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May 26, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-26

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VOL. IH.No. 169.
'The Concert Tomorrow Night Will
be One of the Finest Ever Given
in University Hell.

p~ecial sensation of the evening was I
causedt by the superb perforioance of
the young tbarttone,tHe inrich AMeyn,
wtioai the Orpheus Club are to bet

ll ector Byrlioz, suinetsims cle congratuiated on set-urine so eariy
the trench Beethisveaa, wa 'omen in Iis vcar erin this countr y-wsih
ansi ocupiedt a uiqufa position in is satrtlyvestiiied to tie a distinl
ttie ranks oftie mia iT itaiissfto gaiisticitone. Mr.Siteyncthas a nuobte
hare teft ttieirimsnprss upon the sit so1ev, iratettraioatie power, ad t
if music. Itteftaittanspeialtteainin"gmoodl netthod;thtieltiveirshits tinis!
towarits tarin" cominttlion, anhis iwitthiertaiinty, unitwitttianllft ivis
sicidimuaginaitiiiisled it Inio1ftntmesurs iht ttrillts ttie putsevs of his hear-i
mntos tie motst exa"'gecatedstnsuit-vs rs.tOne setltoimticars a batitour sii1
tracagaist firisis of txpsression. -lrsstroll;; soi nt eti ui otaiv
teniteincswas frouigtit afisuby us s is
iiost remsarabifefeelfng tilnthis tiairt iefollotting''regariii''Mrit
fiic orchiestralf cotor. hIs commadiChailes A. KnQiorr, te tenor soitoist,
of the resources of thle uortiestra is clipp~edt from the Cfiicago Times:
eintitles tfitotiithe first placet as I ' actisae cute hecars Mr. KItnorca
ma strc itt itsti inttitiitii e 1 plenit tenr1 itseems toti(,rots
ieg'enii of F ast rii istirs aitiutilirt rictir invt filliri-it icouilitnut bhr
tififitil titty for fits espeial ttgenius, tritr tthaniit tias atwas seti.rI iss
titd al thougft the lenditis not flt I"Fau fistii la s taniih t fid atvrbeen I
lisawedii accuateils e Chan" es wichificritablftto san),rcty 01 ass7-tiusI
fir made tiltaitt ill ii the isetionof atltic ansnation.
tils ii li isisitf ssti ~rlttit 41r. Joy tit a favosites isnter here
iftt ideautu Seonf te mstC efirasdutilsinil,'thefpart if fitanderi
'suilerit'il orstrasl coimbinatios !ve ry txcellenisysithfoust toutbt.
octr till ileat thy Salsie timte Theocesta stiffbesupirftasuit
still, is ftull of tersessss unitpaithits.ttis concer tstiff, sitaittcnidient,
Ih li ritutsken otieIs ofArueurbachs fira omagnificentt sutccess. IThish of
Klrc teforskentMirgaretthlestthe icresceniloi uf intensityitdicsateil
fatty rcvitin athe baks of tEe.I fbiyftthyhresworks iventuing itethe
the fantastic bloodt-ecdling Ridet to last three years, whlicht may be takents
tieith aeftf 'anvensssess s illustratinig oar nmusical adveancent,
all picturedt an faitfullyf ore g90, 'Light of Asia,'' '91, " Re-
faithfltly thsasn woaldl by I ilmptton,'''92,. 'Ilantttion ofit
possible in tvordls ticpigmsens FaIst.t
wchile in the fittal chsoruts the --
Apotheosis of Marguerita retveats a Hrad aeedBon
tndrer tindl biautiful coneetption f -Forthe beinefit of thtose twho tie-
IHeusen. A stork full of startlsilt"g sire to east tsp probabilities tee pub-t-
contrast, the D~amnsation of Iaustlitflsh the follotwing recorvd of the cona ocnrs sr ii it he em v

THURIISDAY, MAY 2('), 1892
Frinceton Wins the Gamze
PTteNc-A-rttN, N. J.,Mat- ;j
[Spiecial] .-rincetontwotiltfitlIf9
tt }. Il atteries -Robsinson ass
Bfowiermans, Drate stiltItisfiti itt.
Ifase sits-UV. of Al.sie;lsPice
tin, twcelve. StrutckostIl y Roibin-
sonl, three; fby iDrake, itse.l's itce
sits playedIexelfletisba1l11ichli"git
ralter 11001eti thsans tl ily.
lfsssecssass listsngsh~ etismself by
sireslitsgfoti sss Shields cmadift a
hotte rutstPearsonuianduhf oison
New Legal Fraternity.
'scigsan Chter of 01tine 1Delta
Chii l egalfrfcateritiy wscssuntg'
las ngt "Tere ace hut tivo
strictly legalf Iraterstitiensiin existesice,
list 1sl istelta ti 1DlfassClli.
IDelta his afltoughs csomparativelfy
ysitiss"n'055ssstrongisichaptters in

PRICE, Tuan; .+.CENTS.
Mailed to You n
{ Throtigh Your
Upon -
SLIST Il ~IKk~ t,
Alitatsi~nv'it- oftFinels stlstsi
- -- - iiteuts-ni ti-nttlu Luttst M~usuiiuwSrc

the finial one betiween Hell sitAi YALEI'S RECORDl.
Heaven. The difflculty of thsis wotik M~ay a, Browno 2 to o; Masy 5,
has prevented its frequnent perform-' Corisell, 5 1o0z1; May T6, Broswn a
ance, and it still be song for the first to 7; May 23, Princetoin s to o.
time in Michigan bsy our own Uni- HRAD
versity Choral Union. Trhe recortd April 23, lBrown, 3 to 4; May, 4,
of these two days, May 27 and 28,1 Cornell 3 to o; May 7, Ptrinceton ci
will be another triumph for the U.to.
of M. BON
It seems unnecessary to say} any- April 23, Harvard 4 to 3; May 2,
thing in regard to Mrs. Bishop here Yale, o to 2, May 6, Cornell 15 to
where she has made such a great in- 3; May 12, Cornell, 410o 5; May 13,
pression. Cornell, 6 to 9; May 16i, Yale 7 to 2.
Mr. Heinrich Meyn is a young __-
+German baritone who is justly con- Tickets for the Wincheil Memorial
sidered one of the finest dramatic lecture are now on sale at Bowdish's
singers hefore the American public, and at Wahr's Main street store.
Witness the following from the The price of admittance has been
Springfield Republican: "The es- fixed at 35 cts.


ti insusuirof teld gls awisi ftsschools it Sisses at 5to I a Spair less ltan AnnusArbort
it tint cuntury. Ihr nienitssbu of lpies. sndoriCautnlogue ts
the chaptter hlitre51as55follos. 1 is .Brhrt \\ ites'E-iN. CE)
Flaill It. 1 Ltct, J.Is. Iak, . I)I,1110T1MItH.
C. Stewart, O. I;.llnuste VI?.-
J ofunsosi, FI C.Paron, I; I~mo 5traight Qeit.
Stauffer, N1. I. I )avis, It . Th liorn- CGA ETES
titus Robert Camps~bell andsuT.' I'>.ut t it
'eIetgartte lSmosut welitl
p mos I. __ trsthanti stelures'
GOmmvinication. !lu , tu igrttenesr, twilltfild
b3 l TIS BRANvD tsutperiortO
To li th e .O . DtILY. The lRichmndulStraighut
CuetINo 1 Cugaetteus are wmade fruoi te bright-
hu t he electioss of officers for any est, mstt deliletyflicensed auldhighst nest
GotSILelf growninit Virginia. Thsis isthSie Old
tociety, it is slot tine :cusntonm to and Originel Brasa s. Straight Cust Cigeretce,
antdtwesSbroughst suetbycusinisthe yccr 18;5.
eleet to reslionsibile positiosithose Bcae o itt ionhste ,sd ebserce thtIhetli
frm nae asbeslowiu is as every lpeckege.
vito have not nmanifested interest isi iT ALLEN & OINcEE linns
Ofi the Amssriean TobecciC.,
the society. No co-ed shsotild lieSNeansleetuersa - - Richmosnd. Yirgiil.
electedlo a position on the nsanai- . POLHEVUS.
ing board of thne Stadents' Lecture TJ Z'IV '41 TJ'
Association sing1)1 to create interest ALSO 'BUS HACK AND BAGGAGE- LINE
y Ninth Male Street.
in favor of thne associationt amongI - -_____ -__
thne co-eds. If the co-eds come to We Are Bound to Win.
te meeting next Saturday, the noise,
The Isrospeet at presenit is thast oue
which attended last Saturday's meet- teant returinig vietoriosts frollifthe cast
ia- will not exist, antI their cantdi- witll til the Coznsel,,game isisMay 310.
Thwiludutdyb elce. he Goldenl Eagle Clothing Co., ii0
dats wll ndobtely e eectd.Woodward avenlue, D)etroit, desiring
When the co-edt do "justice" to a victory foi- the U. of M. ine, antd
themelvs "ustie" illbe shown reeognlizing that it will depend a great
themslves 'jusice'will deal on the enthunsiaistie support of
to their "claim to representition." their fellow students, has fitted sip
Whil th sho nointeestthe headquarters for tlhe reception of all U?.
Whl hy so oitrs hy of M. students, so that by makingtheir
can make no claim. STUiDENT. stay in Detroit as agreeable as possible
a large number may be iniduced to come.
At these headquarters all students will
Michigan held Princeton down be kindly taken care of, their parcels
the cor beng zto inlooked after while they are at the game,
yesterday,th scrbenIto0i and if tanyone should desire to make a
favor of U. of M. until the last half purchase of $10 or ovef, the cost of his
round trip ticket to Detroit and admis-
of the fifth, when Robinson began sion to tie game will be refunded.
:o weaken and the rmts piled up 5Hundredso6f~le best- studentfi~n -the-
Agaist US.''U. of M. are wearing. suits maide by
rapidly aantu.thisfirmn.

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