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March 16, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-16

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Votl'.I-No. INis.
The Thought News
Ihis pultication groxN-s out of
(t ide that soime professors in t
-ii tisite hold anl Irv to teacr
gidi s ews interpcretation of tl
i sic11 mthoditof 1pub)lsiction.T
[t)Boiongi' anounceent csourern ii

the thought side. The cuterpieisti the dlirection of a coolll sit asd
prom pled by an inqtuirs-cmosvemient tpractical astronomer.
t!centerin"; it iiii Arbor. tie are if theopsiiiioii tiatithlb1 0I7
le Adidress allcomuniia'tionis to enaciitmient o(f a nieasuie cf ils kill
Ohl, '[tie't'hought News, \Aen :Arbiorisill1 resistt ini;geniel!effic iencyin
he M i-liigis. liha!tiebiinchi of the tutlic51!!!ce NE
bt ---=+ epreseii11tibythe ''soci sieiit ois
igj The Muck House of Representatives sercatisey, aniiiigreal eredttoithe I

Pr1iCes, Toui' C: ENTS.
Mailed to You -
Through Your

Iiihas lienii isasie: sci tific 1 lipitatissiiof oursiiit
"In 'stisil icit si ill iaspearitheli basIt esesnisgs"sSession of theUpn-
'"ouite titiosserslhasinig leariies 1 I hiC( I - sAPPLICATtIN.
iiist snusmiersioitthe I t'lit News.'iiihousieiwastiooiily at~eted hs'edi.il o s heldutelhcii
Isis ivit tss a ess Sp~iitiasuit isiill toipltheeithetiiinsit liSItstesil
isisuwimmliiiasniwsiapir initeil iaiticito ehe Ii'eeI Ii of th
aiii at tpeifoiiiming tie fuisctinsif a icais lubistniistparitliyltothe (Chisotira isllissistci ateusi1 tilI ~I' 1
ic'is )a i)er i e sseolsd is ardst - ['nionis relicarsal. Ile siiTh il te fscommmiiittieetes iees ii si sr sesis 1iis fs
suppliedilif nsm uriiiieinest siti uuatt apptoiinteidto cenfer isithti ikhI coo-ii toithe iteiMtssi i Is sue s e iiJetuesof in hes . i
iaiilS sofllotslssstheoilogsisuslit-isliee fsom ithe shessilforithe Isis I s5th lesliie'sttshit this iieasuiee shaltDETROIT, M VICH.
i~tiiscandst politicaitsciece. It i i nspo s f iarraning riusies lior imitisiual ' ! 5Oilfl ityc usml los ____________________________
teiesedm theeis roi'ssisis 1 ssthe t l i co viii enic adct io-operastioni ree-'ie i isiet i ueil
sit i~ioneiforiiiie tousinaIlishich Ii tedrianiidthe ircpiiit wissaciepted. ICliiiles W. 1lhot sif'iiHarviird and
sha ll isiotio ibeyosuithiei falit; swhiiihI Si- i eiioiiittee of Isso, the specaker of i i ieiteiiitefi ~
ihll iieiort tisisglit rathierithiaii I the hsosuse bseinsg oiie if the sicembters,
lies's it supsini the '-irmsents if the wsappinisttdt lo ofeirIthi lsi~tsi n Webster-Adeiphi Debate.
ist: W'shic iin 5 steasd if d linusat if tilesidnstosithIle tiwsihoiss t oti
], igl uts osits hetb issssly sss si 1i ssivdua iPro. A S.lel asisslin. T e us _ T e jtist letsate, swhs ichi's to tak
It m-sss t iiitsaopaitlfaicsts, ot osithtes commsittese oni I- igrs- 1iceSWtedniesday eveniing, 1beeis
hcill sit lfor tsthe flis t iisiilsvs issii lii peen issesssi t hei special the SiWebter shiety (if thes lawitile- i iesyousianssth~eiLtsi c eriss i ii is
Vicut -sall imtsi scss philisitts iiliohi siorer f lhsiiness fori the esenssiIing a tissessn t t sts-dlphi ofts I het 5 50 i ii i 5 i i sn An ro


c:55 /",-c.' but us(' thesislssls"iiins res it sit suisi-sissisI ht si
irelsreie- t it( eits sit little lpiieiarationsshIasitbmiinsile by
:Li , lt;w ich i is ll tiiititliestiosiss thess sililsiste us if tic ill itrucistiedl.
o'scene lttrsitae isco l d(thesrepot si tha t iisiiiniittcee wss
trlasits ositheiimwsmvii made , tts theseitliorser osit isisisess
ti frr t disisui iofcrusisissis;tessthe siest sieetiss'' Teilsic
iuieest, sait isitrele-iute the]is 'rtis5s ta Iloiadsitsage cfittheir seic-
st']iecste dste menis sts osit issel- jsis I, -sutdseidesiring thisfaciit est
tehicslatlistsecest; sisis shall re11o)rt1 s iibciS lscrepresent, ass a smeass
lwiiiv ies!!ilstiossaisil discovitsres of ec itisi"esittiuassusat tli est
in thsen nietisstcoesinsteadsofsit) iimeiset isisalsuit(sf ettliigthe full
tceisr overlosaded grsoss hulk;setic tti siesi'ss o uitpasseid thecfo huis
1 uissnot iriswconitribuitiissis tli t555resoltionii noItwithistaisgthe
clissight lsi i- eer lit-tbsislk sr suagm Isprutest (if i fiewvRcpublicas:sis -
ci ie, frontsilste standintssst of the jssolvedsl I sat it tic the s scsitof Iis
iresin isstesis, andu sut frsims tsit sof house that /sris hsescswitilspssssi-
pictrounsor ceisor. lil aifecirestsrictiss io sidl Iimi I
'Iliosiglit Nesss' swill aisi toi liiof tionis, is fosi the biest intelrests of
the sitesif l tetessit inslto illlii Ithiiis iioun ltry T elseort if the
s-, sui toIsappeal-as eftens as tIlconsmittseer oisprinting sas alsio
masterial at hand swtrrants, nithtler made a special order of businliess fsr
siwellinig its reports for the sake rif ft next meetling.
salter and ink, nosrswithhloldinhg itews ~
suit if respect to ai givens das of theI
- Harvard's Petition to Congress.
monuthi. It still appear, liowes-er, atE
least once a mionth. It ivill be a Congressman Geo. Fred. Wlilliams
slarto and contasin from twelve to has presented the followsing petition
sixteen pages. Thbe subscription to the Houses
price still be $ r . o per volume- We, tihe undersigned, members of
twclve, issues to tihe volume. '[rhe the faruity of arts and sciences of
fillmediate respofnsibility for its Harvard University, desire to signify
conduct wilil be in tile hands of our accord with the viewas expressed
jloll Dewey of the philosophicai by the honorable, secretary of the
stepartmsent of the LUniver4ity of# navy ifs his annual report for 839,
Miichiganl. wherein hie recoinq ends tile ado-
't'he; need of tile paler lies in the lion of leis latogto place the naval
piresent condition of intelligence on observatory at Washiagton under

1 E

litissis slepatisit isis the-irst cfi',
s°is c trei thtisi ha i s i iusc-tis'
AS' thse 51 iii' c~ts hae n er
Isd asl csontest tis reis IMIi iiIi sties ii-
laIc sitche r-st t M h
fried (csisf eciarIs i sits itserestedh.I
'I'liec msitsst will htic glin it 1. ssi
l I2lieThe iest mssssssis ill bec Iusr-
nisslie ,if indil all ires isi t lls in-
s i ted.
Inter-Collegiate Chess Cop.

(hais. 'pe'l Is-c s C(O.
110su e si 1hiositat guI-titl eu-
dlthuesl piucs, therchoice
liemf Nem icar,Ufulr
Under-swll, andill lrllislsizl!e-

'Tle Inste!-I si egi-ste schess ci-sifore f~--------------
wis h s Ii40 I uas beten raisedelIi,. L. smm1l
C-isiselI, fits is to lie niasde my Tiffa- ' Go anduin splect goodsl
ny, of Nciv iorsk, and wsill hear the and prices.
design osf tivo lmen in colonial rims-
tuine pt-aying chess. Trhe first Issue- hap. Speller &~
namnust still tbe ueld uliirinig ltelext S.STATE STREET'
C hrstmas vacation inNese~ork city,
anti each of the four colleges still f iehmonid Strmight Qtit.
sendlia teani of thee 'meu. iEachl No.
player still play one nane ithilseacih CIGARETTES.
of the fineitrepresentatives from the - Cig-arettelSgoersawhlitl
low re tillnti ayleitrle
three other colleges, anti the team - - charged fee the srdlear-y
winnng te geatet nmberoffrade Cigarettees.a-ill fSad
wionilf, ile reatet nuber fT-isiBRAN euperior to
gauses will receive silver medals and GtNe.5 igartt- The Richmond fStraigght
(ta Cgrt nare made Ifrnmfthe bright-
the challenge cup. 'The college eat, moetfdeltAtely flavoedad' higet cost
which weins it the greatest number of andOriiaBan fSagtoClare'ttes,
time duing ive'ucessie yarnand waa breughteout by uA in t a year MSi.
time durng fve sccesive ears Bewartee Ithitatioe, and e nerve that the
will own the cup permanently.-- Ther LBNA l RTEZ Brancha
_ O0f the Aaaerieaaa Tobacco Ce.,
-Yale News. Manufacers. -. - ''iclhmond. Virgfia.
Hereafter-a stenographer will :re- J., A PL( a$ tUS.
port t1he convesations in P'rof. ' i'rW a.
Scott's literary criticismo. ALS'BUS NrHKAND A61trA 19

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