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November 30, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-11-30

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A\TNT ADPOiD 1:TT(r1:_TTOAAT r ,Tt: tNt rt>>: i

Vol. XXT.


Domination of St1agg Over West
Causing Discontent Illinois
for Old-Time GamE
11)1s ' Ci te I " 'i~ c ~
t ir w1 ;e)1 i', I I ~ l i

XI XXl(i r> 1l t ;
XXX 111 Xlit, I l v al'
IV Xll a ll o i'l l1 1 h
-it! Ima ll, dX )i t tXX i
f r II 1 Inv r1 a1i
XX111111 uly arsin (a
II11es 11 il le 11'11 il 1 1
wXIIhich l'e at111 c ,, 1
XXII \rtll XXIX 1 11C"C-X I
the 11111 of1 1
crelXX~il i le XIII I'
Iii Xil I ll' of 11
ofl theXI i XX i ''I iX 1111

ill 'I c

X/~i > T t il co n titii X I VIIXIIXIII 11\ 11c 1ti 1 l, lit,
M ha11 I 'X'pXXkX, 111 11111 I I I ~ ' XX
F theiF l Iti XXIII XXX fXXII 11,11 I i ! i II ii' IXI I I 1 XI X 1
Call Comi leIXXI "I111111thlls' ron 'e'stXII I{ndm
ern Athletics is ta h ofr ncs i 'ln ani oto
yXX 111111as 1t 1r1nt XXXII tcI b ad t ItIIt~
i A nxious an, wihn dicii tig gtat ta'taitc a
bi' \rls ''c"i Is abae1o111111 , ~oi
NECESSARY ta hergntXil a: Ill ime fi Mliso 1
Xio I i \su1hattersas the I rantheXohXXXII d tXLIII Xl -, PLACES IN
\ 'I'' t1 d nt ho < XXXac in 111 1" t I nXIXI f1I c~
a t' ac o s ehisdooltiionwit crfe ae sh ~lsth \\,INerly 1hirly
PerhapsIIIthis -Xi Xilefrcdt hos ~t., t
IX ,1 111tcn o e ec_ dc ata dte 't I~~g n V:1 -1'\ li
II'adaesnieta ~ cene h oleeculs ah;i ~li ;f
return,1it XX'InIthen lI IXclItoXIoIl1l"t ithX'' XXho k h rdi llXII '
mud' 1XXXI1X'' X'nII'iXXI ill; tal1"11111 XI ' 11to1 111' propI'll II oIlt il' 111 X
II XX,'X'X I' I XII XXI II X X XI'IX XII I '111 II I " 1' l nlell caIrXX ' iI' I
iil h- 1i'l I I',ult. 1 11The 11'Iinh raheiX.X The l 'XX I, I' tI ll'te - 11111 hs 1,
1 X(Xfal ' , 'I I 1111 wh ch'sill af cs t e \ i XX iX II XX' IIIpall hl
l Xcot ,t fn'ilsXIII ho h s 1hd1 t m111111 01 t: M I ), I' I -
1 , , ' 11111toXyon. I111,n- 11' Xir w ich waX i orto t XXwlli III'a h
\\ iX ,X iXXis "ra ted he i co l e-t al a dXX 'II l; I toreador , and
r1l111 XIXl 1 te a d Ifr on ec ott e fohalt _ shi n r .li
t l' ,at ~ethet11 tll ., heconciccc rerlatic i trys e:peesI
i 11 11 i1a o t11 il f l Ip'ien o h -t r e ;c r t'd . r r\ .r er :
il b tpa o 'I>c a g s' c"tdi h"alicce [ e w e.. \-\ I ne etl,~ t ti' Xand 11111 ''XXXif ith r XX i al ort e ;IIIX1 , °l l
ht II ' XIIcul Xa d al 1to oseiX'' 111 a l1er f ot ilI' l i ' . ' sh I ''I '
hi t il, <n rr te \ c t e e t an mu t c n e h Is l \:t. \ 0rd ad
\IXn 1 ~ n wih IX 'I C icg ft~ll t;11 XI\\cIanXacr
Irt \c e Il wih n u l atfooI ed11111 den111that XIe XXXI I IIt wI
ie i di. 1 I) co f r is tlf in l to McigaXn ( th that11 11 111111 II 111 1 11 XXi I
IX IXIII Xto11roo 11(III XXXXXXXIXXX 1111 1 . I hXX ot 1
tl. cortf~rnce." We Xhe Xthat lhe ha alw XIX 11 1 i 11111teXIX"X, X III' 'I Xi
1.1 _ X1 I;X ' XX y e XI A XiII's1,will return t1 the1fo1d.11111,\1
II XXptii,l XXX o th I lX 111 gXII IXXXX 1XX XIi'to XXX , iX'CIX'XI ofX 111 XCollX !,dII Xl 'X i t I
11"1\I:I IXXXIo 11)1d 1111 dread. XIXI'II XXVt someXxtent,1 an1' i X aIrXX pX :,ta1t1 ' 'last11 at",
XXze I XIX, XXI r Ilurn wl ed IIi il(, XIXXtilng Xtabl IntheIXli ,, o lXIXrI, ' icalXII' t
,,- XrgX, n I XraXX Xtc nls i t'X hXX the XXI ollot XIX II',XII I I', I XI 'a
iI' \,n I l elIXI XXXI , nn-IiII nI eeI haXsXII'eX right t'oXII' II XXIXI' XXII Il~llI III ''' fulI a'X IIi
'XXX11 IIIcXIuld 110IIIXXXlat( XIX'choosXesXX aXd1111111' IX rtIXiX' IIaX'I'Ii' clean'1 cl' d
III- 'XXXiI, teaII \\XIXIXiX XXI.iiXXYTXXI m a f .1 TO hci' l'.
1 i "ballIIX AWAXIXXXX' lXX e ' oth1111' e Xi ubersXI hasXX iI' oneI, I to III I lea

s''I' r I ' o i t t tt
If 51111 ( 111c X
t t i~ '' I I I
NewMeII IelOu
las NO

Pr'esident of Senior Lits Will
NIot Enter Upon Duties Till
Harmony Prevails
I II ''I, TheX
1 '1 11111111'he
'; a Il 1 r 1 AI<, "XX itionsIXXIaXIX ,-
l I X eein11g 11. XI
r and aI luncheon1, Il
I I ~ iea intendXX I -
Stl tr leatrs Aanin Proe M ore
S coisan~lcThaneLaws
hereIX tI Xl Ilf XXr
ItIJ C l Xr, n X,
\1 L II it' f ill() a u!)tXII JX,'(IIr
Pros.T.II.XXRanin' andI
I?. XI'I lXX~, ap rnte'nXd-
1 1 \r1 '1 111 scolXXX, IXamlX
1< II n, al ins,"X''ru c XIri' XXe i h
I I II X I, I k, 1' he X Jeff'er'-'
I I IIII 11111111Im W .11 R..I
1 ' C.' F.X i ' XXII1111
I )'X hick is11t'eX same that
)d >ri ll, VaIsi ty,,I teams11 X
I ' on theX subject, of1 a
U the I pr" XX pos1itXionXI,whl


11 ; I , I, I, 061mil ---- - - . NNUMMONOWS

WP y 4
14 D RO

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