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May 06, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-05-06

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A, 1

VoL. I1I.-N o. 12. UNIVER
THE MOCK CONGRESS. I ct/dill(011
Messag-e Delivered by President I tnk------
Me Laughlin. AI iii -----


U(ttt lit--11the Lta01 SI 5
tIn rnp stoityouri equcsteforinstu tli
to /the ita t i fciaeate. n/i o-itco-
coney- tIti touin te it nite Su " I
:"L I is appartnt fotu iret t h t i nce

M Isstl ---- ------------
t'his table we, compiled by
present eontroller of curreno
AcIdmss bet'ore the Bankers'
This table simn, perhaps,
the people are not pinched fc
eireticiatin " medium, and it
bWTd that the Cry is not for
more bank credit, or more lot
for niore or the inedittiri o
nu.st also tz1kc into consi(
donNtcd i ul that the mc"-ic
more use or t he lmuk and th
than the cHkvns of any otl
eirc+ul'Iting Inediuin of Fra
l e tnaii,- represented by th,
t.lllle hnt it has, been ("Ain ,at(
M per venh of the bt, ho - t
t nitOl maws iit (V v ' on
n hich Ono in n aM c mr ")
wtuat int'diuin us'ed loc cspl
t vwl- kc r or eocnncodity.

__________ 3. ; TWO GAMES TOMORROW.
----------- 13"1? U. of M. vs. D. A. C. and Albion.
- s liagc D.iA.iti's t ls om
Asy iati tiiniSett slt, the Ibasclli eitthuisiaIsis oifit
tnicirtitytill be teteI o da
tic/.u i l t Ii tt otiti ftr(c," the lilt o w ih a
ntt1wrne - se ltttt tt ot ont c tapll i l ,i nnIi/a i
1 ~ (Y 1't/tttt I.tlta IIlUIl-itL 5 ttttl/
I l~i i>t i u l1 t i Ii I Ino r t tos appIt oit tthe
to c c it i~t ei ted. Th 1 1c'wit /Abin ill Il/
i~eis n t t lt/ItnIi , i II

Mt e
iN iX
I I l I 'l

P RICE, Ti-jit; CENTS.
OtI Soo 30IT7iY3LI E

dto Yout
Through Your

Ictn c il i tititt(,all 1)c'tt/tttittitfol the
t p rtofth tccin lllsy. itth yen' tiol it te rop siiol o ti c iit-c it ' ii tit. t Ii
1: it ( iltir I h t l :'0ii1i s ) 1 /ii liii llatc lInII-an
t1 )~e N nt t codvil Ilit(.no iii i it ioidtit ti
-l t -il-tact ofli:31itad i/i t iii allt / ill lilt
i/ h t . eit s i cli Ot otecnl~ltt lioprecuttalis t't 1 lI v lu- i a ,em it s ial w- ltao d r
1, i/irt~ c ttul11it ' I tlea nthil Ir{:tI of i ithei~lt iii 'ii I-ittio
ii 1 li iiitw a he sit -i ~ i - i 1 .'1}'"1111 i . . . .lt ) t littfrlt/t hi eItt ~ li t
1 /h i-i-i it I /i m ine m -Ill l i('1 Initc t t /in t oitttofttilltI t ltI-i t' -itt
t+}f 1)Ei y' tl:' 1:V5' yt ial.,,'111( /laii lsiteto k pi t ap rvihf l liii - .1) Uf1 I i I t Ii c W a s t'w l 1 le l) 1) t)I
I t /i sc i 11 J t tillii tit, : til tilt I -1 1.11/an nli itol ot ti'eitait iii I tlI/i isiodt A 1)(1i-i I if l() s
iiixt ii iktil ltiitll It tutiiIti-io, i i.sn miyi t ici =lti iil iiii -te l/l/l/iitilt il/ll/it) 1
l y ility. tlt- t lt/iti l tioti i/it tid t attet ttssj
ti-ti/ t ( 'Ia c t l3iisteville it.Illhill ai/ti thitt fiii/ilo r.tIntl-tiI li-ti- i-tjt 0is o lilil f-~it
ttiscIntalliapparentittht ()"Ii itlIl iti i cbs -plluit ti'titWorcldiwts--i/ it/ e lt ite9n hC as etn s
t/ttl(Ieuy, l/tccctofappccitec atti -ti c/ilv. il T h i-/hlvt e lutoltioic of ttic --c-htltates its T e .Adiiia lwilb fc'
l/ithcn e-s°r, tndIicte OIii t/i i ii lt (- t ih ttrite y I itus I ItI thelt itptit oIf /te II o tldlo i~c illeit ii e t
clolllicyct-fItt.il tillI re i/ndo trn il t \vt-ti,)4,l .ti n e u nttice iI hut 1 I,1,64 ,11111ritte attCr yafrd, c (ititu , atIst/i).;tiittrl
ittici f ol1 t'iiclttir et-teit ed les O ilvrorntoa upti ~l o}-) oilmr lw2n"l
vitltivery lititheee C tintl ttieii ll ctio r i- it I ililt-t s tellsi llu 8i1tilt hitt n111creased ite t 2 0 o lo k fi ossi
it/liscropns, hiuritetborts phave siheenenornious tacrtoiii - dolf-l.-tiliShiieldsct(itJ.Diepit/,iCressaSil:the irade
the bl. anece tl tttc -i tliifavorhat een ill iii - actit thtiei re , htd/t tuiei letlou t of
i/ceee is tilargei-dt fit , frnt 1iic ,000,000il thi silvr n histlilndrdids.Harvardbet Cornell, 0
last netieedmocthsis lthrehas. bentnoitid -ti ithe ibouctie ofittdllard h-fthold. -Tiss or "
i/ic tioa I flo fsecni nto u hie co tt y. n/etic 5it sni itedia ge osile,fee-10lfinle Hart-ani '9lCl assut oM e tg a. u-
th triuay, tereilhaeslben c asintsitp - i th , -tiiraIirndilcero ipue gitt/ nc itellc ol
ittsnegaldc hail, tied lcuntryl e repii o titiwold lieancte , reap sil eritliitspe nt Til- cbrid se. fie ,ga i llx-a ctis btt
otttheldiriecrm teiu.nnitsisthliat it itevslerfhabt 9cascpderitncier eitwtied
lierSect- phrest etehiosi lies lit l tsIeh le ady flut i pCpnt s i s Sfdlla. 1th urne lr iyted cor n ir ah letoicaind tes
cachtyas itidicidita.Il atth feotl teintlbpidwtannw are hetr r ont 510hidS-ai trdy afterknbeinitlthoe bat.city-
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aler asitseuthe anto p e n meosynd s - uprestsy-osuette. ne eilu. h
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themShreisastsanerftheDiector01mte nt Iswthewhichstopla ebyondaallrearth thengreat-
ighredIcadiagtotersiyCoTeriead onehr netens o h1riradsman
-c is the United tates. ingshbans a nfiedvar io aneoaeraw- r acrd eies leana
the artof oreir cidreoiain erapit-I nita. o,55 , -mIncomar is witschrebsuas avr pl u onl tC n
- ain- - - - - -hi atednc t p itoSS the silver podulen, atesmieberd.f Headrsuonury Hisbet
I/site tate aia htasilver--)de w Cul tihow edoneapoldyaeporar bride Treamnt ofs'tubecua
Ther is hoeve, fom omesoucesit e- antgeforvales o co modtie mut ad n t aimaed.Higlan s ac ate

11i iv anth Lliutlittes. }!c
' ntIttiat 5(;e cct r1 ati ttterfe :,iiiAthnlAirbor
pi/t t- i giceiSttd irg(itt. /i e i t il it
iiiSie AnleiStiht Ct
,4t sinttit ioi ethBit hgsa, c
CW atugt1aii, ilatisare drdt thblit-
Goldbets noivinctVirsgii.ft'hitis til
sncOigal Bitaes f Sight utyk, rrt
adwaboNlTD-;-Laiith ecyeary,,.
earettdimittationandltseeat the/
yersofagveasowisiat eveycetayini
eatiosi. AddressI'1+,11 BManscBhew
IlOnftilheAmbernlof coCommece
Chiufcagor, -l.d Vrina
ReeecJ. (1 TraviMs,Btses
Noaneroflr, rpd.pperAnrbor,
subjcs cnnetdwt.hi w

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