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March 29, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-29

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Voi- .-- O. 129.

Porter on the Census.
This secouui if the Political Sci-
Mice ser'ies of lectures seas (lelir-
ercal last evensing ins silsersi tV Halt
17y' II us Robert 1'. orter, supersin -
tenient of the renuis bureau, ini a
iii >5t pleasing and ledlifyinig audress
us' "Sisise Resuilts of the last Ccci-
'1} Thereirere abousit twselve _
11111:sl ecupeopltete reset asdithtiuri;t
his susbjectuwas "dul , cteadl i -
1 si " .''cr5 Iisswas -tle' wsizardl's
tillsc-1 thact madle the I neCst isf ii'sres

flstile icc thececssliras.'sec-ls itershsssecplisc Ile
ssl cftsi oestigatonshssosss thaut iplayerslacel the ill lsnd list a
thce cccrtgssges are heaviest ishererer thoucsglc thcesysail lbeets pt'ayigsuit
indu~sstrial activity is greatest. "or Idooirs for ac moncth. '11cre rr e rbut
exampsilete area ins Alabcamna where frecs'err's'cs'sisade, ccid the fieldingi
msortgcages -see thickest 55o5resp~ondi cs ws sharp ansd cleats intsptite of the
cct stinte treawee rthe iris maniuisroughipcronduitisonsosithl~ecliamcond.s
tacrotics in iterestsihave ibeens prit, "pitzer msadie tise irst Hbcsr sit cit the
upi, whisi it tise mortga'es its lls s ' sassis. 'Tle Isitti ic ci of i'laywsoodi
sioss srinCoo:(os's tyr rissst ' ias phenomesnal ,smack ingcah' m i ise
the moisst gsatts yii resuilt',siofthe isis acid a thireecbase'flist. I 'is time
, las ceiinisu s ische cmarvelosdie-s';c1.1111, sc'we'er, sas (lse ticpoir lie li
velsspscsosithst elsmac teria'l resisisee.s ii". Tie follisisisig is th c orsiei
ofith tics rth.siIn icc s thusre c15, as ia "rLkNr

I .O F Y O U R .:
S Massed to You
N I Thcrough Your
I Upon
itsssistses i icst5tt

niil 17ltulu.cc srs stninousi c ouss rd c i nd i l icthe 5________-- _____ '-__ - "" -- "- ait c 'nes es c oiecty iet B dges.
l~ issseclhs e s sise' Siithi cs a sichisphisgirn smelted c ccii -" c -, 1'1 1 c5i.DETROIT, - - MICH.
tliis Belscs: cci t a i l cccii us cisss is s sitso---t-sisisi c--c0
po leifront 'sties. I(2) liec lics c Itue esit ice'I--icte ci-Stiles tcc
tius ofl pulisi dlit. (3i results 15 tstson.i -_---n 1 t I
ci c \isIr. sister, c iin pening, tooksis cc' tts'tssc'ii 55 - 11I 1
ii ii sc ttis ce''ts tc cusiss ti comptsilimsenst tihec icr ; a- 5 5 rh 1 _ _ I I I i cc(
''sc' sideitednsess. I Ie IItitc ecci ics- cs( -i te' t-o i-it
SUS Iss est csii is s I ih fa t ticat- - -- -
usoimcenis emsiplcoyedi bi-c tich e ci ssssuscsscs s it ic
ther 5e issall isttising555 grccwtsh iilof rss cee-ecerl-cs cci ci-st__-c
bureau cccii liceercllisgoidecu it illhO,;icsitist t,____
urban pKpultisnliar2 poldtcent.sofciic'isccscetustsctccttroe:,isst1) Ass,
clcneisndice silteriwekscee mcrelistin._____RHFYFE&@
)i'p p lto a e ccasll esi ' ' '' ic e Hsed urban.it -csus ts et 0 's' iss .si H 0
ofesierthan the cy cilen chur c'sb_ ' it Hsis0'k tt1 s'su st'i_
Ilseio cictetit o p les tiones be ciiea~tsect 4 t Si's 2 tit when t.%-on ) lat atsl, t poit an II le
isle lus its tetciess y is tc rakes he s ad scs as lice t ycikd ilied Hss'I'clit: 'st---c_"-cit______________________1_____
'ecescee __s--- alcottifist::ei'iShoes Iitscse5tccitt t'pairsless that ST U D E N T Sor
ru iia rsdd tf tecriehic . plnd rb tsterescicc lecictre..- 1ii1V555' o551
e~tenliorneoi Iy ad hed it
W o b r . ( - _ - 0 1 11 t U i e s s e d f r C t l o g u ic s el w s, t h eir . g ho t es , n cs a d oesloth a t o se s t ua t t io n o f L a w h e p a r ts 'e n t bi n s n t - - _ - -0 I u -
csssst lv ierics (502ris eate 'irouiteelice o eg rkiotfesc e w' od thtseti B od Met tng. Xicl strucckicfcritc
lif itu aof rlic e rstfcs eiiscciu' lc cs tafforeetoiowist gettral 'icyeyAtsoutis':boArdu set Itt Alicihaws I Ott U tcs'lrit'
tue litcsetsss sas lce cttse ~t essss reat . T e tlace siorfte 1c x; will t cts tc stie isi tt'rciighatzetts
lii'e lic t e f snits sndhe hof n.is terso I I Sincecs s occ aliceo ccsor se igthlice or.lice tni.cloo e r aetiTcceeics cc
cssspillr is o8fbhprepuslic.ssiai inuu t ceesciic s\ iisgtngsslpcture. tiScta ie se srss tlice: NNNG.I tt sds~t s L iA E
u-sosciietec ilc es izeius lcesfs thseu lce Iac i dlars Lsea soled (1 t luau' icecst (ot Subscribe- forticet ' lie 'stss-
____c -iie fs"f2 ,o o lsi c ic'tces t o ic r er i5' ct 's d - th icU r st a uis 11y' (c Icc 0 2ia cc lo' o tse t u e e ' t', il 2
o msse M r. P ori ri e ma r k d, 05 th t s ut s c o fxi L a w Diei r t m ensks to . O ri t{M
sue tse ~ssckrlic tssi u ~ t ei t tirulie ovs essscsc i ch fo e of 4. 'le bsti s ssc B a s peing o. -
about fiveenersonsu(t0iceinisasi beets - Andekeepsnnfirme
tuin, ofscs icrtct s eopib s ite I s nhe 'i~s taflic e i foslscluwn ees alsscl i ki thls reicehrdt etr inuglicehN
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th tithcess a te u be f xpesinof theslawiis d iiepartment Nu-hal'andCtransacte rouoierubbsi
fa iisadti u brm lile o adsshealtsiesectc.,lfrsh e icy ness. Mr.seCraiwf o ff tere managtretanrteprc
l~vsthri umbr t fs e rsoantshead in a-assirserice n I se csion tf thse o enssiindpoorathe toicsser il , e- -
faily bt i sas isavess p ipustinoflt e brto sfW sigo ' it- ) ec sst idt tI nes. Te ticttmssltStraigh
sscesofIt ietstlc iu iesc ll. Cresreet adeot eA sthLight-
over oooon buisahenanhi and, iiakiny' dent besp dnlth e drotigpsrinteigo: esl f iici sdsstrn ic 0 snotltscts rtdanihgettt
wossscomletedi , te tactpiatuinter- of ersiudents CfeteawscDue- d licer expsoestofpate ent ios adf rgn trIsofSrthtn gaets
fost otto efe lo- IIicce aidrh s 1een d rtenso-te nierit' o M c teinka om C anuiargo , t aisi retcha iwro nlto n ior' htts
i<Y wih t expessther tankstomerna te nbeolln eg ey ica ge$. 5
:oe peole. Mortage statiti csnsave sirstetedlibs-bllsanager o raepoat-,
tietec leatefr the fisttinsndot th'isfauty s ftscrb eganroftmc ett rn tessfrteti TeIts .A PL~c~
withe u perintadet nt"' o f t9,000,000 facls aed onthde ntpstotester tith erseoted'nacllgswohve Q in o I.J d twi C t
Stscibuaesorih teal eae zno n daeypatern Theeeity ectt otiesasnd te rtheryALO N~o


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