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February 08, 1892 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-08

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But oe on the price of Clothing, lias, Cas,OUdewear, (Glrves, Mittes, H osiry,
tI UNKS.VAISES, Pine Shirts, Collar, Crriffs, Oerals anti Jackets
We ae going to let tie pntlit loose among thirty-eight thoasnd dolar ($3,co.o)
A + J I1worth o trcnties;Pfot twenty days, whticit will te till Fmtay .9, ne-o n ae te(t
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - 0 o ff ar e dte np ric e. W e a e e o t tsic e o tto a fe w g o o s a nt a e d h e lor r w n l t o ffer
AT I,11E TW() S \\IS, Remembter nwlttwe are sayigs ONEQUARTER off teIrie tof eeytitirrgo anoy-
tinttg ttt ourrDoubletoStote. N oto ol a rr oron te itoos;eey dlrt mtuost ie cas.
Weogtto tmtrre O sE I 1)1SANt O11)11ARS' wortt tfigodts eoery ly ato tes
ANY ' PAIR - OF - PAINT1ALOOUNSries. The J. T. Jacobs Company,
II dtqtartes for iis setn othtie Stte of Miciotgnr
Titehue ft r 5$dSS, co tg F=}0 $50 ,$5-0, 0,n driS(-5cofoe $3.85. "lis N t.Etrttttessitit et eorterr-nia-tt tetetsok iee p o
Sate 1 NIIt.SAt I RI) It NIGHIT. N Cu elr ildwl~ocm n n sotn hi tcsa hs rcs
-osotTHE TWO SAMS.os-a 401 friwrn & rllt 1icN Y
topitoti. ttttrt._ Srr 1>toonotoool ron flit tt. k (), tV1 tpIIf { *: OOI2
Ir (Ilir ,tttol s o ilrrr-rSavi tong irttrHasttr- r ots itt-
All Font lios, - T ()NEJrQIA ER I lO()FF. )sit0noespfrnols osst~h
lot. -It EttIt, ires rFl. II ER, Csier. l ARNOLD'S, - 36Main St.
AT THE TWO SAMS. Ann Arorsvig .xk 4,A N D A L
Un r bsorro Michte.-toeto-rt-rrrlSrtoks. t t-. tl,
B L Iof tis stt. Reeive Derosit, tNu tstrnror
LBjiT . -ettesxchanrre-ontheprnipalnrt-citsof the FINE PHOTOGRAPHS,
Uniteod Staes. tDrfts tcotbed upon roperttILtt DDIAND ART GOOD]SI
itetnt-cttr. Offices IILII~
Hto ~o-rrt, Fee. Vc Pe.
e rtAst-1I Irttooo(Ai Csir.
7L S-k2 T WVt. PAY VOt~t. ShrthtandotShool, Nt-t
tlir otiro ea0speity 6 OUT Nort IIr so T st ttriutt, ┬░ottSrithtrState street.
MAll Arbor Io St LIII r, CO(DA L. GEORGE L. MOORE, (S " osont tor) + 4
WORK CALLED FOR and DELIVERED. iFOR HARD AND SOFT COAL, A FtrntLim e o talt Colee 'ftet oks, tnicrrLotteatdtot ifonitot1; 1ro, by te tc
-~_Lor tCheaptestttPacetrrOilottor'oeR ksadtrrtaortonirferosnirtecity. Festottetrrowril. lon ln
SPECIAL RATES TO STODENTS.- itrt ietd. Intooto trorytiroterto trohtity treorrNO. 6,S. .m4i%,sT.
Ofice, - 23 South Fourth Ave. No. I11ESWt-s Wssrrtx SToRT. 0OoG
Tw rToWN, H R -I d..1100() SThOIIE, - -.-
OPP~OSITI,- 1111s jusrci ved-ol tifrlllinOtto of onllSec-otndlSemretstert-Text-Bloorks, l 20OlEII , sK A( ItGO'tG
COURiT ! .Ilctodrluoort-forrman - arnodottrl oetnc-t publicattironsiSol Str tord(ersen rot t rains, partie ertirs, err.,
hlOUSE', tagentf fort-Whitin~g'slitre Stationetry- an Ktto l eirfci,&Esser rSAE eepriotef J 2tN.Main tSt.tir. PsttOftittie.
SST R EET.- - --
ti Al N Clebrted1 Mathetnrtnicro. nst nens. SportrIing -Goods. Ihr So IrMTE - EXCEI.I5OR - IAUNuIIR
ITRE +T. iriklros ,.Santlnirtrto trrrntrrtt tor-
I Proks.jtMa ager. Patentto turn ottfirt clasrkam t n hort yottrr
ltr-.Cnommert-tort ork tnrnd ourrtatetdottry.
S ~ ~ ~ ~ Plei-rea-snrtrrable ndrwor garatettedot- N
TlH.I{ \W ESTERN MICHIGAN COLLhEGE K2; t rosotgrr tyh1 -OhtrHrno.AFO1/T t
thaterted oI root t rortt et l(its c ss 0 all55 ot im roorl-oro-t'.tDEAttR IN
G-Li-D1571T3 TTL(il.ta) orodi tooarirancedorii>;i}Cloth Caskets, Metallic
itlesetroorl inthertr-r-oortr. n( 05is rotuitrd.T IOntie ortisatototiV RINSEY & SEABOLT
t s c"rrLLE;'f O roIttoS Proparfottrtt de r toerr tornd riuno al.athrio- Orot de too..l ter-ot andttnoos-o rooiteI otht ttre ~dret t
Fo tts AtoaO5L t1,.AND) TEAII3A(Is-IN[ricicra D:IrI'ti-TtiX. Speial tt otOttbnttit~eto ridiscretionOfrbtie instrctor, si roeries, ProvisionsFour and Feed,
tootr1t-ootit t ore esrmnor rort rodlt ch ottndo-ott-~in;t t
Surot s tt1 A 401)" FINE Alt) JOI' litttt I!RTS Setontuto 1o et i Ottttotir - t orn fitoad 'he Cooto'se ito tt i tisto
1 i-t to rt111 i ~ L NI) 51101 tfttA\t)r7)H; tAI 7ttt/; 1'-, tt-ithe - oar -I sc ool t-h 0 too or s.tt 1. tr-rtttr;t
tootIt Ioer rwito ttha i a lly ttt ott r ducatitttt0onal ttittoi t houri t - r y t-Ia001tota t the SorrrNSrorootv ti oort ro-.i C t t 1 t os tool tooj
--lote t tine list wllrn d to tnortotitlt titetbtiraO trtintoth e o d Se etr lo tis t;e b l e rs ae rq etd t
A. 111. VIOREX, Presitteut o 000000stdents wht I o ro o Otten iohaodin ittrrovtaustit on000e.
General tsycoog0y soil to adl - it ul- to too :,
Harvard-Princoetont Bait Can-es n- tiro--oo ooot ooooooo--Itti attie irstrucrtor's tiOstO000leiotool \ager
____-\i~-~Isoistingtooentr to lss anoter
floe lasooiot1 Ioocooo0-o teto ofotht h iroi goti -I aseofotrootuotstedi ton sendoo t) thei rnaties \tTt. ttiro:o rtts
resettatis-es ]base trt itoWorcester a tie isotoooeodecidedltrI.Alsot stoodenotsortenodingoton toetie -tto-tostgorlwetiogItrtn
ando arranogedhtie dates othOttoball t- orso ito) I eterort tsyttoroogy (Phl, Ie to tttoobeire ~l I-re. 00, tw i l lease
┬░raterrnities base rceotlo loeor re- ) 0000 requoesedltoo sndolin thir; atoh irtnaimeos too tommro ~ittee
gaines too be poayedl betwveenthe taco rrooes. In ltis cotrrsolte scll at oontI to ratoolWagner, Stonoe
c ollges this spring. Ior IHarvardo, admoritted othe I- tioersitr oft]IIItootl 000St otr So obotosoortandtO( iftiro, rommrritee
L. A,- trothitogiratotcaptainO of lrt roseea otr rt~-e 1,:11 W, 1 0)0-to ), itt St- N r ttI --. ll candriates for ' I.
ninte atrol1. -\'. Coomnrit, irpitettorganizedthOere.oderts owising 1 to ke lie coorse basebilt1otemhandrortheirtnames too
oil+ --ttanoulouse-bailr 11c associati te anaet,]Ra scoreen
ofte ae-al socaiowee Norroof.Phltiosophoicanl Depart- shtould conrsolt the instrctor xNorio t -Astecial eaaminationo
lrsert, shiole L. A. houoong, captatrin mt. Prof. Detwey asks thtttall A tRI Ier H 1.1000 0 foot stootfets t oroitiored ito Iallot
at thire tcantI .1. IP. Parker, presi-woodtesire too take tie Semnirary NOOTOE-Ai candidates for the wrt bo.eld in toRoom honor Fridla}-,
dot of thae base-balioassociation, COtrSe ito Ethics (Phtil. t3) ira tie 'r base ball clorbo -aerqstdoFbuayfta.m 'rhsite
actedl for Prioceton. Games scre Secondo netr gv i h irand ito their namea at once lst exaoteatrorofrr coditos.
oagreedh 0000000to he olayedI i[ay 7 at tames at oce. Duoring tie Secondl 11_A. F Ito rot;1shattlera RNI .K~i

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