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October 26, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-10-26

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The Michligan Ia ~y

Radical Changes Effect Great
Improvements in Regulars'
Wolverine football stock is o the
rise. Fay Clark, fullback 011 the 1909
eleven reported for work Ttesay af-
ternoon and( watched the most en-
couraging practice that the team has
1had1this season. The retr of the
thtsky Californiau and the brilliant
showing i scrimmuage drill brosght a
reat smite to te face of the coach alo
new boie to the teams suporters.
Clark has beesn in school al fall bts
decided to stay out of football that he
might devote his entire attention to his
scholastic work. When it becaue ap-
patrent tat he was badly needed e
chlanged his plans however and took his
place 011 the Varsity suadl last evening.
lie was giveln the sigals ad( wilt be
usedi as soons as he maltsters them ad
gets into shape. Altough lie will
scarcely get int0 the gaue wills the Re-
serves andi Freshimen this afternoon, he
msay get a chance against Syracs
An eleven that seemed truly rejuven-
ated romsped over the Reserves in
scrimmluage Iractice on Ferry feld yes.
terday afternsoo. The imlprovemletl
was remarkable, the Varsity represen-
tatives pllayinlg withl a snap- and dash
that has been lackisg in tie pst. It
was an elevenl that looked like a real
teamn which Bebrook captained yes-
CARSITY DISP5LAYS o s'tlvfUs. oreNoc;.
The offensive ability whichs.tie en
combinationl displayeud was the especially
pleasing feature of the afternoons
work. Osly simple formsatios were
used, but these worked. The interfer-
ence which was aking last Saturday
was present Tuesday ad it ealedt
the Varsity backs to march through tie
scrubs for steady gains. The Reserve
line, wihich dsrisg the past weeks swith-
stood the attack of tie regulars with
conssiderabe success, was heliless ys-
The Varsity averaged a ficc yard
gainl 01 every play asssl wis forced ts
petit but three tines (luring tie after-
11001. Something ill the new lise-up
lad worked marvels. Te men played
togethler and tiey played hard, the coi-
plete downfall of the Reserves beisg
thle result.
These results were accompised with-
out thte aid of the regular backfield.
Thomsonl got into the struggle, but evess
he was sot used all of the tine, Lawoss
takinlg his turnl at full. Siple, Borleske,
asd Pattensgil worked at the halfback
positions while Picard played quarter.
tf yesterday's pace cass be maistaised,
(Continued on page 3.)
Prof. John R. Aleil of tie Eigieer-
ig departmest, will speak before the
Forestry club in the Museusn lecture
room at 7:30 this evening on "Mexico.'
Durinlg tie susmmer of so, Prof. Allen
spent a month iss the nmonssaiis of
Ceslral Mexico looking over a tract
of more than ioo,ooo acres, covered for
the most part with pine forests. His
talk wilt be illustrated by laiterl slides,
The address will be of special iterest
to foresters, but the general psbic is

The Forestry club will meet in a blusi-
ness session, at 7:ooo o'clock.

The geological facuslts will corndc
ass excursion to I'elee Island intbake
Erie next Saturdasy. The excursontists
will lease i-ta01pec ilcayovte1 tile
MichIigan Centsril at6:57, a. tm., arriving
at tLeamnigtont docki before noon. None
of the regulsr steainers stopj at tl -
islaisd, bsst a splecial boat tin been ch'r
tered, which will cruise thy northlsorai
of the islansd before lanoin" the pa-iye
The return trill will begitn abouit33
aiid AnnilArbtor n-ill be reaclhedlat to:30-
A rate of $2.75 Itir thte rountrip thsI
bet secured. The retturni fromtDvetroitt
may be mladie it aitv time before id-ttt
iightt of lte 30111 All presntandilfor-
mer stunsets it the departmeint of
geology as wi-Il atinyttcotheo personsi
who nay 1e intelrestedl are nted t1to
take tile trip.

Dr, Angell Has Agreed to Write
Personal Letter to Former
Th)0ere Iti ctla'ct) ce10)tatTodore1
Riioosevlt %oil6l apear on thnlctr
't'his .liillol itt) it insnmade lby the S. 1.
1. , as I st-ping, 11e1 asoc~iat (i rte11
ito CIol. ooevlt ina t fott lc
him t helcuecus. A ifv
te1 11as droppe.On'6Iimtd
matte wit Dr.Allg lwh aeetolli
\\ ie <I ii \vna'Ilittel o te xpei
i.'oi kn im t eonie te m t
te.l I 'l(eiF r ln m a e as

1t )1 1 n 'T() IS 1(0 11 1 o ne tj
s(11iet). A lot hsIi e bse erInh
ne.1 11oulevard1(1-111 whihllialdeep1 w11ll
111) (i11111to inse n aiiuidial tsun -
ply oif lpureil water.1'1111b11 ild01n(-(1in0w0h11h
to b ilocatedi will1e1be011 in aout.
wseiek.'Tho1101'in cliarge eipect toIiili
able1 to1 (ale for pat11ints bvice Fie

Slinc l ast111 Ja1nuar111 Ia n x ibitli
In ()111.h h (o

St-- aaf
la< il

Deserving Students Can (let Scholar-
ships Without Interest
VWoimen of 1110e1111111r 11111senior ilao-
ses If tileuiisvesity, wise (worklishlow
loaitsfroissthe $-i 00000 Etucinda .Stoine
Scholarship funid. Triasurer lBaker has1
this mioneintru11101 Thei-schtolarships
are aciiniii dyPrslo5) ) idenlct IHutchins,
I eans Jorodani aniid hlion ClaaAeyo
D~etroit; $s,52,s~ a 11evaraybe
paid out to womein of thIivers11)t10.1 Of
this amouniiit $770.00 hsli eaoi1d 11.1
-Thse funid wntis etlinel i 1)6,le the
womien (Ifthe iFederatedl Club0 of li\l o-
g(ail, aind was namted in hoi nor IfNlrs
LuscilndtaStone of Kalamao. N s
S-toiie itorei l61iso Madvlon Stav1kwel1
f hiss. Chass. K. Tunriiei' - tefs
isliaiWhoi eiiterod t1111' 1.-Ill)t(-oil f
Miss Avery -biesideo givlig freely1to
tie tLuciiida Stioefund andl till- liceI
FtreesmaiiPainier finid, 11a)s1)alsoi (iintt(
$500.00 tolthhv ResIidentHal fuind.
i-OMEOPATH'IC16 666'I'Y I'll
BAX NUi T I MlN S~lt'll-I' S.
Thse facvilty if theiomI(leop~thlic col-
lege sill entestasl in emen1tudtsi oIt0(f
the d~epartmlentl.1attoe I ieligoanCUnioin
Friday es-eing.ItDinnerclvii be sicrveil
at 7100ov'lvivk alull ib1e'followed b
ai program. Dr.lvDian T.Sithiwill '11t
as toastmnaster.16Amo(ilg ithose al w11
respiond t toas ito are 1)1n(IV.6. Il in
ment, I, Cle F t lc.itillon, .and1
L. A. Vvrplanke.v
O)n thye samve(eving,16Mis. isal
asid thse o~ther faivculty 101memes' wlve
will entertainthl ly n o1) f ti-hIIder
nsenst aiidlthe swivs of all1marrid ll 1(
lents of thsv vollegv it lieIomi.
The Comsmserce cish holdits inrlot
business umeeting if the ye-iclast1nig-l.
A large room ns ithl elonom(ics bid
ing has already- beeiiset aniidv and(1fur-
isishedi for thse cllb. Ailnumserlof llnIIw
isames were brought liiifoir1110iierioip.
The clubhs an rigedlohl
smoker aiid feed lent.Monidaiyiiighit (1
the Uions. A Inmber of lproinlent
meusbers of thse E1cnlomisfatiyielli
talk ois commsercial subijects. 8101110if
those who were given poslitiloslby tihe
club last summner will spieaikiboitltheir
work anid experiences. .A1l neywOmem-
tiers as well 1as 01)1 ones5 tre explectedl to
atieisd thsis meeting.
WIc XYSTARTnuS I,.Cel'1111 001(00.
Prof. R. "M: Nduene liasretuned-1
fronm ransd Ratids, where hleideliver-cei
a le'ture 0o1 "The Relatioiioif Philo-
sophy to Life." This is thevfirst If 0)
series of lectures that tie plantols give
there during the- next two months.

Dean Jordan Will Eantertain Senior
Girls on Friday
-'olco _,, cl -nio r hs sud lia
-11110 forI het an-u11(111 ti -to 0(1
'''0)1gils, 0to ac he dlilv < t

S(i Ws

11, .1011 elvi y99)1e') eatb lnco
] (1110a r. o tli oseph(111)
1 1(01 oI pei , tt uins
prcc1e l ll s1 111(1 110 5
skin evey efor to 0(1 r111 111nu

1111cOla 'ar'Ialso)111(10let- --a
Mit' n 11(1 \l I mcmh
hou (yill (11.Al 'one

lvc Nbaii
ill ka1


Dr. Angell Emphasizes Long and
Serious Preparation for Life
lr. Ja(m(100H1. 6nov11ll d liloll liheiad
6Ili( lo t te (f ln n e iu
p III 1111111 bor the 111(0 1of lifIe(cannotl
1,c oe)str~n ;V (11 10 tl i l'l(1511( 110
1ie 11111110 ' 1CIii ISII ILS
Np ottI tic 611111l ) o <n iitis 1 11111
enir1l in 1101011Uat (111)1110 toflloluii
wek llNllrvh<l
No.'I' islp iIC (3, ls ofIi n t i 11
aI \ISS(1 iiF (1(11 111O011 o'ilv
i c i ll) ss(illl l loll c 13, <t sit'udlytil
the n ill 10 O wlnlyoI to t oitngext1
mont11(1)1110siol 111 DetrcoiJo urnl Th
(1(11 (Ichai lit01beien d0cide1d(0l.
11o. cut (if cnd cttgiiiaa' li-ll
- gi)(-] Wii11(1 f 11a1(1 l)10) le e(101) '111111
intl111 ni]; a d reun0tlieit1h

)1111 6 II 1 1 1,I, - -- -
(1.1(10 ill tie ll 0(1 (o(0tigs ()1f~
Umc P11. heeaftr th v trll .
' c 1111 11001 tev il s lil-li I) >i-
I ii- a te lio iii- h 1 i-i mc ti;
N Wit l ro m 1110Fida, I bol
10v11 rgam wl b v1111
Iv II (11(11 I1 1-011
6111<66ie ir, arh nIc-IN
Itti 1(1111 01 l llI xr
St io{ 1(10 oo-0 .c
1 urren i ven ts....0('(tl-c i' -c holn - <
11111)11<11I) 9 61 11511;.
iiospetaoininofhe II 10)10 11(111-
6n 'cross-ci 1 0 ' li 0( 1hi fll . Ti i lii s
tsry surrsn ic h nh w(

Men Interested in Aeronautics
Propose to Establish Aero
Club Here
If youl should1)1biedqdietly walking
.11011 te campus vsoilly'lay this witer,
(1111 shioull sddeldoy seeati lg wite
oec o'oilli at yoilu',ditry to take it
Ihn 661(1'right brothers0idirc payig Asi
had Iencounteli reid soime more 'vioent
wind." iohe hnes ae that it
is (1oiliiihe NO cli lib uhiiit frits daiy
shin ardonl'the1 b lg nsolki- stack.
For 6110hlgan1((is no1t to leiudioie
I hoo )1 wil binueeinhg of all ti-
detintere1(11sted fititie subjuet Idonight.
Proessr adlrofl thiodevpartmnent of
mine( (1 eninilee ii" will le preset tol
((111toth 1mn.It 1isdexpected that
a et1 11 organ1 izaiiitowil sitle effect-
NMembersIhi(1111 inithe rposedlAero
011111trill (1(11einesotriedto vengieers;1
all who are 'invyin'0 ltrestedin llthe
subject(are(isnc( ied.Jdust swhat will le
done by Litecu i vtii uieciieod.
611111l will polye beldt- imaids e aiiicoi-
(11(c ulle iencaiiiliworeh wilt llso dubt
'hi)oe. roessoreS-tiler'alretdy hts
:i 101smal modls onhan sit wichs
-lepeints erei-adeissuItsum111-
mer-1t0isconsierodliklyi'tat (ise ior
mr gldr will liv viinstructei, s
hi iuiioibeleaned fromsithese ce-
"Ifiihlitudeto h1w Osuffciet 1n-
terst htt I avit im te give two use three
courses0(0in a.eronauiltics,0 sid 'rfSai-
661 sislrdy."W oul ike to ave
i lar crow atthe 11111eetng,Whihs
wlli boeteldponihll t o 'cck us
6(11 15 11 10)'t1CtC<S
.Adlgtolifriom the Ustei Stemn
I hiwcsofDtot wai s iniAinnuusArbor
iItcda t (cnslt ih Dean ossCesohes
101~ ooiIthe pr loinet Imeunuof the cengi-
I 'in fclti. They ier sent for
111llc purpse of(if culint toig the series f
propslconresiby everaitlisocal pro-
Ivso o lthe Dotroters durig te
comi1(11hi(111(10Ifhi tres)ntlaus mua-
tiaaize eesidet instructorwitlh he
appoliintedtiii cod uie latsses tansylissue
cccilie'ten tol lihoseswhoise wirk iroes
Ih hoard of1'i iRegents withliprobabhly
tak iU th malit ~eilltheir meseting on1
hi. N. Shiner'suitStanuley McCall ae
suI.(hohllillh their iitlhdtawal friims the-
race for tile preosidencey of the seiir
-65statiedlas1101Saterdaty the chsuice
(((lit novle etwieen C. It.Vas 'Wike
01(1( (C.J.Mc1ae Rne. The eecionsillsit
he heldl 101111fouruetoiifive-hirty isteas
oh 1011(1 fiiur to six a nnasouced last
Th11.e Hugiuoi-i -Bg soiey will hol-
opblahusoe nexi Fridtay-ight, the oc-
hiio eing te amualu ireceptions to ci-
gin eerinig Slmtu's. 'There will he
specesi y omsile f tie faculty mem-
1 ors and(1 stuts, tplety of music, ad

a tregeiiti iy 1(1 ''cats, dirinks and

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