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December 02, 1908 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1908-12-02

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THE MICHIGAN DAILY. itENtl Ilr Ctt(RIt 1Xi'l.TifS irltt-2B n AS iltipiKS iVH1FN
,'_____A____ _______ V t \ ?OVO Ci iKOb le AY. i Ilffl I ' t l T iiI T il K pICH~jIG AN
G. H. W ilfi Comlpally Ma-1 ttoEdior-AttcttERF. RICHo:1Tti. le- prent itiiieof loclI<7 g ittoftn d Voia c lice smit,
=I- ttscht irtitrtanct hin tit t i ttrcti itgat- it im lr qet r ions cp ethe iti
EDT he Largest S 'otookcint tire ioutide of Xiiii iiriorrJatc, r ct Ii r, cci t ii I 1 (C. lil ___________________________
ctLitNews..... Lee A White!01'Donnell Remet, r i iamiatic critic of etriirii-ici'- ti iiccti
of Athleics. . . C. E. EldridgelI thte tiicttgi Recoir-]Jt(rald, praisitg Iforitttinfre a thestriand tiok '111,-(' Hvecjustireceiv ed a large
Excantge... ......Robert Mouisie;er r l iii 't'cti\ ie t i otit Itittati itt tttiictn li hav e0(1 it riitcdto t ear(It shipmtlt t o f Seal -itnd
iusic.. . . [l-olli-*S. Baker sIotcticiter. Iec o-cilltcl es.- c t u c ti thtic ecitit ii iiiBo k VM
Exlusive 13lU Ditita . ......Raymtod ._V _-Ioseher cidr Il ou~icct't one iof te moti thoi t he 1 rift ricti -l schools. cn
ctaltett tanjttitive, fot lst ApXi ltitm e t i tic c tilttizcc ia,nc itl S ta tio n e ry)
p' ii. 1 ii iisiitui'iicc the ir r t ii t -Etiof \ i tiit it it"I l a's it iih i iii la ra qtl c ie
F rG tl ens W a lCiaun clchesLt eonatred I. G edt i,1 c irit ritt t t ire iii t i t sat < if' Irtic ititi c crliilot IBletG l
Li \\l . 1)ti L ana i.lnc ii r ttittit tttua. itl i \ ci c ct4S ee tidq ait ofli
FhlDesSot c i lati alL idy ci tmnintt nii iesir f irc ptti l a e ,i-ticiehuri "c mbn to fBleadG l
Sp calyii cciii ita c- .t ri, 't try'.ii ' i r n-i a itcr citisage i aniai Iii o itt ier rt nt ti it i s 2 he t alW t
DoadL ineyrDnatic-nes pape
S i it d0 X f ttitit ii itoic t ni cratttthee-iti ~ tl cti i' ic aitc~ A I
G. H ai d Celiall ' l'owr ouir KrftI -tneoe
311 Sohigreuthitaed oStr tsi. "rt'h ui 1dprmn f{ n-ticral]or enmint Ccca, in - tU iv rit B o str
eiti st o ld eitit ii riuths p arit wl h n i iithe uerptu ii . \\
Pa USINESSr StaFulF 1 M r is mus-i t litihtusd titi tiodiioXuus f I pt-i t it 'ctiiritibt iti 1' n
FullDes_ Sutsa_1_._C.iii ami si Paiul Lidytii fttett.iTrooptits ttif ii' t i ol c i t}' 1 tirdied of the 1 i ________________Iosil
ll . it ckleii Fre uni t on ii tinedtfr iiitictittit itititi r eetlii-cn ii ateif kilyR u het ai l, e o
Manny C 5 a H uri -a p1.n1 78 p. ell itt i ugt s. ilii cii ii i i , en theIll or hasp m eieansf l e 1 ot n v riy A e u
G.N1daHily exceptbe Sunday . KBolb phone "i twc-ildigo-'mi= o c1 i r1-K. Li i- c-pcain l the lo wl
311 South State Street I . I;_ Shaw, Jr. I adm~~ireit tic ai noblit dram.:iif~-ct is o hetta ohCiac ed clm a U ie st o k t r
- - - statelicittyiCam ra
EaiAF ERS tis1willmclcit the eu rum citric
USINESS si TFFriiilc I 'l l i L itaro-\ it CXa 01-iolii o i cci it i- t cr tctiP o o S p le
curucruc-cil dun _____ 'i until di toitei t udents.' i _____
t ooraalfewdays onlyI- ciIL Lrc.il -embrs i ut ur ife(torisutn ci
fu.Bo m n on H.ci ti irccllu curts lde ncl c lictriofcciitheurrr c i X I-c
A des M ICIA it cDAMiPccirunil cl it- Irf eclw drcted cc irche ttrgta cii ui gqu A at u e e o i g
SPECcrticLiiSALEii asitof\i i i on liii ii cl iifX it.cLYi'tclireiit. cci r gNg
ci-clcin icc nit riirciunu ror to fls prl ilr J m
Manager's crrrHo urs: c1-2p. cm. ii-8ip: .rsee iproswoi11tcitryuril t i)],i oAMBU laE mea oilqulity 71 N rt U9vrsty2vnu
O N T S aly, excptrSudcy. oth -hones the citri.oBoneEPhose, , Bnners and Penants atnlowe
;c R. A. DOLPH & CO. pricesdthan elsewher
wiltmheislectedufo Ic)icitc-outsiwh ch Kaunt
\ .V S)\ I C?IP1 tue iurlr-rc trn' il l o hehelurtheil iccrurcuc - g intlhc Oi.t~* s i~-tta
icc citrrct Inc icc incur intuii fii ccc ccliiim.AILEY tzmEDaUItDe
Soheehano&nCo.an woin;iclcidcd?\IiIJ IlX .\liiOFm ii 110 lu XYS. - tofctr~lingm Poto Supplies
itnteei otitit tin ifethe iravite ifo f tnCO,\i to\ cac3i1 iithiS ccc r rI'[ t he eating lire. Call at {y l__________________-
n ne asM i >tn c ru ni ir urur ial cium- riecr Cc in tuc lu'iccbncc scdiicc o - 1 9
A For Salwdayng y 11- t t(. Ia ,itcic earcnttiun ii i s 'I 'lly (,ncir ic i ruin u mnit o f natlr itruil a 'c.. -- -
Bros urrurincn. rfdwt t rat tli luridayc t dccc gincrc inte. iicla cc orl yotrrP a ysllvY oulec
Icc aetic oifatut nl Cur unitnbc ilncal~- i~ci~c cnuucit tmcrctulact-al'lucriic clii illtitocla')Ppularfor T o afo
iftin iocutanctO iiian littunso'aton 1 A uitininn inncd ma eu D veop ng
fa n t pecetio1n oftrinu g ,nil wer thfc rc nnc. 7 irii rrcluc pietur n gtar c~iticl T S EASf111p O NiS 27 . H . i te je ely lielrgs
lot ai. asetBalle kae.ii nu ititcic cerct, ud et caiuuc rcmrirnitululuni k ic C o.aic .3 Imit atein m~aptot h e Pritok , o Etplcareiour
iloekey. Geti, Gymasslumi u ign tehe lts n uncu t t olay iran Crii i trimir ut fcc . 1 fucistcnc neokfrn ciciaod idcm ns
-utadcuic iautdaeuey c adit ofml u t ,ivrit. c anrc otunil c clcnruic ad cl., ac olrsraina ehdolyi n aeu o prsn i l
lticiIli cIiat spaoccccci t iieu e v____ - ) ct mm ii it}uc .Ic nun r i-t tlin-t nleciAh(we ask. The result will2
thoscire.erald w\ irfu ol -iI ticl inncuio cu cnRor< i lici rut o ist}ur i cu t i Bann ersad Penasg. owe
A.GnPLIN R S il ixrct hen ii u reicl' mti lll Eutii h o vsee dsceayo teas- R .D O .rs WM ANLD Ols e e
heck -' Derit )Icctu on ii ou hetui riomei n ced a 1 i uu 'I'1< iaalucir ldccc aci au sucessor tooJEWELERti
Furi Cineat ismrnwh il evt rhs litoth i ro220at lcanetarsu, Mets Street.ra Diecor
____________________ ca rr l rrrin vl nte intercom-5e. irul uc >tis nrssi 0 C IIXX 101&;adised- 209u6. tha. Aro is n eAyNMih
~t Aii~ pttd tDo You Paucesful HOLYLEMUNS
llrcforryur clothntbebatieon tf abtlbemFO
5 e 1a C " tote nulrsrvc hsh *noa - \c ls-------------cc aisfiedwithread'niae clthiig?
of th univrsit to cltivae moe menat Grngermadeototohmeasure desbe

Ed. V. Price & Co., of Chicago, Thanksgiving
Lot at e~ from your choice of 500 handsome
fabrics, for y/ to / less than aiy I
small tailor's carge and also give yoti
25c per box the additional advantage of uynequalled All sizes upto
InldigEveoesi oirga xlo usnepartt5pud
thosse ehtavliesarny edson-wl
ATdrbescstallotmek a averyu rtsasn
TE-PLYfashioii figures and yo'll see why. E. E. CALKINS
me o'at123 E. LibertySt. 324 South State Street
121 Washington E. The Randall Studio, - Randall &~ Pack, Props. Phone $O

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