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March 14, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-14

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'Ije IV.of

~n. Wail p.

VOL. 1.-No. li6.
The Contest Debate. j
The ilelsate-Saturday evening be-
tween the gntlemen representing
Prof. Trueblood 's senior and junior
law classes in Elocution and OIra-
toreysvas a most interesting one.
The lecture room was confortably
siled andth le eiitlhusiastic audience
cxcelied the Philadelphia Clover
Cultb in interpolating bright tliotights,
sit and raillery istso the: eloquent


in the rocks; H-erschel in the skies,
and it can be no better learned than
in works of art. Mr. Davis made
the closing speeds for the negative.
Ilie declared our governmsent the la-
test and largest growvth of christiain
civilization. Sabbath was msade for
mane, but it was not right for man to
make of it a cnrse. The Berlin and
Italian conference had declared in
favor of Sunday rest. The voice

to give a bounty to the "msen who
tried to destroy the g, overnment.",
MN1r. M1,ears attacked the bill in one OUR
of the msost effective speeches of the
session. Claiming that this bill seas
not in the spirit of psroncI incdepend-NE
ence, whirls sas so characteristic ofNE
the old south and thsousghst it sothing
less thsasn offering a. premsiumifor
traitors. Othser speakers for the PRICE
bill svere Messrs. Tichnior, Loeh,

IMailied toYou e--
Through Your
Upon :

misat spies coc its opeiiiii gis thatc of martins .anai is it-sissagainstso it,
liglsts of the siseakers.ec The si n- fIliILlt h
sssneessfthsletoce-manmmni. Whseneversee make a M~essrs. Jeswell, Iudge and Whitely, Almoumnllfgrntwepctre11111 V~itet he clldIora ot LS
sate: '"Ressolced, that the World's uoimn fGatw scaeliu r iin hncle o oeMausfa cersi nf inest Plain
Farsalb pndo udy"seated ois a hsorse; when see nake on thse bill, whelichs resulted us its iiid.Jewrelied Society Badges.
oair shloeoesdnSisa, f Liscoln we picture hini with passage by tlse small majority ofK DETROIT, MICH.
lsrsn li ot M Jffes f tsejunorthe emsaincipatioin proclanmatio is three. A motion to reconsider seas
clssias leadeci ciithe affirmiatise.
his hand. What better, swhat niore lost, antIanidst thse greatcst excite-
,\le. Jeffers held it shosulcdbe opciiecl
isstha itwoud biis pepleoutfitting mnumesnit could see make fisrnient that dignifiedl hodly sas seen
fro des f vce an tht ne a-God thsansthsat we keep sacreidthse for several years, a isotioni to ad-
frsssshad'us uigsticeaictat oiscisay- Sabbath in our Colunibian land ? journ prevailed. ~ ~
sutshilus igttoditteli ixsMr. Jeffers sumnned ip the argument --- ++
six. HeIc declared thsereswere iiot
rlssrhe esoigi ei te sepl tatanil the debate seas closedl. 'hise Athietic Board Meeting.
ouisl thseisle ini Chscago. Iflscnc- uges sdecidecd in faevsr if the nega--
w ti.'[lie Athletic bosardluct last Sal-
it s-assbelie scrssveIfromiiits seing --.a..si rdasy msorining in Alpha Nucihall. svien you swantlthe Latest Metropioitan Styles
()]),tid, ily los it 1I1. J ffes .isoes at 5ilo istin a irlessthasns AnnisArbiss
sss'sd ssi cfiM n ea -After the transsaction uof rouitisne pr-iiceed foi Cataloguess
was fsolloswedi lb 't I JoisitnofsM ck enaeIbsinuiess, the ]lasse-lball1cosititee
"t estri s iiilii. \s-s ieysslssee i~set haindledlini a reposrt fasvoring tse ,] 'O~ F X (
eloqusesstiysi-icfesncIedt-e Sabbatisi nIsg flst thesdok Senate wsi-ishieldi LRJ. H. Lil
Ourfistdityistooi],Go . .li ,Saurayevnig.asisissions if the It igls Scho inssi sto
liilsisst sI s 0 ~ iss xeess ' 'lstrurssss ithtIl '1,tsI,1
thisnIteriassi leasgue, sissi cembodisy- ________________________________
"1011i rocskedi lt-e is ilit-ofiibesits . lt-ee ee t ipensuisi I)III sould isn a scedusle of tlse clisss t-s
11)O sithusest-rs ans trsit-s theite esss sslesit sss sssssieI the foots-blssl I ssssssssgr wsix rui st(u -I It 3J jjJ J1 A I
1)100(1-stainec ros ewi lal) e eys nators tso Ise iin tisi plt-ie, tts tss-at-inisdths s is-i st
slitsestit lilt-Ill'sthe onsiss I Itt-csosnististlt sitortics(Ilicniteiwsiec
sli- a t-e olss hat l i 's's h d in 1dicar ftso derthst esst alst rs ere<i selleri Ic4,Co
Ii t-i ts is it ls- ii i si issI i I si it ut riel.oriln11u15 iisosrderlsfoi tshe ba-se-ssbaltllt i it i II1 i-e
tu goveirscn t-men ctt -ssl.ss s istosi--it welltt- ttil lihst- tai itsrs Iissi tilt I ii11uslsirtssre-
-o itur tttc-om miitteetitss itl' sise t sistt il ts isttt its , i I ilofss ss17tc
,,v wa ttotci l -sitis i lts li trhoina ei i tel i f listelot-ningttxt ci se ts hr tscsi'55pti-iiiushesrssscss It
t- -easrtest ]is5lea sticrte labtor ing t eIiIw sre t-edss frotm istic olis s sr . 1 ar a p o n e o tk h r eln f i'c ~ e ,U d r
isc.leatverisnecitarvisii li.ttittire ct ccthid(initad-ti
lista nei-arito W rs tItttpon t tit tsissag . , .itu t tflst sill
1 1"oe Slittiatl itsosit-sirht. c--s liti mt uioitetpnst' cus c i-sui at I~ ~~i'i~l'l(lt( btinsslt' fcd
Ilc a))t a n d o alsnt ' tcii- tool:t he floIs orsssi-ssanit-dtiit-ai by lit-otlisiiii iihy~atlit-s i
l(~i o lf a~a i"11(st I ',-; eo ue t p ea itfa oio h i - l-s Ili,'ti x iu Ii il S l ~ '
s;r Sasi utcsi sh us sbeinadeasss six ssespe illyd fn ig Wccas i- I tt rlitit ciI tl ii~ ~ tissn .tfl~ l 7t
til itil t a cstise. d-s l .i lci-l tlis ith e s iosi tlisI o ssi i f((rttssli tc iit ' isislit-eitsrsisi ailsis is
li is- usisii llsssallssopen ingfr r list- Iisssil 'sthet 1tsdpa sge wx l d (10 s Ii
tiali Ili sisissils theis littteoassaralustT'lhst- 11001 ust is lilt-ctlit-s STittEitiiI.asiuss 'slit
lis-MI s i o itass 1st- l e xelst asi ill o - more thaIunille utis is-it-It-st cl ar i s sesIae l in'hl)'' trolhlsic utsthere ii- lo-ci littsssl~ l5
isis tit spbscisis'to is-is etss o n lls wayact -ihs ll esschtionsalttolisgt- hansiis et his ahcptch u esi 1 sust-s 5 it CS traig t
'-sit~~~ cesaet ls- lstS(lkici eausws -sith cssu \es s a o sstlra ty atie tuos wnil mespacmyed5 ni sis o
{tl~en' affrtietandr.careotk heldont and Roerts, ssusubeo ide~uly rilthegoewoutiltisedi o.I s Ntesar.sssIetesic s-
Sics sate wuld hat ittis heaacistuthe lscommittee, spoke ris itaoodiak fedofsitealuahrtomlui, Coias i-S-igtltcSgokeetteh,
bysogh reC 5 wilinte ya itt.
isesus ' - ,t em no oit s p ntebil h rctrzn t s a; 1hc n w .~c gnduc t teoumicels lw505cyare i~eiage. ,
co t tIn suetaanstouSabba thsacsirand sl oenismondt ,ha discussi ons s wci h yialesndre snss~trssteta rse rori
oieriset.a Teeiscyseaskeh the consider aon.thr.cunFettshrsofgret ublcFntees-Grn o. -I
risrrss amiu me. hrcss ae elig postom o h bh, Rasemcat. -I.goe A.utsdePOLte.heRcmonStrih
the affimative as N~r.Gartock' 1Sheldn anC :-'erNDaA membEs oINC
rass lac learne. Agassprelearndaituinnblue" ndhdeploring thswatempf ImatationshandtobErthvMaleaSt the

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