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February 04, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-04

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ReetDsoeisConcerning that the wintlblewv very iardl fromi Lectures by Dr. White. I( OF YOUR -
Ioubs h ato ot t~ slth Dring the lastseek, Superinten- IT jt SOCIETY PAPGEh
Prof. C. K. Acdanms, of Cornell goes to prove Prof. Criman's titro - let ieothCncnaisoos
Ciiersitsp selivered a pteasing lee- r fhshvn acelotSt es has gires a series of lectures t the Mie oYu -
tilr-( last erening, to a larg e anil sidle f the island; te only diifficulty clsesiailtedtprcso. Iis-- t rou gh Yu
appre iitive autience.leforte eingi that the east sideiof the 'nrlshethsse i ad NFX
Is totes wserecin Nw iiik cliii islantuil fromsswhlich ireitcitiont h Sii ntcnicni iof Schools Dlr. 1Ste
se ety e m d a xe p r ittic 1 Si) nlaick honil thiaSno Ys___________
I iSs li i ii i it tptcis soticosithe solest a tid Itsst knit i-
addrei s whith is a njocidi t he IIsihool supeintetndslnts in tli couitituonn a
u- li iiic ciat icii C hty it(ilitlts its isI l(I - APPLICATION.
p.l liii Irofessor diidethuhis sil lnts- Iitbulaioli theini ireimioved St inthoo hiats ha ils buil t it
t Sant Doiingio s heihadiexIi stssel itd ioi iit s ii ii
Si.ito t rise iarts-- ii-t h uotrStits iliSt i lii cl ii it i ti oneiicothelirhlst shool ~'jj'I
I Colitubus, is flrst Ilandiliti plaseastrstims Sithe scount isii S
Stiltile sof j Sct h s iitab Si it t
Th piher d stigretnlheiiu t hve teltminiorCil bsDETROIT, - - IH
liii S tehisl sit Sit o a t C gice atilIinterest t thstaSils Srarly
itita tif I tlttitlts ittilthri n Shshsite e ovlwa deSt w tuhl.li hstshalf titlsetedii
Sicilne hth vr n t i i sc temt e ud1 atdthe Sl pan11ias li iu lrnapu-l ui no ii
itta r lta rtiken bloxfrt he11 lc uitt
.ik or i taitany ft he lcpainiters iitii a i butintl ituoc u tttnotthitntg tefiitc is kitiwsi
t~ll 515s lu him ut six lict ucs of hittis to his subjlcctor timeic i tSnSi.,
au er u-cs- htuiailice ittil it toyiib hc it sethout pqustion as t i 'its enuie- I le talks sillcotatiuetliiolu iet -
thatioclhtd tilthitill tSlitheIesstor Il an erir m2i , at n-iMt ndIyi anl
rliii rs isped. in1877 w il eiri ii- tey lo r 1 el E n Snatsp, or ckusi . All 111ii l nC tt~iria 1111a el
of te5ove t ntS i l tnic ii____oli
liof ihe litrtats avelidescibaeil ia iitt ii ii ii ISi ltSite I 1o1aten. 1 u 15 li I 7i5I''' .~
11111 lis ititl ta , it hsma l llitwoliii is w Slitflundiii li 5111r tij liirl i liofllt
s sla idu i' f tr e a utd Sis lom a osi 11wh i la l ate heriS ngu t hnat i il-lt Senittl ldiastri gnsit h .i ;er t: eirasI 1r
apolig itefitre. it Sdresit Adrea , hu a and i i the ar i nitt ie lts si no st1 Ine ll usathplrti siig itgeits'
I iaoisT e hiru sat i a sposedietislo iitSuovry o iiu ttl sis p ue ss ntl
c atae asil a s cstv itgo Ii rsnd prit thuuug test a repese ti nisgs i n I m geiticiss lintlsomis hIsis set ie RIus-wKuJ, ' sir clmsie
Si bu hem l ftee tixeen.hI or irio nt vsup sa oissi es t i ofetphetsiwerl dere ss ed 1 1to fSplendid ur-c
'Vntise iThae tvSe cd anditssits ist v ici~ s nt e e sif lii statsitili adecei t s te ite n Ictruiud til
(caeli tilisiiut. "trils il uniit r. sutlifititleds is tisestthat()
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altiseuuse Cii tuuhsus li usr ~ ~ Thtsis ifCox twa s a r e sitctale ii- the notedi suh Sit shonedthuu itSa i I
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1.,uhe ighc aveen i he thgreatucrymogytidtno. pened I istelln ow tsnma- risscite eatI Chs. pe ler Co
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