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January 19, 1892 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-19

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iU. o"A. aip
The Women's Gym. G~riffitn, lass: x. 'T. larrand, nedi- m lent of student organizations is rOF YOUR : - -
ciss;OctaE.aKXbinates, phairanc '~ 'y: F' left essentially i te power of lie SOCIzETY BD GET(1,
\Irs Octvia l Haes cairmn i.1Prettymn , (ental: and XW. X. students themselves. It has tbeen O 01111tiJLl:
of hegymvinasiumfi comitieo shesCheney, honmeolpatlhic,.coicusi etcyproveel livsearci i g l"'- liE
licttriit .unaes Ascaiows Tere re about tiwelve imieics in expeime niits tlit athletics aid other Mailed to You-
the ct tyeseryoiiofbhusnir-nss trinigalready, anid the lprospects initeiests swhchi belong particuary NEFW -,Through Your
o e t d sihth th e s e r ie s o f-te: i
lieinggis'ei iii eaii that ttie oziter (Itepartileits witl to stiiients, casnot tbe satisfactorlypnj
tiiients no it g tieni D e aswell represented. iciinducteid by undergraduates alone, HAPT
tit for the gvmllasiunund.lIii in
hecontests are tociehe ldluniiier ior by the Iaci lty aos.I oliv
livaleroalohene etaIiiiiiiotteloows -
Iithe Xernotii etaI caglmiit tei - h.rules. Theeriiuiiis i iintatte plaiswIiclibrings te tiio > upon APL CTIN
(~i tesi issednts fague ank w t I arig will1be three iiv in ter, of bodies into clser aidtitsiie frieiily k ,t~idsusdpasfrwr i he iue egh eain uti h n ems
imarlines here, hiss Ilate s ti es iifutslegfibIetneiilst tie ee ii'6liek mostN
levls to le present at the nest Base Ball Pratice The fornation of a colege juiry at [LST
meeingoftheLeaueandwil -Mz ncur I irers oftinit Praian
metig f helage ni sllICottmbiia shi os a real izatin Of this ilodJeiaetisityi IBages.
showi and extplain tol the girls the pie canididates for the f; iv ersity- fact. '[le idea sas uriginiatedi ti DETROIT, - - IGH.
arcInlett'sptints foitthe womn' isase hll te an illeginspriactice ~in presideit 1w.ntIle miaaeentl _________________________
deparemient f the gyimnasiumiiiitht the riik this fternoon , commenci ng fthaiieiroiishsleea
al heir litest rvsisions. The 'girls at i :;,cioclock.I le manaer tiakes cueo uhdsaifcint t-I
arc to have it uneinf irticlabowisshetfsfaowngiannlitcslit-
: ivlii e aruinin trak atos thetoleissin iiniincntett deits as swell as to the I at titstne
ingticlieotiplunge aitilshoiwteirjNor t io.Te riniiksill le peii 11r
t~lt istie te etlie fe thte i use ii the cndidatfes fir the Uiit is hiopei that awa osut of tne .
Batsas wel he oter fetu e i ~esity it '51it llt 01 int ii tel itist diiffetlts has ibeeii found. I le
hercietofor e ititoie.ThetIliytounig f ro I30.ntiiil 5 cloek, sibtitthe t lisotes s draweinit1p, prpse i t hlt
aisof the cmit l tee mantiifesteitfolloinetg ecnditioiss:ipowserle pt inttu tie anits of a I
pich Ienthuitsiatsminiregard o thei1. andidiates msf setc- rrmtiheflur~y cutmposed of the tre sidetts of
iiiit Ii tu a dtrea ifticsvelopmehtils may in iaiier or etpttiiiitickets itt iiiiiis v Iliwhieiisn -ti w nt the iatesl iiopiu t yl iese
sii pittell inltihe futtefothti ieir g ii il~slti tl li it iin hen is t-Si ut-tiss limitAtttAt-tnt
ii iiins iee sevtis i iv t o t hofuitse si-it liaitt tiii d ii itli tle rigt, lit wett re v t o an ali ill pI-tis, ea 'its Ctttio totv
e lat. ['ee ee stobe .Ith i tt o f it'he itoad-ti itt tutu ti on,11 iif eie e iadvisatile. '1s
1,ir1111is Ciiiehsionitof tileieet icisittreqtitiess tht ei'll aidatit ts ssens tue 11111pit tott wh ilthJR { JH. 'F"FE' &
lo hs efo t ontilhiteir ar.I fnotl mttost lit a memberti ofithliii hitti liobjec tts tie Iriseti]htt the le-I
tvii ca 11 t iin te pledge. 1111ii tii s g spirt isnli tht]I sitch a hhO'' ~sl
Irm watthe hve lradycoi Te ue f tba~o n nten usetsud, piesiet l witt wsill te
titetotegnrlfnobyin iobidn poiitedtnan ican tbrugtin oto closer tac11 tt sithlitheI~ l.I.
lie l . f I. tluintialtl tier the idt iis whoito itlte' til lIte w5il he stiuent anid ebai a 11111e crt ;SPECiv ttZ
iciiintry, thlesyis oaltiilslt an st 'tiedthehitsen ffi iilhig A lt iesitmu of the buildigege_
ie-ssotf the tlt Ci seniv tl ted 1elttthtj tttt Stlt tttte ai ll( -pe~tti tit iaoft he entmento-th colliiCit. Speller &C.'n
ci t siare ii shi beucths of ine 1111 li tttdtttt tn alt mnaters of steent life. ii ~ g-tt -i'
11iost asiii sevuiitiekilintttiiflit The New Site o Columbia. iiihnreutireiie
Iltrialgyii p5111 utiiit onseifpactiig foi elss eams dzdpie,4lcrcoc
a iivisioit ofliours for exerc n ite be- ill te exclsideilfromthflinI Pfres en oetnarah-re fNtkcti,[ten-
tiween flityousguten aind the youing Thiesiprecattitonis liltenecssary ll iv-edhsubscriptions, amoustin g to ii'aidtllsitiii-
ivoneinswoulsfilel in setrin" to iiideirt tortainiitha imiik.1.le mana1gewaan a1.Frihn
1511 t ha s no iiifentiuii of being unee $35,000 Cfo the renioval of the '-
silie th hghet ds inat~s t tntessaiii severe in fth imition oil college to te hpropostui site at kod
gymasimit s materofintr-rgiiltions, but these iiulesitre it .Boomingsdae. 'l'hese separate Gti titidispect'gottls
ct tol co-edls authboys alike that the Iqiredi inlightf of last Iexpeieiie. ie~e f1000hv ei e dptes
schtle 'fin 000 le raiseid, so that I T'iis year's team must wotkthiiaiin
sehacae inos re nosihie tune -ifiiisy ii ide tl nstoi flteived, auth there is a nan who ~ ~ e~r & '
sepaateroos ar posibe. I conetiou ly ,ode ho- suti tl promises ta ie .$50((0 forp everye f -jflQ- rpuato
SarnWrestling and Fencing. aii piihihratfieisneesssiy i 1000ssrbl. It is coifi- S. SIAlE SR'IEET.
'teeat -o it ptilg oes-Isrderfoiget fthe amintoiiiihlitpst 1 tdentialy expecte that lt-eneces-
The dat for te sparing, w est ucniion iifr flit seasons iwuikt Ifhitaysr il erie i h er
ling, and fencintgcoitests has iemn riiik siill ntle availaslie liii use dimI ar snin ill b uie i hotSAME TIMVE ANID MONEY
placesd oit -riday evenig,ebruary ugt'someeoffiteafterioonii, s if hiss ie hoi aoo tilb
itl.'aced csitsssrleenec i ited fr oler psrpses Whitnneedeibefore the college can take t- lipig 111r
io. he ontstswil behel inthe riiik is closedh to bsbttallcandi-tepreper stt.
the eiiera fhouse aned sill be optiieates, notices sill be iiseitesd in fthe ' '"X' '] 11 11'T"
slsy to studeints of the U niversity. I)ais- andu posted up~on ftheduiii of 'lis cain and gewvn questioii is l l
'hue weights for te sparring and thern. RLHSOE radually naking its say westwars.
wresting are as follows: lFeather- Mantager. It has been settled fatorably in lHar- iof is n-ilt wt aem liere.
seight, 11r5 pounds and tinder; liht- College Jury at Columbia. vard and Vale, and is non- agitating
weight, riy so ra pounds; middle-___fth Ann Arbor students. The U. of CALLAGLIAN & CO..
steight, 13.5 to 158 'pounds; heavy- The qusetion of studeit jsrisdic- M. says: "Thus far the cap and
neight, r 58 pounds and over. n- tion has occasioned considerable gonn question seens to meet the PULISHERS
tries can be made to Robert WXagner, discussion among the different col- approval of the senior its. If it is
mtanager; Rialph Stone, advertising leges at variouas times, and many adopted the junior and sophomore 114 Monroe St., Chicao
agent; E. G. Fassett, treasurer;H. plans have been suggested and put lis will undoubtedly continue the
F. Van~eventer, literary; INX":1' into pracice by which the manage- custon.-The Occident 5o S. Sate St., Ann Arbor.

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