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February 11, 1911 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1911-02-11

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Over Eleven Hundred Loyal Sons of the University of Michigan Shower
Tribute on Alma Mater at Greatest Alumni Dinner Ever Held in America

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Xse NicrkL (iii
N(11 'i is Ii c ii Im

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rr r cr
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lll(I 1)a
I Ills (hy

la, 11 P of
lk Id Pri'

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w c

(.A tot al d d- lin av. I I ll(fcs 5 of
( C i ''ilici's ciici. sim ofi 11155sc o il
c ii sill o\csilln s at hl h
i ii 151t is511the 1115 Iissili 1 55
\ notabl feature of thei liii liiiwas
5 sit oiute ' i co _hb,)55t's IilYit
Fort1'\--t\\ (11member s i h tli i cst
11I1 r lt"\\t'e 111 111t1end t / 111 111
sttlcl if !_)d\ t the l iall hu ll'
FarsI).lssiIt, he ma l \\ihoi I sl-s
11 cr cl fle hi111lct, r11 illIs1 1111 ii a s isoa lt
! :\stl1n1 ii
frt 5 .\ ciiII o the 111111f liii liii
'tIh is i issslilsi''tr e n t Is)i lle 'r s
ii e 'iis ,l siiii
<"1 's s sssbutsssi sl' nes.il
il l ii and 51 55511 i ll8 sill' Ihl (

1n ovserIl foirieis is ls, W1Is its v
hr n it lhls ) p si, nl mvc 1) C Ii
on-ca pmliili i nhe world. iiii l ti mi 1
w lirc ' i'. ii 1
Negeeupol te neis is s"1A sari
ofis llm i.iTh str nger !h, i ly1
m Is a d Isin r h s 1111( l !1 t'
isi s Il spsi biiy
thy retail ingteii trlgd n i s
age andi harsill th mirksi> siAsK!..
the probill m ofsel-ioi 51'cnt
ofis the llNew Vokslissis ~ sic Ro
sp ofteifune ihhe Ntisi I 's
ii st switkli listhe1 imt sss is' ' I
twI t thoulis 'is andIs ' 'ils tll i chigas n i I
Xhisi te.ss hais hsill is theissis- 01.1
shrear lca l onsi1os i ~ ls m
janIs sils t)1N'ilhess Un i rityo ic ia
NullIr i 'l e 11o rInii s 'e,; i '
pasescoi all l ncri si ~ lsln(
i]1 il i i n os i ti f[u tt e ,r
hate sfllsd hich lsall
- s.The s We s idea in 's is's ,I ml
t ss'and ss is VI n X stalk ingis heI s irvts
NN ills Iii k aisis wll as' il' ' i il
side h lls'ofishei.ist ior.i"
Uite sli ta stei s ulissis ' oI iralm rt
is e ch ng se i's'sI'1I isis we is i w

1 esdntIltist s li il t lpakingtliupon
4teEco lese raed briefly the histor-
sill I sliii l dv lpett ofiitile state
"tsafat"sidi the speaker, "that
is el alenst satnin that. the
ii l etes of osillpenlisutlar state,
tcr ' ~ e ienii''thle detprivaiions and
I idshlps inidenslt to frltit rii'life, had
the is' I ) to slananithe cosiurage to
ii i ii i s ; irt u iiith ispesistenclito push
I 'si Istocomiletc uccs'sseasseduca-
tlmlsc ii t 'sill i i h h alssstoicts the
L lv r ii i NI _hcial i, alIii uttitultioli
lit a sr e 'tiustimdl its practically
aloth vseritslatesantdlliss almrost
lii' hc l s 'sen l'inf tlunitial factort
instltedu siioal movemesns of itthe
I c hi i l ii'roceeded itosdevelop th~it e l
''>i is o tsiini' sittssis'sttiiie tu
i . Thatl l heistaii'te'n ierit i nit
th rais llsofat ittiiiir l hsbts
itis ii t hnImposltsas'diponlth et
M l( vi I l 511 lss 'i i sill if dllts fhits
'iire s's e is iminftlueeiofthe wstai
c st trilereven o th illor f eIu t -
h 's isits u sil sils' ifth
,. Tat cof he eainsistoriithe
ti< niesitis is ttohb''' ou' inli thre
diti~ns.'I'hv ar tnotbou liey time
itr I I thispast. Itiwisisthis if'eeilom~
iO act ithat e'n'abls'd NtMiiganto tleaf
ii ithe br 111 suit stnd atsr sitng of tilt
do l ite is oris i n i te utisis' tnt fori
irl, il bmi: Clse Co nti nisii be-
Sc lihschslum1dsuitvissersiletipbythe
ii 'ss'sseralyreogi'ue'dthe
'. I ithills titlt s t s of the stale
I i ri is , r b b ial thills te
cnii '1 ietsforits bsduo h
it; I sis il the state." s stiril ii h
;tiili 1to iijo i t ea tily its a prosgressive
is~a is n ils haithus1a11.snakse' ter futuire
l ci reairiad1mosit es cltive bthal
tl 5 h en leeri past

lt i st. i t
fii off i
t il ra-JLbls>idi

l 's h iri ii i"Ill ',c 5 iia ' j(1 '
T o t1 III r-,iti s t11s 1C 11 I.
( Is1 i f I' i i It li "I {?
t a " I\,( ' s' kx rc l ' 1 I I
IC; ) 1"S 'l ii 5 i< i s It l i (
Ferry Field is to Wittttss live
ot the Eight Griditotn

'I'll 1 Ni 'SIN' NI, 11111>.

iiic~ e t' i

Ck t i I

tI - 1' ill ' 'l ' C i n ; i
() i hi ga's i ' -ic i1 ('1 Ii'r
ills made at' r theIs 5 sill,
issexp N'e , sit ' ' Niii I ls i
tee l wsl i i s t eiii ll
'sui s()fshi', l lt git I'swills1
in tA n Its' :t t ''5555 5 f55
itsv su veit oe poriiti es o)'
('ll i c t51 io ls tipi l's
iou t s 'oss.thuatunshteC imax ith l ml i s c

s till
l s till
'is ' 11

this i" i s ''qu stils of
nil ~ c S)lii ;Sa afi
Xcr i )s Is iii ill tii
ills' t il ch duc
se li pa t thtilc
l « 51 lc s i ps 1 a1r'
lw [tlacats cid tile N

stic ill 5give tiri malttti tjuior api' oIctits ttt'lrt slt 1S1turayevclii'' lug l

' 1S ollk, of the
et)t111t1,V "Old ;irc
:t?1's hesl. ('rise
:i Ca11 lititliri's crt 1
hzt e ;]?t)\t it ill
rtre ai.?lc° tc , gilt t
<is rule role cccllc]
11 frUill the ritl]<
: a ra?1]c «iIh. thc ]
Id rc ally
the lot t clCV('11.
4 7riiIiusk(,rs will <

tinl iltma its lios Thesit orel's le
an~ wllhe la clst I tilhc i ls si I
irnll teah cs Iadiil5l t) hl is ranIt
W1111E'cnn and t e th rlustrt Itt i
cz: lxt c stl iltI itNebraIsktalt li'
platsi I Itsc N sAS i i s1 see
iss stl sa ss mid l ts'ou ditltet' it Nutshe
! e Iisice ltea '; sutthisi'am i ll tS rv
\Noleerieis andsitit tg Eight" stretngt.

oni ai li la tse tesould prove ;a ii 1 '1
'the 1I. N. C n hlt :
played it t l I il51e1theti ' r (m
iii)w luis oniitt. h l sr; hav
slisittisI manys ' i s s il i onii thes 'slt
lt lsiddert ;md11We iachillvIdI a i sill
prgvedutil ts'sycahsmset lt'eNN 'list'
ies m quit atiilil tr s osits 'it sutus or Idil -
(mdandI bt'heir soitu''i issak";"l e .
scedu'ssl'li hss tI eis masittilt ds theiii' ii
tosser'sstiltliae to hegiraI hworkiaftuerlt'e
flopsthou'ltitd iefinit'tti'teIoweitiiiosithes

)rlr ,iis ' lier sity Iall.
'it's'they Ite'toiieipittedagainsst dur-
le hecrm ,srig. It is knowncitthat
wra tetultessssalli ll'1tappear
OnF' hr ild suht tether anithiler
lis~ ttat iiiIfiwItuehmeniceduelie
'ti e es it le is t yeitikonsst. 'rhe
l~t il saet'esal sonthernt antd
t; l3iiititlie. liii thc'esiasterninvtiasion
itwl mtest xvithi Priineetoni, Syraicuse,
sititi tnme, IBesiswn. Thle bassebasll
i's's' sill hei'erec'ste'd iIin hegym itiiiesd-
lael t1m iii theremovaslitof the 'lotp
iii i-,-a Ilils 'silt NCoscehRickey and Cap-
,m Itilwill bsin tthe task of imouldinig
the stsng smateriaslsit liattidits a witt-

c" 1



estititto Is, ''eec hcldt1 n os X si's lithut' bitlis cedsis i thesis sitil ftir h° is

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