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May 26, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-26

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Lectture by Prof. Scott~
__I Hitherto the great obstacle at tte Rak t
Pubishite Daily (Sandays ecepted) dring University of Mlichigan in the way of ~t~1
theClte t ear, by thtorottgth scientific work its any ine Saldngs ihtakets atd a Complete Lne of SortitgGods-
THE U. OF M, INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION of art has heens te ack of the sworks Cl S NC M N
_____Of art. At last, hoswever, the Art "
sustripiotnarice s.sipery ear, Invariabty Fossil that has so long ben an in- Wholesale and Ietail Agents for Michigan.
in dan~r Singlt-epitec5 cents. ott sale at
ktlleh ansandassea osicse sews stand t r2sfat is etitnrd to take -a loton.
ncit i,ntttttt Susctriptions tay tbe left t 131-of. F. X. (Scott who nust roi-
bhe Of1C te DAtOp tert asebine, at __ -- y _®
aceeer t t',stStotteta, oe sisithay as te pteteit sutchsa sucescsful coursesi ofI 5S1 F
Iiosleitures its the Univsit iy exension T~
Commnicaionsshoud sechtlithe osices by
s~loic it2 t ~ie ae t to teorte tn eat course sat Ietrottwilsdelivr a le- - ,mt t
lays Atolcisssntimtttlet ,eneto tipr btvi- sure its tniversisty H all, IFridaoy int h aaig rtt Albsns
ctt ncatititsholdttihte Sent ttie is- Ieceot; ulgi J1t1ed.T he tc tle t e trill [ti
eesca ionars. incittie siore artil it Ivr , I eonardlo fu eatet a n rilN t.t
THlE U. of MS. DAILY, aVniadM calA gl, 'tii ,+y t 3 fmnstp er7nls hr i;i '
Ann Attot. Mich.ints, il-is- 1;sisi atist Ni tisabuding ,larstills
I 50 stereolsticor i ew s v to illustrate, - ,dares t ii tt iSI~os wl hr
EDITORS. }atid several stripasnirunitquse fcatiltres 52i .'sw'sek; stdetts assiedtoinPsitints.
tI Jass-sfri.,11t., fait gu 1-tilo.orr use coitttoue, aidsses tP1.(S.LS5.AR5,Presidsnt.
, tesats-ac k.Listi. 'i, A -si.t, that have nvto e ri v icit tc ii toit
y. r sois-iT, 5.-5,o.n si- 'lihe poslcv boefloet. al'T'erestllal-,itti ,NN t ,an.LtYour Summer Vacation PyNxtYasExpenses.
1( T so-r ito. 5 lnn . c itot itoct.
ii. 5. wi uturviii,1 iii. sti.i-i-.print. types pu1)11 tii exhiblitiont ini tech li
iiiw.JIisiai-'tltutttA---i-ioit.u " 1as the - loi~silly ot ll Ithose to ISBYTARING AN AGENCY' FOR
ii. ris itits-ti,- i.t
0 . i[rdtrris-i i, c .5 itool the1elia-s Iiscetooaitly I"COM M ON SIE3NSE IN BUJSINTESS
05 . . i t~ad 5,r 1ii.'3 trite thai t sie octIe tlt oil rol-
C. .is.stosin ts sti FIrieeuse ieldlof sult sur ittM ATITIERS."
C, A. D ISvs . itii . soc
heso 1vs a-vt -5. ancsiiv liiienttart nst atitclatlt ollait-o
er Bo I li', ieaOt t t e l .oi .It - Csot brett
-Xi. c-V~tosst ic p sseliioiialls ltiaitoan nA llUfK 01,' 2itt ltA(i , 1OU I) I N CIOII.
- - - - --_ lrof-. Ssit. I -- - -Io . co t's'
ti soeasts-ro tci rd. toic I nisstu .t-Isspiiontt i h t ai th Se TELLS ALL ABOUT it -is----5 -Ist isss1s, tossw sp sioo t 55-n oesv, s-sis.
s-tscs.--.ssoice-sstts t r-steii ii-anit ots iits trt sio tao tsotiuo>ems, emploe osinloi,
it hs h heists esh sittd. y oshttihtltitttl ttriltthds oil ltpht ievasto.hessopo 5 oso; ticii5st ranee; fie issoinine ; isosso tell isssss io-saissi t tossto
tsaplly it is possile o i cits s r repu rsc- es-t sietiso lett-s isting: oeirzotootiEupi sy stilt uscsis sn c coossi-toot isriio-ub; oso asosi
shiciosu b\ o- soic Itcsloe rk;ulo fittlhe ntst ess iniato ts- sho t t oils intooitnstoir s slt -o t oel-t oss oso oe ht5 and5 i tot ts-s
h-toli\tsst iSit)\ W s ive y pos or tess .;ossi t.sii sssois-ts-;o-oen -. isssosraioisos~sioernistiSo sbodt rr,11
locs'7:1" tells sle siory lStseavo o l old a ters. ia)bessthed her--to cost iisi5 si oi os.ssiotsry . ot tit ioolsttO-i. is rof 0 10 o i cas- 5c
Ice t t- i- ojurut io hr lile less o lltlt~tie imsoos isi te sotiwdosotos 0silt hesoloii gg ts,.ir so l ~ ti 11(1s.1 o. sto ,,sssos not.li to s heto finertoo
I -oilgh i ouewh ile 'slidinog io homsts - usoosesotiters tho se s cCs Te
sti lvloouooostii tot uigi uinte seemts ri )e lfoy ust stuch a .u.ec OORHEES & RUDD, Blue Island, Ill.
list rin ustillsloe fith s is test in- oe srott- si}ol se, IToledo, Ann Arbor and North
riausliiyho-tio o ilii ieoplioho t nl~sot ail irs G ( P O'I ' 111F
a, il thciii's heoth ei oportunitly ANN l. ONEishi is N , . I Michigan Railway.
lot bcl cs c thec soitolcoh£uscle,11tol iitrl)-oitsTUESDAY EVENING, MAY 31 i Ikt tour (soolslit--iStotat t, .Arbo
hiss 'l i ts out ccii- outheills tr t i llso I
o tp tos htiril i lsto oe t cheoir e int i o thor 1 iti ty s.ri-
lossssctioic on'tthheiuS. I.. 'iA. hoo.1d t oosclt otostt'oi-t
'tue. ti iisssit'oloic IIIuc woi ucia a l es i ott her-s LIuO inI sito u/ 1 s see ieho Not 1. f" --ua ot asulrc A.reos o aiS itsul.
hissrstyshuricoe t p in o h(Pell.1"ViStout ha-c i sc - i si s.s
attendahlistleccrisec ebert t h ie 01D i-i.i - IuS OW, y lan i so so o 1, - lsh 10, s- a - i-tps.
tlhost flit ;cdisordeti thelocrouoilal I',jOto aactoene iolcds hosssont - 10 55 otot
obs,-l pllut otros acse, I 'itvesiy ItllaI, iriusy eenu - 'Sjllfi - sil Isthts lt Siut ni iud I t lutiven-soAut1os r -tvato
deterrsusieheirsii 7(0bsoflute nn'u'I heretItisue odsnly
arc alsou csop nsh stitof s't ngts ot isie jn-It l1soHC,~d tcoIu uulss 5ise
slosh~~~ ~~~ asIsnthscblcbiois s iSlll'5505 aOcis.;2 personts, f71 cs - du t t ,ses uitowl . I( fier is AlTrnScuDahil s-sos-st Ssuda .
psccusnis ncrts'. -e1 r ots oni 'tle os , ~ilhhusuerioossi v stssts'sur S.S.htPiiNS-liO
,>r orese \ ithm:c hcrtthsy Ni yeii- t th eve Gei5 ~s. StasAet .- t. L ol Aent.
us urtoi 15 - i r S book store, satestreet, andsl 1 hub hubs ltr ists
,+-- -
auaiusuosvitto' lcise BUSINESS LOCALS. Lpoimel hc
atrsndance at thus hecldh Satsirday. n - tnsttto insrteinis olu vsmn atouthrate re1 .4I i
V'arsity hirish hsy is ouan uoan n s u se t title, andthextrahlues sahshssapi nstb sat
th i. fee1_ _ao ote, adulthae itrctots basve LOSu.Saturdaboy ot Fiehld isp husihi
madeasrenauosoeforts'to bring Of ive keys.Retrtns too;AS1Sstte. Prices, 35, 50 and 75c
suits the best talent. 'sr. itpatriek ceosos tr~ 5 t r us t i esItiois
hai beesn reglarly iso attcenda nce, SoNihostI.s"t
ansd i is expetced that thes.mcin ssill Il order toenistle ssetogt.rout
give substantial1 tokens of their train- ands all work out torompty, yousaseeJ .Itso U OS
tug.Fous entiesare ussoed fontel rlestty requested to give sittinsg atSteSretror.
ing For etris re ookd fom yna llery dolngsthetspmosthsof MAY, Stte Sree Groers
the b-M.A .and competiionsill This is b)uuiorathand 'twill Ps-ve d P1om G I Student patronage especilly solicited.
'taitageouua to atll concerefd.e NO 2 W HURON ST. i 24 S. STAT:STEET..
be close. II.t hsANDAL.

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