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October 18, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-10-18

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The MichigaDil

Vol. XXI.


No. r3.

Rooters Plan to Accompany the
Eleven on its Invasion
of Ohio
After narrow escapes i the first two
strusgg'es the Varsity eevns is settig
donin(eadlti earnest to the tasa of
prep arig for the game switi repre
statises sit Ohii'iState Uiivrsitv
sext Satuirday. Alttiough Sattrda's
shoinig tirves thialt te Woleriss
pace gainedt is efetiveness, there is
r sofr sassmucth furte'improteetei
thte stiffest of (rittaswitl e tte lts
ofi thes rgiars ttisiweel.
Itisaiot usattey'Yost's praeticie t
'itm Iosea high ueree ofS deetstiset
isrly inte savso, the eeeni beiig
p it isfo ste ial gams . Ttisya
plil ste it ste setofidivtidituals listsbIees
isis .1,tetieamis si fin ishateditacieie
li hesp allsilowt i di evelpmssset
le est ntesand siiithe grwsth of tir.
aelaertchols ave stadee te earl
amsisbtIs ardac as the ial onses
anlii at vesit eii'tioslaare ole suses
to is t'Vrsriy hio seelte Oioanss.
o this i acstcounst le gates at Ferry fiell
sill beecoste tery saduirig the
n-eeel:t \\'esitesls.
'The facistlisthue Wosleritesisiti
play tsesextguie iin srigis territoss
makeis athe sulhte sitoite esontest miore
doitf. STe If. S. U. elveni itill le
paeloits tisis grosstsslat Clmbultts.
1l1st' Usat iwili ut lacelsuppoasrt os-
is i, esan eusiontin wsiill sei teruss
lviiiAnnAss' rtoitsearr te rosters
toi Clsh s'siii. \A the rte is etrettey
sitwissnd ts' rundt Itripcn esistimiase sas
Sa i atiers is but little doubit tiats
a lar ge'itslegatioiss will smsake te trip.
is isis isR RAis 5s'r;5C'titI.
''(,ondtipi ifare t ttoiubsasta
lit'sfixe alst $fl. : Atiepeil traits till
lease erhe Ann 'stuArotr rairossass
Ssatirdaitstesi 7 si a. It., stnd is sedlsedes
t arrive inii Cssisssas ii:3. Te
retur tirip iwiill le egnsi t 7 oap. sit
sithlitsAnnssrbrirsay le rechedt le-
lire midsniigt. Tiekts are itsastie at
te officft te Attletie assoiatiost
an t te rislrtoadidepots. It is impt~er-
tive thaist tesle spurhasedt immsseiately.
IS 2ssettiekets sre ntso iilieyatt early
daste'lt' rilwa scitspnyiewill wirih-
srawste' tifer.
At5 le presett timse te Woma's
Lesagut tetembershipli sstiabers twit hutt-
dredi sni thinty-fouer. These figre,
isow a slight intir ese sver toise atthsta
samestieltestatyaear. Tia liesresll-
metsIst arstwasisablsutitsirihutdre
isd fit, issltdintg parsctieally every
ws'smtans ithesitttsverst. .A getertl
mietig is oneciistiniwillshte cta-
paign,till le hseld its Nvembiler for the
strpssse 555gettig tlt wrtisessitterested
its teletgie.
ing Satusrdasyafternotosscisa deeee otsits
prssgratmt Str te yelr. A series of talks
ity Staclty latdies htsssects arraged.
Rlesides this imtprmtu tdtebelates will
lie' hedisittopics of-itteres aou te
'Ihe dstae of the taeetittgs aseett
Chantigedl Srotm eery seesittdlSaturtay
ts eery thirdi Friday. Tet ime of the

maeetinigtrill remtaintthie sante.

Its "A word to te Wiise" Sundavst
evessisig ai MeMillan hiatt, D~eans Johns
0. Reed admusished Soo stitieists, large-
ly freshmnts, to lieeetp to t'e ideles
whicshtey shsossldlhase isrougist ts
Ansn Arbtor, asse to aedd to thes is l-s
Itsisinasitedl mannter, lt'e seaker
set forth six prisseiles for sucecess for
te eollege matnstwhile in, andu sfter lit
liss gradtuated frostscollei'e.
"Succeess," said D~eans Reel, " sites
sot hapapen-suecess is pids for, it is
earsted. To acquire it, oeimstless-
serve his htealthi, letad a tempt~erate' life.
he ssilingg so learnt, ractice'aslf-isntrotl
bte willinig to wont, asse, aibsis'e' all, tilts
htight idlels.Seek te stngie'ofsiti
'stiissratnge, andsiresiembi er lust te
itdeatlshsaes te real."
Wiil Now Canvass Fralernilis and
Faculty for Union Memberst' Ip
Thte 1 Uits iseshis's stilts
lsntsover. 'The lhssise-to-se canvesit
is finisedi, litsttu iswa stnle to lists
iMtrytsote struggt'le t1imsthsielis
if msestblers lose tt the t's lhis '.ii
'This sve'e'k, indiert'hestdsirs'eltistn is
Iarl Hwss askitns, ts' fraterstitis a st
heissg invsdedsie'llits e. teress m t
Uionsi, asi a id s consierabsle ttuis'r
gedsto ets'folds.
Imtmeiaistely'dtupotn st'essoissiseli sitW
te fratierntily ecampases bign lit' .\rIsss'
trill leade astitu ca'aign tif'st't tttssic'
It slts itttrtttjtto ri sits's' miiWh,
lists ntstasyetjesitiesd ste' msgausuuetisss
Islont'bielieve' t'e fsttti' liss ss s'
bseens propterly sappsroacedt." sas ap
tinssSestlt'. "'mstsite'thutsltes'e'set
enthusssiasticeUios uppoas t5r terasuitsolists
slits heels givessansitstun itityto jis1
andi we're giig ts see tit site isn'
te estse this y ear."
"MISSI..S" RUL'S 'IlT Il's I I.h
"Fielintg I1. Yosst, Jr. Thtuswtu
te 'siississ' ws'ntsato hies im's' namedis , '
asid twhat site ssays goses."
'Tis was te statiemienst titds' i
Coacsse sts,wtrite t isersis'widst ster-
slay its regarsd to "ste babyis." itlist
samse timse te statuesicsiespresadilieross
Itis face testiieed thast tefatherwse
tot a uitiletpleasedi iith slits dispaisito f
authiiority otite psri if lila wife
Mbeanwhriile te future's'gr'iitsn ists'.
into promiasses fairts exceedi sllcx
iieetstiiiits, isttm'akintg greait plortets.

Representatives will be Chosen
From all Eligible Classes
on Campus
hFleetissis Ifor tile Stuent Councisul i ui.
is' heist this sille't'noon.u is' us's'sidhent.
)f thus' u',u s'i clua sss wl moic
lie' isle's ls ct hu s sit thi' e e art-
suenst bsullih oardis s t is m iniig. 'The
a) sis uS uofsnominat'ionsandsuectesion,
still i'uhiestsul Itd s tuls use'stlist yells'
mach meber t'h iss sill hue al
situeds fourtn'iiisi aituionsia fits' esi
ou tcilist tis hu e' e d and of its thoii se
t'eeitiigli'te hig'hest ussiser as1 lit's
he5 stills numbeil wilistlhe'costi ered'us' aI
ussusinusis's. .A S a'n examstl:t he:ils J titlist
its "tie'it toec t tu t u's e su eh ivote.
sill noina te' sight sliest hus htie ei";hi
l's r ' 'is tug tu' hithiest lnumbi evr io
stsiil'uth'1's uiiiiso, each rte;
stits forStir oii us ttu. Th ts' otssueceit-
l; this' I igiest susuuuuher oi t es wl
'5Studen'ut i.'sitlt lutn ist lsu hieit plaesetsi
.1515achlctIiti Isecrl tit is ilsijilri_
silir Ilaws;J uittI' i''si'st'o t eS c.^ii 1it
t~is;b i tss J tI ''ssuF'ih uce ssi lltusu
t~lwu eectol~e Cosw5ll it har
har1cof the e ir inerhisiiiii
silll sic tre ate Siter ous h
(Gophter 'Spies Faoil in Attempt to View
Michigan=M. A. C. Gr(ime
I 5/us ii Iht e i/us hils(ssIn 1 sihs I)
'ri his st tis lies tiller t17 hss'scu~s
'as hu s us stsan ilts " \ihiu I 'is-
aiss~n slts lheasitsI.Uitesrsilt ifi 'list
nesoa, nisso d ruts uscussuss hlls .
Cluteno, this blushiy su A . ;its
itas playeusNsithus utis beui ngue u n'' der 5' thus
srtn ofthis fopheur usoachsawhsi
were alit I lutit t 1stilt uiap li t c ;e I
linse oit thes \ shurisue playis. IFinint
ut i sahsi1e ts ire sit busts bostr in
[tisue Isir this cots t lat irsandsuit itu
shlIwn t>Citnpiosi where115theiy
titis ss I hel i ca1.1 -I' ii s 151 m''1515
FINAXi'O) I11111 viHia'a 1)1 III
LI' Vi''a ()1''.\ 15'sTFINl'S '.L.XA


1?W A~l F2NPRIM A DONNA ruix1)
10R'i'.'s iBRBK'alI i '
O F A - O O ,S T I G PAI ile r to s lit s ittl x ' s ith t h e g r e au t P P T I ( ~ '
rush osf swort{ isabhsthis'fffleof she OPEiNiING CONCERTL1
Mi'higsss'ussisanl thsie phohstoglriaphetr's___
stsudioss, is l'Si t'the i ' ,res' s t ss p rieuses-
isng te gostngltotruss ouSthssyusar-hssok, Popular Metropolitan Soprano
as snewr lat s a siggeates wsicitt t is1
hosped still pryve uS consiterabsehsells Mme. Frances Alda First on
its this mtiteur. Coa
'Tius pihoitograp~hiers wunitsvlists aysiChorasUnion
doi te t ut sen soswo s, iRenstchltsr__a__d
Sushoihsnsg thus. hiegimsuisug with nsta REPERTORY WILL BE EXTENDED
Mondayisii, (October 21. tile aensiosuofuSthe ____
vaius laessaesstmai'guo ht sillier uSfte
Zosituiols, seces it in gs, 'tilt Iwillsh itMadaisse' risises 'stlta, rsma itosuit
ordsuh foStr .u uasozen ic'tre's, ge't thi s' opranousus of S thus' :Mutr'oipolitn Stirs
sniors rates'of tuettius per'centuu disecouit , Comitiitpn, still gie' thel e'insg coi-
mds ls u'r'e'eiv'e' a fuss' Irish for the' sunr tSf this' hor' l Un i onisu s suritsssit
'si'tguii i.st u'ls ar tssn' lss Isit'srsiis I sll, 'f'itsrsd evsi et intg at
555 ,) $1 , otaschloek. For two syes shsie tins

Sophomore atid Junior Lits wilt Stait
Interclass Football
Pll il tlCe iilteclta hfitbii all 'i'Ii' a
sVill sat n i .1sl tus shiten suis. t+
in 2-1 th ilit s anlste 1 usisig is I sul hsie
Jusunio tush Sophomoruuse'hits. "I)a'
.tl isnleitit 5115wassediito1take5thtso-
ltol f trluss ii s'i s I wluima-~''r it' thus
ssism t i mtits hls s hltsis.mlihsts'ih is
ho iesi 'ed 'ecus'sf heb\ ess htof
schuh atit litte's. Aliioit e list's tsi
atIt i1i It 4:0sio'clO thu 1if thiii p~s
IIi teamittis notpreent()rre iyts
play it tliss I ts'e, ithe gamet i ll st beii fo' r-u
Irotsaatutuil 1 be ivenit notie this 5 ''ii'
sui uif theu use handedis Orisun tlto
k la e ,rtte ill i itslii'' Ihits ls
hlsill thtselse ofiprstests (npaes
lie e mt estilt iin at iseat todv elu h istgm.A ststsvlits
ltist still nsthbe uI10ussultois iii
thpiysiat e sanilKs nis .151us lst
aesuuil beforesssasumanswillsb tl~v-
hito 1 partipti.Ie htstllit Its is hi's
diff'ertentt teasusmustalhuandl s in list o:'
sligibile sits tso ''Iss'a " (ktitiiii' at lat
isiwo iudasefore's'hts'openuingsf this
TOi nettle' titpstmetetisit iik
sill iiii final arr iigement'tis i t's'se swill hit' a
usussuisg uS thus' ''st iua suMit agr

hcelsasfvorie' tilth Me1tropitanlssasude-
Ienesit' hr appes'aances riith she
F.'anscessAida,silthusgh ofiEnglish
paren'stages', a tiveuis'ofi SNex' Zealandss.
81.1 studiedl iniMetlbosussue',asuetshiest
becameiapupil uSf'Mhuts. 'ilsruhesilit
lais. His's' ut as sis adesshs'i "Mssa-
sui,'' sIt usie' Stun shlictsslit' s peitrsonaltlhy
seecedbyMtiasee. Sits'tasshiest
e'iigsiOsue Ifuss'thit''s'sesossu itsl IBrusssels.
Her r russels e'll; 'ttt'i I win follosw-
hisbyoneits tCovenssititlrdst, huiLodon,
tind5ern Campiu siswitelusshalt'stintgithl
Caurusoins its I gssli 'si Atia cr foir-
hOCtis ushe hisr uhe u'seg'agedsi ter
is icreatell'otic t(aScalas,ishuere
I sies' ofss imporatiu revli i vtu ls.t it t
Iro nusts lt Muss bliss wenutisa
sti's:rs, rtnr i g th ais afterh
\ttee i~tltyt' acptathree yeasis'
cotatinithes Grantd ()pera'. It was
suin;tis 1this s e hshes' stit's
ise foremoh st itic stofuliAgmerhia-
:res uni cnsi 1-s trcc'ib h p
Piusis. bil asreeroieincuesssa'
an1 extendedi iilstusf'iFre'ih, Germansit,
"slush, Id'F1 uih sogstil

MACIGA ROsOax TERSiua HAt's, ;A'C 5s5ES5, 'T'is etuulsof 'Senatorss'Josuithons -'.
Undeisr the captuions of :'FotbatllhaDll I h1es' if Iosiw',suitSturdisast,leaet's
tights,'' s'. F.,Fotrdl lisswritenssthat'oS1-h usl os dtitu "1isisthus'prougram ofs ill
lowinsg sarticle intshie tPhlialphittiia Prs's Studtits' I ,etire Assciasts. S suits
uS O~ctobser 13: tosueILhisli en ewa s t s''ve sappeardunslit
"Spsectatlors at iFrankhlins Fieldare siedciCl'iter sitl' Hsll ()tllNovnembh ee30. .'s
to wvarsw'hoopssofevereysvsriety, Sfnutsyet nusatepu tst'av lueus takensr seacuse
thte fierce battlte call itSfte origuitinals' 'suit her spakerui, lutaisseetinugofthis
515155cr of te Csarlisle 1Induias to iithi S. . b'sa1dii will bedi hutesildthis ee'nilg
siren "bisioyluily hto" eof tutt th av itocosidher themst tler,.
list stosneoftaemusastinsysuthinug son'
A-lichtiganundausergarduaotes its tile tutu'ous1 slug; e'li t 'its tituIao is 1 tIMA.5
wrakisig the seadth ilsnosise. A.'sitt a h iundrsed mssen tredsh uit Situ
"Whets Petusplsyed t siA'sitsArtisteintshue Usniversit'y t'lee clish lat
51907-08, liars' heardi the tbasrkeof this sights. 'I'isaeits charge sireuwell ilets-
trolverisse, te traple oSfte ibuffalou, ed stillshte mast ilusshand. Thus'finlss
the noise sitvictory anud sthings IEdisontriantil lihue'heist suit enesasy evenl-
records cossulstevenrtroduce. The its- tug, as tse Schsssiof 'sUSsic. (Slitssess-
stasnt the kickoff flew' dox'nuthurfileld, lues shouuisu shnoifyv IHowarditSmuithsif
.Michigans slanted anud steven sistipped tiey'intend toiisyins rlte us'shtagasin.
yelliingsdurng the halves. 'T'he'sutter-
graiduates workedl just at hanrdlasnte assRtBI'l 311OHNStN a ,ussINx Uise st}slat..
stayers ontth~e field anttthey' seemed to i tshsiurseJ. Joshnsonss, 'so thrut, slies tsi
thinik it was their dityito iwo'srkis siharsdlsi ishomes'its Sosuths fetis, .October S.
as thsein varsity. I Jsulsuu l eftllsiegedurusinug lasstpetit
"Thur east tasnsuoshsinugontthsirwilsiantush insg isaillishath; typshotidl feverwats
itolty." the inamaediatresausse of his deaith,

ait ihe assticsoffic'' e ivtcrnisuw' 's'sO'sIA'sNS tFA.bh'ETO STA'RT
at fosur so'clscks. l'.bsiiSN it FOR iOf)II'ORIES.
The schedtuglesillhu afollows:sausu
Asapinwl esatdaog 4 tushir hits 5's. SushLhiss, (Osi. a t'e atittsise hipthis'Womn's tiu5tstLeague
Seniorse ils vs. 'sinissur, Oci. 'a foruteh~e purpst'ofScollectinug funssuafun
Senuiosr Itis'vs. Jsuniore uta, (let. ,;a. toiitl's dohmties .
Densu i sic '.Ssv'i is(ts 'hiss' Ot.26hale Regentsavue expressedi tusie
junor leicsvs Soh Mdis, ct wiligseshis fusrnshtathur landusorStiihese
al. I ~~tisasue' nd ttu he leags'tus has udertaklenu
Suioluteicsc vs. WI issuer, Nov t. tile project of secusrinug the fusnids fuse
Jui t-u?]g. iS. Siuptli(tg., (sOcat suist2O, lcis
(morninu g. as:Ms sur ut' . 'iuschaen'usraugemen'st us Sdeltsover ste
s _Senior _______vs._Ninner, __ Sina.nirst srke' of te scampauignuits tay
C'ity. lure atlargc gthesrinig of allim-
-'siSV.'sNI) lIS' I't'IhN'IS 'sVILLt nsuse theardl sIisa Fredl sRitustieck, Site-
a Slt's' I N(11,1) 'sRT RSOOiM. usertunes idlentiif this'leasgiue', 'suitX1isa
Meyrtls' 'sbilts', sfeinani aseretairy, out-
(isis of1theis' provemet'iit'tth~tlisti be-tt'lists'tis'eiroponei lan.
sigtsahe' us tile g'erasutsIlibrtis 1 Miss 's'siictr ill adsusastriouus aert-
sn e steainsg erosonsfuse susu','use'IStu- usgs I itsiffsrn parsiu fuSths'escunistry
dlents suilthese' cond'uss floorsuswh~iere th tishIis tinitr.
tint galler'y s'wa ts rer' lysuatedi.'T'he''''s''swill simts f iesttsobusildt ahasll
araee n ofsgs tsu IsEhess'newus'ead 111ngsroomsto hossusefotta'girls," e'xplasinsest.Jose-
stwillhue simsilarustithatsousthss'ge'ne'r'tl uthills uRank u'isutrda'. '"Thse hoausaes
t'reaigiirotomu Ioiltthis'flrsthfloort. Inisue'suhiut'meatito tlessens theis' iiiutal
pilusc' of Ithes'ldushemssinarysup u'ssssuafosurefreedomsss whish s utslwxays charasster-
newt' ttuss atinl'bhe' proidiedi. iidthsiswosen us sit sichigant, but so
fturnshaScomftabSlerhshomtusse'sswith ]seller
BOAR'sihDSFtILLS VACA'sNC's'IN surrosundsinugs ltistnsre savailablse itmost
1, tzi(.ECI(TtgIE'SUhgi(ISh h1'. uSsief uts'snn rrsbsarsditnghouss."
'silsshuts ''lususr, '1a, hau ts tiltf - aSNDuS itigte.a'FTos 'iisTaves:sgulahas.
pointedh tresurer uSfste 'sX' itiui'a bliss JotrsphitesRanskins till attendu
th,ue iby surhe osardt uf('Control, uso fill Ite 'edthrions of Womtaen's Cluhs,
liar vacausscy heft iby 'silssI,riisst Roseni- wiihswill tsbehdatlbattle Creek, frso
rfell. Miss Rusens'sf ests sas uablestsor'- thur sMtshetste 21st Of (Octobher, as a
s Isle tolt hs'ius 'nisp'ythis Still Ottlsue- heltesl'fromnatheUrnhiversity Wortanas's
count of ill hetesh.Leasguer.

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