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January 27, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-27

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U [ a Webster Society Program.
f The following program will be
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during rendered by the W'ebster society this
the College year, by evening:
THlE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION Declao alioo_______ It. J, Thomepson
Essay, Tao Lambs"--------J. G. Kral
Debate,"Rtesole'd, tbat suicide oght ts be
Subscription price V2.50 per year, invariably treated assa felony"
at dvance Siogle copies a cents. On oats at Atruic - 5 i-o
eseeccac's ad Poet Office news stand at f° Ncgutic-,- - - --_______._..M.iHatt
o'clocb, noon- Sobscriptions may be left at "+
the office of tbe DAILY, Opcra Houoe bloekat Th'ec libtrary of 1)r. Fr'aicis l)onl-
S heehan's, at Stofletos, or nits ony of the
editors. aldsonc, tile specialist ini diseases of
Comnmunications Ohouold reacb tbe office by the throat, has seen left by isis will,
7 o'clock c. mult they are to appeac the neat
day.' Address all matter itended tor publics- to the Johnstl Hopkints t'niversity.
tCis to the Managing Editor. All bucsinoes--.a
communicatiossbould be test to list noel- BUSINESS LOCALS.
THE U. of X. DAILY, LNotico inserted is this eelsutn at the rote
Ann Arbor. Xich. ofI10tests per line. Special rates toe longer
time, sod extra loses eurnishedt isvapplying at
EDITORS. Ltidies' Mackintoshies in beatstiful
S. W. Cuirrsso, '02, Managing bdstor. varieties, juset receivedl at Mack&
G0. L. CoAress,'12, Assist. Masaging Editor. Seimid's.
W. E. MCE-ICttc,.'to, Asst. Managing Editor. Ladies of the U.. of M. will fitid it
J. C. TsRAVISs, '9', Boiness aSoosger. greatly to their advantage to call on itis
F'. E. .ttsvFTE, 'El, AsisttlBsiness ttsnager. wenet in ieed sif('looks, Dress Goods
c. W. llscanvo , '00, Assist. lBusiness Maxoge. or Faiicy Dry Goods. Mack & Sclimid.
W. y.tPARaKtt, '93. l0. B. Alsensta.'. 11" OUND - A giold ritng, with set.
F.JI. McLtws.,'92. ICoAS. Boson. '950- Oswner fcll get ft I y callinigon J..
FitANK Matiets,.. liDA AYcv, 'Wl Archiblald McAlister, '93 desit.
xvtticELsnBACa'5 Os'ct ruDe UCla. '04.
F. &. ticoc@so, 192. LUIAstKEnve. 0. At it'eTwo) Saitis, commoencinlg
- Wednsesdlay monucfig, Jots. 27, '92, the
T"Aon. PUBLISIN dose.. estire stock of Clothintg, Overcoats,
Sifts, Patt, Dress Suits, Prince
'rho Editors do nct bold thsetmseles resos- Albert Suits, Smtokinig Jackets, Bathi
Bible eor the opiniocs orc stateocenbo of coere- Robes, Htats atid Caps, Seal, Fuor and
psondents, appearisne in the OAst.. Mutshi, all Uniderwear, all Shirts, all
Gloves, cll Neckwear, catd every article
iti stock ct seventy-live cents o the
ON Friday evening of Ihis week doltar.
the ladies of the Studetits' Chiristiatc The sale of tickets fort Aleyatiter
Association assisted by the ladies Salviiii, whlo aptpeass at the Grantd
Opera hlou~se, ott 1'lisrsslay evenitig
of lice-'acclty wvil endeavor to next, ill 'Ihe ''hcree Gusardlsmett,bill
tiake a success of thicr ev ceicar- copenticcln Tuesdaly tsortiing at the
Pocst Offtice News Stalid. The prices
tore, thce .ive (('clock 'lea.-As all will ice $200, $1-50 attc $1.011. All re-
studetits are iccviteci, an exceilecct servcec seats dosvi stairs will be $2.0
'andc seats maly also lie reserved ill the
epportunity is afforded tcc becocme gallery at $1.50.
acquainted withc tbe youccg ladies, A new linseof Neckweasr jtust received
as xvell as withc the youncg gentlement. and iio better styles swill be foculid in
Y Z ZI townc. Ycot will say they are otie-hialf
Everybcocdy shccultd endeavor to conce thce price yoo pay fcor thieim elsewhere.
outandhel mae te afai a uc-Masck & Sechmid.
coo 0311(cll ciketic afar ascc- LOST.-A lelather bag contaiing a
cess. Not duly xvilthlis afford a silver watch with etigravilng, W. N.,
better opportuncity cf getting at- 1886. Findser still please leave at Seadsolc n eev ead
cqcainted, bcct it xiii serve to vary Rtoom-tmate wanctecd. Call at it
tihe monotony of boarding hocise Thlompsoni at.
fare as great carcexiii be taken to Full l(c issyne style collars, 4 lply, i5c
serv ne an apetiingdises. or 2 for 2-5. Mack & Schumid-
serv newand ppetcingdisbs. $1.95-80(0 silk umbrellas worth $300
to $4.50, iiarked $1095 at Mack &
Important Announcement. ,Selmid's.
ice tUniversity Scoo o)Nusc los.-tIliafi hail, Golecar lfftill.
Sebol of tllsl> Skeletons heart, set weithi pearls anld
establisicediaadl conduccted by lice piercedt with sniall gold loll. Liberal
reward if retuirned to F. S. Porter,
tciversity Musical Society of thce Alchl Delta Phi Houise.
University of :Micbiganc wiiilibe Socmething lnew:-Inc thele 15of U.
oepn for vice rereptioni of pcipils of M. stationiery. It excels all its pre-
dlecessors fin designs. Geo. L. Moere,
October f, s892. Courses will be bookseller, Maini at.
offered icc all branchces of nusic. Hot an~d cold baths 10 cenits, at Post
'lie Schcool xill be rcociuctedcup11010Officec Barber Shop. _
licenmost approved edutcationcal basis tRoehcms& Sell lste makingitce followv-j
and wiii aim to develop schcolarly isig styles ill yellow aisid (lue buttonls.
tccsiciancs. iFor particulars acldress~!
the Director, K 1 PIlain, 50e.
AstcsorR A. S-rAN s~s y, A. 1l.01asos,75e.
Professor of Muscl, University of Micigao-

*Beautiful Chri~tmas GAPt -.
..N. ssFor drpartmts-Cemnrtrcs to text-(cot
° oremsnoeetpteoth- &rt piceic 51ossbas In
Irtncanet Flt Wgent tscsldicng18eset-
--_ tdat cc slfficiet isst crs te wokth(bet
ogh, isise xpense attcmn 5 ic~wIs12+25It
S215o pertwneck;students assisted to positione.
For estalogue, sddress P. R. CLEA RY, President.
I Cincinnati, Hamilton do Dayton
INThe Leadet'r R. R
inl Fashions 1i5 Lv. 'roleco..lc =64 +015 ax X3.is 0 icc t icc
Merchant Tail- Desler .. . 10i it1.2 ace.6 -12.5
orllcitg. F in e sicley ... .I.4ti 1 .45tO 7.20cc ,0
line of Piece lPayton.... 12 35,3.I 8.0 4.A:
Cut (Goods to select:I C RIVEtoca
ifrotm. ('all for !Inidiasnaoi j;4r .5 '35 .i

19 S. MAIN ST.,

-a fine

AssaNoN AROR InC.H . 7Malts
Thursday Eve., Januar3
The lieocciofiteRomaicti triccoi
Clebcratec l lseterpiecce,
'The Three Guardj~
"Oefo roall as l fc onesic'
Mr. stilvitic is (be yountgest of gr(
sod ltce greactest of rouisigactors, a
suppcrtecd in this egagesicent by
And Iis Companc~y of ]'layrscunsder
slots (if Mr. Win. Wilkison.
The PRICES stave beetsfixed atf
and $1.El and seats may be had at thet
News S td Tuesday mo0ring.

fittluli lExcepit Sundcay. 'Ilily.
'rie otily lise leavincg'Tclecdo i the'c-esni
bics-wiesc eotscansec-sie Sleepjintc I e
reaebing Cineinncati ear-ly tccllowifng mccrning.
11 aFrlor Corn on Daoy Expres'frolics. Dirct-o
cnnetions with oil Southern Lities. Sc-ccthac
1s-ocr tiebets reocd via 5'. H. &l., t~c-evc'v,-
S~-c.lico,t'lnceinnatoi anIianapciolccis.
0. B. TRACY, N. P. A..
155 JlF~rsoN nAcE., 1DETROIT
NIIV Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
8h. TieC-ted in seffetIDecemtber , I9.5.
28th. ival.1ofiitrains at AArbcecoconity.
Nit. 1. Mail and Express.n-.......27a. mc.
No. :t lPassgr, Ann Arbor Accissi.0(0ncc cc
No.05. ilPassengter ........ '4:?1. m
JV N o .1alollPassensger........11 1811-111
No. 4. Mail Expresse............. 0 .m.
iDuaNo. 6. Passenger-. Toledo Aecist. . ..40 0-s.
Train-:ansd 6 run betsweetc OtisAc-core cc
Toledo odly.
Central Standard since.
me .y All Traino Doury except Suntdaiy.
Gen. Pats. Agent. Locac Agedt
lice (tres-
5-000v S0,O '

'This circular is boeincg seict broad-
cast ticroughcout lice Slate, antI it is
gratifying to knoxv that encquiries are
heing constantly received. In fact,
the establishmenct of the school is
hooked uptici as a v-ery gratifying

Sent postpaid con receipt of price.
ltOEItbt & SON,
Detroit, Micht.

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