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December 18, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-12-18

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Vol1.Nxl. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 8181)8, 01 1 ItH Nf , 10)10. No.t(l.
A RECORD BREAKER r l,i~t he1'. 0100 toot SJo t wooo a PLANS FOR PEACE hlt l a'agin o1;. W ILL SPEAK HERE
Audience at Final Production i,101 1,1l 0 0011'Ol Orators Await the Competition ' .. 1 1 1 00114 , , av Baron Ludwig von Wozogen to
of Opera Reaches Limit of 180''))0110 '100000, a010 1 , UI ot t> Which Decides Varsity's ,)il ,0, iiiihrcirv o h Address Deutscher Verein
Enthusiasm mte eo I vc >01<01 8<hard, lut tho Representative '0>0 ,1si oli. i. Th0puc1ae'1 dTomorrow

1 1 1wf ' '1l 1 th 010000in f
')trl1 01 .2I 1()11 10t)rc a
to rh'fwc av lcti 1
t3 1c t '0 it c o d lt, bs fom11 4

1rsen )who0deserve 01espe11ial 1pra i totan
whom)0 you0' seeIare the ' stag1e1h0 nds
and1 assitans. hey )hae ootcd 10ai11
0101\-fo usup theroe0 i10th"loo h 1a11
1~rood T1 1ontas oten ps 1ed for
, v~rd, hcnS(M~(Me n 1testge rieod
oil. '8 1.( etcrr~ d i.Frc . 'at
Is i dr an toe .I)(ra x
prs1 d0 h 1 ppeiain

"18 il Il P0o 01 r~t c~rl l
pat lo'l the'istatoe> cotest1s1t' 1 )
w ill1' 1e0 11c]1 o l li -0' 1)01 ' 1 i1
na 1es l( 10001 i lol \\<1 1() 1 0 t
ill te re IM1\lo'ooo 1 t< (lI

l oo -i i if Ct p r'o>'lb1 0 t lli k a re
G ') 0t11 io)'1cr t 511)1 lJ 1) IIM

(cutet, 1 11)01 m i a il
>. >l . 10 0 'I lo 1 10 t] r liob 1:

CII AN 1ll )oo,\NCI;
n) vest1010 . ''ni'-
. 1 >Oo'o r, i th '1 Itei

wi 111tr 1111 E l lot >>0
101>01 ."\oo 8111.10lhjec


el KMusical Clubs Open Series of Con- (1 0 111 blobIt,")eot 1 of)
k IWAY, ~ certs at Detroit1'1.Kel," ac an
<<udloll (untEbetoth him1q-I.illhe aol o)lo onr1
lo ti C t ,Sa i a , T leo , o 10() ll-- o f, \ 1. 1100s P os
0 1the 1. rainc, ( om'lo')ooAkro. Theoo o ncerloll) . 1 . Itbh111nd0t1
i <Il 1111110110

otoiltlsn E0 0M any Aspirants for Comedy. Club
, t, ,oo << 07 f ~Fain Are Discovered

1, "Nati(>jooo .0
o tto'So wi0,00
he 1 )(1(' a
C., 11 00ll
*s 1.' d . 811o
o-l 8100i

I .
r' It

Itt/I C()') I-t'l ''18 818(11'S
81r010 otroloooto
rithhtooAledy o l'lI~~ shvso ken to
br tt t
I], a w t theo', too . lo'oo 0 oi itooi too
I~ - ittole oearoly oozt' tosad Pfj .1Reve
last I ".ooootoooo hei o '0ked'if'tudnto.) er
of 1 Iooooo bob. 0oo tio
c1 1b;l l al o"ttno n t1101 Ph ll0'>riz o
o c~ o on1., " 8 th 8 t'ttot ''i treat inal<

Independent Hop Representative will >>
0 be Chosen Tonmorrow
toll oootoo>1" t isto 0000) 0,ml 0 of 10 )o
Sil [ni o'o too >11110 111cr
Gr 000110l 01010 11 00lilats ~r 11
,t '''or oo tih 1o' c~(tk ii T t p t
0111000. W ITE 0. looo 0 .o~t R l o' s I O V
1P1rtoo. A '. 0 0 0 eOf the0 to Iisty r
dearmet foo )o'o' 0 .0 1.Ot to oll . I vc to 't t
.010 -ir too prsct tic> > 0 0100 .0'> 01n0
ti to e t- n t th . 1T .. o ii

_\t he scondtry }utfor he C n to
100000000 thI oootooes p os't too
redl of the 0 I' l I ill >takeo l ace 10
0 0' n a te'o t _I o'c ok ill
r o '( 1' 1ie 110001. s et th
t~ oso thao 0he10100010001 a i i
Durint Ithe f' lb 00101001100100 '[to
In0he to o h olc-po duo 00
01) . 1t- o o to 10ai teo 11 n ) s i
0 ltc 1 toc o (f 1m r 111000000111m
00>>1 he tolp Ito obbtood teal on . 1110 o
to () 0 il h sto im i t hehi toyboof

"buoll P'ooost Luowogoolt0100\\oltogoo
r'ter"'o to morr0110't) 'ow- vtoioog att:oeigt
Mie the ltoo ttetto< .ttotoot'tttorIcttono
ovill tootold for tint, to toioh'tthIto 1)tl-
ootoo'o'Vo'o'of toinvites'alltth1100e0'presett
ot thetl't10e0.
tl-0o'on soto 8\'o 80' 0000tsoontino
Io' ol.'ootooin 81j7. 8te ot mpl~tinfog lis
oroot 000r> at thetou10r101of Weimarooo,thetn
f ttooted by theofotheotogret
Coor r. 1' ' Snceten ioe
toot litvedtitoll ot ootoerlnand oouicho, lois
to' lost tlt-i to00010 tol tduri'ng ihis
time 1 othas ttttnad pihehd at"
010000 f'ilty otoolu tsof0 t ot 1)00lo, tdr'ao as,
00001ool bgaontoo struoggloe foot'suprbe'bbac1y
jone her aks Ito 1.80)4 htoo'uondedt'
toe ''tUtt'o.ooioo'loo' ll 'ttotoof" ottl8too
ott, antot hetrebyws ins ittrumenootlitt
havtinog to111018s ofttoeomodertn ochotol
presnte oottoo 00 theot'al~goein>spite'ofsei-
toont ogotilt tOooto. 'Thoutgh illtois
wor o'heis a1000xpoJItt ool r'oaoismo, Ihe
ill a uc ttol ighott'rooeino tohonoSttot't'ooooo
tLast owoek Itoroot. sot \8oolooeotoowas
ill Sot. fottls a'theOlto' tsOof 88 .stilogtoooo
Un'tiveroity. Aftortoecooritng itoo lArotN-
Ito' to will tgo et >).ooillw ee le w l
('0000 Ittto' Iis letootetou010'Januarytt' >2.
A01 oooloiosiooo feo'oof ttoo yo~-five cenbs
ts chaorgood lor Oto toototro.'T'icktst<wtill
be(nSalot tedor
810,801. s, .\'T"t't8.81'IN TO)
1010 8001818 O NION 31O101A8.
"Ike"loo '' t ndhisot'oot o>orohostroa00ittltoe
tto featuro f th Iisafteroont'sp'oram
at to' 8\1 otigotto hootoosocialo.
8>sthfoisittoe10000ovotlof itsoklldto
hoefotre OttoeCiristmatos vaca~tion, thoo 0ec11-
Abtout thirty c'ules attendedothoeOt
0)00s ao00t toe.' tototry clubh Friday
L'ooio1 oo 'oel t'cttric looffects makedthoe
deoat Sott th oalt, of woih hiot sft-
p rinclo featur0e0100.
Mhiss Norlth, a nuorso, ot fooirtotooglofromt
00 hospoital ito we'ste'rn ttoh,, ool opt a
toto he'omoogatiooolotC. PtO. oo'i'botts
evoellimg 0108:3o. Ahgeneoalotit t'otoo is
Not tactkaogetoobig Ito crrytto Rod
Crosos Chritmtos Soeal andoot0100e1 soomalt
as to ho wittoutt one.

8811 iooo 0 h
00l (M io' W to'1
a> 1 - o
\0 I11 " i , 1. >0
000 o '0>0 000 Ci0t'

W li<3
?() t t
h:, th

'TIoy '' 8.ouooooo la1st rear'> u rtr
tohas obe boo'n toov gt ingtot is Ad
ott s nd t ong theo o t ot Ilt,
1n fo tb l ) tooan fi i dlt000

Csoroot Staote anto1l

C' I 1<0>1

0 51 ,000.0 "[.00"s 00000000l0,

'. ;
I :

110 00''
IC' W t
tooii 81(1

00 ed I t. .0ra
orf 'rthur0000

I tw . % to
to > 81

.1netc m tW eisof110oot
. 1 :0 . 3 0 0 0100gscr
tcd __a_____;_o_ IW_ the__l_________ Stu-_"The tolto Is o foto Itoyer
'1 'o'o' ld Wilh lvnto t tof ol\ o 6 0 111 8 001' botos
M t tllunvto i s tudeoofOtntsoeon-(oo 0 100)01) ~ ihc C
fe0 101hng Ito >1< i to ot ot o to to ts Ot o 0 t oi the
Propets" totttot toot)h'' IttC 0'1 O\ I

'to of Dc-o

Mciln P rot R M eunle v Tonight
Hall 6:30
Subject:."The Unchurched Man"

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