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October 06, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-10-06

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The Micghigan Daily

Vol,.. XIX.


No. 7.

. . . ........

.. - - -_


Arrival of i Escanaban Brings
Joy Into Varsity Camp-Cross
Country Runs Begin.
The arrival of Big Bill Embs on the
scene of action yesterday varied the
' monotony which has characterized te
sork of the varsity football team, te
A,,big star's return being the signal for
unlimited rejoicing both by the coach.
and members of te sqtad. Embs has
been expectedl by Coach Yost, hbut so
many reports ad gote ott as to whether
(r not he intended re-entering college
that his returns sas te subject of co-
siderable doubt. Casey has also srittens
that e will reach town withins a day
or two, and by the time the teant goes
op against the Aggies at Lansing, Sat-
urday, it is expected tat Yost will be
able tn present practically the entire
strength of the team that sill face
Penusy and Syracuse in the important
games of tie season.
Coach Yost is still stndecided as to
where he will tse Eambs this fall, bttt
the chances are that te big Escanaban
will be given a chance at end. le
played guard anti tackle last seasot, atd
ts brilliant work throttghout the seasott
ed Coach Yost to make the remark
ttat Iambs swas the most valuable gmars
-for the new game-that he had tad
sincrerooing to Michigan. Incidentally
lambs' work in the Pentn gatesas
one of the consoling features to wol-
verine rooters. Embs could be used
o advattage at either gtard or tackle
this seasot, bustilhe dearth of varsity
material for the eds has caused ue
coachs to place ins at end. In hisi first
appearance of the season last nigt, lie
was ssed at left eud ad~ for at least
thesextcs tso games tercsil be no
fsrther shift.
With the exceptions of te excitemett
cassed by te arrival of Esmbs, last
ight's pracice wspdsevois of featres.
'The placing of Sans Davisons at ful-
tack during Iart of tsc sigal practice
svas somewhlat of a sessaion, as it has
eensthougt all along ta Davisosn sas
slatesd for a job at tackle as soons as he
sas able to break actively into te game.
It is possible even yet that he will play
a lue position, as Edmunds is perform-
ing well a fsll, bst Yost took the op-
portunity afforded yestersay to wor
Davison in the backfield,
The team that faces Michigan Aggies
ext Saturday will look very different
from the aggregation that was scored
pots by Case in te seasons curtails
raser, and Coachs Yost is hoping for
a muchs more creditable sowing. As
h iat, lie is far frons displeased at he
*wsork of the team against Case.
It wasnt a qusestions of pickitga
eamt for that game," said the coach lit
talking over the gane; it sas tp t
uso to use elevesn men, antI we had con-
siderable difficuty in findisg eleven mer
who were eligible and usinjured. O
course they didn't all knowe thc signals
bst tat sas to be expected. Te met
shoswed lack of experiensce, ad fumblin
was frequent-conditions that sere in.
eviable when all of he circmstances
are considered. The reurn of Embs
has taken a big load off sytind, as
Emobs is one of the fastest and movt
sersatile players we have ever had, ant
it will be possible to use im whereves
he is most badly needed. For the firt

time this season prospects look fairly
Thse practice this week will conist
for thse most part in acquainting the
newv acquisitions with the signals, and
in correcting the faults brought ott by
the gasse sih the Case bunch last Sat-
srsay. Lass night the men were let off
siths a stiff signal practice, ut scrim-
sage sork will probably be resumed
tonight ansI contintuetutil Tursday.
'.st,. TEN'cItS TORNAMN'.
Tihe annsal fall tennis tosrament
entry list has been posted at Ferry field
anss insications point to a large and
ssccessfsl tosratmett. Msany of last
year's players are back and several good
freshmsans players have been seen ott the
cosrts. T'le etry fee has been fixed
at the ominal rate of twety-five cesi
its iotis first assd second class singles,
ansd fifty crss per teasm in doubles.
Entries sill be accepted up till Wednes-
say evesisg by Joist H. Price and Paul
A. Leisdy.
At a smeting of last year's team,
Price sas elected captain for the 9g
team. As two of he four men on lass
years teamssand several of the squad
are back, te varity sould be stronger
than ever. Iis o be hoped that a large
entry list is secured, becasse the inter-
est its tennis can be o better furthered
tan by a good fall tournament. The
fall tossrtamntstwill affors great pra-
tice for ihese nsswho eter, and as there
is strosng probability of a good eastern
trilp inthie spring, all men of. ability
thosulsd aeil themseles of this oppor-
tuisssiy for somse excellent practice.
T'hscfall seasons of cross country races
1opessesdasspiiously yesterday, eighty
msess turning ott1o participate in the
' first jassnt. Fromnowvott squads will
gss out at 4:15 andsl5:15 tdaily. The lat-
ter hosursas arranged its order to a-
comssmosate ite tortn svlo were kept by
tclasses fross getting out for the runs.
ICaptains Dusll sill leasoe of the sqads
acts cay.
t Ons ''hsurssay a fast ad slowsqulad
till e sentOut at the earlier hour. This
swill esable all the men to get aseqate
traninug fsr this year's tryots.
-losst of tie veteran distane met
w sere out yesterday, but, what is more
' promiising sas the fat tat a likely
' bssunch of freshmsens appearetl for the
prctice. Everybosdyswas in high spirits
+asss it requsiredl susth argument to get
*te en to retsurts to the gymu after tht
rust, swhch covered a course aot a
mile atns a haf long.
r~Prof. H'oisis' class in elementary geol-
ssogy sill leave next Saturday, for Put-
it-Bay, Ohio, where a study will be
msase f tie rock formations and aves
'lhe party will go to Detroit via te
}Mchigans Cettral, wthere a boat will be
takens to Psut-in-Bay. The geology class
sakes a studsy trip earls Saturday, bus
tse Pu-it-Bay trip is the principle ex
f csrsion of te course.
oxenAo OL stsu'S ADRSS CANGED.
g Rev. Washington Gladden, of Colum-
bus, Ohio, will deliver his address it
sUniersity Hlall ext Monday, the 2th
sand not tonight as swas planned. Or
saccotunt of the fresh-soph activities, as
t well as for tecotveniene of Rev
I Gladdet, the opening number of this
rcosurse in religiosus research has beet
t pospotned.

Sophomres Employ Military
Methods in Battiy-Activities'
Restricted to Uptown District.
Military methods whicis would have
douse credit o Yons Molkte sere em-
ployedl by the sophomossres is, their mon-
light poster canmpaign last nigist, ad as
a result of tieir torough orgasnizations
freshsman resistancer sas kept pretty sell
tn hansd amd freshsmsan captives tere
At the ostset of hostilities, the sopho-
mores deisded to avoid anly complica-
tions atsd ortdered te cptains of tieir
diffrrent sutads to confine teir opera-
tiosts tos the district bouselsit the
west y Fifths avenuse, thsss confisiing the
battle of posers esstirely to the ssniver-
sity sectioms of te city. The sopho-
mores issusedlhe dictusm tat no0 fres-
mats posters passedsosutth of tis "dead
lte" wsoulsd receive aye notice rosm
their swarriors.
At a late hosr last sigs, he isdia-
ions tere that the t91llmnethiad tie
situlatiotn pretty well its hand. Their
forces were dividesd ito sections, and
te setiolns futhser ssbdiides init'
siasds, so tiat every- district sf he
city itswhichs any lposter-hanging might
occur uas thorosughly patrolled by mns
clad itsosds clohes ansi ready fsr os-
tilities of a rather violents natre.
To msake matters more certait, the
sophotmores sdivisesd their swathes so
that astlshose hosurs of te igt ost
likely to witness 'the offensive efforts
of the freshsmset,to sqsads of sopo-
stores intsead of osesere on dsty in
1eachs sections of tie city. 'T'he diiting
of tse city into sections sas accomptlish-
esd by tar sitmple use of a fossttain Pets
atndla Iadook.
It sas anticipased tiatusthe freshmen
eosul edeasor to hsag teir iosers
about 3 osclsck Ithis morning. To msee
1sthis effort, the sysema of overlappitg
*watchses sas arranged, so tisat te oler
mess wosulthsave a tpreioderance of
nuumbers at te critircal smomet. Te
sophsonmsres platstedl to do teir posing
-betwecenstheours of t ansil o'clock
this mtorning, ands te indicatious at a
] late hour last nigttere thatsey wosld
sbe aile o carry ohms their plum.
tThte sophomorc scouting parties cap-
turesd a goosd ssauny freshsmsan poslers
alturing the eveninsg. As least tiry vic-
tims, paintesd atns tatterd, tere se-
curely roped and poographed in the
rear of he restasrant ott Liberty' street
suring the evening, anss oter clsters
of te est men tere srrounsdel anti
iesiegesd in fraternitiy houses .ad pri-
vate roomsingihouses. Not a few 'of the
prisoners sere takens from their rooms
e ands carried trougis the streets o the
-prisoners' pen, whlere the poogrper's
e lashlights were busy,
eThe well ostlinedl plums of ecnmpaig
sewhichs miscsophomore leders ad
tapped outsid ot stop siislst sigt's
activities, but providedi for patrols, etc.,
dusringte remnsder ofse seek util
Thsursday, whirls is "rstce night," a
brief breathsing sell in whlicth ie under-
- classmens sill prepare for the great
Istrsuggle of Friday night.
Owing to their apparent lck of or-
Sganization (or to a crftiness whirls ad
sfooled their opponents and spectators
a s well), it was imspossible to get much
s of a line ons the freshmianss metosof
n procedure. The only msebers of the
1912 class who were in evidence were

securely bosmnd ansi ins tehansds sof
their foes, ad up to 12, o'clock lass
igh, steir plans, if tey hssadsy, ias
sot bornean sy' visible frsi.
'ITe sophiomsores, iowever, iredictedi
tisat tebsusiest perisos wsoslsbe smsae-
shere arounsdi- 3 o'clock this mosrsisg,E
asnd sere preparesd for ipithed battes
aisout thasussr.
Tise estire iattlegrosssssioS wicthte
scesse of msinicswarfare swas aries ot s
teas csmsparatiely qudiet, ots sises gss
issg abutsthseir sorkersesty'btstwit-s
out assy smetods ssiackisg of disrer.
Althousghs he personsosssigses imtsss
self "A Gentessias" its-Ssssssay's isse
of 'The Dasiy seemissiely cssscerset
abotsisitse lscatiosssofsthtie woen'i new((s,
tisetic fieltd,ihis views'saspprestly fssss
litile 'sy-sspthy wihitheusensiersity ws-ss
"'Vise lscationsof t' s'omen's'adtdsetic
irilh is esstirely stisfactsryiso the sssser
gradisate' somess 'assd ssissssa,''sad
DesassJsordass yesterday. "'Thse distassec
frsums Btarbosss-gymsnasiusmsdiigossally
throsughs tie hisossopasthic hossspitsl
grosusisossthie cornser 5of Bltsessavnsse
anssfosrteensth srs-t, whiich silt fsrss
osse entransce'tt the field, is osly as fiv
msinusts' stalk."
Ti'be fiNe that SleepyhIlois's soS'
nea adl thast it cuss ie recies prac-
ticallyty-hirstughssniersity- grosuds-ison
of tise cief reasosswhly- it wsas-.csssess
accordissg to Deass Jordlan. "T'hen"sshie
cosstinsscs, "tie grounsssisvshersfed a'.
tisey sre by ills, level stases'sansss woisos-
esd tracts, sre valussable unss sssiy fsr
gamsses isst fsr a gesser-si rereatiosss
After a contor ap sasisst.is y tser-
ensgneerinsg tdepartsssest, tegrossi
still tbe lai out siths te said sf te
lansdiscape gartdeser, Nsir. Sissoss, assss
sone persons yet ts, be selected shoessbs-
isasispelialt raising usnlaying ost(sisy-
grosunsis. Ass oldihosss, w'tictswiti
serve asssa temsporary ctushsthsouse, sil
thenseustrmuosesdby te ssniersit- to tse'
ill on fourteensthistrees ietweess ttss
to ist spassces. Gysssasissss wsr., i-
clussingbisebiall, taskestial ssssdsositsy
bstll,stittlibegins sos tsc fledsitsonse.
Dr. Stess'st, discgymnasssissss ires-tsr
sensasskesd her opinionsoftss fi eis,
sis: l Ithisnk Sleisy- Holslowssis sas
isdcal ilscc for the grits' tslrtic fi.
'hl'cevecl spaccielows-tseoservstsrt
is jusssthe pacser'for a hoscksy grounsds
Besidecs (iis, there sre othssr parts ssi-
stile for tennuis corts sassd bsebrasllt
grssundsss, asdthsuefield ssa whesrwsilt
smakeakcsgososignl ors."
bliss FlsrecscBailsekr asss Miss Esih
Tasylor, seio sere as the scd of te
comsmsittee itscargc f busyisg tsc firsd,
bsotha cxpressed staesopisiosntatas a
stissle the unisersiy girls, fasr frsni cos-
, iseifing stesmses ahsssesi sssd bnisecs
frssmsthue ctaps, arcsas prsossd sf teir
newe athletic fieldassthe iensssars sf
Ferry fieltd.
Esdior IDaily:
Issas mosre unoicesuisecad the gamse
tlst Sauurday thsans at asy oher time
prssbabily sdue to the great numrssiiorsf
maess givens sisde lissc priilegs, tsat
Ismaokinsg was inssdulgesinis to sa greti
extent. Thiis is a buestorm ansi soti
ibe stopped us osse. A positive rssle
fforbidding smoking on Ferry filsd' ssusd
be estishietd anti strictly efored.
'0( ).

Freshmen Wil Defend a Flag
Piaced on Greased Pole Thirty
Feet High,
Re r-sui -s r srinsgth fis resh-sopit
1-1 Ncr, ased aisl-sssting sf te
Stussiesnt ('sssssri lteS undaysssss(asftrnoons,
is ss (ir s 5ssss sssss s it w ssrcidd sisha e e flsg
onit grsss'; s-s posls tiirty-fr's-iasbssec t e
.'round. 'iss fsshere to' ssgathes
,rud si p n d'si de.ssi fesndsithes' e ssbless
of ter cfssforIs ir(ssy- sinisises. 'T'ie
cons t wsi ll, ii.as.ussusa, iske lces-o
M\esdiceetss--at 57 3o nosss'lc, Frisay
T en vri siaetheii resl-ilt( of tec
Studint s (-snci i's ends evo'r' s s aksie
ts 11i ; c i- -- a tc iscrasses
diffiultie in rachin i -hefla sill smake
thi hats- iss nit- - ( n Isssi ss''firely
Som u roble 'ha sbe sepeisntct'-d
ill Gndin ((isiispins-shirt 'et so g san
chage:Iclrc ha oe il ie fsusnd
"Dad"si' Sikin-irih; ' s-gre id snssssak' the
ba nri i s iw i ss u i t t ((is' fres-
mans clss. l - o ies t m k
ino nertht mie ni55eetisexcited
Nnsreis-stiossisssicu Wa e is vei
sonss in ;sss Ii 1,. ls sdisg, mor'tise
s-s-snsigno s iiiii s ( isghsntsefsr
then rshi. Fisis er(si-s i.-' will be ati-
ranedlatr llthewek.As yet a
re m iin has n itfoundis . 'hiss'list
. 'I(isis-sn g s h alibie' n ile o h
intm et f a ny is ndisi prhibi iuite,
in. The'fis si-s1 (h u i' r t ( 7sis30isiscio(tin
sins iit'h ssesoiomores mstiii~nt Psi-g
dent sCuini n i hl aecm teii chargee
7.Se aru-ts ie ndiclosift sigassi shalDii
hera-istlo yt hei reif feiisns r' is ' is
F I Sis siYOUT Il.5, (iis sn i's elil
wasiiy ls es terdaiyfin firnoissn- iniU ni
sesins-HiL f bme s 'reass ill-sr
insismsfneshmaini throa((sisis his is isprob-
ab si c su o i t mss is ssistaiodea th tish '
insyouti ws fo th iii h a gin-club.ia
Anuexn'siesd iitris iii ( romsiisedl
tihis yenar siwsiish isill isidigreatlyiyto t sc
pleaure f te wok.sAothr'rtryout
wil is-' elisris is -afteo-nis-st: t-ssmse
Cmslsa ns -s -i usss tth o e'is'sathleti
te gym(na.simi1i isi re spiit: at sncse for
ex'mu ntis on s'. ichsins ilsitlas osly

' I
.. ,, .: ,a .-, , ,.
t f

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