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April 28, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-04-28

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Von.. II.-No. 14-5.



Will be Formaily Opened Saturday. The Value of Classical Education.

To tie V. OF NI. DAILY.
,.rie co-ed" of fte. of M.\l arc

Tlie base-ball commsittee anil Prof. At a recent session of tbe Sunset ichasrgediwiths lack of interest in
?tl Langblin lookedi over tbc Athletic Clubt in Cbicago, te nestion, Is i tbietics, and in evitlence tbereof it
Fil yesterday. Practice genmes the Stuuly of Classics ais Essentiali is ugdta hynevergotth
wrill be Ilayedi tihere tonmorrowe, anti:Elenment of Lilberal I rlnt-tios, ball gatnes. ft niac lost hare tr-
ibe -field still be openctd ftirmailiyteas iliscussedi. Prof. :) (loge said:ctireredl tothobise whbo makle the
wsiitfteID. A. C.-U. iif 1st. namie, "I do not belies-c that eieet curt it i accusation , that there is as very gooid
Saturday. Thie out fielid is hsird and it1cm of higber education should 'it-cceason for the pirCsenice 1f5so few
snmootb aniti fineIniconudition.Thescelude Iatin and G(ee.CC T'eI e set Ci ot~~ingi woiieis where a gtite is ltlic
nfield has beenthiiotronulilt rilleti coutrses ishbcre modernct is I in s C ii sccl Is it it all arconinitlii ug
anti the cres-sces betwceens tiC sitdshostul tCkfthirplice, fou no boyforflit stuilenuts toinsiteItheiCir ladi
filleil in. Plensty ofitailn tr wa~ter shsouldf tietsmadC to ItaCkft ec lassis friendts to a-ompaifytithemCii tabaill
roststheiiyidrantthtoirioughs tolling~, ththe e wl o Icam, -titCI Dois not i young man t ftinilE
anti a latwnstmowsetrstill futtthe whlole fhiwveCrfithatliCestnidy iiofL-sills d - ladtl t l ectris ocet siftiheCatr,
fieldin tsgooti I iiitioi.Tthe rysGw et-Ital s 1C nCsCntal tleit tfarceiots iindisocil sttl tisiliitii),
is just starting, tititit Sathuridty' IIsibe lructionii al iiberal tI Ciiiwiitout ever- tlshsi 01'isking "tlse
naisse ftecr10551usst hkeep ous~idei Casfion S is e ftit wsil pr oduetit e tlCpleureiofI her Ici iilfail to aibit
the traikandoiniithle gravielst.Iiighst ttyICof iiihsi, ftse ComlslitCst I ,ntn -tecS iricumhstancies
Wliths Cioidlacid iWalsdssh gaisn sttli o5l.-n,CstetletlinthefiCbCst tusC ofia seintimnt "ros illt iesd
nsoin aitilCratsfisrd, tns the fiirst( the tersis. i1lsere are flhrCC valiles bui t f stat Ierhapis the athletir
ganttieoith e sets ieiil, every sttsiliifattasched to fist studiy of teflCsi s 555C5iis o adsi rable fplace for
ii tise I tive rsityt-s11)11ldi le hpresenst. -the salssetof CdisciplineCiif icustursCe lies, thfa -t a 'asse ivotil ntlble
assiloiiithe techistital os proifesssitnal. iii ciestiriig ft theist.-for otlicritise,
The Reepublican Eanoqtet-
! A gentlettans hav-intga 1ii tiCritidcsa-sily shlteisiscavaisiiers, lix- s-otis-
Vise Repulicans5115of thetC;InsovCr-tin satsfistpossessiost ofs it teas- soonsconsntllSC Clii ftiismit athlici t
sity will. met Wfteidnesday ighft of onintg, correct sftealilss" anstilisie cotts, fsaifst s, fttlals t, clist tif
text steels. 'Ilie iisllI lie a g'oodi fceling. 'fist studly ofI GCCek atdtil trasctionssichsithfIico-lidCIriescds
prtogramttf sitefche i s can tstsnsmbetr Romsant literatuire It first hdiils Cs-iiay iviths pttoprityifselii tilldftit-
of isspiortt nmafttrs till tomie be-icettlally thse esifrastisstsvst asdtetitd.tl iilslit ntanttto go tul-
fore fihe boily. IIC tIikets lot theyIlisberastioni of tsetsiistd . tssatn to attnded to placs wheireii possilei
litsitta estssu IIiI becomae costmopolitat, c.aIholicsn st cort s sitesito conlsider it unadvsis i-vadfo iiesaddlgtosfiesadbodi iw )itg befrte ob rsnae
frosssGraindiRapis, DeIoit , Jack- .awy front honie, atndlthesixpCslivelsC hentc theyi do sit gioii in atsilwdfly
ss andI othser Itoinsthrsouhsoust thse jeffect of anicienttliteratusiti I s le tis fthesls. TIhey canntl reftasiina bly
state, is so grealti tha itsihu0o plates j fioresgni tras-el." bCCxpecCteidito itttfuss whisle lseir
there sill tnot be entonughseats to Ic- - -"' -attesndanscethouighs urgedl up~onstser
cosumodate fts-eipeople. 'tickets arC Y SIM. C. A. Summer Schools. s a isass by thse Dlit undi by-pta- -
ioeissg rapidhly sdisposedh of. b till t ItSmmer Scisools if theC. It C. lsc senstimnit in genseral, is muadheliy
sity Reptublicasswtill save theC pref-I sewilhueeiseldi st Lalt Get-etva, Il fsteactions of thsose st-io talloiuiiest,
ereinceii is tesale of tickeun iitil Juine 25t 1 t t huy f6tht Knoxville, Ia difficiult anduthnduesirablde, if sot1
'uhecnesiay text. The list of fspcak-IPenst., Junissst hsto 2tand 551Nort h-Is mpssssibiethisisg, Let all thiis fall
ers trill positively' iclude D1 iciss iecistXMass., Jsily' 2nchto I-thh fT'lie shositftesatcredl duty' of co-edts to
:Mclinley, Mason, of Ilinois, Est" , lattr sith probably', as in othecr LT. of M. hIatt gamsiucbhe firts a lonsg
of Californsia, Ceneral Clarkssoin years, be thse chsief attraction ansdivacation , stitc let studenits ptlacethfis
H oss. A. Bt. Huminphrey, of News will itt largely attended by repre- game us poblic estima.tion oi thue
York, Juidge Thusrston, of Nebraska, sentatives front colleges is all Iparts heveel of an S. L.. A. lectsure, a t least,
Genieral Alger assd Congressmian toffite vorld. A very- fist pro- iy invitinig tiseir hauls friensiusft ac-
Blutrrosws, beside a number of others. grant has been arrangesd, includ- conmpany thetss to sitsess it, as
The colleges are responding to flit ingivorkin athletics and Bfible Isudy, readhily cnd as generally- as use samte
call for delegates witis every msail as well as interesting lectures and ladies wouldt be invited to attend a
and flit prospects are flattering for a training classes. Thse entire expense play at the opera hsouse, tur a Choral
grand success. while there can be covered bsy$17 Unless concert. When once the
President Burke arrived front the and reduced rates will he given on ball games haye beconse established
East yesterday, where he has done the railroads, Ithis hoped the U. as proper and enjoyable objects of
coissiderable work in the oferst of ilfrihadlgto. co-ed patronage, it will nso longer be
ofMnilternsheselgaio. necessary to admonish ltst co-edl
the banquet. -~-- +---- constituency of its duty in regard to
-- + The Geological Soeiety nmeets to- them. Co-ED.
Miss Helene Biester cod Ella mro vnn nrosna
Clark arrivdcSaturday.toeremainreseknSsHaPThe gentleman members of -the
wveek, the guests of Miss AnnaO C. . . eresnsa Choral Union will nmeet Friday
Wright, '9, and Miss Alice Bleater, paper on "The Geology of -Huron evening at 6:45 for ,practice; -not
'95.'PenIsutla.' this evening; as understood by some.


IMailed to You -
1. Through Your
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ii 555uistits o FnstPli
jadli le- St cie t y ts lidaes.
R.H. FYFE & G",
,I~hrn andI Stralght Qtat.
- igrestiiteS-moksersiiwho
motr'eitha ste pricte
chedl for Iitthe osisiruss'
ttratttCigarette-s, wiilisd
'1555 IsA~5nniserit
'.'le ichmotndlSttslSrsighst
CutC No.t10-Cir"it els asrc'mstdeifrom the iright-
set ststlstt-iitely flavorsed a ndt highsest nest
Gossd Leasf grsoen in Virginsia. 'risis is thse iii
and Original IBrand of t'Srailght Cutt Ciarettes,
and sw-si brotiaot byis- u s itteyear 187t.
Bewe of01imitattionss, anossceve tsatthe
Sirmnire ISaseow its anevery packalge.
55cheALL1EN5 & IINTrER Blranhel
Ofi the Aisericisis 'osusncts Cs.
JiinlsilctureC 5 - - Riichsondtsii r ginia.
Noth Sass SireetC
tits "Cleopatirat''the (GrantdsOpera
Hoiuise huts att attractionsllhist
fsiir to croswi its hiandsomse allditlsriult
es-cry titme it is fplyedil shinthii le
It isas the initial performsance luast
evensing, ands the house wcas packed.
Manly of tlie best people ill thle city
signified by their preseisce their kisow--
ledge of its success in other cities.
It is a draniatizations by Miss Marie
Prescott of 11. Rider 'Haggard's story
of "Cleopatra," anld isa con~densations
of thsat story with many of the interest-
ing details of thle romance necessarily
omitted. But.this has 1101-detracted
from it, and those who miss the op-
portunity to see this, representation of
the-tragedy of Egypt will regtet thre
omission. -Bostoo Daily, Globe.

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