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April 26, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-04-26

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The Mchigan Dally

Vol. XXI.



. .

Locals Are up Against Strong
Aggregation of Sack
Olivets aminecaies ho terry yielt this
afternoon t imeet the Varsity in te
seondt sal test of the tone seaso.
The Cogegationaists tave a vetern
tetnshichi-thetsetseee the stongest
thitvraeretprsvtvtAhyrn.sIt has at
readty trimme .A .,adNtre
IDamte as tcksto sswil rim it 7 to 6i
The ()tvvlt sad illttlss conisto'igh
for vinditiatini Lstyer it lyet
Splendidll tvttfiis' iv'ruiiits andathaen
startedt stragt tipsettiggaine at-
ttue reord. Theie iuiias teds oitnlit
tieeiimore 5151515habut tIevisitrs mn
agesd toi aisist aIwobbltitithelists C
ing six erosandthe tinlcont siiltod
o tsi o. Seve ofte t iayesitno Iese
so high si year ago are oming tack.
'te vie noit tirg~sttelttiv't' he y ti'
drt ro theiitti'fans aiiit tey swit igtt
itose' tite' goundtanditosiit W(il.
Vvrtievui. wtio shut ouit tte Oieet
crv'wvlsst year willt=ibe ion te' iisiiiii
sgain, and ltte'\\olveries sretaking
trinisti repeta. ''ai" Smiitt is ittiandi
Campbistett is teiig saeeitfor tieWestern
Reserve scutest Itt is'tuitely'thtBsiIse
swt ibe ablet'ts to ly andt te iniii eilt
staritout s itditiitSaturda exett
fir the tbattery. Fisher is sats'dIts
_ o'saaa eati scsiihe atciest M40
'aildter ededs'ipriesof 23 cets witt
Mihh'igans Oivet
tIuorese cf .. .. ........R. Rsat iti
Msitellettrf ....Iausitotui
let If .. .... .....'..te rv ss
atter 215 . . .. ....Saforvlp
Iiil1).. .. . . .. eP use f
lishter c .. ..............TI. tRoiya rf
Marin ss., .. ........ ..rie' 31
Mecuilan 31i .... -.Soresosne
Vertirys it .. .. .. \aliel It
Chatney S. Btoucer, 'oW, isetr
in Ameran rhitiiry, adtCcil R. Evais.
't, amanaging eitor of the 1911 Mici-
naneasian, have deceidedte htat coutry
life is te est sfter al, suit sceoring-
ly wil start frtsig st telsse of tlhe
eurrent stoo year. 'Thehvesaesieiguss
isist afarm aboustitteaumies isostli ot
Grandu Rapids is this salste, in the hesrt
of the fruit erising distrct.
'Ther are seventy-fe5 acres ii the
tlce nearly all clearedl adi sitti a smsall
pohlein already ii fruit. The menii sill
continue genersl ftaisawgtseai nelto
tracticinsgscieniific issrtictuure ass the
schise farms is the chhrse of simoe. Next
sprig they wsill 1akv' the iitialstel in
this plant by ptting in mashy snre frsit
trees, principally aptles and erries of
several kinds.
Their originat intetion was to locae
soatesalece in the -state of. Oregomn, ht
a aretul coparison led them ts decide
uptonthkie Wolverhne state.

Il5.lt\NPTE) I ONll RE E4Y MAY
Wihthe NssrterniOrtcleitIavueas NOT
cots utasotisstime us'eay iseitoc1ali GO TO PENII
associationis svin3 g itslf wiv th tplans~
fr thy vse itsasi s I it f telisi ats.e
Arragemtents fuse aulissi Iset istoiegv Haff and Craig Il, Bringingt
eni stl theUiouiui oiatsay jsre ilprg
ressuitnd Isipe is teicir ciulatetdi Gloomy Outlook to
amonsslg the siiudents isntsrde ta~t thoses
wishinsg toasttendvlsisy signify tirde-itsWolverines1
'Tickets for the cssntest hisve ties t
placedslis the hanssofsi sevesnisisiessinD. KRAENZLEIN WILL DECIDE'
tents instase "e isig sslfssr iftsscents
aipie. Admtisssisnhis this vcon test is
nsit provsivdevdfarinisthe miembsiesips.id- Will'itcihign senassst emil ely
st ofsth1v esratsissal issciatin, sthattsmsoi ptis s 'sssell'is This' sin ts isis'a
evesvry sils' sttendsi ig iilst sssctsas' s stsa guss' lt -s
ticket. 'Tisaiathis ttsti l that'55 se nsi
PLANS REAL REHEARSAL sillnssa sf ndCrig sussositthe
\\ tvess'' minstiays itis eventi.
Cerce is Bent On Securing An Ac-~ t iatss firsgfsssiist
curate Setting t iactofthsgipp..e "alishsbencfid
Toavoi any'lr m s hi'us-g "isss n h is5 it i tiws' al o w r u ihl ctr
iiislss-ussfori'thes'Ce'cets' 15s si plyus ac zleii stats tastsshis'isillno
ths islv g iist uues'up irtist si s td la sts' lllsvs he 'is iilt s 'isi
Dteis l is'troi ioiTh r'ay 'foisr ilstheirssare- isa srtisil's. Its'expertsiahiili toihis'o ill
hearsasi l h i ill bev'compileini everiisifrom555 iouek tdayssis tiut sfrfrmsuraec
detasil. TheIse asof itseasfor ii da'sithisaithe l iein i C'ounsssitionusisunin'
peonetss' wasss'' bri hisk ts 's'' ny No urtis'r'sar''angement, il ilI li
rusle wliioasi'reissnItioldes ofsitthismadesFt r send uiigtieteam'.iui 'ea s xl
cuiutses'ticests s''uringsat s.i u Thusay highuntil ssI It f's c'niio
sit his'centraliloctsususs io ofthethic(ieI Iof- is as's it. sithitei is n ava isilsbluts'suits
ices ini .' nkivv's' l l sstthhisals iiill con-i atiuiis'or isi mtiu.Recks' h o si u ns aii good
tisse ther''v'ssitil lFridaysu i sitd iof as us Isi, hs'not yeti slts 'cii e
originaly sanisounsce'i. 'Thev ullsice ill fromishiisscetilsith
he openv i \\i'vhs'stand 'suit r sda'itru m
toi lii 12 a. im. suit o hs5 p. is
DC kSlNAAt ANL \-LTR VI ('at 1st Student Council Opposed to "After
-'- iEvents" of Swing-Out
''The Panamas anl.'sis a' i htari
mseasaise"eclar'vtes'sPro. . \\ .IHIt th is' 55lt sii'isisuuillus';'
die lastatnigh. 'Fromiithis hiso5st a.is i
muistes asithelv'propose avt eofi' sil s ((ar(Idit lcncr ~s:
such tisssi trevights s.uscar i etag , thi' I sa'he s's' hmg sit thei Sa udnt . sn-i
u'inovmeswithle alittle iiiesrI$ ,oo i os utInlua'sveinisg there's'ame's11su
te ar and C'osui 'si t ' s t I asiafignud afor id i u ii Iitesuj tof he- tr
thast t ie cilsitssfoei wi ll beiit ha' lit sias' ofsthe is' swuij -o t.us
shinc e-$,oooosvu fussthu savmse tissu esuto th dicsonteCocl
swhicehlessvs pravctiallshnsothig t ay5555'i ss to go on record i I AS oppsdito' ;
u's''us tsr e hundred ill ioniudaollsr is i t sscetiils tt'sss'rcew srugh''upaosalheiss
stay snothingsf s oit.as uesit'ialdiuponiithenis' las,55'ca
'' gfatlis .abos iuussIthsestabsil-t euiialsin whicshithis ca ni uit lsts
ity' sai -mucshhasensa it inithis pess. sla~ ld1 I ben ttsuiuassubhyits il-
is smre ie I assw ilthan a dam;uh. Is '~
laseusv xterishasuve hialale siup sitam su Isis tse snimeints'ositthis Co unil tl hail
ansd downss i le'Iuh'itsa'litutte over aIhul-ii o ass h'the 'carp 5s usndtgowss au fsparty as
dyedulftet usnIhegtu h e I icanisa ill has' tese s -ass ltldt "ceertislisai a is as
lass in 1913." ' cessi isi 'usal Orr igssihits'eflcsion u onusisthis
The lecstureews'snonis-tehnticsalsiesltmesstsotthi seniorsusclass; ai ting wholl'
sttv~endesusul ilustedt by masnsuiews's'a'ot siofke'epiniiithu this'c'r''mony ansud
sus iauhsgraus sit the sortsiis rues' spii 'trhesinue t.'sueCioss
rut slate.1'rSt r'rCU IL
IItLhNOtS bMEN tL .'NCI I A .\ht'iINk'S CHO(SEN PT i iiCAD
S'eenty-five tere resesentst sislci- IDr. El uer . lFrosses. 'hut ctf(('sshi
thuusisstic suectihsugosathu e nefrom U-sisst isug(us1,). C,. ties Sissescomsin
hiuis yestueuay sftenooniuusiiTappa~usu erofes' 'hstti'' s I1aeunis appos'itest
hasl, ss'Iesudetsinite pla s fuss' si ubis h asnusc'llors'of Nwin 'srlk Uiesit t s
susie sared. "The is'Ii" wa(515this'r((shils aucesesvEss. lD. IH esri hutiei ull ss'
seciceil utlass ta's'thuse i'new ss'gans'iztin. Crack' n'ess' ''ignes'u.
A'nouter meueting wilt behis'dhusntusutu Af.'ter'sg'suastingfrorushe(Islits'sue
twos wseeks aasmoker ius i 5tusis itdfuss' uhs'tu'is slt It. Itrownssstuisd a y'ear
thse i-ui tihesmonth. stautle Germanisiy. i1-i hi95te asi
selacisngsssistn turofessre sitthe ciesce
'us1-vssfu;1VSn .5155"GOWNisex ctvsl~i. suitthus'au'sositeschisgit ictigsus
Sesior enginueers hasves'deeiestohissoin tefromsheee tste 'Uivesit sat
-wear the cashantdstgowsuevel-c'yissTuesayCslifornisa. Ie hasusbenscovisussusi'e
anssi Thusduayusstil thai-rust fthis'yher. ofsut uha'siins.ini' (till.

Captain Norr'ingnuof t heis'nisem
and horttrias ~ li'Iehe.I'esta
ihe ass'r (tri sald hiarui wositk sill hs
Lee'i h a his's us cusust sass' as 5 thisa sit;
ual the us' lstts acsI's -cot5 is t i hes (isi
thev mesn are (11i.11 Di n t (sisill iald tt sl-
stir have's atiasiup ithe histsofi te an-
t'ain No sis otisgs(hats c iw N a is
canpla (to us(epor5 t i t il oas sitTer1-i
esafteirnoonsfrosi (hi:ttoissuhI locktil
Smallpox Patients Isolated in tOld
Homeopathic Building
No twlwss it sopussa ts havus'wscii're
po td inithis' iici s e(.11s ofs ahl us i
this (temporary.l' dlsiu isis psasitl il this
old lsis'iso stis s ausi g lh .itih onet
ofitheii c'aeassems a scriflimor as's Ca
th n (his'othesrs. Tea'movsisg2o f the ass
(ill~s from5the (lo It lithc opia
hils accompli~itlidsafly'I. s.agmsuits
ha i ( ral t o i' a's'usssss thos
afited sin ti his'"pestS houlse" sholdhul
1RE; IRE C It (' FI (I.WCC'Y's
Ixhenskci p(rep'a(tiiillseasell' '2oiouu
lasto luthis'a-'ul isentiliiiior l up il, to 1wi
six t Barsur u ts' ( sltsl <,n Jan
2. This funciius asc at I s 5t1th
Jior s Ill1 IIIithe scia55'lialendario the i
vi s lis o s tu. h I.In r 1 1a t i t '
bei a sitri t aorialsash fasits o ha h
(is i l iIIut- (a t i th.
551 ''5' utuheda tits' s s g sius ive y t
senior lass, t is 'o t iii''it usual tis
aloni ail d at lassvs aeictd tit
tend 'i i thus lu i rst _el ta hi
rsi or ls lse hills it'h ar't
'sit sti ft he suloucIcasn aThetul rina
wil bteiin thhandsl tal sit sia ti
'ih as'etlosss Mchi gnSa.Nv
siusdecogrst is' ClatYstlsw (hisblls are
Thessu \sas'''h .hoset-hus s caslt,:ushu
is'sbe'ingiltusedtwiIt uhmy ndhieiiandils
Sweng issoly'e Aislithi tshah ll t rhit
ryi ,,t5siciiid. InaSngh n ed
ed about a5 ltni tnt adolass'sThe ca-
'Yestrdas'ysuis.usalna'e't:i spokenat s's'-
htissiyh assilndsDli tilet'eftl,}esteri
siituei hei' u t mi5so aryi exhiits cos -
iota i I't%. ss ~s~~s

Ali Six Concerts Are Chosen
For General Effect of

Iltut fistenut ais refl
tas o i s hu a tonshis silt 'I
tinct ii''llirat i ist's of its
is t l llsro hailstht as
'55 he a ' t s ar
ro}it a Opr ( 1p
us . u-usa he '('us r ai
i ur a' 5 Io h s 11c us
ill ' it ti (ui tn i sI re
aask as i ttempis li this
5aicd hene5 Iu I'wc
ss ' (. it Iis e m r
tr11 111i2 I'a iaa
si a if I e thusis us'f.tit{
us \ ic's ( llt' s ahi n
(oacIs Ithissatal 's C
'inge by tll Is 51r a
} j;l im o 5 1'. (
tilnli s b tse il-u
anhr for salhh rati-i de
suit atre c h I t i
nd li e t. '
litta W is t''''' "Amt .) th
Oliqu where he''l'Ii
itan s o ithe ra -a
Chrt(I lil:al 5151~ %I
I sIt 55(51 an' )t o c
this ctintry.(1 ilhas yat us m
?(suc _ r V its Ilha
iso h i'ss onehofusual
h 1 u' njs'ss oitthese ui t
sit thaethco slhers1'tIii'h

itsthrvv 5555
"all wi i'i -
susiss' rat It
15 III II, ct
It(F 1ii'u.- ti
It. sill oa 5l
Whi his',ha
W. the I~Et
to I u i us('(II
la csicert
~' I ' le
'iiw I s,
ils .- icl'
:tit i i as
)il h as .-

111111's' 1;1
usl u itsCtl

t11 M

i ii suits1)'. Itll I 1'.iisailst; ! ().
Pro'~f. J. S . I-ha(s of t hets 1'olutii 's
Sciece lc art e~t illS'S' lulls l's' sit
tutu ti sii t si, It. I., wii t-cu 1wa wilt
'it'll aipaper lwforc sutth sAss' ca55u til



Whitney The

atre Friday, April 28


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