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March 04, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-04

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, r n.' a- 1 anti place to be subsequently desig-
o ,nated, three members to repsresent
earcs university? If so, please act
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during imdaeys htteqeto
the Collegre sear, byiieiteys la teqeto
and sides may lie settled before the
____-Very Respectfully,
Sbilsriis''ols sprice $2.501 per year, invariably .H crl
enudisoe Sinlsu!pirnres ns. Onslrats .1.GIFN
neas'san PLfi e 1nc es steand at I12 ('liairman Coninittee,
o'csock. noon. Subscriptions may be lefts atI
toebos' tshe Dr. ,OperaHDuase blokat jOl iUiversity Avenue,
lSeehan-, at Stffle's, sTir h nilay oftshe Madison, isis.
editors. .
Commnictios soul reah te ofic by New Library at Yale.
o'clock is. . it they are to appear she teat

+ Greek, Latini, French, German, anid Mathesuatiell
T X exBo.te oks, New a151 Secondhand at
o k University Baooksellera, - State Street.

slay. Adsdress all malte istended toe publics-.
slonts th le Managing Editor. All busines Art Yale, as at Harvard, there
commusnications should be sent to she Bluni- atl EDO COLa ~l~
seems Mus .5Cl to lie a general tendency Is ourhepLADINmrStCHOaL ofrBaSEotbS.
THE U. af X. DAILY, 'ttssard sprtn frois one anteIormnanusnriptlvorh- English. Shorthandaotd
Ann Arbor. K><iel. Ik4 se-aatilg _sllsrPenmashipi. legantIbuilding, large at-
the_ libraries belolnginsgtsIlse variouls -tedarce, efficiet instruictnrsorknib lb
EDITORS. de parllieuts of Iithe siversitvy and $5 e seh-tdel esnn opeiiisoughlining expreneeemely love, 52.?5 lti
S. 55. CUUrISluS, '92, Masgiti Fditole givinig to each, special advantages For catalogue, addresns P. R1. CLEARY, President.
l. E.lisa rans ,'1, Ansst. Managin~g Editor. (vsrscasstb sdol'Iebos Thsere are uowv Christian \ssocla- U L
15 sM~oi.':,As.MsglgEioare all ino one place. In adlditiots to tions buildlinsgs at PrIinceoss, \ale, ,...t'a t, 9?1Bsies ange.J .i....1t.,'3,Asis..uin,.1 .ier hoe lrad xitig nwSpcil orelI, Ierit f MihiaK
C'. Wv. iunrCEosa, 'i, Assist. Buiness Mustier. Library has jusot beets added, thse Dartnmouths, Hamilton, University j-cl
W. P. PAM~ ,93 1. R. AllsmLt,.'11.; cataloguse if wvhich Isas just been o' tst f lessese
F_ J. ItrEiwie. '12. I Isus.hA sit.'15. i oe lolrls Hanover College, and IUniversiy of
55.ItiNsK oa is tnetscIArN'. DNY ncay9. ise udrth014. Ctlou ineoa
1. E. OttoCmsin.'E. LUCIA KnEv;, 'ss. ;of lte oreigni Missiiins Library of . . ;i
le livoit Scsol o Vae tsisr~ BUSINESS LOCALS. eaa.aJsu
asity, No. iJanuary, r892." 'Fle .
L-Nsticen itnserted in this columotoss e a tesill
'rhe Editoirs do not Isoliltheselvsnrespnli lbrary is listitnguisheid fromliot 10 enrto per line. Speci alaes tot loager JantaloonsT
Bibl fo th opnion orstaemets o Tores j ine, and extra tares tarnished bly applying Ial
pnens toeptearinpith semAlo 01coreS- oers of itssoirt in thsat it inscludes the DAiMPn liaceli.
allclenomolinationos anod its 5c0 pe is s0 las''A Moack Etoglislisetptes. FillI-
er retuirn to 801 Maynardl. A d
1"r is to be hlopedl that all studtents great as fillally to emsbrace thse eni- sr- niys odssekelsu
of thoe Universily whIso art at a11 ll l ire mlissiotoary literature of all de- dloulel strossd fastenecud in one claspo
Findler Iplea~stretulrnsto 01Jefferonli
terested iln oratory, woillI give thirco minat10001001onsoond in allItse lProtest- inlreierslrl
atten~tionltoIthe lproposion frlo m111110 012lnations5 of E'urope. It owill be iSomaethinlgtis tiiatk ic Kilcvfur.
Ithe University of ll'ioso os in lo och of toe greatest v aloe to futulre his- I)ssittg to the McKinlely bill lteInipei
riaulirkishl Toosaecoa.V Cigarette ol. Vestincns
s- prit belowo, 0a1111if sfsei lie c0011Etorialls os-ille the opp~otrtunity whliclh (Londoni andl Cairol) have beeis forcedil
sioleralion thlan11:11loocks feasible, it ofers studentls for keepinlg Ilhem- th iptsnaloranhsnoftheottheiprllbsiness ill
that they swill l1iitiatly stakelcd1011selves oacquaintedl withl the vast tiarai (igarsttes, tslne of the iso't
a110 1001sh0the niatler. 110 our eli-lhap-ges 111at1are taking Ipllce in the illplortesI '1'obleper1niI paSbl, boughtll"l
for ist and lten cenlts n is . o MT ~ A
l~~e akgeadJoaionth~O lere is iol1n 1111othniwih oeds Easterno world,- smakes it a100imolrt-111'55ilrt

1to niake a m11110a010 000li'00, imiore thananisot acqs~oit~in to tile ti nsersul. Spring Hasts oat isoswo Samils. Oloen- No. Ill Sotlin Strs'et.
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~n godc sl.Ioeetogoeuse or lo oool l' lay, tMaorchi1st. fMr. Ysl~iouman,
a odlvl nersigdbt. -HradCisn Mr. Knsox ossl thle celebraoes's ilver - ________________________
In a05 bte tile obhjecticonab1le fc',a ;illn lut1sat llth'ITwo Sasl. Te'llponeos' ToledoAnn Arbor and North
ol-otComunication. Nos. 0101
toire of most orastoricai conltests is Slttlooeiii o't ttolhs ihgnRiwy
oioo oi stlsc- h :10ofe-oi 00.0l5551 orge'st litis ooilWoolessIor Sprinig
llooosi ad i019rein ildeliserinig whicih It llighiItoe interestling to thoe stll- lndliSintnler weatoshi~o ul xlisilrtill' ineC-srd in eofetoseanuaooy 'A, l693
lalel 'l-,,insetof lthe oldiesiEaigiet, sroit . Assovaofotraisns it AAiorris.
0s case b tile llease e arscin~osg dencommnityllll o ksO owovthat thcexhliiltedsiat tile hoo oosetWedus's-
lis lorationoluntoil Iisin10te'rest illtiele Iboo .WI. U. 1'. lBrectkesrihdge, wol a sly 01111 'hursdaoy, Marc n-id 1GING,1 -I
1012.por~tesclsoosithe whichutheymaetlto 5No. .I sil usd Euprsosu ~ s.s
subject has diidou.Inodetoate ais toppearihere Satucrdlay aolo, lslotl eoisSiielllyvsok o o 'aogr, Finn Arbor Avuomin 12 100 snooni
lersonl is forced to thinikl of a1n11oundcer tile auspices of thse S. I.. A. , msulre ill the miost perfeet suosiser oil No.05. Mail Palssengere..1.....3. 50> . n00
los ell~ce 01 ~l ll s oeoatrseeteitooelser poptilarsr isecs. Mr. 1) F. Fcoley (one GtGSOUTHnrl.
formoulatoil etneli tei-ii h rto eetdt ier tshe ofthellbesticutters ini the state) will be No. 2. ,fail Passee . 55.....1000a.i
stast, 01101 lis sdelisery, inisteadi of ioraticon at tile opening of the Col- 0055Ihandll io talus'asurcs. If you15No.04. nailbExpresso......... ill 840p.00
heing nechlanical anodidry, is chsarac- !smisoalo Expoositicoss. He is 1prob- lneit onllo sstTr11)tssgiite rin.Psc3adscn etedo AnnArbo110a00
pasci ywil ou 0lto see whaot thlsy. Told nl~ ~y. usbteeoAlsAlo
terized by thoat satural force anod en- ably thse best livisog representative offer. Central standat-d Timse.
- bear Otalip ofAll Trains Daily except Sunsday.
thlusiasill, whichlberslte sapo of thoe southsern classical orator. lHe w.H. BENNETT, It. S. GtREENWVOOD,
his isdilvidluality anocimilpre'cses1111 cotses of a distinguishsed famsily, be- i G~~2 ten. Pasn. Agent Local Agentl
thrills lis hearers. 11g thse great-grasodson of P~atrickNU
Iooo aI/ic l7 rio~o/i f illSOIi/l1O. Henry's sister, Macdan Russell, an®GPL r&1
MASONs, Wis., belo. 23, 1902 soln of thoe celebrated preachler, Ih
ri'1 IuT the literasey societie ol 'iciias i Uu- Rev. lDr. Robert J. Breckesnridge. NO. 12 W. HtURON ST.
vesit3. _________________________
GcInrllool s1: 'bochelembers of the Duritog thoe''late unpleasasntness''"H R,
debating societies of thse tniversity thse IBreckesnridge fansily were di- '
T-rZh of Wiusconsino, dseiroois of furthsering i videci in thseir allegiance, thse father hm eparingaspecialty. 406annals sAIN ST.
the relations of the twvo Universities , and one sono beisog staunchs suisport- A
wishs to obtain tlse sesstimnst exist- ers of thse Union cause wohile Ibis Ann Arbor Savings Bank
inaiong you as to thoematter of noan and thoeotheis he r eredin Ana Arbor Mich Capitol Stuck, $50,00,
an inter-collegiate debate between thse confederate army. I do not nfgChizte. uder the General Bankssat.Rcevs eo ibyndaws
t. a 'eaecsnethricnlcities of the
the undergraduates oa tue tooUni- doubt that we shall hsear a very elo- United slsStates ecag neDraftpincipa cashed uponso preoper TJ0D. S TIMSON & IOS
versities. Can we arrange a dcbate cluent ansi instructive address. identificatioa. officers: State Street Grocers.
for D. HoARRIMAN, Vice Pres.. Students patronage especially soliciteh.
with youfo next year, at a lOise T. C. FEUEIOi001)l. CHos. E..tHtnCOCK, Cashier. 24dS. STATE STREET.


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