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February 01, 1892 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1892-02-01

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Commencn Wednsdy 'MrnnJnury"27,
Entire Stock.~
Of Clothing. YI (

I n a nthe pre of Clothing, Hints, Capls, Unaderwear, Clones, Mittens, hosiery,
S92, IRNKS. VALISES, Fine Shirts, Cotlares, Cuffs, Oeralls and Jackets,
\We are going to let the tmtbtie loose amiong thirty-eigtht thsousandtltaos ($3S,000.00)
north of aseechondisA fee twenty stays, whlicts mittbteitt Fetbeeary 9, <<t one-qnarter (Fe
off msarhed rtoice. We hove not aiched ot a few goods andI morked thenmn(]own, tt ofer
j Remembewetat see are saying: tENF QL'ARt hilloff the price of everysthingsond any-
tigin our Dllsle Stare. Not one stlao to go on thse books; enery doloarmast be casth.
WVeoght to meove tONE HOU ttSANDIDLLtARiS' wanths of goods every day atet e
t,,-ts SRth oestn, ines.

tts awl false1Sea t i.ir, Iaurl;a!r'd Ctirs tl )tIreS, lt Stn1 B LKIiet, ll flones, Tht e J. .." T O t i apSarradIls. al Jacobal hrs l loes Company,
all Neckwsea,snd w enery Article n thre Stool: at
itHeadquarstees feesthis senorsnaof thesStasts eofl Menlag so
Sev eiiy-V ve r~~ o th ~o h . N t-Csentry deslers willtdo ellesosce , sndtassortoupeteirnstockss at theepics
l~s ed 1 terLt"tAtL' a \(t4i oSrt It te'ttlNC , 1 ti
in heDoltsDoeargeenerae l Bnketieg teusiness.Paysin-
terest oneSaveieeeDeptenis. Haes safty
DeptoesitBeoes fr ernet
~TT TZ'h ,F TOTIOO= = _ R.KtIPF, Pres. tF. H. tBELt (m, ahier.ARNOLD S. - 36 Main St.
f-- =-Ann Arbor Savings Bank "'+~~
AeeeeArlenerteicte.pitettetSteak, $t1one000, A kN D A L AL
Wie wishe leestae t'iat eeeeeer contreretlthee tc esee r ee eeeeinoe e d:l Sn 'Mr. reoea's I Organize ner eeth Getn te l BankigLaw
iitMr. Keeoe' flaetaeeelti.. SV.Collar,. All tlecrareticles eel Sevenety IeeCest ts eee oIre a this steete'. IReceives estsnre , tyee ndee
Ia.' MSl~lIi ie terec ee etSl eeelFeeln e ie leesells nexteeneeenethe preneipael cities of the FINE PHOTOGRAPHS,
tecectras eenl)Rtisy ee tOeca n htSl ni ute oie ontIUie tts rfses~duo rprMILLINERY AND ART GOODS I
akc seeprcas,' ti yu aeereseeen eeers. 'idenniitonee. lOticers IttSTA re Pre.,
^ S w, 1)~~se e Se, RIe's.vc rs oF.s uo Uei
T H E siS AJ.eH"A t a.L EseeeR e~, l H R TA D O ouj
lere Lra r eBsL sr ,, 81.IT'Z _ ]ZII VII' r ILPAY Yeti.'.Shnrthenetehet I New
Sepaseeineei spdesialtey. 461 SOeTHeMAtN sTeBilding, 200SoeelStaerS'tree.
MillArbor StuffiLaufltry, , CO() AL. GEORGE L. MOORE, (Mr Successorere) + +
WORK CALLED FOR and DELIVERED. FOR HARD AND SOFT COAL, A tcerneorf retlleCtlee'Test iBonks, inleeding Leovandeer Meerirel Blareo.y teeer'
see. , oNCteaet. nplare' toe NorterBostr e n ouneeler nin etsein tn ice y~. i'rrtlreeee'ee e ie.eeotejee. ne ;
SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS. er1irt CreZ ldfrends. I errw thaee my le ni e k onny sneere'roe NO. 6!.~.. MAI1N itS
Office. - 23 South Fourth Ave. Noe. 11WiS's' WAsslINect'oN S'iIt'R '. C Ta.OO _~
Ever'y Stuedent withlseve nmouey by buneg University Text-Books stee all sepiptes it lHeadtrsters. We all1ow 0IdERY,'er eeele',psNI es. 'sttIerNE.,
special edisceeunet 1115LAW BOOKS(, MEIC(ALeB110KS, 1)ENITAL BOOKS, nsottevery Book s eetin thee irteietenededrtoS.
l'eivei'sity. ,1X0 lanek IBooks ant lowest lrcs Tlponers ___ er i. 21 N. tain St..oesrp. Pest (rtlice'.
40r C)0 4a. 'TIE - jiI IISIOR - I,Ai~iRVlt
STORE THE ,paedeetoeturnrout first class woerk sorne
TiLEADTG BOOK STORE IN H~E CITY. lre. e'seesersiae Iweek turesenert saeeereae.
PeSric es eerenbe 5an.t .iok garan',t'ee're.
izhmond Straight u. I T BEW ESTERN MtCIIIHGAkN LCOLLEGE ':0. lirIoLS ARTIN,11 e)Iirir
No. 1I'IR I
IG ET S.tssrtnrendsesI terrtseet.I Cloth Caskets, Metallic
Cigarette Semeokern seor 1 -7RA S~ V C i'tel 11C1MMONlIOFPINS.
ere willieng to ers f ltle _%N 130 frr irots 'l l~t' b 1'() 'at llS;. Prepaen restdensse ler seer rcollteee r eesJ On-M S
m r thniece e'priis'c e is' '-choolrIire tie se r e.J.A PO H M S
chsarge re th e r rnlirrrr ijtern Cen ' Gh;t,llr ,'ti 'et' !;..Preptere's fernte ore'r sn ims at srer t1hie' esrlese rcslluresansrt JT i JT"_V7'M.8 "I -+ -
traeC Iigaectte'e. eiltleernd t e se' ra rerticsal e'esln.
'tesi esi oRAN st rsererperior eto .S'el'.Vd I . eelsND 'fEte tti11', It1 S' I.Se l tI'.tf.' ''S~rn iselattent t ese errs e Ar S O 'Ble IllTS i ~ t iA , I s15
I a/rel rothers. y e rse'se'rsslerarti n 'seeso err eesem err1il en eaehitkree- errth ien eeeStee,tUA N lll,
er T'le tRichmondrsrlSeraighte "errits 3110' I Ia Ii Sf1. lit' Itst.11'ttl +1T.tfI . Serreel teeoSeerl. ire Ire 'reirrer talcs _- --
e:ml Ne. 1Cigaree's ser' esaeefromers bls'right-' lorritse'te.5J.ttlt I ,I.tNI)s Stteri''lIt.S'te le1ti t''.11tP;X'7ts.thr''ee asi eesolelfen busines.
1"'t,emosteiatesly'fetvredcl senteigiense reese "en lr' ese1rfierseers ert'rete'Ir sers'()rrlneseoer'ettein'. 're ' estessne' si(erre 'rerl 'eeble' Ira' P155EV diSEAROLT,
reod treaigrownien Vir'iia.Tise. listel d 11-01 rrrrlosrr whnrs'r'e anrs titssersere oherss''errs",r r ieres eseitlerrerrsir e clse ne r yr', ands at. c e leaktes and earserin
eeidOrigieealtBreandrrt'Straisght Ct' ia srnetes, ''srs'eies'leer'sell aerseets 'orrsereee'. . rthir n ;fierr' rnsboe'r..
eel wareoeughtsot breset i therr e re18ho75. I_! E' rvsosForadFe
Beweare eer imeitaeionss aedelorsersve tStthle.A. I. EX, P resideut. f;roceries, ro singtound Feed,
'fle ALLEN IN rctN'rt'tBtranecht
(Of the'AmeicaneesTobtacca Co.. rea ol 'e : 1.5 eggin, ',-eliastr 1. ('err teehale a direba~te ears the'ev enrineel N rr'su. 'eedees'is thre least (rIe
trssrsfisturecre. . ihmotsnd.eet, Vi nar01e. ntis ca e n~ o
lacti, 'e}; ..A.. IIiglierla s '. andseewieneetine speraikernare chorsen. 'lis aeaIal- r 'erele
It.St. (Clarkiss'o'f. debate' soul ire oeteFer eier> (>ftiertoersil Ceneet A. \ IEri
Harvard Ease Balt. 1trtt,-Ileeilb etro
'Ilee iresre n cand'ates aer's e' r'be- t ''ev rd 'r i oo ive rel, a.e els m ere e rr i e eetr
eel tie Ivleleerreeltirsevreninee cr
Abouet twtentt-'fiv'e ten iesidens tire erg traineediundner R. . 55',lresere, shoisneg thrsreniae lay lire steaker:7 ao'cleerkish ale eir S. II 1 1 5, re 55
candeideates for 1pitchier arm1 aatchier tessporary rcsptacin.'he rdaily hprde' sell ilargely dretermcinre lireselectiona SasesingEedleitorr
Itcd last year's sine aendsusistutes, codnsists ref catchieng groundseers, light of the candiaiictes. scale is iteaki I N 'te1 s s t 1te 'rness soll
areat resso inattnelrcisdss atciusobbell orork, and shosrt ruers, every effort leo be represrentediby tie I sieet tie ss eeeC I n at rd'clkins
I harsarel. 'Ilre pitchers are undier _. etsrekr salaoe !i a lsos5
1Speakers toe the Next Yale-Har- sired tisat all cnterestedl in lire msatter tycr ire-r:ilthoisere.ssrineg inovi-
tire instrusction of 'eisos I~eefe, andl yard Debate, nwill ibe preset.'T'hcat the deibate taions0tmteehsrertiirs esopeeeiilplease
Downes. T'fle loinsg batteries nwil1l probably be extemsporary insis n lans st eti arn eeste e orf tire
are weorking togetther: J. A. Iliglo her ordler that Hlarvardl nmay secutre character, its susbect wiii not be an- followineg coemmitsstee: II.I I',lolge,
antis, IL. S. S., anodI". C. Cobb, I7 its abolesbt talent to representothilem at nouncedl till Friday moornieng, the chiarman; S.0 I).KinetF1 S.Gii-
'i~ l~ I. Salsin '9, asI11.Ca-Vaee he angemeothae eeciedday of the debate: Earls speakee Cherist 1e. S srdssierJ S. A'.
S., '. . Spldig '9, ad I-. C- Vae; he mnagmenthav decdedwill ire allowned five eoinntes. ',_ K' tl. ,J

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