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May 06, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-05-06

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The- Michigan all

Vol. XXI.

BY HARD CLOUJTING The case against "J. W. Johnson," the ARE QIJABANTIIND
student charged with trying to break in-

'Varsity Hands Real Article of'
Baseball to Unlucky
Lontg ditniici cuitiig drovethoc
lot l'iallloot !, ltitiatoi, Mc-
gan t totiiciii tI . lciveliitders 10 to .
Thelo XX i cc cctiottltid ite'is ht,
threeofhi cthtwere hioer, twso tri-
le, ndasmny dobits. Nt omdc id
tlo xhome tIaters w ie te i itouts
;;rent effet but thylietledand'tat
baseslikec tog, leaguers,0pliniig ticelbest
10 n~stisseaon.
X/cc\ tare ol the it 1 for le
di ciiein ii a ldtithsIiitrog blil. t
theen o te ix nnng etimwa so'sl
a trilindo'lsttre tos n
madea stongcimirision.01((
ftcmillt cidic om. II
inite to rroshit i; liling was(
snappy anot pic(((l Sroandt ldiltea
run1anda Iik icelillan
11 c crcithe r(0( 10 ricswh
dolusecuredmit fu' bae0n( ;anl( sn
doili nutsisnleIs
ficst, it itshtsll iond ichX'igano's shalf of
the secondwish i l otg drive into right,
soit Iicli tiestide the first homer of the
secson. ortcse reached first on an
o ror, stole ocond and moved to third,
solicityI l'a id a perfect unt along
tecist'baosuinethast.'suit lif'lo a' hi.
caiiigs t Ittepltelc. 'chy' o's lowediici
' ith il an ssinosgle tatuscocisdsHIys'.
"Pilei' iiito'souttgt bsckin i tieonex
innitg, cuninhg isornobore ti'hu' w'cs'
NitosITN :wasT\\0cN sOUsmosc
lyto hsiiicaughlt nappig 13Its-Itli, tists
slo ext sN ck nd olcosts'ii woosnsoftc-
neite leti chlltstgroodc o cl tic
Isiscn isties d. MVitcelctlsio stolesecc
iod, sonltienocitocrcid whesso orcotocshoti
tsiglec'atth irit Mc illaillaiteostllsi
ote' ron ii theififthtilt soatin g a0plss
sein seodat]cit instsg homeiott'n
twooss s. tBell cotibitedsis iotit
run (int nI tu.
BATT0'IN GALIN's 55 E 515IGH015 T.
Thl(ig's or quitldfor Michignsutili
tc igth, soloisthli' hom' tlsyr iat-
tinso utorcus. X\Wittwtoo'sswns, Mfc
XMillnis'dr ove ot ti homeoo'runo. rests
siged,Itill oleds, lMtattinshotot
sfe ticoversic0eciod,sitdtBelt clenedc
thec tasescwithilsatitl.
Casedidlit hlt0f nstoe ottthe attasck
Mitltesnntecctdswit oe of Verecya's
sotsofr 0asrive tot wenstfarorsie
Belloscead, andsis houltothave ects goos
for treckils bstietcstppecs at firs
prfserring to claims the onors of tss
lisiget sigle ot record.
011510 SA0'0014i0,'TODAY.
Tle WXolvesrinscasre iled tss itotea
ott terry' hedstgaithssIis ftersoonsoftc-
ing tc trog Oi Sttesnie. Canmt-
ell ittltprobalsotlpith, its Fiserc
betindthfle lsat.innosroer to atow te
fonss itosatch he Vrity track meeS,
the tll gmes'witt ot Ie strtedtuniti
3:30., The admission fecc of fifty cent
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to a downs towns sance, has beets di-
missedt on motiots of the prosecution.
Johsont" who failed to show up at po-
lice headqouarters ot Tuesday as he had
'romtises, appeared yesterday accomtpa-
siesd by Iis father ands several wittesses.
Thse wittesses decaredl that the accisest
was sot thematha~Itit hsd comomittes the
offense atnd as tere was cosflictig tes-
'timtonyste authoriies decided Io lte th
matttter drop.
Fresh ndSophMeet Next Week ii
Annual Struggle'
'blocgenesral tryouit for (te S racsc
mscet wil ciote ofst Fters ildothtist
--lfternoonis5 a1t(ocock. Thec mtsoptos
tocic everybody, soantTraineor Kr'cols in
seou sslike'Is 0ct o s'evrs aailablelstrailk
too tnochtoonis'rsril) insutit, barrig
ncitter fresmoiniroeigiblesc. Tter.
will bt oo'ssrglarentris.
'Tle Crosi isotnry' clobstotsocopltd
arirangemetsssos for.a oivicc'race tt bi
tic, Stutsrdtay, May so . Niti. i. i. sos-s
soill Ite'alltsoedto compet. Tercec
tN-ill trt lt ills' itO itu i andi otlw ilt
kitiitIsh atoFerry ild, worthe lbIlots's'
tooasi wl e i ptogrest. Ts'
first two stmlt tot knish woil gt tsir t'.
it. C. Canidouats omay trinsies-scc)'afi
te51 41t i:f ad'solot toi'clcsk, swhoit
thIl d menot will bton mhandsit (tso t sowit
Th mttesud0 mootsld quts'tiou regrdsingc
th lass o1or eas camioonshipo wito os-ot
tota sown sdotoo XXWenesdoayso aftrnooon.
\fav soin swhenithe snior litsa'dithelbsJ
tats wilt setorfite(ti rtt ime0.
IF t ?N' XtIRtitt(TXS'TEt
- lt"'XiXtST't'It.NISW"N.
t editrltsetc soD
cls ito srs soodtoftttsswh' ihso'we are
,isstill nd soot erely0ott uos.It tao r-
- entlt5wesasheordot mosot soccre osinancost
t crissoot0d0wtiear soot tmors-tear-stainedo
t comesin, s otohatsoot1wil te te csoret, lon
Iereos the iisXX Ne of .\ictigaos havis
alwso 50eoitnsitju mstlyodofiour loyalto
ts the utivocrsty. X'IWIton, (kintdlys
esinstructmour ttioti' ifronditoIseot te
'5ino itiaowh'i ircaoset)soes our be-
slto atndisit o totying(Os" is- t
conssos'inat cs-r)' stlc engassemetins
tichs itbos atoteardti er r
-ters' iot sfficest songs of lficboost
- orgini for the ispirtitsott of outr iiiito-
cias' Need socvsuntsthe sctslt-cyofsi
ssa sistruitse-csit' so0 tsrsstnty itpon5
outi- cssstst, efore orsthleoti ovenst,
stoolat inc smtookers? XXereoreic lbs
1 Vtiors" thenes Fe ld SI co ngo"oaisi
-''Tlsi'YVllow toss!Blue?"0Tha t thy rs
-tossodiffislt sitretrodussctionoorekofsi
z impstertioence. 1Tei XWItY, litr. Iad
I TIhecstutdents of XWisconssisin re tar-
dtonaly)ptroutd of their song. It is gos
mstic, aiodteutertaiiung. Its strsitsove
s wlos'liste-asoass occasiotnat cotresion
of our godtwilt. tuttas a cositsaof-
d fertoryto. I toe sotgs of Mihigasn
s re lackig inthte tproer qultities, let it
e discocver sometinitg ttat wilt saisfy tes
esthestic ntulire of ortsusicians. Eocn
if i t is "Vanke Doosle" set to Nlitthi-
r ganu worods, let tec tmssic ssggst sime-
Sting Mictigttoiat.
- Very sitcerey,
r A NoottiGoADt.
I Tte I,itrsr)'Socia cltb wilttols
s its etntclstect G'ratger's ext VThrs-
dsay, Mitay i.

Diphtheria Epidemic, However,
/Not Feared by Health


AnXsgtsC. X-lchit'st the fushti- ssHW ST R1
soehishisissIbeenmss itingsor twaT O O HW TR
w-ecko, hassbelca tess ie fasits a
Ptssisac, ft clx.IHIeoxriots-to isfte
telinog himsshiltsowhereots dsayngC hesnutE Vins Oratory Prize
thast Its- tast a jsioytoil 0fistscmlll
gaveni etoo ttssoititiinof tth'is omntxts'su hosso With Me k of Wisconsin
taiss og; otter tatss o as sosus'e'his ftltero
ini ths hi-tsster tttheru sri' oti s p e1cial Second
reatOsuon for tots tleavoino lle tthgs-.-
h~it a httts leif tuoss itcAr o t m tpril 'so
isittut sainsg snthling to .'nixus. CONTEST IS BEST IN YEARS
Nooroo othi s itad bnhao i m uss ntil his
taiter reccvedot hess ettss fom sPonitiac.
-- --0 J y Is 0Y ,0 i'Iiisttittt, rrsectin'dog
TRACK TRYOUTS TODAY \sttoortiti n(I iccnoitx, 'soisp teaings


lhssesocosstsros of thhis 'ls I isrtser-
otsitae seclsudeditlsothis-i' Iloso ,is a
'esutofi s thdipuhthesitr -ia s-i''.Nosuts-sit
thus-ithave's'theus'se au'so sit btsasll
st'e downsoiisith tsre scarethsroastostool
this' nototht-o aett hestsirlimiuose endos-x
thc deves'smh nt of this'icufts'esofthteir'
thrioattos, lhis-i soill be -cusomplteo'this
Muon. hls'utoi tllts'e(xi-estotfxthis'ra
suritsyto has f1 the o' use'ad'sol s''r
icater ouutothsite
Frantk Mionurp io,ossotkntiotik le
Uit rirotsyIhostpitlilsot ought. lhis asildoiu
ita isof dihthernl it tod shtaisotweIl.
Iksotoos ot-sothis'culotureso f otthis
troas Iofit(is uti'threhc itotiii'Itiso w-iti
c-dit tsa(ceot Iipiitihsiaand'sit is oe
toriethis jt ttit ofthi-is' s
it sitsioeatrly
'''liht outflthus itiss(ouluista tooth-
noun totsiott o osst dtosthxeiruo so hDs.-
itTli ict it Otto s'sohsusu tilos ro Ilstoniest
if thn c ttt ti. 'itiix 1 eo'ti ttboes ' r ocsfere
an' ill sil osesitsintheushsSie.
r.Ir.te theo, thus situ 'hisalisith ofccr,
doexsh ot et's- cits it thu sosis sotohdango's
itof th isecaiseotsubading about this cams-
"We's'lknow ox I suithooet totshousco
it 's'e thret ened,"'ts x sit tise 1thotti
list ought. ''ithilethereis totliiisorns
shoasist.'arsoud this sit I shtdouth fseltt
teiosixy case f totralarmi. IBust fist
haveubeen extosed tot this'os-toothitilosn
titeyiavlots'eessn placedott i juso'iuiuisot
this-n-ei is-eailts-sitry'lhts'eprobabtility'thati
the in easexotixe t Itpreatd.,
Tennis Team Opens Season on Feri y
Field Courts

Team 1i~ ill be Pickett to Metet S)yia-
cuse Squad
Ini-h .andhososopls witlstagethi's'sit
nuspo triune batstles csn briday anodh i
urdayssoif((cot5wes'eI, -'sis I e(s era'l'Ci it -
uuouushiMersis aihutsOthon butstitiman oun
ths csuooshus in anso neosu o s tots get thu,
manyt'itiiigeo-tisti o i' Ottits'init w K
Ths'rsodettsuof asll this' sns lcsss
thast aoss' to takeso photI in the0' con1to's
so-u- eotitiedh oustVhursday txtoapon
repre'soosetaivs toisoeOust st hets' ('ui v-to
mis'ouowsatero'osot otn5atom:(x)'clockh. Gen-
s's-sit i ransio .\tyes, Clossts'oso so 'tSt
kern out thi'he goutwariiBensleytohtsf th
'toot, a t l sfutic o fout thue' stol ml
sltconts t llbeosthaondot io expithe '
nrulesthait oillgovns'ousttecoingclash
ealiiU)1si' thast nttiniitdtiits arise0(v1 h
fon thus'posiionsof itlass hleaders'. 1%'
fhman maso ii (0' s ctiiig toki'iohdtli'u
takeilaotce' tilt n,' dayo ev'x ingio atd7it 3
'snitthe s-opt1(uho o s-will gaither'u' ni sit
niesdhay' nigtttthin .same5 t oot. At tlW so
uuesetungs the rs-ttsswoill sagasinublou-i' n -i
'soanl hes-clasoses soill eleti'-h thusir' Iead-
ueco frsouthble liotosprntedui' bytthi-t
'Thsosoc eig'ginu fon theus gscolfwari
wil 'ositiO m'ib's' his 00mo'rnin tt i ti tit -
iagynsuthi s'n os siiity food
itis siosuits ing'i Men it'sti cedti with o-ilcom-i
umises fruxom tho u' tietri hosso. 'lh
Monda t asIssft-eurnuoo thndswill continue on'i
Tusdasi, XWedtnxsa stout hussyh f-
itrniionsunlssoths'esonnel s 1ofthei
B t case will hostes-fit- eight rcp
rei n'utiti'in otthis eesents. I'Eachi stut-
' i t' ill lbe' tlltowses- t hs s o ist uitsn
hea stio in oertut imsore muenuimilyhie

sui thi soujt oheIllsiddtle' otsAmerc-
osinu thes twetyir t atnual otet oo f
theu Nurthitn Orattoicllseagsue, hld
host nghtiliveIsiitut) llsuit. etct
Ment, o ilt li li of Witscoxnsi,
% (t seo ndi' place h iso atIiltthou ittIjis', ''it-
dntilD seals." J CitotuSeator, of
'teliveOiiiti ot Illints, ho tt spokedon00
In otr iw\, rcid th. Iti5as5
the first timo inl tie hearstht this 0a51a0
ospeaing ith010nitthus' prormosfaildl to
scr irsplatoe5, F1st(not seoncasut sr-
ri -isithoiemthe ILowdenxtestim soasush
''I cerany a ' srno nteusii't"
ho sug athtlrol h i'oth ni' a
eac suceeingyca ha fondthoil,.t
otiol 0I0((tugasa nt, conhtsto"hes. t
edl ''tot i I thinkthetud goscade ino
miistakin iitheirs i tloh i i(isoft it'e it-
Thupogamstaruted a t 8:-o ithoulait
ortganprlues lato Eriloss o uh x Vso'Is. M re
f. F(toil ha(hocsof (hCl isritx it
hiionus sul S puesoint uf this'eage', toe-i
oside.Tlesfiustseaker wasoJohn ut-
knecbt'hi, llti'nsrepsenta sot's, his
this subjec t IPoliicso soutthiniColegu
Manus."'HItsaoidohn plrt:
hi'r theu'hlo f lte o, tush the ou' c s
wh ichect ya sn ot housans i tf
men,0very iearhiouiiform theseotri-.it.
ing scols. ti tefel shtso,fers tei
go's-outofpohritutis.o Tlhiight losta
grnastou' on nd thillege mano' otif sttodalsy
sonuthd itoidhliithecftoilitoryit.x"
tutuehlica i nothec'ltandt of lity,"
saiu i t hsttittt, \,]loiicmliii d, "i
theu largestphrseo till ilinosthiscout;
f wo noom ustxworkilsfor tmeasge'swugs
in Pittosmurg gassxofactoris,'orstixitherrys
coutsitns;ior tcif the cildrenso ifuits
arsgout oo rish fuuorwilehcthoue tch sie
out uitilero lie inoutixurv."
it. ft aliton , uf O(rlnhus I i
ight ihast sohlnuxwsoniii lt pece iosiths att
toe world,'two xx tirds of or outsuit
rioecsh ousthtldb xpesfhndeduitfootthis
cauuse of wasr?°o
FrestMint, f fisicott: Nousthire
it ilt)'y indulstia'iohnatuion ti soutsxpoioh-
cit asioaros; noousteritis toapilitot
hearistles stndlsottc'r'ie'. It mitOc11la-h
bon is chic-ap 'soutthouppulyo t is uimit.
hlts Cait'su'pb, out Isowa: 'hsllsit sube
os1aidtatse buoy'eoxritti- 'ut 5 5 trhsfera
hb''acsosus thatsibhhety -bthihIhsismatise
us5 thi naustiou us- sitentoday?"
J. C. Sear, of Ili ni: uIsureny
is the struggl osit thut-sitsefor ithou teou
tutu, sout byx'thus peopletox gai cotrlbf
fle gossrnntooo. Surlynapopite cnnsoo ho
trutedt'uwsothu itittt huiis"
fi'i. . c}gaer, otftinnsota:xhs -"Tiles
rans osf abot as'tre ualtofh bscuope soth
te dsciplined, systemasstized'ihronskouf
captitasl. XWe canuuuumnt uuinuu' iloultaeuce
whenoss utsno sre srig
At thi nclxuti'sixoofble Iprograuuua
bassuqueitiashest iso huoorof ble tota-
bos stou visitiung delegtscast the Mich-
igalUsu niuion. lrankuhStetphunssacest as
tsososter foc a brief series of aths.

'Ithe firt-VXity teniisimasttch isto bs i ,,1 :I ouorui'tis ttooreprsentthu-it
be' play~edt this suuo'uou'g os2 ueus blocI o
iss lofteco fasce Captahsins Nocriugus C itl[I I( FCI.Ih10 {
snuso tos hoe Fecry fieldt cours. Itsate I(fVI(SI XN t INDI itSTIF S.
lats ein th e tisse oxf sarioval of this
Oblisqh uatd hadlutistexth e art'ued, histu t ThesCommrc cubs t1has laned'tri
Cap~tauin Norriougiusoextpectedt this'ptoty- too Cooohvoladtoostudyhcthis' big. cuoisi in
ecs to bhoeadsstoincolon cthsehouOr-siloholasof buhtciiy, heatslins'Ftiolsai.
hsusu's t sit 9 s'u'clc. Shouostl thus-u' houe Mutt '6,toothreturcuiune Soiluday, hiftu8.
tuensaomiundstandsbinbtg, htoeveri'this Stpscialtth-h toolandras-ilosdratesohflio
sotmtche toill b laye d ~suhthis safternoon. besnotatiintedh,si t the hiss-iit muu ex-
Michiugansu trll foe reporceetedboy Mono- pbloc tier scm eb southwint exceed $7.dxo.
dvan, Stosurxoth andh fitebustuer, sandsCap-'t o5 to iishinug tosike the ftiplushould
twsin Nocrngfoss. lhsondttheir nsosos otoo Withttsor.1 focer
11(NCIRiS CI..-SII TONtIHT0_________________
IN IIVN .NI1I,1t'S 'I'f-ttX..
'bloe Michuigan disiono of blue Amaoteur_
ftencer-s' league wsooth soldtits thirn - 'TheLsoAnogeles dynamsoitinig caseo'lhas
osuss obourunamoeunt ino fle feocisog room hrughutntso giadutsof thin lMichuigano
this eventissueat 7:300. TIhe Detreit V. lawmdeprtumentmcs seryosouch ints trmn-u
1I. C.tAX toasssosteret! J. C. Whoeat 'to E. fontce. Thense ott-soare hiattbtsi XX.
IObeis ris 0expecteduotbseonus!st east onse IDcewo, it4.'96 1, souant e paorlt i~ttitirI,
maniandtooth l [IJaineso,'og, with proh- 'onoIL, of tuudiauuuapuolis, tInt. Itrew' hts
Obl rept hresesotn tit laaoo. tGold, silver tuess retaions oscounosoelfun thin prosoe-
st ool e scot datos. waittltoe awrardtesdto the cutotliaodstRapptort ihaso teetn uengagedh
fist threc n 0 itMaj. buck, M. N. G., to assist isobloc defenose ofthble MeNuoss-
tooth ofcteoosas prsiditng jouge. r rsohsers.
"Who! the AumnoitosiCan lo for the Betweenteight stotsuie lhiundredof ttte
Univcersity,"usSloe sutject 001 which quesstioumies have linen retsuroedstobutblo
Preosdettharry B. Huttchitns wilt speak ;office of Secretary Smtithto Idatsoe. tMtr.
at thus University of Michigan Clothblat- Smttih is atuxiouts that alt sbtuentbs fit!
utot ohItoidelphtos onight. outt auto!scnd iso the lanks sib one.

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