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January 15, 1892 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-15

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T E U O F M D A L.A T h e T w o S a 71 G R E A T C L E A R I N G 8 A L E
1.-4 OF Of Overcoats and Ulsters.
We have made a tremendous cuit in prices all along the line Ol
ONA 1 O~F1A S n UTS :Hens (1n Boys' Overcoats and( 1'lsters, wlhichi will eniable uis to
ON AA1I 0X~1~ AT$ 1.14 P'''~ eliWlen Lit GRIPPE is o1 prevalent, no( moant Should go out uls
ThIIiis inilde 111all :: o11, 12't.l lie has, an 0 vereiiat on.
aid 1 )51.06 ( oats. None Last yeair We (lo(e1 oar Overcoals d~own to the' small n cm nv (ot
i'1SeiW~i TnuiT-rv F, and1( expect to Io so this yearl.
mo,- s ~,er ., 1b PWALW _0 The J. T. Jacobs Company,
T_ B1Z2 Jan. 2,'92 1 IsAnoeAfrio, 2i-219 MIAIN 'r., ANN ARBOR.
Aral Arlior Steam Lallllhry, CO0 A L. GEORGE L. MOORE, (Mcie ur.~) + +
WORK CALLED FOR and DELIVERED. !FOR HARD AND SOFT COAL, A Fell (ineo tlill (ollege 'lext Bloos, incluinge Leew anl Medcl l yN the 1w!rk..
CAL O c(heii pest plaei fori Nte l -7a irad J"((aiiiihi ots in the city. 1res'himen cowd in.Co ealn
SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS. 1U~J1 .iaZ 1J ehi rinds. bro ave Ill eir stckeateimystoeeeoniNO. 6 S... "Ill AIN _SI.
Office, - 23 South Fourth Ave. Nii. 11 Ww'i~' WVASiii'N'i'(N 'inwiEiT. +O =D.fl. M~OOS E_
Il-IN Stlfc BO 0 ST B ,N TO Lil S Nz zoY
t, ,r sude t il sae o fl y buinbg 1 nii!erily Teat-Plst aid allif sulii e. ll Iiile'dfiirlll i. We tfeiw; ordeirs lor trinsii, pntfies, cellil e c,
sfped l 1 i illi, on LMVi13001« Nf)fS WC(AI I) i A1 i, I f i) NT:IJ lOOKS, il ,hat, every ffook use i ni~ the ff lreelly e nd de to
TelX ii\ IlII t fes tfcs is 1(1 T eiee (1.I N. Malin Stiope ',L ('il e
5,C00i (eln~ Booksl ate lowi( ciel prce, _(eel i
lete~rr ( -- eoe c kin-lil ccill
Shils~l1ff IflK J~lI IN til filll i s ce - eeiicilIi' ol -c Iue-l Ui 1-wiile.N
!hI led Ii ironi sl . A -. li (0I IT', 15w rilci
,Iphrond Straight C"' II 1J NVF4LSTF');I_\ NI M 1(111 lAN OL Jk( fJ 0 OM.1ARTIN,
Nllii EIl IN
CIGARETTES. ! iili i iei iiIii Cloth Caskets, Metallic
'.j 'l~i ii' Siciece lii GIeS~iD AiF0~STTIC I..AND (IiON ((I FUlNS.
mo. ' lctc tha tii (le rice I iii'- e lit te l ie fi .A O H M
tee.. iills orie atci-n. F/ i nI'u (iiiiilii t1 1;1.i7 (l( Ii., Preare foi r th dee-iiie. ' aie iii~ tiiti fltSrael tr ndI_ _ e eeTI.
Nii id L'(icie ciiiii e tt will (i iei le ic a I rci l~i l iNl reu lt N~ A11I 'i-YI.iili iii'eiiili iiiic I S Y & S A O T
ciiIIliinlI ii It N Sc silu i r uutoe Io ice NOuh lIe AND I'i J(i iiielti~.' ll~l(I paia attentio (iueieiu'ui Grcris Prviio s ou andS FI N AG A IEd
ael fieeii o f i rs to pae die~io for exst].tio an. touE. I Noiii Mi S tre t.
Teche i iliteii ielli ilcee hid (glie FuVt f ( tN a )h.II 17M .T rosltrl,"iltee , Pre" IdSfa e in W_ eh .-
cuOiia\rn fSragt u taeL ,ifie uiti li feii (clnltr'of uiujabe NI e lain1(1( tilla n t tSe o c . ae ia -s fr fc I l c sl
Netn or i-mi ie and i ii fte tt cilbservieN ithaer 1818 R ufr of the. RI;X felIIsire iei- fu a d 8gfl.li shire to refii ti.fl (1
l'il.m na t aselow(I d siIlLI fs fn Iii l l i Le ha ii. i le f'i ric j11ihil elf anl eveli pacige ire -to',
Iliii k c e c 5i i Rili c lond, Virgi eia. I)i ill ed t ini the~a lastil ten Ie rs a
celloe Statee 1100rly f~ sonia Reaer the theiic~i~ elyuvwl liesni bae-al team ar1 irteefd~b ii 11 ii'isioy'111
i'iiii sc- snry nI i ng Free., CS Iav fle- 1:t~ (, b111 tir J. 1 1 0, ii liii i iisi .e i h t tis 1il h 111fE.rl il y nttli Of i ll t i1 h lei;d re rt
lt 0(1 noi tsh. V ife - vs fIlLS Oiuu li sIi~f $0 , 0. 1Cofu th i Ii e i h Iro f '. ics h as accesell di lheb. I ils llI n lir ofi tihel hug e tir
Iepsi Bxsfr en rr oti e of111 l t he iu ie mlsc Ii e had cu~i-s i il e~eu~ i selle f siicto lulu fi
1t. ii OF M e . P t11EIS t s i lil Ii 1Y1 char ofetihl Hgfl f Siil Aitor in Pitic I colu nu- A sat, befo e uutie i itLespr
'1-hg chfj liii iiilf-t hape a d the au in e a, 'l.e Te woer t I wel lanoill inu h jr nrilfici lor ne i ndoiaur or Itraii g.f e
AnAAbo Sa ings OLD'Ics i vL -ite ~ re 5 l s anic C arr s usuliii d esterthe, acudnt.ug 51i1'( rne i ies hiay te ecuireL
du~br ih Cptl tc,$00) sefio yd we thue a sm ll oflormoke I
If thie sae RcieDeoisb san ds coedteX fXX ac hat 'ie h(XXa ncehdieelelegc ~hine IlLo IOits iesrn l pa cyin, hereo-
FlsexhNgEo thprniactesf PH TO RA HS start. in thilrary donsictig bofc r eanuea l~~stah. Ieli s iirylg Inllnre iss pucO
;MILLINR ANDte ART GOODSd upo 40000r tihe~X as whhy deIh dtr iiee hclneia pavyt erI~i ilfih blnk0.i
sdnnetol fiestroe d Itpe ad iasiburedn for i $10,00 yaetstedy aonIng. eea peainlms eeogl yIhv adrae
10'tes Hich r~tn ice Thc aincn cotinpred (Ithrmci't Ih 11.1' 1 uslo e bak ilb unse yete
ano rlens thu cha! nilrebtohyfr ars n r a IS~,Mngr
SHOR HAND E.lsooe anler whietrini beciees i lthe hby crulde \hr C~o ilavrk tlhaes uprnedi'oaa;r cpan pnpc
IT tLLPATYOU Shrthnd ee Ne 'lon s t e 10 f lanofte anldin Stye t ete asiow the ovferohe bu idg ctaoe If Ac atono oemei h ip ge
Bell dng, diScuthStile wieet cn thFel fliX 1845 Ct a costheof aico th''oey a ad iet ery n elt.. i 1 Ieustedl to thir Iu and(X (his r witer

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