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January 12, 1911 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1911-01-12

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ANN ARBOR, IMICHIGAN, 'Ii ISi)\\, JAN.\Y 10111. No. 73.

Vol XXI.

Private Appointment Principle
Disliked by Members of
There seems to e a eal plossiility
that the matter of the selection of stt-
dent tmeners of the Boarti in Control
of Athletics will e hrough efoe the
Athletic asociation wh en i t mees on
Saurday. Tie agitation which was e-
gnn with tiecotmttutication ill Wednes-
da's isste of te HAlts, was followed
hy a general discussiot aouit the can-
ptus cltritg the (ay.
Aceptitg the statetmets of te com-
tmtnicationt as5facts, te geerll opinio
seetneidti e that, ott pritciple the
method b hsich the stttetnt entlers
ss're selected was imrollper. There
semtn o douth as tt the hoests' of tts
motives hat atated te actiol but it is
felt that the stdent tembers sould e
as tly representative of tie stdett
ody as ipossile. That a direct eleciol
of tie represetatives by the assocato
woutld est accomlpishl this seetts to e
thte general settimntt. Te aility atod
integrity 1)f the iresentnemttbers of lilt
-ioartd is lttquestinledl; tt the feeling
is tapparent tat te estalisttnent of1
stcta precetettis tdttgertts antata
te printcitle f Idirect rpresetatio
shttltlIe manitaited.
'I prefer tot tat make aty satemet
at tis tre,' said Director artett
twhen askedl cntlcertig his attitude
"Persontally, it nakes nolt te sligtes
differenlce to teoss te tett are se
lected. The qestiotingtf te'le thttt
tf selectitot cane 1s a cmltee srplris
tot me. The sttttenttlmnemb~ers of th
boardi hare alwastys beell ctose t hetl
directors inl the past 1ad they wco(
picked tat nay tis timle a1s a Imatte
of clurse. I will ilvetigtete fact
and111so1 le iIinllpsitnto11(111 ian acl
clrate statement later.
David Alerdice will preside at Sat
urday's meetig of te assocatinli-
stead of RaymlodDykem~a twhoIis 1un1
able to serve. Maerice Myvters swill tae
Gordoll Sice's pla(c tolltie elecinI
A secial meeting of te Edncatiola
cluh is called for Friday evetig, Jal
ary 13, at seven o'clock ill roomoq
Tappan hal. 'The atractionl is tI e at
atdress y Mr. W. 11. French of Las
igMchigan on11te topic, "1lig
School Agriculture."
Mr. Frenclt in a memer of the M. A
C. Faculty, beig at te head of tie De
Iarmnt of Agrictullral Eucaiot'
This address will e of special vaie I.
all students wo are interested 'ill an
phase of higlshool work. The 'Edo
cational clu also extents a cordial in
itation to the general student ody.
Olive Vail's role in Wm. A. Singer'
revue at the New Whitney theatre o
Saturday matinee atd night, Janar
14, "Miss Noody front Starland," wil
e that of a Miss Noody of the chors
who makes people believe that she i
really a very important little perso
when away fromn the footligtfs. Sti
tan eauty a1111 a manner that conpe
all the men to fall in love with het

The play is excellently mounted an(
gorgeously costumed with 4 chorus o
pretty girls.

MAallttcriltt for tile n'lt Junio
girls'l lly, Il totbeipesen((t'llnet 1semte'-
ter, tlast ite illtilt'posse'ssion(1of1 \I vs.
Jordanlbyill' 111101evenc~inlg. Severa
lave alreadiy ilentsubilttedi illspitie of
thle fessteiays tf gracesil' eaii
ttf thte clttssat''re teeted I ttt av lilt
'lieycomm11 ittee (lih ilSl gridertie
nork is compolltsediIf: IProf. T.I. 11 Ian
erett, a11111 cile'Stowte maeIpll h
comitte llch11111ilsyer'.po
F. S. Upham of Columbus Made Dean
at Imperial University
Ilelt Itt s'hltt i ltia II lI- l' I kS .l
ilpatsl (I f ctg t'l' i,riti fle ihi
gniveaildat pesntlo. it'll ithth
:vlerii1111whaft ilesai ob ) h
1100g1evt ofsrivelad il iIes atte II\ttI 11i-
Ic (sikthe 'Oriittha('('1111 ofth
t scholcofs il ile lillii h prr
1 J.)Rie, l-XI r. Tph 11111111 \-e I~~
Itupersioint oflth irll ~tr
e(nuser of riiroal iliesadohrph
Itlworksitsn 111tirle 11111.1 IttfIserer1
An11 intresinghenlmpirsInlldI 111(1i
ltst)f(til reent et 'a s
.dtts r.lpl i t i ett e ll 11 nber
of ae'acdlles aIfulted' foitttt\ liig a:
ilTe g15'I (1Ilte 51'l 1Bl1(

Eighteen Sections Will Spread
Union Propaganda All
nlir n ldv

115 C'i\i'R00'FORi AXiI,

Z Z t j l l 11101,
j tcr(Liv a teri1c)
the cmitract it
llasc bck ll CMI:
no saI s act() r.

Ill IIli tl co I "it ill f11s11d
Ip ii .1' (Is s cI

IS ORGANIZATION OF 145 MEN plv11or toe ind lod iitls;i'. 0.
II ~~W ih lilt'd''.mlilI'iil(It'l I ll it ''SthiiI'll1
It'llo' IIot 1(1l11 iliiltila1tiii I'and 'l'kc'sl
tielllanotherlins s is il lit \111111 1 :1\ of ; HkS1P1 Lr l Y r{r cmMietl"-itTEE
1) h s10 tl t } a "S 1(i1 A l'flic Ill tilt'~l:fo ':c oil

Imll setions into; w ich tet ' Iill
.erl-toryfromthe titic to thePc1111it
111"Ill 1(11(colvtr0d. ITio st I (i' 1.,.
couIttlrt' 1
1p111mar'ilyICIolar111s1'thinlt'r'st of alum-11
I liint I tlt'rojec1t h il illrgetic'ti t i 1
Mug the spring and 11 s11mer1 11 '1tus

lainovali n Ansounced at Meeting of
Senior L~it Clays

"Ill ,.ca
il11 'IiPr

'11t ('11 is' 1-(11 l' l I Il
mil, 1 1' )o~r\

il' 1

.Itcs ii c er tit 1worl.1 ( )iII F l
il ji th111111111111 ills pub lih ais
11- h com ie. iis shls ti;
Isr i c thi 1s i ll' I i ti2 ll.


1 th clt , ay -miillt
11111111 11 irm1 of11thei
;tld . I' ;.i I l i
iIp i Illc h imlIleof
hi >11let' Il. 11111.
I I x:> ITd i III II( sill1)

Confiscation Order Vigorously
Denounced as Unwarranted
and Deplorable
itorI ofItill, Islvrl
Ii si toI Iolfer sm~te suggrstions1 1(1
tillrnng the llaill'Ilof toues by
cciigtheiation1111s Iof tie sef-su-
por'tinlg stitlt inll egite koltw nothing
im i i id (s Iof stdent(ts, largely
ofstdnt er aeno erig te
Many a tstetli s existig 011 insolfi-
((Itfod nd wo dein(Ig I'll, if byt
such 1c(n1l i ll Ie Iiwill tl t initst
tile yea1r. ThtIifty 1111tls teprice of
a1 toqueI, 55oli tuy (illtwt g~odmeas
trtinmtl ll o ti f sswii e it'is coo-
iclle ii t 1o miss. Illtie face of this, the
1(11 livhi i st 1perm}1 1o1satisfs' a swhitis
frolc tadition1 or cu Isom~l.
lilt StutnillCulncii(hs ibeetitgreat
iil ''ene foll' 11g(-d ittretand hasip(tS 111a
s t t l t ile rba o tpiicihesb 111
of he amps astut itet mthtti
liklytoco e ee r Ili t aliy thn n
'(1n(uledsff t teL.Iof tvM.tsinttalls
_istti so.iAlitheI iL ssishefoor I~I
,ths ill 11e ((ic til of t e f ontha tt
I, foro 11,w ll rt tib a toqettt ett
H n rdarie i itm. ia if-us aeslt.
11110il 11'sidlhal i fty cI ep ty feoi tte
toste tai illtite little. ensI votttI
y il e a ltt a11 e1n(1 Tetr' itte nor tgie ittot
comes; ortI ll 11 ve1 aI alt C.f- . 11(t11
111111otf111yshoes attee myaft outofk
the 1wte hlf tetie. Aoytty. eni
sold horn1" 15utlliag, I wyilly, ine sal
1111hing 1msrl loyafel till/e l. of thaber
any tne 'hotneesttie i wortki
s 'll hard itis ev alegenyth t Iester,
and ttlIleei itorsge tg ifcltierSn
in town ani'ntichi wors11111hasittre tatt
1(1105blnve 1(111 ollege111 l aist is A r
spit g ofsi co t llge tloyaltyI( ha te see -
11e1cco tly sm1111fetw itdozeso i zyof er~i~-
more.il ltfl t lisecotlege, t he spbev,
1ha1'-woris ntudentlwthou1atil oqul eastt
((It ll ito irti sasoodrtigi t he.Sth
dentig((te (aliimae vast igat tt ttoso suelt
Ilaof tovityav wuled.m mn
une1xp 1ctliiti townl T ~~is ito w arnt
from a1(statement ofthelesS fsthatNa
nI1(is1smli .cllota isnoftohoeeto

s Itt's Motines, whtere more clinical ma-
Ic trial in obtaitnable.

ciss.1s '12,

1, C'


Ei lii ('I G e.%:
I I C. . '

'T I, ii 1 ,
t;;, 111 01r

I m I -

12 1, I

cROntessot sySTA:vv 51.GAI51(115111111)_____ I
Professor Allbtet A. Stmnk, ithIs b itt eil isaeMaeiIrasin
hlonored lay beittg re-eleetedto ttte tres i vn ).es MksIraso
dency of thte Americant sectiont 'f th1 Varsity Team ils
11011 is 10 futeiterest in tt1tes Sof t e ittitydbtintg tils, ti .it h 'll spce12
tttsical researcht . \lttsic'ittts antttisehl Io I t i "to h.heIl
iteredl amlontg til e mClbe'rs.tl . 01-1t i rr '))l it itms. C'l r- 151 t
Thse next meetintg otthle Interna~ttinl( I lasbensidi e ttv (lelIytso111craft11
Society is 10 be held1 1in11(1111111this w'ks 111111 ' ofth Cic.agoI'tailt. tt'ecam
oecitletlat tistisml whe1 the nt h11111,Iis I)flilt No tittssterniteam.1 1111e
last year its tVlictega, ite was(5tite oitnly1 ifntingt"Sfturter htppe'ns, thev 1,5,1 Itis1
Amertcatt mtusicito reda ti ,, iltlstevI g ttd shapeilt. ItiIs alisoIta cre
fore the Society. bletdththakwlliiieit el(1111yitt I ti
0-- --1111111n d11a1' li
-ire IIII
"H and~lin~g of Ilitateil" i etesatd, It ts hard tellittg svheter thelmntl Ghv e
subject of tt lecte I RIt tesol, i he W1 iit t ll (I hltitun o til dc~t' i'1.1, 1an1dIthe
trttck eonomlsics expere tof te Sa(1110whitt istillyiIto eks atoy, bit tt 111111ap
lFe railroatd, befort' Ilrtf.Xti Ias' laIss 1hope notIto iltse 010(1 illany((ItsC.
row, Mr. Entersotttls' ea'lni"Wge iso quite il 1115 11thetlntlllits andtI a-t hltt hee
System and Railway Latbor." piteatton(loll..


ii. IO ISi,
'II tx 1I :S
1<tel 'i' t ll'

i It to bil i c't
l tis";clt)0111 t

I1 th'..
C C(PI i
'r Ita i.
It ] ,
)II t 1

1,1' it ti1 T

ar' 11w 1'

lft?:S111 111111 1111AT)

L1 ll


108, ISI T ANN(1 ((111 itt tt

n visit;li-- fricnds in the cite this
IIe is prWticing It I>edford, Ilid.

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