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March 24, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-24

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president McLaughin's Message, his products, and all artificial leis- Choral Union Amendments. ( OF (YOUR - -
ruuitesn. lation has beeis ineffectual in mater- prreosed flr'TY TT BADGE { /
Esen if. the adrmitiine of raws'ially increasing the wool raising ielsinl- OC pi~ Ote UR
Ianendimens swhichi sill lbe votell Orl 10
wool, free of dots stwould injure the distry, or in adciig to the flocks of i oia h ix eua icig
prodcer f wol, te nuber f th coutry.Maied to You =-
ririlcr 11 s'O~l ty unser f te cliitry t. :rt. Il Sec I. Officers. 'o
urouerso'nrearsthr ale:-hchIThrough Your
pertoins so iuiouslyaictvtiiforii hri aeohr atr wihIadd "tietresuer' ad erase ''vice NEW er ml lmn forpol.sol ega obigbfr o 'uUpeiet"1/i
lvervyluau wilo w5ears a coat or has fr action. Most of 'thersirheate,' (
ths zae .1rt IVSSci I . soverllilen.
b llaikt on his bed has to pas' the hoswever beens teatedl iste reports
(a) T o hve eiht iieiiiers elected Upon
avunt (f the tariff on the swoot in froni tevariiots departiies. l tlPoitytv rli ai ~ RtIICE APPLICATION
ho atcl vhrl eeslilnoari At lresent iouiforeign affais are bithseoitof t rom eeacatparge
te aicle hc ep i am nta ftreeetda as Teavantage, if aii, acrtet 1(1ttseilously ilved. The situ- vst Illeer, s sch.hat t n-U
(b) tInvst nthe oarilthelip UII1a Ky C
to ourl agriclltural classes, bJiltoilia atli los v yris uvotiltheatxmiiin lit! nIn, 1 I
volelrai 'l551011 irdfisltanit idas1)IulmaytofIlbe calledug l il ILI S
canetitv m llibero rry lavle i leitt mad thy electiiinlofiiactive liari Iurvsnof Fines) Pain
farllers. (e the iwoo raisers them-nontoliItraismit to youI certain ill- and JeieleiiSociety iadge.
luvlemberi. (c to repeal section z. DETROIT, - - MICH.
sclvet there ar sri s fewsssho do nt foriiatioit shoswiitr; the condition of lVSti Ats iill
lose mol~re is pas i ig hi iicr for 1ur foiein retitost isolme i- l oh idlci o'stii(i
poictc nthstl l lvbiiers. prtvilr nlTo te b e liiigd solaetioucnt
ton o h reedgaedmn.ke lv scelltiigteit hillh11A. C. I 51 ii N ki I Iletiols XI I
price's. \lt =Arbor, Marc i i. 1(92, t e rvpealed
iurev 1liisiv1lviutet Republican Cub . At VItI. ees. O adoE
if ill til e oftt li woollthet i 1ff -g ilt the inititoi fee of 501nin- i
mtaerialily tieases tl the lil.t Te pllitvillCli iivt Iait cre'svteanual dues to $20no
tat litt' effect ill proiuci Iin onie esveninin ithe lass'eci 1t 11)0111 (;. rt VIll. \eetiigs Notie
lttarket. CII till'contrary a fee Speechetsieccv iaiecbitsaluiililvof Svc. I ill catgethe ttime f g- when.yoswantihe Latest MetroplitaniStyles
i creaet e ll dieimt'iti forii iiiiti of tie l ay.1 Air11 Stearnsitt Idi-111 oly sevk. Sc.I ItaidiI lIt t i e e-cc- pres scd foiCaaiigue ti
awoolfat. I stold ive iptufito ana,1sI oXkeioil tie I"illriffth.1 eale andSit I V to et omeiili Sec.lt t Ii hi ti il I
teraiugfilcture. vASittwithe(rit I oS n thealer iquili estig"itI"1111tscftt ril ivlhRt SR" J-IJ "lS t
stools.IS1ivitit theiiiteirecouldil Ihiv11111etottiofte tcomliitttetior Ilpurhase vne extra ticket Xlsotoli
he litlt dtmandilfor the Aitei ciaiithyh'nqsearrangemieni t15wittillnI)siibstituictetewsr"t'Execritive U. OF 1Mi. 1DAIL~Y
sapply. Tilt is particularlytuifi heilrliiii r511Cranerwts caviiriit'ui 1oard" 'for societs-Adkopifre
,olull Soitthi AXeicanl aristlivtes. iT itbnqutl it w sill rcost anyiwIhere_ - . ilh-u i iirivi
Till Xmeiiiiian farimer cantiot aodifro11111-, Ievts up. t 51wa t de- i11 choio ui. I iih llsiis111
iigtt nt Oto be temipiteilb a is- ghii iIireii hehil t w11vito t $j i 110 Inmtrrc lvtliitlidoigs. -
taifo rostoie eth XigpM. eelchima f hIllta t eetingi"of the idirectrrtif te
the u otfii5 iiiilt i o r gie t e tings'lir r'somvi te v i d tha'u iitiiie1111 Li eriyM s lSo et hld at
niserits 1 ntrrilSrtfitA'LicirAlas
R-e ptubli r t'to lowsel' the, staniiiard iwIitteniito(Cllkstill whoiis crmail nt l lightillittwat deiedi cil ll vilthe iesvw " ull 'iirt reApoH S K
f his ltocrks, or toiraiste stireptha t iofthi nt ionlh c ommtlitte iiiilexvscholiltie Iuierity Scilli oif BALb CGAMES scibt: imumita
are 1n01 good for thie Imarket -itl'i-v pets loiher itfro iti soon.1111 COr- 11u11c. tPriof. XA. A. Stanleiy'wsatal- I secit. Pu e riv thef r e 'i ln -
ic aehci trr i iii iIli vtlr itiel i Iiliteil uiretor. "hrlee vorses wer dci' of thi cleii hgo yeai,'$. I25.
d ietermllind 111111, to he valed
fleee. The tariff cait harily 5ten ltti lte Icohlee irepulical'ubviotiti t e.111 eta 'igi ctil iv '
tile Amecian farimer to be ali-ii . I.hBuriiett s'iethevi to'st in I Rizhmrofd Straght KQln.
- I . I X"-aiaii. A numblier (f inamesI
habliitant of tilt'ilsert1and)1a ioiii.aisIlpthr. he pr oramu mItili teerIE. I
If the ipeoplte santicheap rarpetif wscatil)etaseitby his wi q Ilit; Xi of prospeitive teahertIwere onsill CIGARETTES.
tiles-saint1pritperouhtscolcen imane-h Iwitll, 1hI edit; Cuitier '2 lit, 'ii a cind1 l) 1tlehlt ser- iare ie Smnoli es sthn
facturces shiere there is hnow c ta'oia Iittiiotk, 9;;lass made morehahi he prie
- miihared o he o iiiisia
11011 and deresih, h iltean'itit +--- Webster M eti. rade ignetim n. sifin1d1
ochiettlit ty' tt Alha IMeetng.Tii BRAsN speior In
securing sushclds is by admittig I Alh Nu Society -- all uher.
At the renlar Meeiihg Of thoe nEl e te The Richmond steigh
the orein prduct fre andnot n ct xoI ci arettsa made from he hight-
tileS foieyretseitho' ~t een,aosdeicaley tlased and highsti coal
_ tiovhmct fre ati oot I lis sovits eet I'ruhc hi~'itWebster Scity last esenisg a nest Gold Lea grown in Virginia. Thin is te Old
bleigthat restriction is iees- stihlsthefo ihsn prorami:SManand Original Brand cf Straight Cutascigaretes,
laiie avingeosnomatter wht -,-costitution sas aopted. hy tie and as houghtut by us in he yearl57i.
soicolaoagosn "'' solo ii ore;esay, Bewareorcimitnatin, and oere thtth
thehinnuercigIcomdtioer.requiremnits of tle new coisitu frmnaameashbeisian every paehage.
tieMslinii odhoo. SrI Al M. anilton; reiationIi The ALLEN & GINTER Branh
Acarefunl consideration of the AMr Jno 0.Adanmsmnhdoln solo 0n0the society withlIeet hereafter O the American Tbacon tCo.
Manfatnraer, - .- ichmnmd Virginia.
miakets, acrflstud' of our ino-IMrhiPorter; debate Reoled, iTaton IFria isteal of W\ednesday
a cacflm 2 1all of the States should be Sichi- eening.
minitrial listory, sill shoosethat tariff anmred,"affirnatmvee ;Slessrt Stern--- ----- a - - J. A. POLHEM US.
Oiml wools las beinefited no one. The and Shawsegatvee 'dctrts. rner lie Montana Cub sill hilnitsi"1T1 Iv TJ Z,7
farmer hsntreevdmiore for andISpencer reuar mieetigg 010 Satmrdy. A4 BSHEt6AnD ain LNESree.

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