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November 03, 1910 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1910-11-03

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The MichiganDaily

Vol. XXI.

Eleven Made Six Touchdowns
in Last Night's Scrimmage
With the Scrubs
Cotiing-iing'its el C(coarseof (de(I
ran oer il((scru((s an(1frsl((((Cn
scrimmage(0 dr(ill We'dnesday 0eCenig.
Six tochown( rcI(l(( oCCC nted(( by 'teC
regulars (luring theC Iour(they(orkedOC~
Despt hetgoCod((sizedhscoe, (thC
clochl was not( entirety satisfied. ''le(
eleven is (working wellI, 1(u(1is failing tl
weekI. The team d (isla((cd .amle(( Co1((er
and srengh, however(O, (and(1co((1nues5 to
show 5'itelf 1a01sp lei agregain. Yos
everlI((1i(gll at1itunil th(ey are rea1(1
for hco'phersCO.
NIo furher shift has beeII ((ad1in
the regul1r0linup.((All ((((11C of 11e
players whoI were not((11 pikdlto start
aginst 5Sy''(cuse h,(ad a hanc y01(C-I
lay. 1Clark, 1IlorlCll, and lDanils play-
ed 01t(lhe (1(1d(posiinsid( 1(11awtn had(1(
a chance (at gard. 1Piard ws allowd
to p1l1t(1(0 Vasi f1(10a(pa(r01o(Ifheh
cont(es le1Platengill and fGren (w001
VKTFRANI 0(1001(00(0(R1RWHT-00 02,0.
The light 1betweenl ((Green(1(and f1Pat I
gillfor th honor o(Ifilling the righ
halfbacpoinro m (((01lC((ies ((1 le a
(((0ry0 on1. Greo, ((111o1did 1(1spleni
thel1openggmeso was 1haniape 1,Y
injuries as1( ee11 eses lowed1 1(u0( p hs
(1101 (o ((1011an exten (1ha11Patengill
Gree( isespei 1(0 pwerfl Ca anof-(S
fensivlayer. 1(10 is(1speed1andodgn
carry1'theoval1 oble atengill 11
lighter and01h1(0(1(11haI (r0e11s bck
lild eprec, ei lipey layer11((
111111a1p(ow11r0il theinererenc. I is
a(s a defens(ive 1player,. howver, (that1he
shines m(1st1 brillatl. A.dealy tls alk
or lall a surehandlrofo 1icks11i1 seCems
sarcely ossbe htl(lo he(11110 01110lft out
of theC lineu nirelye0(11f1r001oe
gCI (anotherchanc1e11(0 tile(10 ackibeld.
1(10Clark is 'loher man (0h0sCpres-
ecelOCon (1(e suadl makeIlIs the presentl
009111(101 11100e(1111 o(f (11010johs (1and
give st50 op(((((tun((((y101(10furheCr
canllges if t(lybe 1(f1und11neceCssary.
While (110 big westernr( wa(sCed(at
full lasIeaoCn,1, (11000e 101111s ll
chanIc for 1(i111(11re0this year with
'Thomson travCe1(119a11pesnt( s(eCd.
IC has been drl~illd 11a01111 s111e0lie
joinedll the (squad1 (an(1has (done0 bCel ll
(he new po1(siion1. If furherochangs
are made~l in the forward walll, Clark
11ay15tae theCplalIc of kdanind((1s or
WellIs, shouldool 0(f t(lse vol '0(1(5h1
neeec~l~ loso the(lcentellr.
010109 DAME11 '0101.910 (ON .01.9 'TOMORROW1.
Tickets for to week-nd9ga1me0with
I,onglnan's 11111115s(ill b1(0 IIIdlon 01sle
at heo (ffce(f IthC AhIleic (a5sciati(1n

oil Fridaynmorning. No souls 11111 1(
resere n r i'l011 (ce10o(f 0adm(ission115will
he o 5Ocnts, as5 at1(the earlier gameIs (If
the season1. The 9gener1(alldission lick-
ets are being (p(t1 011sale ao'(1(1idlco1-
gestionl about the ticketCindo1w((s0at(
Ferry Sid 0onSaturday (11(1ernoon.
Reservseats0((1for the game111(with h
Quakoers 01 Philade~lphia on Novombelr
I2 (100 also bwing slol 01 the (associat(ion
011f100. The(pric of these seatls, which
(100 choiceoneIls inl(10helcterIf (11e
filIs $2.00.
511151091110(IPI' 1("'00 0.019E,011011 9(1.
X41111100111(1il utn~s of 11(e Athletic
assoc1iation a(re now beIlin~gdlivered to((
those 1w1(11did 1111ot rcive(110(11at1the
time1 they pu~rcha~sedltheir t(clets. Those
who are entitledl to the sml~l sp5Jiked'
shoe (1(101havo' not yet sOcureCdl ((011,
Junior lHonorary Society Receives
Eleven Men
acro'1ss (ho Nile and dep100ostedin 1110
Pyramiods yesterdayl at1 (110annual fall
tlhe junior ' literary 11((1(0(10ry (0soit.
'Ihosoe 1aki1n1(9their init(1al1journe1101(0ere
(Billieo" Restrick, "Corko" Riordan1(,
-"11( B logle, "Brown ie~ 0110er10,
..Monk1" looro, ('110111"1Go(o(,1"har11
Abrwams, .''Milch" 511(1(01lloRex-lol-
1111s, 1hairy (0(11, andl"Car" Carpel1
'The successfu1l 0colusion of lbhe1jo1r-
Un11(11, (a1 1011i11 toefolloowill" 1 1111(0
Sphinx ....... \"lu 1111 \lMurph1y5
Sphinx 011(1 listl'. . . .. . .. .
....... rof1. Clando 1I. Va'lI '110
\Vhen I ws a (Sphinx...lf,'o'A'o WIlo'
... . . .. . .P o . J. A. C.. 111111(0
T1hrough the Pyramllidls.Bill" Restriclo
1Io,'R FR '(XCI NIltdS 51(1 I 1(11(
T1llS YEAR 'IIAX 9(k19(99 [AS'TP.
1F11(01enro(llment1(fig91e00of(1t(1(0 0(19
ol'lllodeartentshow a decreao,'( o f
fifty' fromloast1 0ea0. The freshman
class, howesor, is laroger (1h(a1(11(t1of
1(a11 y0(10, (11111(110f1l111ngoff SesC1 t o 1(e
in the01(s1o1(h(0ore clss. 00er501 (If (ho
second111yea'r0 11011faileo (0 tu(r101t10the
departmento1(lthis fall.
"beosidestecese11 100(0'in (110 11(1111-
111(100class, (there' 5is anlor rea(son1lfor
theC fallin1g9(1f," saidl1)0011Cooley
(If bulletns(1(a1'd0w1(1111uld lt send th11011
the1011 enrollentin tefreshman 01(100s5was
a1 hundrel less than th(1(0y'0(10b(01(10.
Since that (1me1theItot(((01registrationllhas

Elocutionist, Lately Returned
From Trip Around World,
Here Tomorrow
Pof.Robert 1. Fl~uton, of Ohio \Vos-
Ieyall Un1iv'ersity, will (1e115Cr (a lprog'ram
of m1100iscllnous(1 readings119 i11Sarah
C'aswell .An1el11hall (omorrow even1i1ng.
As all1el'cutonist15, P0111. 1F(1(0111
(5011 111n11wnhe', having appeared sev00-
eral (111105 hefore .A1n11Arbor (auiecesO'.
He has re'01(cet (llyom ltda (t(((I'l
(he o' ld (( du'r11 ing.whichl ho'llecedin
loxt blobs 0oneoutioln((sedlat Michi-
'The read1ing5 s'ill legin atl8:1;.
I-fldero'If O ratorlassociation1ll1tickets
(1111 be adm11ittedlfroo. The~se(ickels
mar1 ibe(purchased(1at1 (110door for $10.o
F_95411(5 WORK~lS 010F.ART(TO
.91lf R\ N (XIIN191915' ' W51° ,5.
'ThaI (he .studnts in 11eng1ineer'ing( may
not be compelled( (0to(/0'aze a lam 1wa1l
((0 a few sc(intific 1pict11es (an11 (1raw-
ings5, Ith(e10(1pa1r((m'ltI of ar'chiotecturewill
1fa(11(1s workls (If at(ll th hallsb(and
cls oo ms11(o1f,1thoeCengineering build-
from(11It(aly (11111 eOpt10'nttheb'finlest
wo0110ill (1(m oen lphotographI~y. Instead1(
ountry11'a(1101is (110 worel of (a fambous
"The' pill(curs (arC the heginning (If (a
i5cllcin tha(0will heboth"beautiul1Cand
in(t0011,veho eyo dy said lll(100 1000050'
cured1. '"Pr1inilyth(100a(CO intended fo11(
11s0 in1 11119i11 1th (ICstudns 1in (1011(0-
blrC 1110(1s in d1esign, 1(u1t00w111(10((tha
thI-w il be111 e~j((oedbyeh ryCoCC ne~. 550
111(01111t(0add to(110 group fr101(11t(1110't(
time untbibl111'eo'(gineeroinlg 111111011190(n1
loins re'roctions1111 or01'photoIIgraphs15 (f
1111 tIC greatest 1lwors(1of (aCl in1 (11

FHIRST TRYO)~t'S I111(I1,(1)1z
PrliiarCy1tryts (or'he nI ul I'ESIGA IO
Anlgell hall. A nub erll o (fasi nt re
spond1ed to the cfor 10n0estants1and Bowman Asks Student Council
11o0r0 (ar'0 e'xpecd at lb'e (1(0(111 111s
afternoon..Althou (gh h la(10-blvbi~cll lnt to Air Charges of Election
wil1 (110e01 (heo' uc(It'5in, 011s1(01t(0dI-Irregularities
'Within tno wees otoS her((IItryout (will MANY DESIRE TO VOTE AGAIN
be hold, (a1 1011101 t((10c(' tesl ants(, l'. lb ____
0011(1r sloe assigned1 sel'c'ion . \lea1(1

wohile, (toe (play 101111h110'beon cosen10
and(I it is pobIleCthal 1he1seleti'o( s111w1ill
bC takell froml it. This 1w1ll 1ive0 1h(
direcor a ' 1 betterch0111(11'to judge0the
work1 in selecting(the011s1.

Prof. Patterson Described Swiss
Proll. (G. I.11. PateronII addressed h(1
large'opb'bilng (meet'ng19of(1the(05(1(1(1(1
Inlstitutlol etO101rical I'F((1(10 OCo 1,01s
light, em (ho' subje't, ''.lo((1(tain Rail-
r0(a110ill Switzerlandl."
''Ilnt(11(s1t1with (1(0 9(110110111(0' ho
tro r'oadsl," saill Prof. Pt'Itero,(h
Swsiss Crailwa'ys a111 (10'all(1a111r(1a10ng
currentII, (the(11000 phase15motors(M1n1 ;
115011oi ldescents."Ptol. 1(Patteson1(11-
coveredtha(11(1a11111o'f(the((Cr(ills I 11(
9010n1(100ack (to ((50 ((1e1of .'team,.1and1ho
was m11u11101(1itappointed 11(11 ((((a(f1. i-
110 11(10 bee o n 11 by a steam 111 )-
thle N1ew'jullgf Ill , h statedtht h
steep1 (gr1adls lhave(madeoitI (('('1' II t(C
use1 ((1 elcrio l eator 1(1 for the'last
Prof. Pltters1101(11t theloreign(0(tra1(n
11111011 o re1(dependa('ble and pr( 11 ipt
C.of C. ArC. M loeNd91) ile 11th Il
Ilttte 0o(1 Ectr11ca01(00 ( '.01001of
and urged al'vs'udents' n h ('ios depart-
1110 ( t (51 1((joitn.n'. oib C
C000C11010 .N C. C's. IO O
StRaINglor,(1 (Il'(11100 I((1 ODA"
1011111 embterI 12,b willtb e r'bl t his after
ttte. Sevenll111011whll50110, sen. As10
Uci f.their 1C . C .5101C(. 110''s.('
team,1005(Ifhowsexpecte tVoboone 1.Of1
the soglmenlP11 lthsyaiow '11(0
(lfl kherace'th a wbsraiedale. il
st1,i CE to Aoll D'Ois 0(lllA91111100'. n1,ll1?N
givendayoh vningoir hlllste7periences
anilo sraiosai.nttnpe

Clo1-1('s 11Bomn,(np'esiden~t of (toe
class eectionheld1lst(Satrday. ta
sadta1 ewne the ma ((lbbtOtofirt-
'man wa( tefisadi. olfar teonlyo
(he o so.( ro.1( ( L0(( l~bod, chairmanooft
normall have'harg 0oobthe mtter, has
tnl i MCr tolth lStudentCotucil.
h hreqestwilhe brough~t up at (1(e
incctin oh h tdn oni ob
Ii f alliii et9'((on ((to do' 'lectibn is
actio (1 1everpee I'lle. 'There' love
I 00(10 (11' Year,, a d oen1tim's a groat
lhle .11(1 IIS'. bs()((Id ith~out 111fi0ia1
Caps o Oi((i((i is greatly(1stirredtiup
m-cr the 'p 0(1ti Iof ((10' e lionl n d 11(te
0 ((1(010opinionbis that'the'whobe affair
'etii (10(1 a new 'lecotion l whtich will
1)l"h'1,1 (CII ''O1 I l1AR
PRO11.' 991'Nt 1,5' '(01(11IT.
be h ld ll'' oh boo' I ('(bal(Ib' 11(1his
001(1(1i1 te irs1o aseriesofIf ive
1(1 v<atemg ha ill(aloe place
duhn the rea. Th 10111llto abutsi-
Prf R . Is9199ooleon 011"''he .Assimilal-
tohn 0(0 Ne ooooolleg.'' Alter (toe
'Iheo bolb includes11'al15students5 in (toe
mtivesity ho ac ((taing ost-gradu~l-
1o5(roo'()1-(boll;''res1 idence'ioo 11'th u iv'e'r'
si0(1 aferreevig birs.t (d0gr00is
I og orl membership.1(1
''ThooeCcare0algreat 111011' (1000 10ew
(1(0( thanooousualoh said1 Presidentl 99. 99
'ileatoor lboo gt,9(1 bl(1ho (100 akittg
9CIoIuatlOll wok his lbe(C.'T'ey' are all
urged o com to thse tmetinsas
they0ofer1a god oppotuitty fob got-
(1(19 acqual~inted( oooo finding out11jutt
-.V. . 0(0 IIN00 '(((I'l' '((IIFO ('900 (l AMY'.
.A hoarvest. ( reunon en .(~'t -Mtichiganl
",tine ll 0(m1mee(11(9'illbe tohebl by
t(bo ,rt of Mihga~n(Goadutates'
clubof ew Yrk n nxt Friday. At
ths a (1ci(1 icsl'.forIth' Pennsyl-
va'''1-am 1wl 'bedtihbted atnld(te
(1(01 1'. ntsof 1110 1a1g90NowVYok
dlbgaot'on t(001t11w1illt'ndbthe name10willI
beo Comp((loteod.


1(001 01(1(11ttoe(11(1. The teh1100cIIIs- GFsi .tz .vz. .
oes woo l' at t(1(he (time(If tis Ic- lntproo o'mnts ill telbraarr(te fast
crease5an'to~l1w (halt tey'gradutedll t ne(ari0ng9(comp(letion~,'Thte oolltttgttage
((10100 111e 1(1o1tallnolbbllmet ta little CoIomII on t'seconbo~ lor is (1100(1115iii
smatllerC."'polssessio(((((f (toe increasedblibrary staff,
and1 te 0r1111m(abo 1110t111(1(1nCreading
('ION(01(0.('11-R 'gllpis 10'91T.0)' 00 IA 1 C((room. ,Lrge alIcoves, sttcht as te Eu-
111 spite (If (th' wea(ther, the "Crimbon ginleering lbrSary tas, 11(10 been placood
Choest" posters intter'ol's w5indowbs' (rews'al1(0(9 110ewhserng gallery). 'iThese
aItig crowdlall 5'esterday5'((11t01(1(11. stallIs will mneo lace11(0for 1(v00 (0,000
Placedl in the ceer reC twcbpes1( 00110(f volumes10. irctly)'v0000tde oldb stacko
Jamets (1. 'Vleiers' prize' winning1('drawb- roo,(0 space(110is 1(e111g cleredb1(1r1two
ink. Otto is a blck ((11dwhtite sketchl, 110w'tieos If stackls. Stairs will beto(ll
the oherb te coloreoob lster. (On either 11 thoght 501t(lttboks 111nItese utper
51110 a00 placedlthbie posters0 91v011seonbflbtoos may5'be reotchtotIfromlothose' 11-
plaice and1 hboborble mtllionl. 1(1ow.

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