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March 05, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-03-05

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BIGSCORE IN MEET;j Si~itta1 'U N iV OS c~ i u c
,. '. 1 ' cclcli ti a -i i a l n .t o n ili) , w c a
Frsh en Tiu ph i A nu iinir ar- ic- Soi 1phomore Engineers Propose: e cilic ~t iiii t}tkestner
se ior Pclas The jior aoi di- That Quicker Students \ as h ire h r-c pi c-t of tie . At. C.
Underclass Dual By Score huitea la tlive hectich'- rind \,i11h i ett l ciH l tesci r -iiictii ii c
of 57 2-3 to 23 2-3 itwohours aiwekI n t cc 1cc cird i i'cci iiI i.ci i cct" ri
______________________ i c t cli it~t It l i- c c


3Y JUNIOR LAWS IDr. Hinsdciale, ideaii citteic I at
i tceartmenit, i-ctw tie ic aniaddrcss in
halaredteas o e t_ G andcl Rapidsiclleitci eek()I 'ci AticS 'cool
; cylnlr" cailipti- ! WILL BEAUTIFY CAMPUS
cliii? ~lig w Campaign Will Be Started to Cover
1!c Lusit i iiitich Up the Bare Spots
.j ihc acitilcii
th ls f tee enit eltf't he iii l-c lacttisa id c cil i tlt i cc' -
c.111 ( 111(it )11 ici Was h g o:ct I t 11c icliicii-i
lii ciif trl'ticcta J. It. l\titc i's it dal
the resutilticcciti Ii
llssd llth pp~s (el itt it sic ii tc cc is',, 11wilt
i111<-(si11.11, wcrcthe 1111i:_isown on i hle caliIlls ~lo
iliil c]su po td liia -c-ctyiillt ii 1111111 e 1
es w ie l iii ic iti- i li-i
ccin o altithecwalksii t (pe.Ii ts~~lt
ollr -l ~ t llart c it u cic li
;(I ac iii 1dc Ko iiier ti, ictc n i(ti cc i l ei il
vii ea c Of-; Ituew iih wai i sed latst i lilleii i 1
4ec tha c t is l ili l i easc ide'illfc the I Cc l citcalip iilt it
11( I iheofwiui ii" icialig cctio te iticavei th- c am pus
prac caly aclellei tritcc-c ii crcclt Oflili illilli ticati l-Ia
its. hi i lii t Oi i giti n, dccc- t hii cicitc- ccc i-c-c lii
C' 11 a ill \-1111"1i frtiii eeric-c' fityiiiiiili i c ti ii Ibythc-c rt

DEAN COOLEY ENDORSES IDEA -i -ccclkii icy-c:cii1cc c-c iii ITIicliN-c
'Thel lililillawscliii c'l cliii n lillic oi l
Imvin iAlen to iclcassc il ci
S i miii (nyn cs ma S) l i ( I.I cc ci lii cciii t. ii cllct In1 ; I.I
-' r."Ilr lc nyik .t s« th t ,Iivwh :t .,<>,;ie s f . STILL HAD ATES W ISDO~~M
cc i~11 c 11(j i t h '1(ca c-1 ,lc 'c. v n, t iclc I()fi Tomr v ell Compelled to Close Bijou

Charge Is Made that Pen Was,
used and Facts Were
E xaggerated
T c cditii -c clialil. ti'.c taciiti
'S C lif the i ' ar i wi chii ipiai ii it ii
l in -r cisi ii ia l ds~i )I i 1) 411
:1114 stc ldclit cii-c liccs. Ii l i ci e
-(t - ) I hc0- ( clit ii iii icli\c s 1 rc hat
tsc i. i r t'c-i - ( :t 'r tc i ?t t
ii ss)ca c l \iildtii
1I J';,st buls it h acrpc
eitrrcc-c ,lei t c clstheli 1 ccs
t~h- 1- 1il h scl X-t I was
ld , " a i i cli ii d to 1111th that ci (
liy cc'c - , l ii i i iit 11 i') ltlO i~
hi ~ ()ri 1' iti l 1111iii l cc --

rlicclas. I Missi
,lucliilr1 ci
tiversity Orchestra and tDr. Fried- '
larder Appear this Week 1Nc r(<.l
w 1 'ccaivic(
4 tlfr~ 11 -111ii, c iM 1tl'rtl 101Cit-c s(li '=cii i c ii
t" M , c iit'j iii L i Itig i --1I1c i t
it ca i lii dcci c ci

tacn but is n dismyeJ
°1 11i i csol- r ~ I '- l~
lts'ccmliiatictil h l as
h v 'ci i l iot) sm ill tic lllait
tcsel' loi ~ tig ~ ies cl-
her i sill 1 y o i aii 1 o ii

I i

1t I c ci i I Au -it.- l w ts 1l c-cc-it
', 1 i Ii I!tl ccclt~dl - tc' Ait - 1li it I1 g ct

1i61 Oi cri - si .()It t 1 -


tii icl
i-cc t tIk

1 , l o d Ili

ii w i crrl i go d ir11 i
i ani ra h a i- Cr ii\a ci-ii'di
tt 4 a i ehe . I li ix lap racei i
Fcti i )ts clii ; urt\\!teliii k
jAl st ti c-c i c cii i 1 t iill cicuel.c
c)thl ariip nsih <1caecligibl
\ irit -I p:ttc~l ip ca-ic th
tes ,?il ofm kig go dill theli
tr u l rti w t h ctct c Ii
- sli c i ii a s cii i ctiii lii t
"I to dse h-lo caued 1
tl' ic K si -le s. 1 Cl'icic' 4

cittXASt G A 'Ic I\\c R

J. I lled cIi iv t n u-illc sin ll r ii
iiix 'culnd cci atih'ccclii ii mw
ila i x. Or. lilt en fete 1 slii O
ic lit l-cepartmentcill I eI thei-ici i
and Hain ldi l1111 iccl icc'will--cr

it I
i lc

!:\ v11! w i cihe ccl(ri iticicc i ket a-ti ee i t' h
. t):1.1' O chestra, un f'r Sanj111 11-c n dsr f n N A sp, W a
to 1: t{, N . - i i Al's liii W y tr a i c i istin iii l ,I ii Si
\'cccliiislualow tiwll-cing ii liecic i & i m a in P nad :
i se 1"sa1,_tt iy cg rc~cian a . Ilf o i y p ro i c c l lawni .
Alais"we l cicl QH eI ac t o is i) cc t i I i rho \ ti
'a1e hi o i~rtn t\ o harng er, Ta , Ire ha ic sni n his 1 coui
Th niC ptgal s a ct o - cccriiiiu n a ali it Ih-il-ico
taw s:1)"la St cclithire.i .C i-c c c' S o diCc-c >l
\I i ca ia r -, ro At ilin of ty l pianisarai onpii\inipiXN.4...Bc' 'Ic iscc i)dn:tnCii610 S.i -
tich Au' "li-iti oni'tp li he cct heyi Irci (
cocen,', 1ucid lY o.. o poitb- 11iti c: Ietaii i crIi I
........ iii.... cli.. .. I i ii il n m a i ty ct I l crlS ft t e ( 's
Moerto ci n I ccaoasi;algoa-C ii~sa ny m ia i
Airs. ( ci'- di: L 1h dadO ceta Ili ei the rc )ititi-cicIt i li ccaii
--ghl A ...c ... ...... I s i Icuc cin hull cli t, aly h
Stri- lcrlc ingsii tiit I i luc d i Kri cis occ ikeititi g
( iii it IPule cccii ci i- lilo Iy A oc t heir i ci cii i' gees,
t, P c IX c-c 1i 1110(i t ; I Po It- irlani d I t Acii liii iiiii V"is ii -


iil1 c c'I
'li? 1 c, ii

ii t -- )ic I'S ccl 111-
il ii - e 1 3,1 -c cf
ti i i cii< I, c - -e
Kt s i clii tI citU~
?<I lo I ect wi I 1

a s.ci liti. "itis

PRl 'SRSCT .,S EAKI) rft. lFredt . Scocut, iftheii liccc-]'C
ic'iilc'illilii cit l lllk tihl-c 111)(cml ittithe
tli tct StiClIit-' Gltt ;O,;at I?.Iticii r(T1
A'itIii I~ IIc 'i111( iXi' 1(141 \\st114, IM,
1i t:I tlhltc'15 'XI X 1ci t I\Al

)ccIl- s
)iii dcA,-i ' c li ,
:_ t the !rrc' c i
-ls-flpactIc -%
' i i c w.I' rtt


to ti

aiii tic-ct aIc
nr iII ii'tillk
ciii ccci lll~l~

1' -t alt-I licic 1-i' i rst;1I' A 14, -
:1 ccIIna1 + t ciifi:r i c c lI g i A 'ccc clii c'ncc'Iuli -dc eO Ik-'
1i1ifcltisiy tilclcic'ofithecicdcc af iernoon ctea at ith I Un
ccl ccseon ,li ad e t baeiscci n c epccltionll i ntcic rcliii 011(
I. ipc 1; irN;!'1I3, s-on . a d p cila i hlnita inis N e'Iiillcitoii
liii ccci3I- ',l!-I 14,i c cii i c-cemb rs 1ad1 totic elii' aculy. T is001
e~ay t cc id. 1. 11 4 5, 11 i it w s cadei-posibtt'le by the 1kindness
1c1 M ccai 13 lutic-ct Aiicic 14, sc- col AIc .Al. Al. lRoot, col 11ec lici-iti
4)1(. Ti ie4 15 :t chac -cl Nciccc'c 14. 1cc-cc I ueolotc caned theIl ic ccii i
I( Cicicicci c accim I 'cge 2) corth lccascin.




E' A - ill -c, 11 H


pacIriculrl'cii' il(
l-i adiillitted' to i s
ci c ligc.

St lii' liI' i tllci' Ii [;' E -c-c-c-c--c cc",- ''
di hcis 'tl sr ic ;Ac: 1 n11 l'Iti iiiI I l ii cc -crc icdcin'c-cnti A' -
(I ''acccc til--Ic icckt i filii liW ill, I c III- li tck cii ci
- ulc 'l itic ic it c iiiad -Jt'. lackeciwac'c ttcrcciccccct inc c i ci t

II l iiilc I cii tl li"'i c i Ii ii th
i IcII -ty st III c 1rI 1' 1_ \Al
1' cilc i.-III d r 1 ' I ci c iii oo
.. 1 I i r t I ii iii l iii
:' is cil ci3- c c i - uo o vi l t cll hliw cil

c M-~an Dr, Chas, Tomkpins L ioli. '99, Tonight
Hall "A Vision of Suifi, West China 6: 30
Revealing the Medcal,Santary and Religious Condition of that far ott place. Stereopticon pictures will
Be UsednoN _

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