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January 14, 1911 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-14

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Among the interesting announcements
in connsections with the Majestic theater
is that pertaining to the cengagemecnt of
an eminent Chinese celebrity known as
Lee Tong Fon, a higtsty talented native
of the celestial empiree whose chief fame
eests on the fact that he has a magnifi-
cent highly trained baritonse voice.
Lee Tnng Foo sings grand otera ins
French, Italian, German asnd English
and Ihis munsicat ablity has attracted at-
tention everywhere that ihc has appiear-
ed whctlher in concert, otpera or vaudc-
ville. Aside from stihe"high lbrow" at-,
trihutcs of Ihis act he sings familiar
coon songs in Chinese annd is imsita-
ion of Harry Launder, the fastuons Scotcih
entertaisner, in a treat ins itself.
Lee Tong will he ttne big attraction
at -the Majestic Ttheater fnnr tthe weekn
opening Monday night and added inter-
est is attached to this ons accousntotnf ttne
fact that next neck ttse sew poicy of
retaisninsg thne vaudeville binits for ttnecn-
tire week wilhe inaugnrated.
This afterinoon echs Universtyonain
wino attesnds -the mnatisnee mittlinc present-
ed with ass"1M' stick pin swith ttne cnoms-
plimcnnts of Massager Artthur Danse, wvtho
retires fross the active nnasgemesnt of
the Majestic to take up tine smore rcc
sponsible daties sattachsed to the gensernal
officesof theentireMt,'55,ncircuint of

a vensial one. Sine finds ins and f alto
in love, but helievnsg that he shsould re-
turn asndsnake a new heginsing, she sic-
livers hiso up to tine authsorities. It is
thens that she learnss of tine real charge,
and ins her efforts to save hsimnshie be-
comsnes invcolsved inn a plot of munhi inter-
est ansdnmany thrillo.
Suspponrting Miss 'nare are Dense Cal-
dara, Howvard Hll, Lotta Linthicumu,
W. R. Rasndanll, tEleansor Stuart, Isabeti
Gnarrisn, Jsamses J. Ryan, Johsn Charleo,
Lawrensce Shseehan and Edward C.
"Miss Nohody f rosm Starland," the hig
Msusicsal Comedy Revue that will Inc seen
ins this city nt tine New Whitney Thea-
tre this afternnon asse eveninsg is a nix-
tusre nsf musical cosuesdy and revue and it
is nip in the usual highn standard set
by othler I[loug-Adamss-loward produc-
tins. 'Pie new offering is oaid to he as
rightly capianrisonsed as ansyIprodunctions
yet stagesd by any prodiucer.
Olive Vail is the leading prinma dosnna
asnd sine is assistedl by ass admuirablieill-
star cast and choruss of sixty peole.
'There sre twenty genus of melody instine
plasy, all of which arc richnly costumsedt
ssndn gsaudiliy arrsayediasnd stsiged by Jos.
C. ESmithn, whos is respnssible for thec
"Vsanmpire" ansi "Atpachse" dlances in
Thin'isrtsng FPrincess.

This Departmsent in Conducted by ThneStnndennt'Christnaian ncssoinnion.


Bdutterfield ntheaters. Practice Court Necessitates Midnight
"T555t AE:ORUBRS." Beholdsitine overworked laws!l
Helens Wasre will present "Tine De- 'I'his is no joke story Inst really
serters" at the New Whnitnsey Thneatre straighst dome.
next Mondiay, January n16. Miss 'Ware tFrom t imse inmmemorialthtie laws have
has sad a lonsg nppirenticesipm inn sage never beens accusedt of havisng to 'stay
work, and nr rise has not beens neteor- up alter ninse thirty-tlnat is, over their
ic ins any' sense of tine word. Two sean- ooks, nof course. Far Inc it fromsnanyosne
sonns ago sine was givens the part of An- to say thsat inc hasn't seen laws up later
ic Jeffries in "The Third Degree," thans that-yea, even unto the wee hours
which portrayal won for her tine recog- of tins mnorsninsg.
nition she had been strivisng to attains. lBnntnowadasys thsey arc really obliged
This seasons she is for the first timse to swork-Inn really arbeitens, or travailler
presentied as a star by IHenry B. tHarris. as they wosuld say ins Irelaisnd.
"The Deserters," -which was writtens For esensing practice counrt is brinsginng
my Robert Peyton Carter and Ansna Alice fnorthisosnme stresnous cases. It is not
Chapin, concerns soldiers and nmilitary at all unusual for tine clock to strikne
life, but is sot a war play. The prinsci- elevensanasslmnost twvelve before tine
pal character is Msndge tSunsnners, the stento~rin tosses nsf tine sheriff bellosv
daughter of ass arnmy officer, wino longsou01t:
for the service, but is barred by her "Hense ye, Htear ye, Hlear ye. Tine
sex. Being endowed with a nsatnural dc-f IhosnorsabletPrsactice Court of the Uni-
tective instinct, she becomses a secret versity of Michigans is nose adjourned.'
service agent, and is emnployed in irsick- Each nf tine senior laws is supposes1
log recreant soldiers and bringinsg Ihemn to serve four timses durisng tine semester.
hack to pay thne penaty and make a slew Mansy f tine eases last only a couple of
beginning. In thne play she follows a soars sand those wino hasve been obliged
young soldier who has desertedi Iis Insst, to remasisn ons tiene orthwsest cornser of
He is in reality wanted for sup~posed the casis us nntil tn :3o feel thnat they
murder, hut in takinig the case sine is shsounld hasve sunch eases count as tsso
led to believe that tine offennse is nuerely towardis thse required four.'

Local Y. M. C. A. Leads All Others
With 1400 Members
T'he. IM. C. A. of tie University
of Michigan leads alt sissilsr organi-
zationls in tie neLsitedI States in point of
nmers. It hias smnucstin learns fromu
nanny' of its kindered organiaions, but
it is profoundly grateful to the large
nusmber of Michigans mens whose loyalty
has made it possible to ami a nemn-
bership of n,~o. All who are interest-I
ed in this work will Inc glad to know
that tie Students' Christiasn Associa-
tion was conuctisg, just prine to tie
hoiday season, 57 rgusr weekly acti-
ties, 34 of wvhich arcent by sunenessinm
32 different centers
Its activities ave ans average weely
attendnce of 823 stusents, 350nf woms
hie hbeens serving 0i5 cnssnittes.
There arcsany ines of service wich
the Associatiosn Ins nt been ale to
undrsk owing to tie lack of wor-
ers. If there sre sisy ues, therefore,
whio arc sufficienty isterested in tie
variouss tyles of sncissl, and religious
service, and who have ass our or twin
a week to devote to sus winc, tie co-
oplerations will be grestly wecomsed.
MMitillans Ihaltcentertaisnets iroven
a iponpular drswing cail iduring tie
Christmsas vacation. Fre aples, free
op corn, an evens free ponol andilbil-
liards nere at tiesdisposal of tie "eft-
osers." Impnirompnitun prgfrmss were
panned for ecah successive evening and
00 Cristmas Eve the evergreeinnre a
gift for every man presen. Tie read-
isg roomn, brightenedl y tinoesns grte
irean sise ietrsue holidasy satmosphsnere,
was liberaly patronized.
Tie Bsaptist "Geile Basse" inedistissct-
ly a stusdesnt orgaizmatns.tFiteen mess
isn attensdascee st tie University of Mih-
igasn, haetunited ten sake tie venure
most snccessfui l'e swork was not tsn-
dertakesn for tie iperise of epoiing
any special type o theological toght,
nor to 'propagate aydensomnintiosal
tenets. ts oe sissmln supsirese imn
is to bear steigtorward, manaly tes-
nmony to the need o a reverest, help-
ful life; asd to sow ow this type of
lifeca en sncutisated.
Trips ave beens mane by groupis of
four, eight and tens nessbiers to os-
tiac, tDexter, Eatons taiids, Dswosso, De-
troit, and Gran Rapids n each oc-
casioss they ave sinlged with tie youg
peoiple of tie townssiss social ad reli-
gious gatherings, ave met tie yonng
mess and older bsisess nens at sup-
pers and banquets, aniIae adressei
steatre mseeigs of usnconentionalicar-
"College sudnsest" toiuary meanss
sport, booe, softness, asd irresponsibil-
my ins the minds of manasy outside people.
To find ai dozens studests really issan-
ct about matters religious, and to knonns
that tey istendc to represent honor ansd
integrity in thseir variousnpirofessions is
too oftess an "y-opener." -Michigas
stock goes tp several sdegrees accord-
It is needless to say that tie youg
nmen who hep ins this practical work gain
a ew interest is humanasity and a saner
conceptions of reigiosn. A deeper pur-
pose masers tie worker; law, engineer-
ing, medicine, teaching, and busisess alt
take osn new mneaning; and the univer-
sity course becones what it sosld be,
a period of preparations for a life of
broad service.

Frof. Denry Crtr Adanms, head of
tie econonic departmnent of tie univer-
sity, wilt address tie evening assemnbly
at McMillans Ialal, Sunday, Jasn. . ils-
ssubject, "Bussiness and Moras," wilt be
adapted to tie particular eeds of tie
college studnts.
As a natonal authority is the field of
econsomics, Prof . Adamsss will present
thennes nf ussnusual interest to tie pros-
pective business man.
Tine Censtra h'laygrousndl tnsttste will
inc held under tie auspices of the Ply
gronnd Associatiosn ansd the Centasl
tConu'nci of Casritis ins Detroit, Jan. ng,
'0, 21 Isa cosnnecions wills local agta-
tion and tie recesnt acion. of tie An
Arbor Fark Conmsission ins setig aside
lie fair grounds Ifr paygrounndnpsr-
oses, tie mnovemsent is of iartcunlar i-
COLDn so ETHER N Y. a. C. A. sssidRAT.
Frozesn ilies aniass elsess bniler
slunsgedI tie ais readisg roos nsd tie
buinssess office of Mceillans tshl in arc
tic atnmosph~ere Tuesay, Jnn. . As
sosme difficenlty has beenseenuntere is
restorinng tie ndsamagedt steamsplints, Y.
M. C. A.'activitis ave been cnsgested
in tie lousnging roomsn sd the formner
cabinet offices.
Popular New Yorker to Speak From
Presbyterian Pulpit
tRobert E. Speer nf Newv Y'ork City
will render live a isresses esecsiay it-
traicive inn studsepts at tie Presyer-
ins Churchs todasysan Itomrrosw, Ja.
14 ain 15. Mr. Seer ws formnery
secretary nf the World's Sude~cnt Vent
usnter Movesmes nsetnd ihas rbialy set
sressed andl influencedI monre college st-
dessts thans any' other livisngmsnai.
Althnousghn sslaymasn, tiesdegree nf
D. wsnsrecenlyconisferre)tusinsMr.
Sipeer by'the University of Cmnsbrige,
Essglande. 'T'his is he first -tisme tht ais
Amsericans has ever ibeensso hononredi by
tie Esnglish isstitutiosn. "Bob" Seer, asi
hie is popularly known, is a fo riner
Frincetons assetYale tstnss. 'T'hesdesnds
for iis services as ai speker by col-
leges asse reigious orgaizeations is sn
great that it was necessary- to arrnnge
Iis date for Ann Arbor a year ad a
half ahead.
Today Mr. Speer speaks to tieso
mens of Wtestinster Gsuild and teir
friensds at 3 :30 ocock. A sumer asd
cabinet nmeeting of tie Cristians En-
deavor Society at whics ie wiii be is
attendance, will lie givens t si. te
will inc guest of honoor at assisforssai
reeceptions to be gien by Dr. and Mrs.
Ftrencehsat eight.in iesalof tie St-
dest Volunster Basn of Ele university.
line ounseday mnornig serices at lie
Fresbnyeriass Church wil be conducted
by' hims, after wich linc withlsadress tie
cass of usniversity mns. Tie C. E.
meeting, to swhiichn all are invitd, is inn
charge of tie Presbyterian Counteers
asne Mr. Speer. 'Pie nain address of
tie series will be given is the auditor-
iumu of tie Presbyterians Chrh at 7:30
Thss is one of the rrst opporiuni-
ties 'that tie Presbyerians Guild has ever
placed before the stsdnst body. No
college nan casn afford to msiss "o"
At a metiing of Syricse assnisi is
was decided to adopt the gradsuate coach-
ing systemn for football. oward and
"T'ad" Jones, former Yale stars, ave
beesn the recent professional coaches.

Annual Mid-Year Entertainment
Will Offer Dramatic and
Musical Features
Isn accordance nuts its ansnual dcustomn,
tine Cercle Frassgais will give a "Soiree,
Mnusicalie et titteraire," swhichinmssitates ins
its maksie-ups tine ni-year entertainsment
thnat wvas givds last year. Sarah Cas-
neil Anigelt lHall hans beens engaged for
thic evesninig of Thursday, Jasnuary ig,
for tine pe rformsansce.
M. Talamsonas, tine directnr of this year's
Cercle isis beens hardI at ssork for somse
tisme corrallisng dine Frenchstsalent isntine
univniersity asid msouldng it isnto present-
absie fonrmnforIthe iusblic. A neumnser of
featlures isnsmusicsasnd edramsa save been
selected, anid tine rehearsals sire pro-
gressinig lamsously.
Ftrasnce is to save its owndd at this od-
casieni; evenstee sswoill be Frencdh,
annd tine namses of Dcettesset ansd Jeasn
Bendiel inicatle as munchs. Miss I resne
Lorimser will lead the prongramnn ins a
piano seleetin, asnd Arthursn r t insanns
Josephs IHnoener svill melts to suisolethtie
munisic. A. selectiosn frosistine Cied, the
chic of Frasnce my'CoreileillssibeIncgir-
ens ins costunmne by a cast chsosens fromsstine
Cercle draingails. 'lie scesne is laidi ins
tine court of Spasins, sandetine plst interest
is cente resdaronsd assisselt to ass agent
father, whiose reveguse fails to tineInst
of Iis son who loves tine daisghster of
tine insultcr. A recitaitions sill be gires
by A1. 'Talamns,mni tine programsswill
csnd wish line mprsntations of misc featusrc
-a cnmsdc y hlie immonnnrtal tLas Bichne
entitled L 'a Masin Lesic," swhichsinoms-
ises to amusise. Is sccne is suet istParis,
mnt its time isnsnoderss. "LssMnit
Lenic," (tine light mhsse), is thast nsf 5
ty-picali nmother-isn-lasv clans of wnossan
nhno distinguiisheis herself fonr tine implrus-
dnst isse sinetputs it 5o inn slsppntng thne
nero, wino saftersnmany trialis asse oreas
gainsis justtserts,-line sand of line
girt lincloses. hdollowing line entertasiss-
msent, thosne won oiishwnlt adijosirsito
the parlors of Basrbousr gymnnanisim 1o
dassncc to tine mslic of Frasnce andi its
floswisigpunch bawlv.
'This in s nunmber onseeCercle tFrans-
gsis course ansd in opens to sill wnho save
line Cercle Frasngssis ticket. Those wino
havse nt bousght osne yet cans do so at
tine edoor. To studnits tineplicde is 50
ceits; to others, $s.oo. Tine greater
numiber of lectures asnd enstertaissnents
offered my the Cercle Fraistais are yet
to follosv.

Monday of Wednesday at....8
Moinday or Wednsesday at....9
Moinday' or 'Wiedsnesday as.....o
Monday or Wednesday at......
Monday of Wsednesday at....2
Monday or Wednesday at......
Monday at .......i
Wednesday at ....... 5i
Tuesday or Thursday at.....8
Tuesday or Thursday at.......
Tuesday or Thursday at...t o
Tuesday or Thsursday at......i
Tuesday or Thursday at.......
Tuesday or Thursday at.....a
Tuesday or Thursday at.......
Friday .... .anyhour
Saturday ..........any hour
Any Day at ..........4-
Drawinsg............4, 4a, 5, 6

Secoind Mondeay.......... 9-12
Secosnd 'Wedinesday........ 2- 5
First Moinday'........... 9-12
First Thsursdsay........2- 5
Iiest Tunesday'........2-5
Sedonsd Tuesday-.......... 9-12
Seconid Tunesay........2- 5
First Tuesday'........91a
First Satureday .......9-na
First Wednsesdasy.......9-t2
First Friday ..............9-I2
First Moinday .........2-5
tFirst W~enesday .......2- 5
Secoind Thursday .......2- 5
Sednsd Weednesday........ 9-I2
Sedosid Thsrsday .......2- 5
Seconid Thussdssay ........9-12
First Wiedinesday. . .2- 5
First Friday ..............2- 5
First Saturday .......... 2-5
Seeond Msondayv........2- 5

The Alpsha Neu tryouts for the Initiate
edebate betwseesn Alpha Nu asnd Adelhii,
take pliace tonight. The question is tine
fsamse an that chosen for she cup debnate,
"Resolved, Thast tine United States
should fortify tine Pasnama Casnal." Tine
newv inesmbers, onsly, of tine two societies,
asse therefore freshmsen, who arc isseligi-
rble for tine cup debnate, will save the op-
portunsity to wiss hosnors upon the sub-
ject. Seventeens senubers of Alpha N u
have already siginified their intlentions to
enster tine tryouts, hint as a few alovays
tdrop out, there will probnabnly not be
-more thans ten. Tine judges ovill be C.
SS. Boucher, C. H. Conlecy, aind W. B.
e Sone. The cosntest will start promnptly
l am 7:30

Open Evenings After Party Lunches And Social Catherings Our Specialty
315i S. STATE- -- D. M. WILLITS, Prop.

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