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December 01, 1908 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1908-12-01

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The Mir ally


_k\\ Ait I>OIi, Al I("III{XIAN, 1 1'IIISD Y, I)I A I' tIIIIa;Ii I, 1908,

Crack Fives From Nearby Col-
leges Wilt Meet Varsity Tream
in Waterman Gymnasium.
llcigoj' bfit lvarsit lhlkllalll 'ea1-
son1 11ill hbeiauigraoted Jo 11111101Q 0when
1110e 0011t]] w ll meet 1t1he .\1 01117011 7g
gic"' att 1ans ing. _A i110071 ltertil1e.
Orlin cllgteam100will ht 110001]]1the1
11oca1 f1oor. The c011111111s1hedle istO
lobh. 27--0. S. Ualt Cool 11111
Mator. to (. S. L.0at kooto:Aor11.
Moor. 20 71. *A. C71 . \1111 ot Ao- 1110
'11Togho t1e0schedu11is0sort110, it is hV
11o1 11an110 an1 easy,1one1. Lstboootoo sone0111
of the sports whereoro al10team1 .s0111too
haveo an01 equal01chanceo' 1and1 teszeo
relatie strengt11h of 111e collg, il oter
1111'tuc o s of atletcs 011n1g 11eral,. 0scen1
toto o'110 101ef'fhot ouothblo uality of the
bak 0hal 1111 roucd
to' .Miciganoioogoooo l tt 1101 0olc o 1111
one10'if11h1110 o01111,t (1 o ioo tooe s 1ate
lst year, ootm 001rep otfom Lansi1 g in1
dicttha111 tot oill lagint sendt out ,t
team11 t1at0 will htoa reditt o tooo. hOt
of10twenty'-10r00'garlitpaytoot a,
110 'di001games ittt 0001100'the1tog-
est o too loi t too we t.ihefa nes o st
blut ite. To'f0hseweetoo te Ito
toil''71 toam, ohicolosecured'othr
plce i th'.A t. ne t at1 1'7o 00-
1to0n 1100a 011t oo bo 00000usua , t le'D totoi
team11 will scudifoth tongo'oqoad,
aooootif a omt i p ofor wt tt '71''
oneiolf tehetoteamsin otheowestoi'll
he se 7171n'te0r11100gym.oo tooalltlie-'
l ord arn e e t 00it tbe 1made10foo
this' gam1
NeitherOberlionor11100Ohtio Stateti0001'
stron las yea as frmer looBt
Oolnm agdtoo 0011sev0e1 o0u11ot
the elvenooigam0e10loot '0001d11br11e0 00e1
w it 717 bob 1 tteol0100 ampons
Mostotof ls ta' ta aebck' n
withthead 0000nof svel rootmiintg
cand 100es 0he 11001cttoomaoe stro 0ong,101
tio foil'state o n1001ors booi toic'.
Ftle 0squadtot ichl act ce01001 y o
t th0010111 o of Wat'rmanoogym5i110 low00lyott
1001. ?No'ooreducto'ionoifithet qudo' w
evr ilite1m0d0e t' oac(01011Corea'
unitil oaftoer'lt'e(oihritt oftma o ittit
theifinalrcices 'otoofooieteopeno ig5 it
teo'eaon'oooowill lakeolacte. Someoo'lieo
ontihetoabiiliio's of te itloioolo -
elateso ocan to'eodraoownofooiii tir ofo' i no
the nightly ractice1game, 'todtif ti
stuieos of'oll t'1m1en weroe iioniion
t10'1011l troubleinic ingoao team t o'u'11 11lit
butoohitoodiffifcuolyof o'chooig to' tos.
AS ~it is, I 101000'0, 11o01o000r0 ifloot oft
tethirloo tyo thmo caidaiotes will1 to
abtlo' too ly ileo'fos 00100es 001' 0n ac-
cntof someoo difficult' wiho teir
stuiesoland toohio1011) r'o'ult11i ir~n
0001110o001akeo the teats 'ho underotooooordto-
naory coondiionoo tuld ot 1100t10i11000tho
gam111. 1Howeve''or, Coactoroneaooi'ol is coni-
fideotolthat from oIt fotheaa loloottelrlo

CI)SS .AND1 1 lOAN F,,1" D71 11:11 00,f
.\1)711 7101 tit'1'('1,111 7\\:ti1'I CERCLE rPRESE1NTS

W11 "711 1I, TStt. \7111,1, 0111107

o. 53.

N 'iloithtetchtoo and00 '0101t1 000 a
10 t rain .tlo o ao se, o ut ito rs l o ig oe1nc~e i t m 71e' 001111
tit )ooo iiti I oill oand ttI 1ino 01Co1
rep otively.ioThe ou .'tttt ttt has 0 h('oo'
110101 c 1, til ttt ol ec it '1 to
FILS V -TUSkirts, Corsets, Pads and Tin
Swords Arrive for Use in Ap-
proaching Opera Performance.
'11100 otottit a ..0110 '(tot 1101" '1 ty
ftc Othe lti 111a1110.0 il 0111)A-111C
10011 0 1110 1 tly ca te otp t<;0th
tooC Vlinc~ i t ) 0 1 0111 lass Ius

Well Drilled Cast Is Ready for
the Production of Labiche and
Martin's Comiedy.

1i;i~', 00ll?,111
"'A'otto ill 10010

11111I)I11'< 111

"'111c 1o aill h il
II t e tattt' I ll e

e11 i I.<t 4' mill
:ilrnti 11 l r llcll
)1'Ca1i11111_\ ail
A "(1 Bail.
lift (-wilwil
CHI Cd l1 111C' Cll


'-' h plo \ i

:students Who (iather in Drink-
ing P'laces Are to he lDisciplined
--Rush Is Abolished.

Mall Will Extend From Library
to Washington .Street-Exten-
S sive Additions Provided For.
Sh' otldpresenlt plans, omatureo, tile ui
101 000 to ill have a 110','11511 0 oo'ooolydoubtlle
to10 pnc.0010 i,'. T'he tbo,'rdolof 00ge1ts
ladot 11 foottlto boat' lonog orealizedl the
1 0.1 tt tty 'oiof e ting tecampus 1o
.1100for toeiaccessary')adoitiionooofliill
'110uid-:n,<, tdOt oot005too t' raidilgrowth oof
! it al
to h,1fof theo' pertity1niortho of liie
10110 tsont Ingoalo't ls'dTayero'r ets.
Ito te o 00 olst' o'contiti on 0011 0to the
nost th'eirigt of0111n1ent10oainuo
'0 11a1) propteort'yohichth oeywishohI
C"tto toot. Theoa100d101of Or'gents'.have
1wc '11 l'tlitt'Ooiteoretooforeon tolcountii
of the hoosotii 0to oo o ilprices o eirablei

l1% tili a

'Ill itell

1111 C

tl1 t 'a i'l

Mrs, Q 1: 1001ug Itt th o as m 1
illre it lc rg u a i n c ag )
, 11 ant 10l1p sh the1111 Ot of 0Ath11itAth e 1
too 't 'It t totl 0010a0c 1011000 lt o .1 li t 0111111
'toi" c l ed mh tt v r [ it c
ttnero iu0s100h lokd st 111111
tK to utm npc,"shd js 0
11le 011110 1110 famiytoo i1111 1 e
-ioit~ vr vrioooto'otI 111 1101'
htosncs lot to too h0100 1toboith o t nm101
'10101Ka pfooto lo msb sto 0ne
evt hiigt intho petoolot Ottorrt
Th 0rhersl 'at nigh t'1was.1eld at0
McO llo n all.oo' ontitly the 0sixteen s.ol 00
111010drlle . Sott t ' a 'ade' has bil l 1
71il Stbe o he l to'ebe'iunilooto t l is
rec- to e tknto thethete. T i
has it'been 'ocoon sota o t tI o 00000 10wilh
th tCorta' Mimooito tt lthe'i l ol "
trol] ..tool0ol7a t tlt '.same ttp lote. 11
remainho' e I t eadily to nt il ffotetoh p0010
tformance.'o'71Roo'eiartoals M th M i'
cot inue ''10' l itii''i' Otttl'tI itando lo dt -
tom ' TL 01Iiii o 000I?' 1' ID to t
log e 71Ito tot' toil 1 t Geol aia" to wto
toots e erent'.thitmet ing 1 000110 M1 on-1
day.'o mao' min1oro' 711 bitt ooooooooo the
constitto n N vereoooo itoo'o o 1' O wo ich0' \v till
inn. A dance illIeivenlo the t nt ar
lboo'ooo,'0and1 plans. for1a',tt lb ,t tooltoo
Reiohardo car manI t loo t t mb10110raci
ch011,mant harry Iliot io'o' lsito'.lRe
beccatiiShelleot, coaloix':oo parlty, 17100100
V'axochirman, o.HelnJe nie0,ottl o (o ''' il-o
s1'onRlph 7110 rryMli1 p0.

!13 lot ll t'

W 101 Itl 10v
r00 01 t '.naoft he000

.i l''f1 k

(,Iol 1
1' l o ' I <I 1t t

i:II too
tl. I 10

i 1 01

f l rc
is tl

,f . Io'll otroad ograss'. bulevard wlooill
too tc othlfroonatto oo'libraory andilcon-
Of 0 c tOit,00n00' Icampu0sowith theoopro'en
1100'Ml.Te 0new tcohemioctal obuilinig1101
pitt ooo' Ito facthe bonetoomaoot, inteadvoft i
I- Noorll oth oori otootootoe, atoolthe dnlcolo
lt .id o ot is built onots001presentlltocao
I-Itimeini ew 0'to of Olt oo' tow 'tchangoes. 'Tle
toll setotretsonbt tohe fuo iltr'eicampusIo
l r itecmtts.Oitherteductionoaloot
is an 000110wha 00110r triingtoo conio-
at micto havlol coerreltion btween'o
717110100n th tttlOtns Itre ttooted tuopto, of'
t"I l frts i100l t obe oote o r 100ppriloiao.tins
tc n hecontrcto' toot''ewlbubilnotloin
rein dite ittott m th opat 1=~','oan tiiol 0e
pens of 'loot' toot"loo tootoweroo ouseiibo
is boo0101111 7,7100 toot $tt,iioo, oandl lo
0 0 .001ae te oal0011001 cto'ul iihe unlode
11 iret ofrom tohtoo ato.t 11W oooot ootC
I g, ool ot otI hc de itly oodec ied opton.t. is
01 ' lilteotat theOtoMichigan01Ce'traul i0-
1s te dsto 00t oh0n 0'et o atou'ion ooil tte ow -
t( scugcr 10011 tu dept, tidowe o' use'oohanogos
t 00010 aw it Itis deco'i'sion. ''The Plansi
it On1 '0new0' am ootiontelii'ti'ooier are
u- alo heoootlt tooawaitinog i the newldeveotp--

0 .01. 0'
('0,k, l0'

yt0 tiio i ('10 '0700. 710771007

iiil 1i

l l llw

l1 li f001 t0 1

tI 'I t;' w'll1. 0 a liii
1> :I . " 1 '000 0ir:
0 0to 0hbp~l .

711' 0

i100 0race otobc 00 lii I
W(M b dispay ad to

]d ()1 Owl(,o,
beo. w'0' (01
o h '1 '

tw - kplrlt stmt
1?lic l.t'llcii Ala] ; c; t llic Ct>tli
Wd alld fo tlrt
?ill. Tu thill,
the cll:,inccr
wd vicc-presid
l.tst vicar"s li
I[!1 tllc duties
rY- alld 1'Ocff
fr< lll tllc 1."w
E()l- rcowdirl"


Theoo Romidoou 'leoo club woill hool its
first mtinbig tootighot at 711o711i11,oo Ial
at 7 ocloock. TIbis cohb wasot foutonoeoo
las.t yea0010 1a ocia c1olb for freshmenoo
an111 meot 101000 a1 week dloritng toe year.
lb is 1000p00 that all Ohio meot ers to wtil1 too
0110 tonighot bo beomeuoo acquited bothhtil
Tble girls' club of 1 lobatr G7builod woill
hool a mbeetinog inu - lrris IHall Ohio ofter'.
loton ot 4 oocltook. The pirogram il bteto
bio chaorge oil 7liss Surhwoaite.

C7I1XI 11, Wl7710,1, 150'lIIVI:
071717 7110711117077 bT'15 'l,1Y

inS~ iti

'011151'71'b't7bf5 117711<07 ff1'
717111010 t't'717S1'.1f71 7111)07

C{,IItitIIt i
c i} 7trar
l i iEtct .

5.o ell1So ;-nill.. th o nu ctfo- \ in r
0010 osericell' '''1 tak0 beore 'he irl o t ter
loteto oioooloo nighol"o dPtir h u
vai" - I I c M lo f I ie fcr 0'cs lh
0001ot ilsa tt'c 000)0 ive for wood ttO t i n ert
inloectiooS'tiotttto . II n hs w y to the palls.
the west to lb 1 wth ll A preet0a10m0Th000e 0
theore. prh10 ted

11 otct il silol001 d1
I 000000o 00_11 to
'ihll bac'hbodboO
10t0100005 1; f c
.00~ tbt lt ii' 1he
r th opi00f0'.of
o 10th icllotiolot'"
plaedillapi l~
it01- otptohio' to 'tot
00.00 vhe lii 0000 1 ii

boo 71 iltctohe b resoutaouotionof''La ou oudo'
(0i'.Of01010 0 oooothis ovenig,Oioe Corce
I o tto1'ue 'outout 0tolltholdl a1recep-i
in iii bMothe uprloors0outBabouor gyni-,
i ai~outotmo the toomeomber01000oftto' Freonchl
Ifcr to uty andilfour Ohio aotivoeomembers wo
flr 0 000 boo ttletooh00 t ouOhio 71erole' reently.
tooar to ' olcinis 1the' lost oft 0000uumembters
O ,, . 1. c 110a eto' h10o'tt1, IHaozol lDoo
11000Io [la O 1ooe, Boeoenic00J oneso, 1foo
0 o> Oia 1to , ir laVgoe, lFloroence
01,t 710dtutu outd 711Malontoy, hioutol Ma-to
-000). Ainloteeioloe, hIooouooubWeitz., llfrieola
O o ooo to'c tz Ju i ili.:; ;Charlesoltjwc1,
Iii to 'oft imttiFrnt Sch' leooor, iRol)-
00110 oM 1. 'I .
'1 ii ' ounticeo'too J oooiuor' loop omtooittte'
fo ol ac tootn itn Sunday~o'so Daily anucinobg 0
-oca out -0m0e00i'ngifit oo bor tutooolluo 1001as lto'reotl~
')t aomisundelorstandooing iou regaurdidothe
ltifot'of c'b o maryi t)' .0100tiitro'ii in t is iattcr lThif
luttteig ouil'ot ou'',at a tim~hpe an(u(
b.oiboas isuplaceootooheoannouncet'rloi'ttitgh an-
o thou' uchtannel-. IIlii

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