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January 19, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-19

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'~ic.of ~ui'( '~I~ i~.As Others See Us.
______ We guess that Cornell University'
Pubnlishedl Daily (sndys ecepted) during has a larger proportion of students
tilCeree tear,. by of a religious turn of nind tlaii can
THE U. OF M INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION be found in any other Anerican in-
stitution of learning that is not the-
ucrlinprice $:4,5l per year, invariably oloi l. The census of the relig-
ennnnnn' Siegie'-leeop e. ts. n aleat
seun's an Pst orrit- news st an tr:2ons pefelreces" of the etering
n'rbn-l. non. subscripiontay'e lt lat class of504 tCoreilI sttiilcttshas
th ofice' ntthe IDo.IOtera Houne l Sluk, lt
Rhea'stato Sle~trs o , ana t no attsejustlieen prillted; aiiilfrom it swe
etos. ]earii that, o this unumer, 24 are
n'la,.N.illthy rn toappenr the net chuirchinenbers ant Is46 arc church
tiny. Atldrtut lti nalel-nteleatfornt tnnlie- oersinnut not mmerthslev
tions Illthe 3anaging edior. All buinteesciies hsla'
tttrtnictlialnebt(tn be et ~t eIBui- lg only 74 who are regarless itf
'0e9 itatneer. tie cuenchi tounot 011 that ac-
Ann Abo, Mch. count necessarileudestitute of all
relgon . It aplears that tec maor-
EDITORS. ity f time stuients of thet class le-
.W.Cirristn.'12, Malnlgiltng tnr.
I~ I,.lle)a s, 'n, Asit. Managingntolinr. lo~ng to the Iteslyteruan, iisco-
It'E.SMn i'.nntnn, '~,Ast. NMannging, kndiior. Ialian, At ethnnist, ('onngcgationutal
tn . tn ~ Is, 'nu litene Mananger-. adBatit no 'imninationns of Prot-
E'. E. 'nuni , 't ASnist.llttHsstnr n ttnnaer.
C* i tcanirxnn, '9, Aintltnnninntsn Malle. esatisma~.
ns tP1P t~lixlt 93. .1 . Ann i+, an" W e nimnnlnttanlitine ayt of n il]tni
E'. 1 1' It. ln,n B~ a ,' I " l . i anln'nnlen lll stnc s li'Ii t
F. R tIn.5-'9;:. rliginnnrcodl s thatn of S Corn~l('neinll
....tina bt tiere'is t inoi nttthai ntn'iil-
4h Dno i e d ho el a enc l- sauniIng Iite agnstinisnnn ilout lei n un
l nn'tnn'nnniatn tnn nn' n nnl'nnnnin ni ntr '- Sitounncnhnis iheat'd, n'ligionn is still a
ittlnlaotl-tt c n n' ri, in n'tl I n '. 'nnni lr Iino i icninn 'ni i l tie instiltnn
'uiJaconis spnnnnennonni in Satnin-tnnn niien'nn1 intne nien
Itt s' nitnntiai. is nitthein' lintiieclStitchi'. 'lie y11utflnni dnteis nnl
nnf Ann ninn br, into i the utolfithetinn Iarc 'nmo nini. A enn'1 iri
inticl nno n Co'enncatin i h )-cie uu ft' Inni mm. thlininti'bnoarl inets n:,o tiis
ir: Sundnnayi'oinnnn'nn'nn5 'in nns cnn
New'n'ben''nv lnii are ntlas nweiill al- tinitn Theo'lonicmnai Sn'inonlnie-
teiiileid annslie inglhtine. These cit ct521000 fronnt tie late John11
meitetinigs ae geineraly tnt a hi ghi I.le Sellmt
tinierlueintg addiressnd at titmes, by 'Tle Phlilaelhlian Sotiet mf
titeitibees of thte an lt. Tinny tde- Preinetona has pletgedi 8500 for i-
sere mre ttetio frm te su- intertatiotnal 1' . . A. swork.
dnett bmody. +}
'jo pitionioaf the D15.1 .9it
relationi to tienirc'ulatinsoif thete Naice n lsertein ilthia elunti1111at the rate
tnt Ileotnpee line. Special ratesttor longe
iaiiinilet " AnntiArbor anidifie Sa- tite, an deralins iriselab'llplillgat
l 1lteDALY nfie.i
loons,"' seenis to ite uisinteelneeteci Ltsr-Aletetr bag eontaSiigit
y sonictiettibers nf the S C .silecsw'ati titetgaig, W. N.,
tSh, Fitdeswilt Itleae see at
Sit we nwiltI attemplit tin explain n11ir ti'tsat 's oice ant eceini ttlsrenid
positiontas clearly ;s lnossile. WSicoit-tlt,a iantini (' ill at II
(hutint take the tpositiounner an ''iittnst. t
Full lie leu'syco tllr, 4 ply, lie
p4snos of mlijriitig tie S. (. A.' as o or nc2.Matk &Selrit.
snuine incrsist in elieving. iOniitie Laits of liii'I'. of .wst- filhtml it
InlltereinctliiaLtitcicn'tii'inii'egeamty to teir atisultrtlge to altionInts ti
conratyze~tii .ta~eer~aienlie sein iineeni nit('loauk,DresGods
nit tie bonarnd appreciates tie-fact tiFc aty Dry Gois. hak & Seinid.
tht h S ( A,'al tint, vt $il9.Aa-Stillsilkttmbit'llas wothli$3.0
that titetoS$1.i0, tiakedl $19i5lattMacl &
atiount inS goaod. lWe are' heaurtily Seilni's.
in fannr of advniciiig goodni monrls, Lots.-Lillman hal, Gld Sif Yinil.
tel nt (i'iihristiatn brotherhoodun, Skeletonli heartt, set'twitl pea'rls15attd
feelitig ipiered witiistsall goltpl ll. Lierl
titeiromtiulgationu tf the trittatnd rewart ifi rettirnei to F. S. Porer,
th etinterests o h 'I f IAlphatDelta PilHSos.
site ist ittSite tof I Sonetiingse':-tn tielite of U.
ult we ilo positiely atn entinati' of M. stationery. It exels aliits pre-
taly object tni the pulrsuanice of alydceeesor in desig.(Ge. I. More,
ookseler, Main o.
nmethod, whiich attenmpts to acvance Hot atd eold baths hi0 cets, at Yost
tile first object at tie exipetse of any Oficee Baer Shop.
tf tite othters. Ladies' Mackintoses in beutiful
- varieties, just received at Mback &'
Trhe faculty of Albion College has Selimides.
A new line of Neckwear just received
limited than nutmber 'oif hosurs' to and no better styles will be found in
scVten fo the trmn At the . town. You will aythey 'Ae onehalf
of ' ~orthe price you pay for them elsewhere.
ofM. it is twetty. Mak & Schid.

*,BIeautiful Oh]
$5nilper week; stadets bassisle3 totnpesitin

Fotur deranuct n nun elit. hioIfo l iun
oeltenilitnou c din. ler ml-an
mngh,i-iertlc( c tcnt.el'y itci, 2I 5il
ataloute, addrless P. R. IdEAllV, Pesidrnt.


J. -iL.St X~lSlm~
tmsT17Cincinnati, Hamilton &o Daytoin
The Letidet'R.Rx
il tnunlill i n nL .Tl e o ...+ 1. 'iit n i 5 3 I , :3t) 11i+
Ale'mO ,it 'J'ailt i nc ltn.n ...n4.0 11 1.tt1.:
mi b 1n' 1btutn't l 1t It 5it 1.45i ;.it
tint-i .... t.. n1 in--' :3 15n 5tt1.t;t
1 t1 811it n . . . 1 1 1.5Gsti t s le t Nu t lncI'tairtt:a.
fr~li. C al f r uulnit mm" IIll unlu .-15t1'.tut
195. Mats ST., le f ltl llrg; -jEc tl~l' 'a s
Slllm tt'u w tihm1- 11 a Ftuu lt eep'm iiegs omI lt
y lnt-i et u eat a t .tu I'it. 5'l 11., tein n' i
ANN ARBO, -MICH. S. lin m street.jleamlintnuiant
D. B. TRACY, N. P. A.,
I Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
Alexander SalvIini Michigan Railway.
'ntl "tot tnoetfect liuntunt u-n 1f, ist1
--- Atltaeln at tAtl intrelliy.

Helena MIdNek Io Stunt.
No Mniatnd'llsnc'ete.. ... an
Mutt Sluit lltnenn . .....1:,!7 a. mm
r 1liesne t iss Ili l iin'nuhlc' st-ill Na., Mail lsprnst .. .... i40p. nn.
MN I.iPtssenr lnoedo Aecmt.. ;00i~n.
actulll appear r' ighlali aom'urmidst Totledotonuly. naibttcnuAnAlaetit
CentrlStantdardl Timeu.
tO in1 thehel.lfutture. All .'rainsc Daily nxnnpt Sunet'.
----Oen. Pase. Agent. tonal Aent.
SALNI .ins1110 greatest actiar
in theC Aillericallstaige tt-day
Sill1dliestill comte here oil the KA
125it11. WI WW.
1MODI ESKA is oiie of thIe'bust
lactresses now knownl and shne' )V\K
cornies here on Fiebruary 1.

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