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May 31, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-31

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VOL.. 1.-No. 172.
The U. of M. Team is Detained by a
Railroad Wreck, end 0. A. C.
Plays Cornell in Her Stead.

I Republican Club Election. j 'VARSITY FIELD DAY.
The law boilding on Saturday A Trifle Slow-The Athletes that
night was the scene of a lively meet- Took the Medals. 1
ig.The seating capacity was tfob lle annual'V.arsity lielil Da>
smiall to accomoiodate the oumbers was heldSaturday ifteriiooo on thIe~

Wht a atiiatd son f liprset. A ewsresidlen-t 1or the
the rest letter days iin the U fd's nunI ya a't eeece.I
iieiocreasfitrsit PIoidience 1Ii E. F. Johsonan'sui ar 1
ilealt very I ll sisiths us ia s far s Prsnswee oiminated 1 .Pr
the seatlsvr awas concrnediit sitdaisn a elrdteiaimo
crowc sivd he iii viyids ch icue oaf r-estuoisted i I:t
selio udotisiaIs isilntiwnsi peechi.c
to the galble at troiii.iiAt thle last I -isX i Is sl
nisnint,~ifee'slii iin~hiii i fu.I lf~aes a ni.l isi aclr~lntoi
fact, tht icigan'sii siiall bhut al'itt 1 ioeetuig siftoutrnest iiii ateisl
iportanat contingeni tiasdelaiyedtI torthflucariate suitd leadstiofi
Iv a sireck tossnain Ohlio . Isag flu.art. heclu i a iting
iificent crisiwilisas in attendaiice tI tia rations to ratifytyhfu.nomltina-
isposi the '-ame. Thle seating caspa- tion of the canidtiae for tpresident
city of the D.IAX C.girosinils5wiaswhen the cinventions oeetsasitMiii-
taxed far bevoisi its limiit, the naols next wveek.
great crowsswas-rmongosit into -sduit -
comiplete1 sirrssing the fieli. tt S. L. A. Election.
only lacked flu. one e~ssiential etc I tie adjourned meetiing of the S.
usentfti cliaitse it insitothe must in-L.A. swas lielilSatstrdays-ningil
tensey enthsiassts iscdsiifify ftran- fi lihe electiois if the resmaaiing
tic cioiwitof hbiie-ball centhsusiasts i on~tces

oews'AthlifcFielid. It sa stritle
Sslowsin ttacius fisssiii sthtshtse sif
presinus years. Thec large t-riisss,
the sent ips cisilsiaiss, andti heli.


sisislls andi su tttills ts were ii
raIthcr tfsiii1- sitfthe l li It Nsill r:
fl.aie-Sisns 1. n )oF155lk~
Iu iii i ntiser-cut Ic-'i-it-- isi t sit lex
toMaei.-s i i -l -y htits
Shul iiiiiiifiiberifsitIsilts
ithltetes 55551sfo Irg.-Te- ).A.
ft. seiints l)fosur men, flu.itA. .
three, sait the (GrsitdlRapsids Athi-
tetic Cluiihone rrsntive. f1
The Irilliant ssort: sit insisn,
Grogtian atadIittartinsait tfhe all
arouosd siorb of IDe Pontt deseirye
spaectal umention. - Isits of tlhese isetn
gathieredt intshlree es-lit uedlals,
siile lie 'Ponftesool: usevierallsecotnd
filice:l hestdes.
the orider of es-cnts -sni the Ni i-
oers are as follos


tie globse. -Its-seimiitaai asi-downi-t
in io b feisuassit s Is-sditichk.
Costdi,ntho ws in s ithesbx fisr If.
A.- C., hai lreatytpits chstitdatsigatise
int he fosrenoandst it seon hecamuse f
evistesit that liiscotsves lackedt in
stied1. Prisit, for Cosriaell, pitched
a gosod gamtebarrting thi. first inning,
swhentihIis swildisess, andu a fortis-
ate hbutchita of lhits,1). .C.
seetmedl to laave clinchedt the gaute. j
Whsen Codld step-ped utp tis the late
in thse first ttnniiag lie wsas girds atsi
ovatiosn hy the Mihitigatan-ets,si-lo
still tans- a sis-itt recollection of the
recet tVale gamne. In thne secioisd
Coriseil ties the score. Withs ihe
hases filled, Toswle tlansts a hit safly-
in center, and two Cosrnell imeis
cross fl-e ilate. Ins the fourth fat-
lagher niakes a Itonte ron hit into
sleep center, and D. A. C. again
takes the lead. Cornell tpounds the
ball hard in the fifth, and by running
in four scores, seciures a wincing
lead. tonttne seventh, Codd, byone
of hi s opportune hits drives in the
last run of the game, and leaves the
score 7 to 5 to Cornell's favor. The
score by innings is as follows:
D. A. C - a3 a 0 1 0 0 1 00-5
-cornell------ t 152 0 04 05050*-7-
Ninety-four lit will play the High
School Thursday afternoon in the
inter-class series.

No is slitly ivissexpserienscedlfinf too yardt dashs--«-'on bly KCsIIS1)"
the etectisons, is sias anticitfsedl, antt isme to a ,- t ;s econsid Iiuer.
fthe hest s-f fceetiig res-at test oil allf220 yardits <55f iilibfy II tinter,
siles. ft iteret-refpropossriotallty tttii. 2z isi v s cossIt li7st'ei 440
distsrtbuted ataotag the siffereistste- yatris dash-Von01 bsylDinsotntisse
plartmetats, us -scs- defpartusre being f6a I-a sec;siecotai, Xac'iuan.hifo
taksets,ins electiing co-edl s .thse yrstins n iKoia n i santsit-si
board. 1Eloitnent spaeechses ti-rea2ta-ints t2-5 sec; second, Nisclsi--
made ladatory of Ilse younsg ladies, snia sdMie rn-'iott by Li seaa,
wh-licha sad a telling effect titota the tint. 5 nun 20 2-5 see, secontd,
aouditors. Nicholson. 300 yards idashl, ltatdi-
'TheIpersonntel of fth oaint is as capa-Vion. by Jacktman, Ait. A. A.,
folloivs: U. F. Bickley, laiv'g~ lilmc 35 icc; seconad, Macguga Ti.to
recoriding sec't'; C. L,.Tomsas, lit yards hurdle race-Vont by Thrall,
9g3, sice-president; C.IV. Ricketts, D. A. C., T5 4-5 icc; secoistl luf-
lit '92, correspoonling ie'ct';J.E field, I). A. C. Two utile bicycle
Robserts, las-'94,freasuter; H.N. race-iVon by Parmaelee, tin-e int
IGCoddard, lit' g3 assistant treasurer; To sec; second, Hamsni. Stanidine
Blertha 1B. Scirns, lit '9,' Lucy E. broad jump-W~on lby AIiartin, no ft
T1extor, lit '94, H. Hf.ILoveland, / in; secoitd, Dupont. hole vault-
medic '94 directors. iWon Is> Hurley, MI. A. A., 1 ft 7Y-
in; Hterring, D. A. C., second. 15o
James F. Burke leaves today for yards dash-Won lby Kenton, 1ff T-5
inneapolis. He will act as official sec; second, Burgess. Running high
stenographner for the Republican jump-iWon by Depont, 5ft; Bailey,
National Convention, and will have second. s,ooo yards run-Won with
six stenographers working under his handicap of fib yards, lime 2 min 33
supervision. Eli R. Sutton will ac- see; Jackman, M. A. A., second.
company Mr. Burke. Running broad junip-Won by Mar-
The appointments to Dr. Martin's tin at 19 ft so in; second, Eddy.
staff for next year are as follows: Putting shot-Won by Depont 31 ft;
C. N. Sowers, D. J. Moyer, Miss Leonard, second. 220 yards hurdle-
Stoner and Miss Wheeler for the Wnb eot ie 025sc
first semester. For the second Wnb eot ie 025se
semester:-Wm. Blair, H. E. Baright, second, Hunter. High kick-Won
Miss Cleveland and Miss Ingram. by Martin, 8 ft 3 in; second, De-

OF YOUR -s- --
rMailed to You '
Througha Your
i u 55.tuicuitofiFinst Plai
55 C
R.H. FYFE& &ajI1T1I~ lI'I
~thrnond Stratght Calt.
r umoleethanttnhle price
trush Cigarette-s wilt fiul
lThs hB ii superiris'
Tine Richmonsd Straight
Cul Ne. 1Cigarecttes aree made fromsthsiebright-
ast, most tdellcately flavuorel antd highest cuost
Goldt feat gron inVirgitna. Tuis s the Otd
and Origineal Brsand oti Streight Cut Cigarettes,
an asu arusght ot ayrs inn the rear 187x.
Beteare of imttnsand moebseeve itatithe
Sewm saanis Saluteis an eve rpackage.
Of ite Ameriean Teotacee Co..
Manfaetunrees, - - Richnmondri na.a
Isont. Midudle Wiinglit Wirestlng-
W~on by Dwiyer, of Grand Rapids,
n0 fall. IDecideil on poinats over
H-erring, D. A. C. Lights-eight
wsrestling-Drawv betiveens Drake and
'Te Republican Club nielts to-
morrow night in the law quiz room.
The entertainment given by the
Zulu prince last evening at the M.
E. Church was well attended. The
speaker was perfectly at homte on
the platform..- His feat of drinking
from a glass in spite' of six strong
men brought, down the house. The
entertainment was good.

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