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May 10, 1911 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1911-05-10

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.,.__- _. . - _ .._. ._ .. _ J.

Opening display of
Spigand Sum-
mrWoens of
Exclusve Stles
For U'ITS,
! . 'OSERS
SState St.
Qu o uents
ken 00CARDS
00 CARDS from'late
75 sor

Managing Editor-LEE A WHrIT.
Business Manager-NORMsAN H. HILT.
News Editor........... Harold Titus
Assistant ............ Harry Z. Folz
Athletic .Editor...Walter K. Towers
Assistast............ J. Fred Lawton
Music ansd Drama...Earl V. Moore
Exchanges and Files... Dion S. Birsey
Arthur J. Abbott. Paul Leidy
A. J. Wohlgemuth. Harold McGee.
Frauns Pennell Edward H. Rohie
Maurice Toulme
Ernest Burton. H. M. Wakefield.
John L. Cox. F. E. Shaw, Jr.
John H. Townley. Wallace Weber.
Gerald J. May. Emmett Taylor.
C. Harold Hlippler. J. Selig Yellen.
Robert M. Gillett.
C. A Bowman. A. R Dilley.
Myer Rubin. Kenneth. Oshorn.
I;. Ray Johnson. Elmer P. Grierson.
C. It.Kleinstuck. Josephs N. Fouchard.
Address : MICHIGAN DAILY, Press Bldg.,
Maynard Street.
Office IHours: Managing Editor, t-z p.
us,'and II1:00-Is1:3o p. m. Daily.
Business Manager, I-5, 7-8 p. in., Ex-
cept Sunday. Both 'phones 960.
N\ tl)NESIAY, MAY so, 1911
Night Editor-MAURICE Touting.
Mary5) 20.-Art Exhibit, Memorial Hlall.
-Nray to-Wabash vs. Michigan, Ferry
filit, 4:05 p. ni.
May io, 11, 12, 13.--May Festival, Uni-
virsity Itall.
ste it---VomnisLeague Elections,
Barbour gymi, 2:0oo to 6:00.
Masy 1t.-Syracuse vs. Michigan, Ferry
fietit,405P .
Ma12. -Juinior teigiiieer class daiice, at
Tihe \isconssin chapter of Phi Betsa
Kiaipa sets thist of Michiigain an exasotite
wish tieti sus to us iiot iiiisorttiy of ciii-
ultosr Calting to Miadison Prof. Welii
Isey, to deliver the address, it acceites to
a ie pub. lnlcti veimiiidi.iid throwss its
ini eiiig iutien to the public.

AT, on irittiut cescvitaistbi li
sit a chaptcrto dit isit ti i-c s inithis
imatter, hut ire cinun:t5but iiiiii ira.spir-
it iritch is boa!ehasi at tr .1'dO
ouir ownis sin eceuintiy.
Mr. iBryce hli fri iii n H
sage of gretin r i t sty almlweimispre-
sumintht Iniesas sit iii issit i f-Ihaive
it tieaird; but ir iot nl d i heloca ap
tcr reserse thies 1o ytoSl, hnt
isvci deiisedlto litics s s thee tris.. of
lireseitig his istdreI bi risei is the
A certain iiteliecttal,ircesaisc, wischii
iianyi5bhiievee ti e iltl oisi, i s -

iideiiced. SibeIsisers <5r t us-
seloimaccidedt an suiortmu
sii worthy a stiaer, andi II'hi 1
psi, siiice ini refusiii is i sit:tl
aiiii privitvge it stampticits l
crss, asid of scaiit grice
St is untikely tiatia ii iii
tiaracter swillbert ruts n
ofi futii c teii t ea
cent tviit tints xpvststhe
sit aniniierestedt, i sifeianiii ii

iv to Bear
ita isi ii
le iiittisv

AN71) JU NIOR. , ,.[
IN 1>t1 ] ,13 1T T, Cr'AM F:

Sly virtue oS tiseic ssins in y: ii
interctsiss gaines, tiefe csisais
lTh sensor miicus s-wilasset isl
flstbty theforfeit roustve, sile#h

c ii ii's
j i or
5~i d(

sec ioi the lilarmci osisv sc iesihe
final gaiiie of sicshi is yettoiibe ii i('d
wrilt atso have aniiiptitunsi ity toi et int
tie iinter-depiartiinsersiss
'The ganeseteeniss tsejuioris a5 i
setlh ]its tras htly ceisitd.5 Not it
the -isixiinigditheistunsistake is
least, isitthe soplisscoul titedisit is
sfter ttiat perto.Tia o unt\vii
5 to 4. iTihi, ftesti issssits suist5 t i L
I to r detet eesioslgsI ~il
the jiiniireingineer. hai ittt555bIs in
diso-sig of the sopihsmoiesioic hseo
deatictienit, 57 ti
hue seisres bsy ininsifllowi
.1So~itt ...i..... .ti0t0i0 3 0ii 0ii
JiuiorcTSits .......o irTsi0s
t.sitteries Vig 5 iird ec~n
tl,-iitsianiiiippitettus mtireli-
1, cesls lairs . ......oo To?2 _-
Sesior tLaiss . ..... .. is0 is rii i
Bstteries--Nelsn an ia .1( .t'-
Sm tit~ sil
Jviiinir I~sigisiers .. . 3 T56 I5 o[. i
Soth ltsJgiuteecs . i.oi)iTo Ii o
'Batteriies-] his soisisis, iniii isis I
Miiner;53Bltsre atnsiWarini. Y1 i
CONS5FTttNCh, ISN (siIAts 7.
Aictiiiiti isisisdee g s 5 ti ths 5 iiu
Fconm. i Coinieeresc e soiiMiddlei 5 7 -
Ccii Isistcsities, tisistFrustday iiStur-
luy ofilastsstit wis t tis 5Li :ittof
Chticasgo, reirnedus-utoi Ass Arbiorthe fsrsi

I'ns> ifso s ylor, Sisalley, Jon, fJr.
Iary Mir Ftc r ildiyiandMr.IHamitltoin.
;lnsiiiess v diii tiiisi sras thsttoi inriie-
t. ii iisesssiona ts ii-tiorepiresein-
iehr iii tie targe uivseruities o f tie
!Illle wcsi itts silit Saitiiidaky's umet
is g iet ith ithe teciiiis of ecvsissiiics
in s- Its-gi-,siiiid iii vv isltsuss-ver csie ts
giii-ats finiit; pesieint. Thecone-itc
ii ii, lttiisiiitipermiianeiitly s ctaitiishiedt
astiorsegutlar officrisIte xecuivue
isr irsi sisitestedtiy comiussttsuon5ii
whiihibothcPrf. Talr andiiitPriof.
Sistis s i holt ptices.
iii, ir- sist ussorsrork if tthe Rifle
cilub wilitl tie tles osi Thursdasy afterc
ism i a tie Pasckardcitstreet rsiige^.
tEle Iee -CRmiingtoniifesi lo thedii
Ii ill( slitsesauthities hatsue i-
riie gid iissti is usedl by tiec
menci islofvth tsiti. Seesacil Kraa
sarin seeuotrderitdtby-the iniiduaii~i
i iiiises if' the sluit fromii the gosvecii
isis. 5 m absiu iss tudoeni iiore wil bior
si-sioyortomorri o w suiiss. Atllsrtho siishtioi
get iflesho lidosoi st oiiet isties
ithe latireqisitioinioohthe yeair. the
ies Wsiiibercie s-sst te ianige ini Sit-
NS itkl Ii t si t i ieeii 12:30i aiiiitI:35i iii
S St i i 57(15IsIS"ANtI tillTSIS
Nitl'f1t'Ft tPthYISI) Nf)Tt tt.t!ttY.
sie<rs ulin oinii nate f ricusuts, th coui
liii iiof ursistaiit lDeansuWiltiamsIIt
Butsofthiii- iis ersiiig ditmtseiit tias
tin imiproesdsi.tDc.Dtinig,ss-to his
ip siiiage, hissniot issise sinaili
state-ustifthetiuriie of the illnss.
buti iProfessor Btitshissbvini irterest
to rein inbsesistifori-at leasst a iion~tti.
ii: isV\. atsugtuas teft Mondatyuefir
Atlni isCi(t- t i t taten-siiiiisinnussCo-
is liti 5 oftile.Amiscanst Phystsiiansiis-
ii i slorsi-s uth cn eti on oss il "ic ss ii
The way they're made has I
agoad deal to dn with the
way they wear. T
S ut iipostslifor"Csiane"catalog to
S. S. ISctuti 702 S. Uiviv. Phoiie 63.
IIs if E. 0. 0.


The Best in World With
To select from
Prices $1.50 to $8.00
Restringing Rackets
We wiiilstankesyouriraecketuassgooid
as newifisyou swilI heaveit it ritius
for oiiisreuk
Prices $1.75 to $3.50
University Bookstore
Carriage and Baggage
iaor esichiCouple to and from parties
iaera ;ito'etnek $1.50, afte Ito'clock
F.) e acts Trunk to or fenin door, vihe
price - Iiitl 25 Cents. If earried to
or f romu up-stairs, the price with he
50 Cents.
Drivers are required to cettcaasi
for carriage anod baggage service.
Eastman Koddks
Premo Film Pack
Hawkeye Cameras
35 dsfferent models in stock.
Susuces froiiii$1.fit tit$(i5.fitOld
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life pei day.
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10 times over, asnd thuey ace all
freshi, no stale goods here.
Derelopsug and pisinting done
by muodeurn methods.
I hate an attracetive Kodask
proposition foi sumnmeirttusrist's,
os for your v acation.
l'.ictures of Everything

""_ , ...

, , ~Y
- .
M ff
' .. _ i. . ...


Of. the right ki nd at the right price-and all other
Sta Ale''oo Clothes Store Main St.
Ge y ur MCIA
Pi sand Spoons PHI BETA KAPA Sate on Pipes and WE BOTH LOSE
____ ___ ___ ___,allSmo ing Artcle If yoadon't let us Prs. sor Clites and d sit you Ceaning
we mae chrms ndid lhp iig, LET'S GET TOGETHER. W ii
pins. Get your order Lunches, Ice Cream Slns doi porwonus i ieapretinteaid iori pomipty tia it was
optical Dept ~~In new for engravingevrdnber.
Optial ____________________ and all Summer B3everagsdsii
- i~~~ Ettra Heavy lbarmI $5.00 ________________
rise wsa' nt Jesaev'r5efarls Am ANJ'IU University Suit Pressing Co.
HALL'S J[WLLLRY STOREf WM. ARNOLD -"-- a ,*E * . JO LLYg 709 N. Lnieely As. Bth Phaes 266
216 0Sm$st Matm St Jeweler 220 Souh Main St.
121 Wasblnton St,.L2 RAN AL &.PR.K P Oogra phers Phone 598

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