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May 19, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-05-19

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No, 16it

TO BEHELDTODAY Prof. and Mrs. Stanley left foe at trip
TO E ; EL aroa ystrdlay motrnintg andi will sail
________ fromnsQuebeIc thtis week. 'The iprimtary
purpossse of isI r. Stantey's sojourn is .to
Over 200 Entries Representing attendtlhe congress of the internsatisnal
23 Schools Have Been dosnsthse-last week ins Mas. Proft. Stansley
Made in Contest is -the presidlent osf the Anmericaii section
of thte assosciation and swill deliver tsso
tapers, one uspons"The Valne of a Coli
lection of Musical Instrumtnttts" anid
EVENTS WILL BEGIN AT 2:30 anothter npson "VTse Rise of thse Festival
______ Idea its America."
Ttse remnainsder of thesrustmner )Jr.



Yesterday swtth le start of te influxo
of highlschsosl attletes Wio will attle1
on er fse ield tis afternpossadt tomosr
rows'inth ie fourteesnittttnnuaIntterschos-
lasic see. 'Toledo Cestral, Detrit
iftstees, Croswell anti;Selby~ represen-
tatives are already irtownvt anti eery
train todtayswill bring is sore of the en
trants 'Toledo Cestra is rie osly sae
of the list of tswesty-three shsols etered
tht, is ot itntis state.I
1). U. S. ad te Cicagos scoosls swill
ntsthare tamss it the nmeet this year as
in formser yesesbut tisisdoes nstatmea
that the cnstests tssay ass tomotrrsw
wiltssst e sf a higs class. Issterest its
traek athletics trogot the sttte is ott
theinyicretse tanite result is tiate
ttee this yar is 'ait to ecelt past oses
frost the standpitoint of excelesnt Iper-
'Trials wiltibe eldI his afternooss start-
isg at as:30 its all track events excet te
sile. 'Te ttal tsnumber of estries is
wen'l oetwo ishundssredl asnsi fsly two-
thirdsnf temt are expenctd tnt cotttes
'Ihe ielsi evenslwsil also be startedthtisi
afternoons and its alt proailities ose or
two's will e decisded tdsay All titt are
sottwilttar finisedtomossrrows afternoosnt
as will asthie fiinalss its the tract evets.
Its formser years it has eess cstosmsary tnt
hold lthe inasls Satrday smosrig but it
swas tosutgtttbest o gie ths yostg t-
tes mosre timse betseens the trials an
fits'svwindtup straggle
Shtelby, wissosonthe aeet lsst ear,
is ass asn itaisastrongbisiifsr ts
frst lhosnors swiile Amsa will Its rigt ti
amnte teasers whenthte fisal sore
is settled. Last week at Lasing Amat
IndODtroit Cetra tiesfor first tplace
and thebatstl letsseenth ~e shosshere
till tsralth ie harser fsught Iecase ass
thse toss of a coiss the Deroiters sons
te right to take te ig cptsbaris-hsme
swiths ten. Of curse tey wil ave tt
give it in1tote keeping of Almsa at the
e'nds of six monssths hut thIere is jst
enoustgh advantage its being ale tos take
it lhomse with thems to masake Amta fgiht
hardi for a coneack.
Vise foloswing is te list of scools
that sil e reprsented y teams:s.DOr
sssis Centra, Toesdo Cetra, PMutske
gons, Grantd Rapidiss, Wayne, Wyadotte
Btay City Saginas, Detroit Eastern,lar
tsr iBech, Alisena, Adrian, Croswell,
lint, Selbhy, i-eaig, Almats AnttAr-
bssr, Coldiwater, Battle Creek Kaamta-
zot, Lansintg, Sparta.
Asdmsissions to Ferry Field wilt e fifty
ces tisichs sill asmsi to bosth says essms
At a recent mseting of the Botr its
Contrstl of Athletics it was decidesi to
sart a sdeiartmntasla seres its lsockey
ext year swih a vie to asceraining te
isserest ta the sort swould arose
here. If it prsves to e ass attatioss
for the sudentoty, hockey is expected
to tlake its place a a Varsity sot the
yenar following.
VTe bard also decided to proeei
withs the erectins of the sew rCas hose
ttI for years has eess adly eeded at
Miehigan. It swill be loaed at Fery
fieldl as the sie othe preenthuild-

and -Mrs. Stanley ssill sentdittnorteirs
Entglttndtiand Germsanty, returnsing to Anntt
Nrbr la te its Septembles.
Foresters Will Rough it i Celebra-
tion of Field Day
WssitOtih potuttesst for ls Iearninsg to
thsero te "siassssg Iici" adstvariousts
,ter methodsss of seuring a aks son
ass animsa; foe taking lessns is te art
of campsiscsking antd gtting a fess
pintssers assn lsssw-to seis senitte
wsor bIseIeing initittesd is'tote mys-
cries of smaking andtsassembtllig a iac,
andt foesmany other ipracticatnot-daor
sutggesionts isorestry stdsets of alt
classes are loking forswars tthtieir ass
nal tFietlDay atttthe SagngwssvForestry
Farm eots Saturdtay,. Niny 2.
'This titty hastco-me to tsr rose f tie
big eests of tes ear for te forest'rs.
It isn't exactly a hosititay, adstss 't
givessnwilthiat isea i i ess. ttssrosse
is to gve' ts the ysttge sntessithe de-
tartmsent te 'saiue of tieeeri5enrct'
whsichs th'etlertases lhtvsesg'iedstit sh
'This tear ass inovaatiosn is beigfea
tured's. Satrdsay ss'sl1be, astaheretoors'
thse retl field day, buvt capsilvlibe cs
tasllislsrsiat tes' farmtsthe trecedeiing f-
tenonand wilt e msaintaniserntstithset
folloinssvsg Monday msorning. All forest-
ers tdesirinsg Ins take avntassngenf tliss
featureswill ibe peroided withlstenttaccom-
modattinss. Tey ssill hsav' t furnsisth
their oswsn ake't tssnd 'grub,''(events
fore the snootnkay eat n assStturdany )-sit
till tsr expected tnt bring cusrkn ivies,
forks attspoont tsss. Anin sstuctrin
camps sicery wiltIe its constant .t-
tendance, ttntd cookIig utesis twitl tse
fttrnishetd. Arransgemstnts thave ects
mtatde wherebty tsttllnkets, footd, ttc.
wiltite carried aout tostIth es, pesvide
tat sucis articles are left at NWesst Haltt
bty Fridlay oon, May 2611h.
At faculty sens alo teh Iforests
subjects swilttsr guestsnf teforsers.
ous Field Day.They swiltlbe treante]tot~
semnstratisoss of ipithig andteaing
closwn tests, of saking cmfnortale bes,
nf arransginsg acks for oth man andss
beast, of ssssse packing, of padding ands
plting a casorand mating potaetgs.
Casto, tubh asnd swimmtsintg races, asselt
as a casor and tilting contest ad as bur-
isg cotntest will alss akttle se Saturdalny
Trickets for the ftrst annutsal sophsmorse
oustintg as Whimoree bake, whlics sill
ie heldi on Saursday, Msay 27, twere dsli-
triibutedt yesterdtay, an are Ieisg sli
for sixty cests. This tss'sssti-
clsdes admsittancen to tie baqutie.Tik-
es can be seuredl frost Fallos, Wsil-
iamsson, Kerr, Kthn, Bsssett, NWesve,
Datsgherty, Seel, tFischer, ltnpkiss an
No Anden Sobre La Hierba

Dr. Breakey Announces That
All Cases of Infection Will
Be Dismissed Soon
''lTer iths tess notcangesin te
smallno tssvsituastiont, sid ilisslt Oficesr
Brea'kley yestsedasy. "Of the rsiginseiv-
snsaseatiss't'but-thren(:)%%,ss'eing -treatd,
sudonf tese silt e its issi esthii-
nt asvery ess tlaps. itBt Rogrs ands
N\\ hittest se, t' nrwo ssmost ecetly its-
etes, srs' doingt' nicly.- It is extremsel
UrgeinsI t, oweve-tr, thtsatllt ttssibles' reest-
it Is' ttken, t'n and ttIisnp sserslts
he ssregardedsswits-notlcksosir sssnsess"
stess have sattiliedi fors-accinttiont51the
Ns''atemanssgymnsssstiismss istsssr. adt
trasctcalyttheIse unbe t sslrhe sbeess
treatledt inthets'awomse's d ?tts-ssest. 'T'he
disptensaries aittl'1=' conttinusds-ti thnstgh-
ssst thse wsekat thte hourss antonsssss'init
It swill greatlttfacltate mttntes it
tll nt dsirevcis ntottnsply at ocec'
sidsDr Itlisy s in ttcanrgs ati ten
have aled Is besIest ncctntedshosssw tt a
th sajr ty fthetsssc'men'e atingts--st
Princeton Racqiyet Men Win From
Welverl tes by 5 to 1
I'r ictoisN. J,Mtay it---The NN'l-
ter nt t -. ivste svwent donwslto efat
tnta seer te Fi"ers Iy t1kvscore of
5 t r Mthe o Pincssetont, staring
as usalfort'sh~e tstststteamtswonsshs
mthitt ft2, f6-tov..tlteyis onse of
le tbnst ntmsatetr tentnis tltyers ithle
conty.MchigansloIst llntof itesiges
bust N rintgtstntdtlWester pullesa
thntrdtfousghtstobltse outstonf te ire. Thtt
1Mnthlts'(P)1betttSiafroths(N) f6-,
6-itkowt(Pcht Donovas tsn.() 4I,
6-2, 6-t; Rnleight (PtI tn't Norito s~n
(It') i4-.6-4 6-4; lToass (P) bsa
\ittlrter (M)s fi, ft2' Norritngtonss(N)
stnt NWe-stne 's(i1I) etIRleigh (P)
andtsss'tssl p(P)1 6-3, 17-5 inse ()
ta hms (C'l)Ittat Sitafroths(M)
andstDosnosani\L)63, 6ft
'I'l '-ii'\I L'.T' IN i)lR''OiT.
Ih lit nauit itical sciets- sittendrss
in bdtt hevist ti ton mseet Itsre iseld
in Itrsoitnxt imonsti snt 'Collesd'ay"sp,"
tse litithIsofiJusti. Arransgsments to
lt.is fct ssere tsastiryeserdinyp betweess
I. P. Htsemansithnirmtasstsisftthe eenv sie
comitteten nf the smeet, ansdl i. .,.Cos-
hell pretsin st osthie local society.
Six othse colleges, M A. C., Ohio
Stt:5 or DamesWeserns Reserve,
C.s and Pturdtssusssyhavebsectsisvied to
takitprtsincoslegeclayt. A speial rate
of 1 cets- sswtill blme sst'toen who
stiy their tikets of the smembers of the
sticiety, 'ITese-ticests swil sstite them
tos tentance ts the grand stnfis] aiss ad-
mtiisiontoi ' the exhisibit test. Mensbers
if the socniety,-byIshssswisg their niseisser-
slips tickes wtill Its' allwtedstoItet'amsine
the 'machiines wshIichs will ibe flwnsass-te
No Anden Sobre La Herba

Alha Omsega Ap,Ntthetsmedriit nlit
or frntersity, eectedt tir fol~vit l esssspii i-
bes at teir anssnal sirissg etectitti.
'Tsrelsiosess frisms ts' sesissr casssasee
Miss Flaidia V. Gardnte, LosssAnsgees,
,ns.; B i. I. lmstd, Empottrins.;n.Gf
'. Sousle, 'Somesrset, lKp.; IfI. Schtznst,
Three'Rivers. T'hes'mesbesees sleteInt
frosmIke juioir classaret': F. M. i,,oss
is, Anissneror: P. . Slsise, AnntiArtstr
. V. Sit, I't'ltsits
-\glssOmetsgas Alphast ionun' of this'six
fraernsities rescognizesbythle('iver-
sity Sesnie,laststrsunsg, nsassisa- tin'
rightIns e calsets-si"sit "ties'frtnsityl pas
it iitstms hssi tist aied rimainril it
Victors Claph With Junior Lits For
Chanpionshlp Saturday
Junsior tLits . 2.... 0 ays
FresshsCrasws ...... i 1.0
JtisisEntsgineeres .1 5[ -;0t'
SesissrMettles -..0 - iss
IHomsseops . 0......otit011
Freshs sts'ssn uni orsslstit5s et'o
tietdIssr first slster inthie finstosf tse
intielass bmaseall seins. Ts,- naririses
sefeatesd teelhomeonstsp the tp-ents
scoesseof14 ts 3 yesterdany- afternon titsa
SohtF erryfieis, asith ~eseby- equanlleds
the lits Sat sofawininsg twos gusnd ui
lsing snonse Saturdaly mosits.,tt heit
I iws n ists sw silt cahinin sisthe NVasity
,Li'tttsstilasdsithe gamesiss tlitltrctcals
seissl the cams b~ssasebanllt champsions-
shlip FTs iis'm, st-IiscIsiscalle-dIfoss
93030'awill bitsttgf r ss t'lenit o
lie visitinsg iteschs tic 55515l5tes i lho
isise Saturdsay msitsns g its.
'Yeestsday'a scoreitsy iiusg
Freshs-Laws s ......o 2 '-Pao-14
iomos .......... a isois 2 o- is
Banttries: Nisossanduitnli1 e; Iis
asn Smith.ills. 'iirs, lsNnslsi.
Studensinisp~eanggy i-ttwisi st e ntisa
sptretistss51f ssobseving sectiosnt
procsesses intsalnopsieations, astrsses
ts asressolutionissis 5tedI lbylt'city-scholst
biieard authosrising antiagrement'sl isits
teseunivesi sistsrsitstingstudeisnStsItsoi
oserv asn rommehossn heloa
T'kerswotrk ilil e egninsthtsle secosnd
semesnstsr. Sixten-iIte srs stittle pnsc-
edi ndsser slbsevations, Issr awIish-the
schissltboanrdi is t eesire $ioo tiergradeI
schliteatestsItssndtu$2o per prsinsipl tr
highischslss teachler. If it is fudta
te "ose;srvation-sits"seferes itsnv a
withs the sw-ork f the teacherteIts-d
rese-es Itic rightisso idisconitiue ts
agreemessnit the- endi of thesteol itsrt
'Fhe imanttesill problsalyib' itsacst le
litre the tBoardsi of Retgensa tss n.tes
'Is icIheliganssensorts, hursss'5. Cle,
lit, '07, andsL Iewis tB. IHesser, who is n
instructor ints orsisscs-this syerits the
nversity, hase tesgensranes felwsh-~is
to the Graidsiase Schssonl f leUniviersity-
of Penssania for te scolsastic'yers'
191-1 912.
IMl. A. C. Coesst eldaistra sesightsfflI
lowshsipsits histosry for te 5pa lstsw p ese
at Fennssyltvatisas, sitwill recsis-'-f-t1-
loshsip for rssesech its Iis sitlsson it
condssitins tasIt harinesthe tders' of
Docstore of Phtilosotpiytyh istsyer. 'Fis
fellosh lipsbrisgs with i asstipensds it
$s«o, ter year, antisteerasef $00ovtre
te strtight felowtshipij.
No Anden Sobre La Hierba

Thousand and Some Odd First
Year Men To Enter Realm
of Sophomoredom
Nfight,osiots'Iits' msitii essivcsse
of M ichigansstraditionsis, I is t take
Slac urhsveilntg. Tie Itr-
schottlasttsictet, slt evs-st wih
sisy.ts nimpos.ranit lin tts-eits-
Stur esfsaInerositheSits versis'ty, a1
tlits. stim shn a.etn umbessssiru f
visiting athlsetes aset-tse gests. o
litissuniersity. Lotshi of thisse tde-
ti-illl ecus sisy tsrendsslostirred
ibp thin thtssghtls-sa essishselt a
isisas sitnts. NMoreovs-er, it soisuls
ie -lot oscusititil tiatSts estsia-
isnft heit ntirsiraty iselfI i at
'h tutdehisnit Counist l therefore
e-res-ty-res-pits s ts-estssistancee of
ever5y stttt inipretseving gisiss
're is isioccsion"(Iisvss
W('its tsr tosseig ifthinlitle gay
ca nto tsis. igatic bonf' istren-at Steepi
]followssoigtht, tie lt-asssusso us-Seeess-
fourteenis sill cel-t-te ts liransusit isnitoi
ssisiususses-sisuss - 'thSlotsusl sitansdsoe
sid teme~ I h iss cotni tI stit tthelit'classa
sill gathe t hei- sitIlls s th11. istsvernintg
iniesenrhd litthe Ihish cl ssaests.slit'
Wsiins-mtrsh a t ehlltotsi stensothte
slushiesandicongraituatsionsof Mthe ficlt
andsup stIte ustusheSit-psoft-itt stdess t
capt~s tush le-ssc tflls-fledged sps.
Fiftyasphosmorste; itsnihargeitS Csusns
clePiadtush soley, sill atte-isd t
thin lies-asrati otsh Slit-IisendateSe
s's tig ftile in essoI sarch.'lthese
havessblestivtited sintto, Saltsqutatlits
tic tisl tltreporit acIodnnseig tthe fis-
sts-isp arate ein st. Thinan e ctoc
sits'uidI sitmesi fot fGdsfry's'
lit-sty. Ai t tres-'nclck siesuadt silt
re'r lue i i in ~ t fthin lasw huidig andss
sioter opite lstile W hiney theater.
itsc enslis tutsigSet ake craesf te
red-s lghtisillt ssast 'Dad" Skinnie's
it Is:3u o'lckni.Badssgs wiltits'givnt
sitS wthen-ithi n-is-ies-Strt,
iTesaradefromithIe caissuss to he
fIIoh wstsrsill heginpiu romptyyIat 6.s
s-s-lis T-I htetsseirs, tted nisc~aps ad
Itws, st-lit aissemle t sttie engiee'ring
ushn, iheaded sily this-bandsu, wiltte the
fist it lists. This-jt istsandssophoiis-
issues,Irihsiill meit e tweaest tearh
adthu'e stssssss, usilsucsse nex, te
ftessiensuubrinitgitguitthuseear.Nll frests
stinswtillishivnelts-wearteinnsuis shots. .
t-souttti nu w ilt he' i charsge iif ack
tushs andioessciuettti-usethilhe sala
tisssds-s onsitup thu its-usof tarschsItors-
Raliph lo sck wtill st assmsttserouS er-
ciii isies andsi HIsrierS: Gotz wilt eats
lutsthis- cheernsg. VFsOiIs-g is uetr
sire of sekes:IPrus. Rsbert We~ney,
Frest ,ss t, 'rut. kraensyT'omsnosnt,
Cl'nets Franintu,litani J. G. Ree,
Prosf. Clasudes-VssiT 'ynts, I iroslsbi as
.s kis.

Ptresidesnst Iliuts-liss wats unablhe to go
ts 'Battle Cee-is ysterdasysitu atcosunt of
isressisse hsustsisess -sggtuusrts. I Ic snsw
int~endtsts-) ctes-'Mndantsy anud will speakc
besfisrete AlumissiAssuciatioss.

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