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May 27, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-27

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NoL. IL.-NO. 170.

Iouts and a fly to Crawford. '"Doc'' ban ever before, ltowerniao caught


( OF YOUR -.
IITT~mn=7 7 7 rT)t'±T1

Some Inside Points on the Lehigh SpizerbaseonLall orcig Sheld
Came From the Daily Corres- Si r aeo al~ocnflilscatchei Crawford (id very qutick I z B
pondent. to second. Bfowermsan struck out. wsork at feft field. lrftcris playe
Robinson maea ht fig n nta aesld Mailed to You -
ft :r12ii ci ,Pa , aty 4 21e hfbrnig.ht-ai sldsteidy stork chai
Another glotioius victory scoied foi fithieltds and Spitzer. Crawford made 'icteristic of hinmseif.(Codd did fire-Thru NYou
the t.i, f l'd I ihe boyssgesirut iita fielder's choice, putting Robinson work n tiheliox. sitisants 1 I-iAP 7'E-
to the ganic this afteirnoois feeling out it seconil. Score two to inoths- chidi s xyellin"gi iwitit si-s ciinc ___________
cattier tiried out afteri two ha rd ing. 'thfiril inniiis-thae first tiwo allowiiig only fiiiii stfr hits to siirti Upon -
palaes ttieclay liefore anid ~I inggounudereil out. Bray pot tiaseoil a teami of sluggers. 'fle inifieldo PICEt APPLICA.TION.
froiis thiladlelpahia. l1efferis hail ba lls. Woodcock oaadle a hit tio ilayedl sorieitchtithe fielders bad'
colled wfthiousc of PciinityIiaiia'i Pearsonl. "loe'' threw wild tii little chalice iti listingtiid ihienm- I;1V p??ft'Iilnhutn hskneanLasigatfeislttn'pa n.C Skil e. :\ 5
severe laimeiness. White practicing prouiniiered out.(if tsar msits('oilldd LIS il'utrnutn 'tel it
biefotre the same palae, S"itsruey "ift proiiiaiereil out. Spisuiec tbase ioi The Yale Caine. ttiiitittitllti
htiieosIssliisbilitiiaballs i satcrffice lhit o f ri DETROIT, - - MSICH.
cisatelysaelled to tic ts size I'eairtots"rosusdered ut.oilsSi iir atoLiif irfulos
fitslot ll firs liiirli aiees hes I oit frtsh andsiafltshI iig55 in" tete' aiiwis isreceivev lalstniaihls:
minn pui tap e 1t sortlinis ly fineii lii Is hail ii ssIipii a etb t " w II r is C vnnos VIi is ligata
"amscsichlgtana surely ileseris cwetrc not cequal to fteci I nst<iiacc s.in o '1ara trsc ai
titucs isitaise fiii tthis vstfory clhIniathy tourthflaShiilshit site aainsisdl chaisedl 'ittcher C aie for their
fiat in" beicaten[ of . .tiwoostl iof t lte uloeel Iusenatos osci t h it ctpi
three 't iks. 'tficir re~islaristtchrllitsuc t ii ritsssisaI iaeliaef l itiii aie
Deesec flayet ht fieilil aitif Itay1 fioter liitiingus"in tiwo ritis.Stirike ouits Ciii Cae osw-
iss in isthe sos. lsrsrlssiis narly Whfifsnnmtirfytc i l'r~ aisIill~lottletts on it tthle LatestMetoitan iitStrict
fil i rtI is' its1flir stll s sa Isiss insstssborse otta blk 1 ansdltheic ret?' Case .I is tsrhists, oil Cordrintttshtiest ttsoinstos$1a tpairletsltthanAttn Arbotr
ifcIarsslto ase rorthatsinst C ratsfordi lt fit. p, lowss ci , ase al ade ticsren oCtalget
iii 1510 I t~sshI "oddtgroundesrerlout.1ntIsthirisitf istsrunini eairisof ftrsit and secondstitsni"x{i
i.si tstta Sometcof ftirelaest, in- 'if H'IF fYfF I I&.5o ,
hoistgthectin lteevIysus~per- t're ssi "rSritisil es r tic at11s ls tan''111d0h. ~tl
Oni usefr silt. 'iWe passed ia IIt lu sils cli RESIGNATION OF PRES BURKE. l ?il'iOfld Str igj t Qut.
futteral procesfs i iwile onsfl t isit tfrway uuui it)u tyitiss ialsssi
to a'sluelli i di iceclar aftins' tlesecotdt. ,Woodicock proututerevl W. II.0lnttsets.it CIGAR ETTES.
Litt )Pulsrliusatr sfllrlr' cltice Sectrtt of5. Sctiiitttttr itii'
swas imseiatelyt afloat thtiwise wislouuvft. Sit mdeafildrtihocee rcilirti So es h
inn rbor Mic. areNviiing t ny a ltilte
butvfiilviito tBiahe assoust. 'etrikins .ifc t)I.riieis c r tttinte iwltv
lose flit first (gaule. 'iVe lost theuc f -,-cht gedtrisItthelitr tt t>it-
c-ue abatelist bininis"its lray "I- '-ien lece Pidtil o f {lz. tdigaeeswiltl1itt,:
gamse. t'oiiay a hearsepisete lcaI y Z:)ret cvi ci ilts litNDisupterior tv
aindt utbt ritoshcsv nIscasiiasihie tiRee madite a lifttheAsircuiCle aie~s e/' liitoters
aaiviabiitts"Iwast-uooneikesrCreaituaesthset ofiericn. ttfb c it ilefsrc teat T'hue ItRiaod Straight
;a d- - lofl etii. Ie~m nCt tho. (igtuettes are ttttde trttttthe bright-
swonsthepanae. ,At onse othser lintsru us1tali"leb5lit anduties otissue ofsficthuill beqsiveiasstts tgtttateliu t italts ant igarstcost
l sruc ou. Ull~lir flt ad ott ld eafgoinsVirgintittThtis is te Ott
lits flue forenUos n ic e of theur sJ m c itta _)lalb be ( n rgia rn f tagtCt iaets
weeou at sigadil i s atelle grounideredl out. Iin this 'desvotetotIPepuublicanuspartyrswtsk, lietwas rougttstoatuttast tin theyeisltii it
ivr utprueteisg ci stta rteloisits mu itatos, asndosie rett the
heard froststhenm shic rhi ii t u ut jt iliBowermasnisIsadetvistneticre. ansdlasthue ftresscheisv of theUr .of fisv amashN&belowistn evrtahge
of te cr, Sheldsmad a on-hit o :etrkin yI eIllb tofte Amertean Totbacc-ot Co..
all ftseitthser occupanluts o let 'Sseilpsau itihtiiI'tikt.I.Rivblicani ,lh e larwest t anttiaettema - ichtttndtt iegitia.
incluvding "'joits,''the co. li!Shillzer groundceredI out.hBowvermnaasdcub intshle UntievhStates to thay, JAPL-ESU
olvi maunihadihacked nhstotfieL elihi sdelstschsoe citi. ,should be vested iln onehi~s sin ~ J'
riser batik to unload ashes but lie inson "ained first by an error to positioni t0 oete tmrtuie 1o itt ALSO 'BLS HALE AND II GAOOAO - CuS
backed too far and d toivithicbahi kE right field. Crawford mladlea iiit insiortanst labors fluait the wtriter, ot tl tet

for forty feet scent the horse and ivwhichi let Bsowtermnt score. Cocd
cart eacbtaiantg turn its beitng on smad e a fielder's choice putting
thse top side. In order to fish flue Crawiford out. Lehigh's future
horse out safely the boys did lots of scoring ivas a series ouf large o's.
advising which was quite exaspera- M~ichigant did riot score in the
flog to the loser. Strawberries were seventh. Spurney out to short stops.
served for dinner, and linac spent ini jeffernt groundered ont and Ptearson
talking and the genie called at 4:05. struck out. In the eighth inning
Bray fooled out to Jefleris, Wood- the yellow and blne gained six runs.
cock to first on Codds error. Dash- Shields, Spitzer, Bowermans, Robin-
iell and Petrikin gronnded out from s0on, Crawford, Codd. Spurney and
Codd and Spitzer to Jefferis. Craw- fJefferis made base hits. Spizer
ford made a hit, Codd fouled out flied out at centre and and Shields
and Crawford was caught at first. out to the pitcher. Score 112 to 4.
Spurney base on halls and Jefferis Individual playing for every Michi-
struck out. In the next inning gan man was excellent. Spurney
three straight goose eggs, two strike and Spizer covered more ground

Ibeg leave to tender tnsy resignation
as Ptresident itf said Club, to take
effect on flue first day of June, t892,
iwhen I shall heave for Minineapolis.
Please hive notice inmnediately that
a mseeting of the club still be hseld
on Saturday evening at 8i o'clock
for the purpose of electing my suc-
Very Sincerely, Yours,
Detroit and Toledo wheelmen
will run down to Ann Arbor Sun-
day, and go to Detroit Monday,
with a large number of Ann Arbor
cycders to take in the game.

Thte proset at preset is thattour
teami returining victorious from the cant
sitl win thte Cisrnell gameune ay3'0il.
'The Golden Eagle ClthlingC(o., t9ll
Woodwsasrd asenue, 1)etrotit, desiring
a victory for the U. of M. ninae, asind
recognizing that it still dlependl a greist
deal on the entthusisistic support of
their fellow students, has ifted tip
headquarters for the receptioli of all L;.
of M. studtenits, so that by makingthieir
stay in Detroit as agreeable ats possible
a large number may be iniduced to eonme.
At these headquarters all students will
be kindly takens care of, their parcels
looked after while they are at the game,
and if jauyone should desire to make'a
purchase of $10'or over, the cost of his
round trip ticket to Detroit and admis-
sion to the game will be refunded.
Hundreds of the best ' students in thle
U.: of M. are wearing suits made by
this firm.

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