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May 14, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-14

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tIJ itIof AT.Wi

VOL. II.-No. 159.



THEY DID THEMSELVES PROUD. the fact that '95 is a vigorous class,
Refes t th Frshmn ad ?eircan hear cdefea t with equanimity,
Banquet Last Night. keeping its eye fixedl on the final
goal. He said he hoped that the
The crowning esest in tine first healthy spirit manifested thus far
year of the history of the Freshnsan wvould he continued throughout the
class occurred last night at nickels' four years, aind that it might serve
Hall. Aboist fifty couples asvailed as a staindard for fiture classes.
themnselves of tine opportunity foi Mr. R. R. Case took the pslace of
good tiare, andi none weere dissap- Mr . C. C. Hyatt and responded for
isointed. 'Tle haltlsvas tastefully tiheIfrateroities to tine first toast,
ulecoratest sithnflowers, Anses can "The Independteits.'' He rightly'
lags and y eltowv ands blue bunsingss called attention to the fact thsat the
'Ele tables, asrrangedt in the fosris of '9 neednsuend frat mess are
a T, wills tse toastruastersa and closely unitedl io friendship, aisd he
lady's seals at tine isntersection, wer took it as a hopeful indicatioo for
sell spread, cut tlowers leninsg var the fsstssre. Mr. Frank Btriscoe re-
iety to the scene. spsondedl for the indepsendents to
At 9j o'clock the bansquet halivan "The Fraternities.'' He handled
filled wills promenading couples, the subject in a graceful manner.
ninny of the ladies wearing vesy etc- Mr. J. S. Handy sponke pleasingly
gaul costumes. Tine orchestra upon ''The Class.'' Mr. F. H.
struck usp a lively marcel, the guests tParsons folloived witha 'Thne Faculty
fell into tine, psassed to tlse tablies, - What a Ipiece of sock is man!
asns took seats. Prens. Van uI q hlomv nobsle ii insu//tlj'! Ihows like an
thsena begans the evesnisng programans iIs'! "' NMr. Parsoins' effoirt cc-
sith a pleasisng address. Ile sposke ceivesd liberal applsasse.
of tse svariosssswsays ii ichit Miss Winsifredi R. Crainse resposnd-
class sif 'cIssad ststissasislseil itself, eelto "'Else lloys,'"'anssi Mr. Steswart
particslarly isnIthe omssicaltlne gv '1= bite to ''the Girls-- oils
leg the (:lce suit lanjosloutibn s ccx-noisiest isork, ai 505550n lesrf ect."
asaptes. Ice eplaisnedtthat isis Ihsis clnsesthele literasryuasetbass
steedshwouli talke maore sit the c has- sutudplortioso(f the lro'srassiWitile
icter of a class history,0on account.s;stesorchsestra renderest excelleint
of tine tact that the ulass hissoisassssssic, the comspansy pr osienaded,
Mhiss Edna E. frismensi ansuunavosi-elassee progranms were fillcdaind tine
ably absen't. e brightenced sis Ifloor swan cleared at 55 O. Then
facts iihlsusmneroussvtticiss, ansI they idanced the night awvaN.
his effort received messteed applause. Thne programs eleserve special
Miss M1yra i'. Pont followved wills mention for their excellent snake up.
the class prophecy. An at the iKil- They consisted of eight pages, prinl-
keniny Fair, blows fell wvherever ed iii maize and violet inks, the
there seas a head to be hit. Miss colors of the class, and hound iith
Post said that thne future osf the class silk ribbons of the same. On thae
could be preudicted frosns its pass. front cover was a neat design, with
She found ninny msembers worthy of "'95"artistically engraved iin violet
praise. "Let the iworld be ai little on a raised white back ground. The
better for the nmanhood ansd wonman- Progranms form very be.autifust sous-
hood svhichb'9 will contribute wvhen venirs of the event.
it leaves the University.'' tSOOzRE INTERFE:RENCE.
'The class orator, Mr. C. i'. Holt A nunmber of '95 men, having
was announced to be too ill to be heard that '9 at a meeting had
present. The class prophetessy Miss adopted plans not conducive to the
Alice Crissman, then presented her success of the bainquet, took steps
well written poem, which received to place their toast-mnaster in safety.
great applause. Thursday night he left his rooms,
A very satisfactory nmenu 'o W oc- and did not see thenmagain until
copied the attention of All for abbou after the banquet. Thursday night
an hour. The toast-master, Mr. was spent at Col. Sum ner's on State
Geo. B. Russell, who had eluded all street. ''4hW6 'edvd al carriages
sare's Iaidfor Ii',.arose amid and spent a eff t 'ff othle evening
hearty cheers, iand t'h& sP'&dh-mak- h 'dti' gfo r.I uif 1. '1heyf'rit-
ngbegan. 1Mr. (sssel'f eniastie'd a'fy fhi sigiii t'hef'i A5hi' 'ificalec t a

the Colonel's, aind a crowd gathered
before the hsouse. Thne bell wvan
rung, Mr. Russell was asked for,
but the Colonel gave themnsio satin.
faction. At noon yesterdlay, Mr.
Russell and a fewv frienedsiwalkedE
through thne streets to asnothser friend's
hsiouse, sw'herc lie remainused unstil1 6
o'clock, at swhlichtnlnie e ent ito
thne hall.
At 8 o'clock a crownd of aboust an
siionoores gathcred tbcfore Itic halt,
gave a yell anditrutiestits the steps.f
'Thcy vere sniet at thse tots by locesu
doors, assil, ookiing through.ithc
ticket-opening they san' a dozen '95
comsisitee-messivho, swilts thicas-
sistasnts and waitecs, were hustting
thne finishisn" touches to the hsall. Mic.
Russell inns not tess feet away. 'The
smpsisssmacicnoiso mplortanst demosn-
strisons anss usequen~scstly retreateid.
At 11:30o'clock occurred thne rusts
of thne evnnn Abocit 50 '94 msesn
rsushesdu'p tine finst fdiglst of stairs.
A.t the lanasisn" they wvere inset by a
elozens juniossands several doorkeeps-
emsI ic~hy isci esusfficienst Itsstens
the tideisi the'9- iiieii arose frissni
the banqujiet tale, took off their
drs-croasndsitisenitiothe rescue.!

I Mailed to You
j - Through Your
Stasis 'sin s ofs iiFintest Plins
ands Jeele oiety'llad cm.
%vies you n tithe iaiest MesropoliitnSiyles
ini Ses atii liito $lainrunclnnessiianAnniiArbor
pices, send fisrCatiloguesto

Tlhse sopliis sierc russedsi uii stairs I
and soul. At ' o'clockc, i simiilar kiehfl'ofd Straight Qcuf.
hut less exciting esscouniter toss _Nos.1
pltace. 'There wvere frons half a sdozen CIGARETTES.
to 50 sophs arossnsdlthe salallithe lii r 's C are ilit m' a litl
2 more than tse ptrice
evenngcharged fon the ordinary
trade Ccigareii's, wil iic
The Men That Will go East. . Tes BRAD saperior 5o
____ass nihers.
Z" The Richmsond Sirsight
The followvisig is a list of the men esCutN.I G ;-sem cmadecrue tshe bright-
cst, muss delicaeey flainred and highest cos
thnat are to conspose time leans on the Gold Lent gsrown in V'irginia. This is the Old
and Original Brasndcof 5trsighs Cad Cigarcite,
:astersi trip: ad assi brssought sat hy us ia the year I375i.
Bleware at imttatins,and ibservc chat the
Roisn1-tr ~easblwia eyccag.TeALN&GNE arness, p. Ot the American Tobacco Ce..
Kasnufacturerst - Rich'mend. Vieginia.
Seymour, p.-
Crwfrd c ad f.J.A.POLHEMSUS.
Crawfor , c. .ndTI. T -rr W. -=.vt~

Biowernian, It. aud c.
J eficris, i b.
Spuriney, ab.
Pierson, 3b.
Spitzer, ss.
Shields, cf.
Merrill, nub.
It in not certain yet that Codd
will go. The management declines
to discuss the probabilities of this
question. As previously stated the
private car of JPres. Ashley, of the
T. & A. A. R. R. will probably be
secureS fair the' accommodation of
the niive.
Dr. Rtfo',;'94 'n'edi-; has' ch'a'rge'
of the course in Bandaging.

North Main Street.
Batting Order.
The batting order for today's ganme
in an follows:
U'. of ifN. NOItTItItEST 'tRN.
Crawford, c. Griffth, cr.
Sparser. ::n. Mc~rath, t.
Jefferis, lh. pea, an.
Pearso, 3h. McDoweli, p.
Shields, c.. Rth, In.
Spitzer, s. a. Yandant, c.
Bowernman, 1.f. Fleager, b.
Robieson,r.f. SBradleeN 3i.
Rtarnese, p. - Sullivan, e.
t.hOf . ub"'itut S'nlanr,
The aubject of -Rev. J. WM. Get-
St*' "asermo n "lay' eventng is
"Driven from Eden."

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