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March 01, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-03-01

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-principal advantage of a Freshman
i~7. ~C lt (lee Club. is, of course, that it
serves as a feeder for the University
oitbliehed tDaily (Sundays excepted) during (=lee Club. New material is dlevel-
the college dear, by opled, where the University organi-
TNlE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION 1 zation would have to do the develop-
ing itself. The Freshnman Glee Club
sill sing at the base-ball entertain-
Sutsrniptias pie $2.501 per year, invariabty merit, to be given Thursday evening
u ad zte Single copies 3 cents. On sale at; and they should receive the encour-
'-ea'seandtPastOffie ,news stand at 12 iaeetadapoa hti u
ocbs-, noon. Subtcritptions may be left atagm tanIalrva thtidu
the offie-ofthde DAsIL-. Opera Hauste btsck, at their class for iuaugurating such a
Oeeta's, at Stotttet's, or awith ay at the club.
1ditors. I__
Communtnications sbauldt reacts the affice byz Hostilities Still continue betweun
o'clotkP. .tifthttey are to appear the next1
lay. Adre-ss att matter intended fr publies- the sophomore and freshmen classes
lists to ttte Managing Editor. Att bustnessas onl.Afa uh hc a
eaomtnnatetiotta sttautd be sent tn tbe ttusi- a onl. Afa uh hc a
an-ss itMaager. wou by the soprhoumores, is the latest
THE U. of M. DAILY, departure.
Ansn Arbor. Mich.
____ ''1iWillie's Iuitiatioun" at the basc-
EDITORS.j ball entertainmenrt will be conducted
w t. CUllISaa,'92. Managing Edtor. in real fraternity style. The goat is
G. L. CrsrrstAN,'92 Astist. Managitrg Editar-.I being fed uponl back nuombers of tlhe
15. E. \lrENCtRru. 0:, Asst. Managintg Editat. 11 University Record," in order to
J. C. TtA-tS, '9>, ttsiness Manages-. i i oesii n io.I
C.. tasso-r:TE. ,'9 Asist.tlosisese Maanaer. i e rhoredsitand"igor." It
C. 5. tsEass-as.4. Assist. nosiness Danagr. is to b hoped ta '~li' a
tV. P. tPAtKtR, '93.1. J. tR. AssessL.. -a:. gotteu off all his ''conditions' he-
. J. MbtC'aus. '12. ("Ttts. ARD, 's:>.as fore lhe is delivereid over to the ten-
CrH)t 5K LstN.'02 IlIC YaRUs-fic. '94 der mercies of the wliskereid c but-
F. E. KtTCulla.FuO. .02. Let-tA KnaLve, '5". ter."
atAu opportunity will be afforded,
St tre base-ball entertainmesntsnext
'Te Editors do nttblolrd rtseles esprro- Thursday tight, of hrearing thre De-
stbll- Car tbe Irpitnionrrass ltatmentsrofcoerrs- troit Athletic Clubs banjo arrdlgrui-
lroldetsl.aprpeatrginlube DALv. tar crub. The mrajority of the play-
---- _----_---- - -----_-_ _ era are ex-college boys, and threy are
Ti-iECIRtIv was agreeably srir- Iirr splendird trim. Tire conlcerts
prriserd on hlearinrg thrat tire trnversity avwichr they give ill Detr oit at rare
of Wiacorrsin hradroprrriosed arjrinrt irterrvala are alwvays largely attend-
rdebate rwithr lhe U. orfrM.- Thins is red. lihe rrarlagelllent shrorvconrsid-
erable errterpriscelir gettinrgthrerrrorrt
irnteerl a stepinrrthre righir lrertirrrr!here

*Geek, Latisn, French, Hermas, asd Mathematicat
Tj eXt., + BIook, New and Seondhand tut
B o00 k p ++ University Bokseles - - Stats Street,
tsthe LEAtDINGOSCtOLt at tltltE'-s,
"' _ - or departmnots-Commaercral No tetok
_o anrasoctttatah-hetltu Ishhabad111
tetrmanubip. Elgacbuildnagat- o
__ - tudare e ttfi ent ttnsttuctr, oakt tor
ough lig exprtnssaetcrely lr25t
a'5 per scruk, stdents asited to poittos.
Fr cataloe, address P"F.C. CEARYl, Presidnt.
of the Irrrolle andl le fclly apreiates T T T T
the fats of te ast',tttat seetng tlonl i
olrt gags 1smouse than tirtesome.
Thlis sa sonthe110commtcesa ita glow-01
of unutosual brightness with a great Sprn
congeagatioat of mirthr provokers, sing- S~fflc
ersan atsdhotrst of foreigtt spcialists. '
TIhe stage ettinlgs and eifets will
be fotlly up to Mr. Clevelatrd'asStatld-
art of sumptu~oust stagirgs. l~fgS,
A special feattre will Ie tn-d of4
th oa opwihi spoie ill eclpse any ofMr. Cleavelnds lPantaloons, 'IJ.1
formelr effrrt, (
The laarle of sartsand illbrxrsastow
inl progress.An
Onse NightIOnlyr! F-
Tuesday March 1, 1892. Fny
-tIII lG CITY S51VGLE 9E:L 1 Y D RM I --sllTl -
-ritE t-:Pitt. Iat~t 11 1 INo.toSrurhrMin trIeet.
tIl'trrIinu ndltlrlttlyrrlody '"ir.rly Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
FRANK CASMAN Michigan Railway.
crrestLivairngnsl. 'Ours Cr is rfbt anry i4 19?
GLEV KLAND'S a No .aaExrsrrr.cc... .1.. 111 a.rmr
Young Comedians. N.) H il ' YaeGer- --H
SEICLtl-ii Sl:1''S IN ADVANCE. Na-..2. til 1asgr..eu - Ii IS 711a.
Nr. . all lsOces - - - Silly..... 4 .12
Admission : 50 and 75 ts. IN. 0. Pasrer Tleda scum....-- 005a. rr.
Iteservect Seats $i.oo. Train- 2 ad 6 run bteear ArnAror ria
Tickets ion sale a st au Oir-cNwrcanI ilrr COIUiiil Sandard ise.
AltTransrtDaily excpt Sndayrr.
-. Pa~ IINN . I.S. 0REENWOODl,
GeOustPas..Ageo. Local Agetl.-
N.1W.HRNS.J A LRRearnaspcat. 4SOTMANS.Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Ass Arbr Mich. Capital Stok,$5t00a
Surplus, $1t,00. _________________
Organtzed under the General Baning Laws..
sell exhneo h rnia iiso h this state. Receives tDepsits, buys and U-y- .STMSO &SOS
Unted State. Drats cse pn proper SteSretrors
identfication. Officer:SaeSrrtGoes
w. D. HA N.RRIAN. Vtce Per., Stdet patronage especialy solicited.
fCHAP. . Hsoca, Cashier. 2d S. STATE STEET.

and all prelirmIinry steprs loorkirr


ior~irh~ rrsits- S tleireriIl tre BUSINESS LOCALS.
arffai rshsorlrd Ie tatenirmmred~tIiatelya. tNtcesins-ertein tithra isclmn at theiraute
ofat0lelctta Ill-clinte. Specciatl rteusforrlrotger
timeC,stillextra tinIses CutistrertIlapplyingo at
fil;formrationr if a I rcsirllrl Shitng Hats lit therTwosrSatms. Oiler-
Gle Clntis neof hemos i pot-i ilg daly, Mall-I 1st. Mr. Youmansitl,
I~~~~~~ le IuiiAreo ir 115 11pr r. Ktnox Ittirttineceeriatt-rlSilvit-
alit ste1psI iinadvance that iras beetniran ItiMIItin TwoiSrr 111. ''elephonetr
taken thins college ycor. \ll ther - Nit.il
studienrts deosirinto CIsete otteof the
large Illiversities lir thre rounitry ;tatgrst ls rf 'tWolens for-Sp~rinig
recolgnizetile fart tha t tire rr ersr 111d1Sutmer wteair shrourldxamtitte tire
linte rrf lie (GoldrentEragir, Detrorit,
ts must look IItotIIFr11111en fortexhribiterd it tile Cook lklrrc ske ltdne-.-
matril oral nd o uivrstyTill-v shoswrtll te lrate-st trovelties ill
orgniaton weteratleic m1-impollrted clrhlsawhichrttey mtrke to
sical1orrlitcrary. hyI prcId nrrsrre itt ther morst Ill-Ifeet Imannellratt
- rca- ~1 ted oulairr prices. Mr. I).- F. Folhey 1)110
upon 11tire thleory- tharit rti s wise t1 of tiretrest c-utters I inrahestrite)asill ire
comnetoIdee111thematr riton andtoi trike mleasurtes. If yout
Irlnirlrll ris-ehti ineIrrter a nt-lartunrobblhy shit ncrtarythiitg ilntheir
immerldiately.- IHerrce itis thrat tirei litre it asill paiy yrouttor rseeiwrtt they
contests betwveenlHlia ad 111a1lit riirr.
i-rsillr~rareeldlllri~rrIanit orcri Imtperiral Egyp~tian rCigare-tte. F-inest
Frehmn re ncurge an frcd imporrrted tirbrrcco.litre111111fragratt.
into p~romrinenrce. Tire rost prom~- 1For sale rat altorres.
sin' urateriail ill tile Freshmlranr ilass Somtehtitrg rewin t Cigrrettes. We
shiot- thatthCie cigrars stores inttown~t
for base-ball, fooit-bail, athrletic irise ,jest rreciri stack of Imipleriali
teanrs, glee (11,Il]rriandliterarysoci-Ifgyptrlltl (igari-ttes. ITese cigrarettea
a rre inarie if the is-ntest imtportedtotbarc-
eties, shouldl be taken ill harnd by cos, ratd Ire lperfectlh armlessr, as they
the tpper classlrnlrimmllediately crntriintletss thatntIotre per cenit, of nicr-
aftr tre lpertig rf irecilieg Ititre.All prices.
aftr heopein o th cllge Sror-Gotr rnrdsee Witc's trewasp ringf
year, organriedr and ecoturagehl in (stititgs. l-ifteett orders ttaken Thunra-
every aay possible. The lFreslrlran I otasday, tlbaFse0b.tta a11o.
Glee Club is anirninovatiotr at tht lie H BtardcobeStp. cnsaPs
U;nis-ersity of MN'ichigan, andc thtose --
wvho are at the head of thremros-c- Thte Grndloperra house asill tie ucest-
mlent are ' deserving of .44,qualified pied to-ntightt by Cleveland's Consoli-
dated Mtinstrels. Everybody atid every-
praise. Their task is a difficuilt otke, thitng are promised to be absolsutal'
bot threy are making thinga easy new, atid nut only to possess novelty,
butt genutine artistic ability. Matnager
for the next Freshman class. The Cleveland ha alwsays alive to thse waans

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