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December 18, 1910 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1910-12-18

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Opnr iplay of
0W wie Supply Co.
0' B iiou Opur uMajestic
l Ac~ti'..loksor

, Ji E ICI(GANF DALIL.c our ha s benc lie m1t10101011 I,),-
- 111-0the 110 .ll al success o fo ''l 'o s
Aa ogoqId1-. 1 X 'rso:. ('ho-it'' hats fa'ro' 5 ooo too I t o f W00
__'Is 0000 .hlty~o' I 500Ax H1. I1 to.. 1101.0 11105snec1 under11101' 111111 lics
000 o:s"staot 1 he'opc I lue uchcrdit
N( ross 1''dior. . .... I Oorold 'litus 1is a orcineno oo t as t o imparto al
A 'st. .......Hary Z./ lt,m.oo'o0100 1100(10101 otho dramato. o o ot
.<<1 1 _j.1'1 . 0.Walter K. Toweors and1 lol c'olor lrolooositl o c lp st 1
As . ... . . .... .J.t'Fredi Lawos uce sosto ' loroolmloios, olthe oloea' o m-so
l'i:--Ic a d traooo'o .. . tail 'V'. .Moore smittesshtvel beenoo l. moo o'oalld1peroect-
l's toiooges ad i'o to. .Di0oo 7.Iirocy 1mg0'theo'play,' with] no other11 oject i00
\ o 00 tha'notlhe enter1tainment .0of the so doI
'orthur J. Abbott, G S,asher IJdentoooo ooo oboody ndth oolfreof the Ui1o01.I
Pull I oolJ. l or' lhis unoselfisho servoice, they'oolo''.oeo
0.0G01 1,0101 00x . 011-sincereo'st thank ls and1011 o'ooOOOOOioO~o 10011 20
A. J. N\VOololg.o ullo IlIarold McGee. _____ ____
Iaory 1G oyser. Maurieos 'luhu. ;
t.Fank ho'l dward Robie. 'dl" RENEW\S .011(8111K]I NS
OotO s. OF OLD(1" )11 'l'TI 1l,E'l'1C'T:A' Od. 0
I1- I 0 o bi o s Robort Gilltte.
Jo n 1_.. Cos. 1. IE. ioaw, Jr. '"Si,"'' e agd aitol .o of1 0,toroo;11o
1.rw lI' o '1 JOscar lBeckmooan. 0. 01011 10u , h sboos t00 .Ioo' 00000 ato 11
0 0 1000 rr. 1?. 51. Woakefield. ousuaoo t ofor steve0ral lays. Iloooooor,
John 11. 'boon1 'VWailace Wbr.boo
1 01~. liooooo 11 ltylt'.heo'corodially we olc'~ od 'a studnol st' 011 r,
1.C. Hao lot ippo~ler. J. Sdoig '0Yeltso oo oolen ho wnt aoun tooo n101110 '"iot , a.
altoe' acceptingo a' cioo''o exol] n000001
C. . ornn. A. IR Dilley. olbseneo as flolowso
1le u i. KIso. thOsl Jboron. "00ata1,1 toh000 100010 ort01r0 do1n100 ii
fclll=,t'hme . (t;riers01. out theiooi o'to tarintoobseono
C :,.,.1;11~tcl. oseph o uch ootard. towoth thel o ld tot a10 erosor ter] not'l] 000
Z000 .A1cEG N L,,Ptresos Bldg., hoato tooo uit, 0101011 ''s0hae t. Ye
(m c ouo I ,i g I doitor, -2 1. sheo was bouilt, 0001 000000010 1all thooh1000
m, an 1r 11:3 . Ii. Daily. i' ote00't g1aia a d la
'0001101omebacobout I'loogt''tting'''ort1 o0 l
S XI) 'V, 11 1 .01 b?. l l 0 1, 1oooo. 00011 101111010 0(00I 000 'ooto0llot s] i~r
U-NdI Vtdtddt'tY EAt INDAR oloo o' too ot.too
lto b Natn hetojo l. ooolkmooot :dos00 Il
11 I-r 0 -1 . e (ortori0 0l1con~tet. e xptooundedtootn0000 110 ph00sical1 011010 o0'.
10 - 1 000 s 00v1n 0 olzogeot tt a oo th athltetoswto oo 1 'eo ough00 tt 0 000's I~ltsh T ete,
'0 o. 1 ott 0 00 10 t 11o t'7 tot ig lot as faotoboatoos I > thsOr.
0 0o'o 00.of te oegeots. "dorseI oooo o t Id.olos ,loo 000.
1) , 0 0 21- (11 lo s v c0 in be omlt foottitallt ea1110 0l nt 1
0s. twas oldltols; los ooyobo too gresoo
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0( cit 11.11, O11S.I,,A.(ourse,8 1j oro , h ''01100 me the la1 had1
"'ItJ ? el. I i:\ 1Isto"toooo.e's supitendntto o lti01 ho c loo l0
tlil ohsorv000o onio ol.'tWith some11g'' 0ld0101 e togehr"-ith
l:1.-l((Id 1 0 1t 0 0 0 0i ooo oot t nton,000 e000 ew10.11100 od expe ienc10
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s <I;;I 'prt of ' 1 0gret weltho of M1 01 0 e s toJon MiltoonoPbooioo . 0boig
1 0 re c'' ld1 t l0 ho 0 IItradoiti o~00'O t ton.I ' t a shot 0 med 'S .0 M
( 10 eitliepol +onoomooo ingoofavor- lwe.yea,, g e epn nwt oi
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00 il to 0 lnlsrao toa t theoallil whealt heo g odbs ath r c 000s
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'0t+ li"ed;,A lloooiI a l:'to "n k otto "11toa l:ts-] 000)lg t;te OV
Ino toot too'] loi e - n felaso ug eso.eo em

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)))s' too actoth t0ppc rc 0'tti 0Ma cs
\il ]w the' sta tta on fr theo ist
threo av t o f ifs0 ee. lrrs .00
ohogI<i l . i d ut fo- o e tooev
wi~c. 1 100000''o ii]m.;-h't lo 0tc
00 'cd tootths hoae fu oo..a
''11g 0' 00rs to"vi 'otoolK to"(°c

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C<000'. 1
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tot~c t ey 0' .1

1 00 ' 1 .1- 00].)ca to


Xmas Guts
o ot a ch tot . s t'o lt a
.M r c=t ito'1110 a tsi0 th t
Aftr A l
No" tt "o11t0. aoo
1 lctt iii S It
rie1t o . vofo >00 io 00 Wi

toie ' r '1Ico Cs
0 00 tole o ' t 1os
wh c s0 00' ed wi11.
h t o 0 oooo "iveIo 00 00
to chrcerseha 0oi
00 \1 t v 00it( I cc



You can't say whether or
not a glove is economical c
till it's worn out. Try the
wear ot P
l L at1 is It

.e.a. _ , .. .. _ . b, . y _ _.. .._ _ .._

_ ',
F .
i ! 1
- "1
' -r ,k
J ',j
F - ;-l, a_
y\,e b' 2 °; .'fir ti
, [ b ,e.1}xY i
l-aY.GY.; £

lon's Hand Tailored Clothes
Quality is the Argument

"? . '. .
t F
fi r + r ""t iv
i dd 5
, i t C I l
'T f ,..V .. , -' F
h. ' y(
ti:r °

Street ' God.C thsStore

Main Street

Get your MICHIGAN Win. ADNTOLD ol ' -
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to1ot101.". els ,adt Reprictog.LET'S GET TOGETH-E R. Wo tolt
} { e IEBIBE"Lunches, Cigars toyu ork i I e bterotaod mooepopotytatas
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