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November 24, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-11-24

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The Md

Wolverines Will :Meet Ithacans
In Place of Games With fI
Ca holics
Cornell's sua of ball tossers will a'_
pear on IDrryfeld siamond (uring tle
cooming spring for the first toe in may
ears. nnoun cenent sas made iby Di-
rector larteine \Wednesday that twOn
games ari been seteulsed with tle
Ithacans, one of swhich will ie played hij
Ann Arbor ont June 3. Cornell wil-
tus takete siater onste baseball she-
stir left vacantbth ie disontiutaneeof
athletic relaionstheii Notre Dame.
The oher Corsel-Mieigatn gameswill
be staged at Ihaca twhile te\oiser-
ttes are onthieir easterns trip. Arrangr-
ttetts for sthis tril are tosv being con-
itetetd. Thecestew sith te Ithacan,
wrhicht sill eitse te jusnke, has beett set
fort ists 27. The Prittcetont gatte will
be playretdstt May 24 atdonth ie day
beteetn, gtttes till srbaly be playe
withste Methstdistsoat Syracuse. Tff
srpill opsens attCoisluus were Hll
isandsi till faceete tOhio State ite oi
Stusrtat, Max 20, andttw so other Bck-
eye sehostitiwtill lbe visited othie open-?
itgidys stf tse followitgweek.
Besidlete Corsel gaae, two b
hotme cotests till be played twith Syrs.1
cue whtisieh is sxpetedi to comte west of
ususals \\esternt Reserve, shiciehsprovet
st'ttngpenoussghsitto eatsCach Rickey's
ptupitls last yer,swil agaisn come In
A Ast rbsor assril sosio. S. U. atd
soeother Ohiois sggregtiots. Oi
State ihas decitedit ressusme itercol
egiatse asebaslianssas mst tade prepara-
tiontotturnIslts tat twintntig teat.
\tr;ttess tsv veF',TRstNx tATFlttA. ON HAN.
Btrsanceh Rike hassagaiss beets se-
csuredili tst sich ts sWovertne ise.
ast year isv satssrprssingy scessfu
thsa sbunchseisof greeinstaterial, and
wthstrslve sf te tlistees ses twho
wth ie "\1"1lst55p1rttg inscseool asd
eligiblte, tse Miigttstatm sosltit-
deedi be strots",IEsterohs is the otly
msemtbier ofthe st tot tteam shho isot ex-
petedeto isisv onsshand whn stpracice
starts. Catatsssin il, frst basse ; Walsh,
esaecher; SmthltCampbshiell, Verieyn.
piehers;11Camspell, scondstiIsase ; ar-
lis, sort stips f ottlrosps.tirdi base;
Wastntser, left fieldI;IBatses, center field;
'Mitchell rights fieldi; stndi Drake, in-
fielder,aseetesveerasswhelo till be
D~espite te faclttutere till be an
"XI" mtoshsandssl ts ilt eery positions
is is not5 certains that tiertill all ssake
goosds, as tesew ssmterial 055 and is
espeialy promssising. Of the fresh it
whio assistedinit puting downssthe class
chasmpiosipis "Shotry" Meillan, short
slop; Fischer, castcher; asd Bell, pitcher,
give promsise of msaskisg places oss the
Vsrity, squsad.L sssssssshsatbeess mes-
tissised as a prmtising aspirant for cat-
cher. Oher sess sf experiesnce and
abilits' sre knownsossItbe itsschool and
are expectesd to turnsoul for te team.
Elliott, Borleskc, Bensssey, Scully, Myers,
andsiBeardsley of te players whio were
(Canisued on Peg. )


gan ____
RM ICHIGAN, T H Ul~RS DAYs's, Nfl''EIIIt I:R 24, t1ld . No. 45.
COMING TOMYORROW \ '~,,~~ s ~takes uin aslls AMANlI WS

Alpha Nu will listen to a talk by
Professor Smalley on "The Real Reas-
on for the Recent Success of he Deso-
cratic Party in New York State" a its
regsular meeting on Saturday, Noier~ber
26. The remainder of the program will
cossts of the followisg:
Csrrrnt Eents......,J. L. Pritfose
Sybil Reading........... Sybil Editor
Debate :
Resolved,_ That te University of
Michigan siould include Friday its
s Thankgiing vacatiosn.
Affirnatie-C. N. Keinsssuck anti Le-
lasnd Brisbee.
Negaiive-Lousis Dntsons asdX. 1.
Big iEntertainment Planned by De-
troit Alumni for Champions
T'he banquet which will be givess in
Iosnor of Michigan's tgto football teaso
by the Detroit Alumsi associationi on
Saturday evenisg till be sered as
H armoose hal in Detroit at 745.
All the members of the Varsity squad.
te Reserves, the members of the Boars
of Cosstrol, the Varsity had, Lysdons
assd "Sully" will be te guests of te
occasion. They sill go on te special
car which will leave Attn Arbor at 5:3
o'cock The baasd will take part ithie
prograsm,ILyndon will exibi Iis slides
and "Sully" is expected o lead te
cheering Any Mihigan tas, otier
1 hast the ivitedi guests,must bity' adol-
lar o secure a place at he big reiast
Cbut hr will be made ery welcome.
Congressman Denby has cosesnted to
1act as toastmaster ad will call upon te
fllowing for addresses: Ed. Shielss
attorney-General Kuhnt, Toot May, Re-
WetCodd, Johnm Aderson, asd judge
During te past few' days seeratl otld
Ms1catcssoD~snrs'mess ae visiedi lil
1editorial roosms to look over te "sop"
otter agains and get acquainted witi thte
Smembers of the staff.
IAmonsg tie number were A. If. Me
D ougal, 'otE., Ge.,II. Hobart 't8.
Robert Cancy, ad V. V. MNit.
Hienry i-. Loell, '95., of Cicago, ei-
tor of the 'sicigant Bullein, the Cica-
go Ausmni monthly, also paid he offiee
A taffy ptll for bot . W. C. A. ads
. M. C. A. nmesmbers will lieihedinit
SNewberry Ial from m7:0a ts 10:00 tisi
evening. Prof. Claude Vats Tyne twill
Sgive a short talk, Robert Baley till
sing, Joe Horner will give several piaso
selectionms, and "Ctury" anis is downs
for a series of stuntss.
All S. C. A. nmmers are ivitesi ts
atend this affair.
1.Nearly nine husdredsudesishae
Ibeen vaccinated asite uiversiy ihospi-
tals during te past week or ess days,
as a result of the orders poted othie
camptus regarding the danger f small-
pox infection.

March King to Give Customary
Program of Diversified

sissiil~ tiitil, t(' ''5 ra ise Is11et(si pay'u foi
B isst. hecl ct i sis hi 'tlt.arus1ill1is:
han softi he s as 'ssi Isutisicl' s h

lttoii i5a5s, it 1h
Johnsss Phlsipi Soss~ s ussand Ihis fn)l' s i ' ii ssuulist lbut accos'isgo pres ent
htanstlwill slaytoisusiorrow eit 's uis p isis1 the us iui''s't ~ts s it il l 1: se i us)n Ii u
S. I. . cou'ttr'.'. Thy last tissu e s gv i t s iaItetuiiuii ;.
bi assissst'rw hrettiitsi, cvi ca t iniCmisis--
versitr hushlstast tit 'ii tandisty GAME MUST DECIDE TITLE
ro0011s s sssoltd. litsie Is ll sandtswo
sloists steetsssptssss himss "in s/strii
Roost,opranou. sud 'MItSS' \illtslnl Saturday M''orriing Wiii See Ciose of
Zedieler, violissist. 'oitheslits t i'uits Ciass Championship [Race
for at leasst thsree vears will be sgit''sirhr' sil e uit mwits' ii in tecls
fie tsill sasiii i t iit onitllitourolithe rds M nag r .'l i ll li hs hIis suiat
afier ('hristmsssus.hs-iis is is:' '.1 uu he s dll1suit.
The s'c'mp~oss'r' itf ts I tiuiutsl's f'n1 what i s to ' alust.' luu the1 111,"d C' 11
isssts Psist Marc ,"ss's' he ;Mar nid t t u ii liithe senli'r lusts aus li
Stist' FPoi'ever',''asitu I I . ital" wa H c5 it b tle t1 t Iic, ilssstli h t's
bosrtt itsl'W ashsiusgtons I). ussNitember 6, 1 p lay dusortiiipei s
'p erisis p bica tvi'lt'ist'atttttssiis)f the lay offsllGi mbliltsaid "Ii.'itwill lhe
ag tof t s 11186,b e l o e f the C ;I uit s i'ne ' slitils.p, St its'
terst v'iolinss illthe sit e st is sisli t tra' situ still 5 )Illm 'an \-11 min uss' untuil 'sits
its Offsn acs hise a ttisrisissitd tm suits.
I '.51 I NIC Olli 1111.11'. V
51,f fli v ilii 'sllS
h', ntei'. t .p e t 1t u nlv suit lit1wsits'
tiuxit .l.''' ii 55

1liote fissuisCoiet'is s '.S., 1; . Couse
poinstediconutorelseof theUitdSil ta.tels
Msarinse Cosript ssasdsi. sit'iosshIts'ic
untisli ta. itbw~esthi' rusigIsici to us us
ire htisssnos' f'amus sSouns'shandsuuui
hs msasde34 toursttrutspittheI 'tiltsC
Stsstes stir fussy st'u''o I ug nrssic'Sitc
its orga'nsizastionuse.bIn iri
tvre Soo suitsy
Fastmedlasthts'is fisrIiiis mrs S u sit
putls iss!; suts' it' hvosofi thetsuit s lhis
progra'.;sothesarsits asedsas encis sit .
Tlsstshsp ulariittin'st'ei ens 5150lt
stell knownt'tastu l~ikedhits ipr'o''r''s ares'
alwsersselectedi frim tebetmsit',
classic for te motispasrt . usnus cm-
ptositis ioyte '"iarcih i". sillap
pear osn tespesgam
'T'hestcsteerstrwill bgna :;oclc.
its Unive'rsity ihtll. 'sildtission w sill its
by S. L,. S.. course ticksets Siut"ml-
s[issions tickets trill sill fuseStis.o
PYIINRO NITOInssscsi 'tts sutiist~Cit'st.
Dr. L. If. Belswsill pit' s' eepio
ileue itsIssdias Sturda'ysts'isht itse-
terre html.Dl. e.lhaIsprcitsed medii-t i
celseis Indsias furseveres'' ari sts's in
a recorsd of isye r tseso psssiessts issune

st u .n is h og :Wlte ute s us
uts tdl tus tis de' iev th vssls1f uh
h M isills ' dram o l:-s suits
us Is' 'ts se aits :th u' np 5r o
's'siti an W'i ito)h V u e nlI(h si
X t th s ltst itis sh o p ts "itI
,vs sltheii us 4 oi C cr( "sh d, No
us esier. isis i i r(i 5is w i s~
gO no iar its W ld . iii
w li's: i stsnc o , I S I . e j
Sesta d nsusu al ,tusus 'clI er{>
sti 'uiu.ith 'sh''l ior ithe iiiii' Ii i s 5
u t ii i utloori 555ack. I i 'tutu u's i: ii
lit lii s imtit i s it' is'A, sui t -"4, i
its'e sills\t1iiii li' aim; l'-ard
'1x,1'' ttuAs' st, Hai ii luft s w's 1 -un
In n = S vr lvie st ihe - s it
Ind ab r it helisu campi ' utus 1u iissieprecd ta
slits's S~ Iats'svtusii \i s is i sute its aI's
helst Iisetto5c>1 tsuits' l s its lte. t
1' s ftii'' oor.iiiis \,)kk-i st hs e itself is
no it coits' ack. K)i'l i~i's
d iw istooccpy hesituA 'lit'Wan
slsissirt neii silo ti of ma~susisswsiihe im ise

Rumors Galore Are in Current
Circulation Concerning
Rums htsi Mislilchiigsanswill retlessti
tiv t Iceece'fosl, umsssthastimsltie
conereceis ilits lastllpg smmors
that a'sewstbodyh wsill isi'forsed'scost-
posd isth lie srnsgets of te es-
trtn thus'sesiis stwichs hsa'v'Itben as-
,iisutsly sirc'uslate'dsus sinete timse when
use Wos'lvrises witidsrews andsicaged
luhe iiet as blg eih hi'yibeoming
a rlanIssce, lusts'madesh eir annual
ra irs smit's. Circus'tan sces sare sh
i the satsleticiswordis issfall salthey
s'iiimt toic aslittles' mo re cancee of e-
:jingifas tan is usalt.
The srses'can ihe iis0 iidut that Miclhigas
is s tt'itto t'hedlt 'fooitblgames
usth ssivuserI eamtss, esiecially witb the
sluies. Thle 's''oivrisne sfficials ae
:iidi for5 a game writ 711innesot1)amsnd
are atprese'ts' aitsssinig a swe ssssrfrofmtt
the Gope cap. l. sissutcstis eually
deisulfmeetingp'Michiganm o the
-rildiro is i u sad htr tes' sill acett
scitferenc' eitutionis thilburnsigIses-
isnfts e ho iviusr. iTere isuitdousblt sial
the cofrec stlsIIse sis isoppose ts furtere
'si ilts' sts"Mi'tiga '5tttes butsju5st
whs atti'ssitudeit wi iikescntsslub e sie-
terine unt i titilistecemtber ;, thens te
rcsiakc t he cnssferencee
sisal>s will isiee ts i sticagso. tsts
1time'l thelut sithlisthslicsreatiosst-
il ' se-vde sclhc, s il Ibe sdetemsinse].
It is farisfrom cesittstit Isatsif tie cont-
iii u dosit rs i nst it bsov'ttitg rie
ii seitcrs thalits'i sitstshIwsill sicks hy
the boy I i; IiTeIsisophe sattfurther
grns wt llsiicidguipastdssar eelikely ts
vea e usisuc Ifighst either ts gel
sicia bi a i isck itotheoldfn horlpr'v'ent
;iv dscrmitionsthushtill itrfefre
wihthesir sched'ltis ing sga ee wills to
Thiss'ig' hiv" ieta wsicihbhas been
iosfsquets ily' sggessedl is a solustio of
this sisitlt; is ithat C.hcago, Mitnessta,
\\ tush , ndIlinisushotilsthIunie
wiish Aic uhiganstsisn fosrmingsspa esw'bosy.
hits'. u usshfrieeesot Intowast, ltndianas
Nrl(se 'stadiurduss'hse, a'nsd te
chane'sos'xcutisn asnysch pasisssare
tus.h(iiiatg'ssattitsde s eipressel bs
tagistuathpresesnt arransgemsssssIssre
ntirelsaiitt' ss's;tisfacto ssasdtha 'iiehigans
is lint missenor ssie lrereturnstdesired.
shct; ill ansitsc1ertainly stiek by
stditnitsnditu rduehs' hsichs havse always
Is.er ir hre possibililiie that a
'nlcctill cicverevosttill lbe mt-
'sMby iussstltsn'dsl ilitoisisto se-
ure ucw srsusspvestssof ssso e kinds
thuts silliperuss'mist'fe siophers t schedusle
apfotbslss'e ish ich liligssaisnd11l-
nstousarrangse sa issseiall series. is is
sls posilte tastsMichigansss say'bemeire
usss hudto ler sr sattitudse stfcientlyt
us rejosinsshesetrr asks if sproser mn-
disueme'n ts itss' offeresd.
5;yracuse altmnis instNess' F'srk city
usr oriinrss sg.

Friday, Next Admission $1.00 or Better Yet the Re-
SO USA'Smaining Six Numbers at $2.00 with
so u the probability of

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