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January 08, 1892 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-08

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All. OuAlliOeutv(rioet,
All (r il ) s it"I', til(a~s
;\If iii( u itlo tves t.
Ar TE-rl:ZE DWO $ Az
Tz_81 ITZ~rz


S A MS Of Overcoats and Ulster.
1 We htatve mtadie a tretttettdius cut int prices atll alonig tite lie of
-4 Men's tant Boys' Overcoaits tand1' isters, wichl will enttble tot to
1.- close tlhemttt oniti.
'Wetn LA GRPPEtiS sso prevatlett, in)o inslhouldc go ott ttit
O F F lie tas ttntOvercoatt ont.
Latst Year we closed out' Ovetrcoat s lowni to Itle sml tttuiiittittiitoit
I imtos' iVEs, tatd expiect to doi so this r.
r The J. T. Jacobs Company,
J tot. 2, 92 11 EAtiili'A't'ESs, 2 7-29_NMets S'., A N N AZ titlist.

SilAlo tu l1Lallfry, COADikL. GEORGE L. MOORE,(wc~aooe )&L i +s
WRK CALLED FOR and DELIVERED, 1 FOR HARD AND SOFT COAL. A t1tttitti OftaltCo'lett't' 'ext Books, ectuiditig iivuuviatit lcict ii iuiiiiu.vl tt'cii
SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS. 1\E- .tutu todfiendit. I tout tiiiuvn~t'iresickaiiuttystoiieuu NO. 6 s...MAIN r.
Office. - 23 South Fourth Ave. I NO. 11 Wt' WestIi N(tIos St'tEe''. Geo. ooozQ
sp~isldisceatl otLAW BOOKS, IAl lItWA1I, Itt)OKSi. ItENTAL. lOOKS.jit sit iv' eviry ootttls 1ittnc i thepomtly ittovuvI toii.
l(i svsity - 5) (iS Ittutik Booksi9t lowest tire..'. 'on h. :It N. l ti tit Si 7'~t ~ii
ANT A_ I ~TIIE .- IEXC'I:I,4OJ3t - IJAL'N'Tti'
9ipared'ttu rni u t fiuiiuiist'clasuw'rikuoni short ii
LItAIIl(t 1OOK ;I'I 111IN TI CI ( LETI VticOsomerc~ialiork darne trtii ,ante . N
giehmond Str~ight Qa~* f[ TWES EI N I(41 1[1yQAN ( ( . M MATIN
No. 1 .J V{ 7. tL11 iA fIG- I _ 1_ { 1;OiMIAt ii i
CIGAETT S. Chaterd an Inorpratd.)Cloth Caskets, Metallic
Cigarvete 5inotteriswhoi > GRA1 l-1' rRA- _P IDS, tVETOTIANtD (iiutttONCLIiitNS.
tuL - ae willuig't iiiayea itte N(J'EI) u ie t 'iti i t.it t t' 'ii'Nl t'uuiuui" iti>,. it~ae , titit, 'fr0 n)c i t c' t,err c'.' r- J. A. POLHEM~tUS,
raite thene ri e t tuttitinthioutr"
_ chartged tutu the orinaryuv For5its'ti ~'it , C O~ U RE'tSC . 't'iiits rt het'uti' triv'antdtu ir t tiit(,iibroadetst sut 'ttuan . T T t t iaetswl id tem stpatclrsls
r,'i Thy RichumontdiStratighut Ciiiits tU1; .1 ) tD FNE'ARTtt)ET ttI 't'.t 4S . S Nruiti i i re'ii ti utit _Stle_
Cuit No. I Cigareuttesv tie madue tromtutthe bright- Forut '(1i7o1tstii A , ..o NttuuutTILt.DN'0 IAtTWIENTS, liii leadttig' schooof ib uists. R
esit, inost detiaitiely flaoirted ttidhightest cost For the etceelcy imodratetc peietieo si tuentsattenduinug. 'Thetvexpense acotunutican b fii .NSEY & SEAEOLT,
Goldt teaftgownuseintVictginuia. ThisisiutheOldt eu'redtlow e wi) it tttha t anuyitotir uettutuuotlinstitiitinin itheucoutryitcn', tu ithuetBakerciandtudealccsin
andtOriginealcranduuofStight Ctiaeettes, smtthe iirs'ti}" well and ofotbl. E s titttig t'iuuusuteit. rocerieS, Pr 8oviins(OUPand Feted
adwsbrouighutot by itsin ii tun ycer187..A .YRX rtie~t
Beware or iitas.tioutandobsnerve tatthce.I.VEEreedn.I 6 anit8OS. Washiugton St.
firmnameas elowis nivey package.
The ALLEN & OtNTCE~rnc ]lH CAPUSti
Of te AmeericaneTobaecucoCo., THEAPS .xltrctiicont W'hiite of ('ornteil is 'The 1irintcetiuttfaciuilty havte decviii-
Manfacurrs, - - Rihmod. irini jto lie reslident. lceturer if the Stats- ell that ino slietial stue t swili ie
the ~V t 4 streatsl ves$ ,0ytear.vut'ford IUn iltersitytiutrinug threen'tuiuttts allowtto iplaty iiatny tniversiti'
'apital. $5.iwO~. Ntriutut uuiot Puotit, Stiut(t. (C. R. Srott, (letut 'g t,wsttarrivdI th y witri'tlti e m u tlhe h sb e t
herIagnealviii uins.Pasin Sage luas gite to tt 'ur- 'I llceeattlutist twist l i s.
teestS ut Saving Detposits. Hits safty u Ii tii the holidayls.
it eceetot tttoohtitg' hosiness. tttythell tutuw titirtir ubuiltiig, tuu flea'niid ex-i' euoit i
tetposiStuoes ftruenst. ThleSstudetsvtt at Brow'i uu l .ii hrt a ieulu Su ev I. ISu t ito li iTiie U s'ii iv e iio ta
It. KEt1I'tt, Fi's. I'. H. ttiittit, Castier. IP eie t 1Id e 1. W ie a J
itututotutuSti tuitit ei' teu tg. inisson o (n ftrii. ic leto o o k . i rigonh s ec vd an n o
Ann Arbor Savings Bank Theliv Ii. tLester, if Niilwit ri te' ;hai uiuier otefttucut Iiittof , f itifroant teiltetJofge
AnntiAtirbo ith. Captital Stitch, $500Wl~, thexil ttsti i tuulsrti tyaiaui'teiu xiu fauets lint',uu'fior lit tetl ii ish ties.a
Organizeditruitee the (~tett t tBaintug'tawsuc hifir iu tuS. C.:,1tutuS Iuu(u-ay arevi at i ngsuhe us ith Sito f 'iikr (fso hii etc ncsine.
of' thit state. tReceivesnDoitsut, buiys anud 1, I ~t t
'cells exneon ite nprtucitptilicitien iftt he' Itc Itusil uutluvr ututi u stie a eas. 'r .
Cnitedt Stot's. tiDraf ~tssed upoi poe r etteeh rnI1 Ci'ti(
idnificion.t Of iertst. ITie Su:tin rr Lighit Ii fattir iriut' . iItall ritui ers itf te
it. ii HAuRMNeisite u s sieTevo ii ttrt 1 1lvI it tic uitug Socit ey 'iill ttipe' t usI ral lt .i iiu ass(-motle iiliapiel at
eta.i.Htuit,(itut.Operai Hlit e islttu hliii en intg utf ttuis evenintg ini Prof. f reeti s rotumiut :3uto ii. mi. Oil Suniday afternotoni,
U. F . PNS! I'iat S o'clturk. ltrof. F'. . agner tJai.lot. 'he choriiuis tolvisinig at
tic e list it electiv e studuies aSt xillrtul"luthrot 'ifiu i st atualssecu'iuoitt u tuvei
Brue hast i tiux b ui uen largely Itnireased. chintery. Electiono if otficers occurs ' A'.'HI. HI l'uxs, Secy.
Siouurett tuthemuvos futatfrtafter the prolgraui. All personts whlo j sut'', Iu \ttei'loy vl
AR OLD ';:S'niothianlnochtire frttutittyI >W--he iei Badwl
cour3, s.uhve paidtir hy s r e te luoldI its regolar muontluy niectitig o
36 Maer Strnet.vovotesex 47i.
Nl. rvote, lete rcodigSaturda'y, Januoary g, at1 9 o'clock,
1- 'er nasceti eocit A citomittee iii the 'aculty of the 'itt Alphatiauthall,
4A N D A 9 scrtryo thecS.C. A., to fll flue
_____ - vacatncy caused buy the resigoatioo ftist of Nx r islc , .Iuoc' es
PHTORPH. Wi. taiapptointedl torontsidler the subjectlof N';I(i: ' ltou TIA. EALC'ONOvNly.-
FINEacademiical csttues to be worn by Studets* hintjoentoi elct courscs
MLLLINERXY AND ART GOODS !by' annual tmceting of the- State the oonivcrsity profeosors and. officers 4 and'6 At IPolitiral Economy for lb.
33E- io tet ScsAsoito ilb ui on poblic occasions.., It is, probabhe ooce to' Yettunersign pea.roTatn
SH RT A D AK A. ;Ann Arbor on Tuesday, Wednesday that aoy action takens will :nlQ(re-.-o' t~t stcde noucrt vi
SzOni r Ci't tSE. v Thorsday and -Friday of next week-. corbt eeyathrzsecn itn~dusmuotewr,
IT WSLL P LYQU $ue fand eINe' ttSY ,Anto
Buidieg, 2t Snut~ state Street. c~ur tl s 50ei fi- o ostumnes selected.

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