii;>;ciic.
Macnuy proinent>teica> uingc Dr0.
Antigell,hvtaiken at i>;eciteres in
the 'associcacrted clus iucctic- hsec clii
lua-ceaxri ecntappirecitins ccfits cc-trk
Jta;cobu GoculdiSciurucanticof Curncll;
Hon.>Joh lt>airicil diector f hIcter-
iatona''ueaxof mianRepubl~raicis;
Presiden;t CitRitVa; Hirecclthe EUni-
versity oc i isconintani cd Prof. lacul
Ciccttt, tGricant ecantgeprofesscor at
ccic(n.itcarr eutnUDGTicICcREAcec11
lice regeints, haing ii; uminc lie ridiu
groat>; ucfIthe sumimecr schiool for th
lust fray year, havue icrased te budget
for nexttmer's esion ietween $6,0o
anud $,ooo oer itheamcontciepedd
last year

Barbour Gymnasium Was Scene
of Lively Freshman Spread
Last Night.
About tsic icuuaidcor; nly';e girls,
dressed inI;iatuay udifftutkiats it1
iHuffy' tucru-tin-ows macdue Ba rbour gymc-
naiu~ auc pr ttcu;'atut tity cccii>lst
tigt ci;ticthe annual Frcshanta iis>ead.
it I 8:30 p .tic1ccgricditicarchictited
le hy iss iMararet Adacmsithe ot;h;
omoaur vice-uprescitanthMissicaRuhn
nu~cld t;i; in theu Puhutlok "XI-formtiton.t
Therre xcas conly tutu;lit-ir ti-tier thur
hird. Thitswas all e fettve rchcfunr;a-
tiou. PTccfaavcus wccci>eaccanations.
iuusuaclyibehu utiful.Theii>gymniacsium,
whereccther danintg toouk pac iswac
rnc>i immed tuicundtec gll;ry ath;fes
tonsuofucean dtitwthiti>cbutingthe ccii
crs of ithe csa f'2 TeIinulinucg ruicam
wasu aChristmcs sucn i>Theuplas cd
otheur arits f thiro>wreu de;tckedcu
wii; stritngs tf eergreen ;ad ol;
whiilec twcocChristmcas tresibrillint with;
titnsl, glitendon ; bothc tablta.Ti re-
iccsictucuii, whihrl; csecred at 0:30
cnicsedicflcreamichicenu, rls, ik-
ic, caei, tatu eoffee.
Threicaperons were 1Dcca;;Jordacnt,
XMrs. lRnea, Mrs. I-Iisdale, MIrc. I cff,
andi Mits Itchns.lThe gnecrclcchai-
man 'ws M'is Maircarctndams.
cit secoicdlierforce rrof "The Adu-
mciahle Crihot;' is assured. The main--
agmenit uof tcc Comtedy nlubi, followingy
the custoim of preious yr~s, iac en-
gaged the theacter fr ci pouciition a;
II;Hop tin;>,;;nd tic>mis- >1ccstle cf
ai sufficienat>numbiercccof tickets is' guarac-t
teeid 1 to iimak>tcc phy an;;uqudalcifidi
Practically all of tie c nrry aidcorus-
tuimets for tic; pity belonug tthie Ccm-
c-il; cliii; hivintg ettnitatde expessy
for tic; IBaci paandutah ati cx ctenci
thec expensea>of thatprdctiioniwill ha;
redu~ed. IticiiiI;>necesscry, houwver,
toi icynewurnoyltis Ito rohauu, thce
Nrew itork pouce~urrchoiCntrolu;ccs iihe
Mr. St. Johnhacs cagreul;ed cntiuciu
cis dicctor ofte performcae, ntl c-
hersal will cntciue a;ibfor thu frsift
appteartnce in; tiner that eey pssilec
defet ay heeracduictei. Tis ya
te castis cencoagedrI rier its scucress
tutu is nudst eirious cfiexceedciing te-
rxcelleiceoftufistc; nigc.
Photoiugrcaphscof lie turinpial scnes
will breImaete lthtler lar> f the -wrek
icy- Aexanduer, andh suvenci po~stcrdcs
will e mcadehrofcc;;themu. Theyure ccio
li he1cmiot crisiceplitures thuticni
be> obt~aied.
Thericaewcuse inibrarcc~y woruk ahicich
the r egntsct theirclas tmeeting cii-
pendetoii iithenstuiiiuirchoolutcu uccieuia;
will bhitiiis scid, acve lllscpac iicicc a-
tical. This course ccis acirtottypde dcl tae
cchiciharhe iicigani stctenlibraciy ciim-
miassioncondeuuctedie st acsuimcmeat Ln-
sinug. At; thcc tiime thcey wcantedirofPu.
Koichc toi tckeichrarye iifit, hi;;> becaus
nil thur cte tdcte axhurt>thin offerwacsicicade
it was>foudinadivctiisablec-toi bugin tIc;

iTheracorkn;cctls~uuu erwillt hrrota-
dced bhy Lciircrin Kotcch andloiur or
la-c assistants. Cources will hun gire; in;
r ataloguincg,ainexingy, andueranbuoki-
buindhing. Theucwor;ktrill in alii probcahil-
mty b i viicdedlint10seva-cl two-huri

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