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January 07, 1892 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1892-01-07

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of j ( f My Judlgment as editor in cutting out
X two ~sentences. One of these wais i
______ reference to the regents of the Univer- . ~ e
Published Daily (Sundny s eepted) during sity is self-seeking politicians, the
the Collere Searby othier, afost-note, lugging in,bytname, ANI) FINE AR'I
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION i"estimadblet wonian 01fDetroit whlo
has so connection with the University
save to receiveait hiotiorary dhegree
suhscription price $2.ll per year, invariably fr-om it. For the wistlom, or the re-
iadvaen Singeeoes3 acents. On salenat verse, of tlest'excisionls, I aint myself
Snernatn's end Coat Otice tens stanad at 1'
snalck, aoon. Sabecriptions may be left at r'esplotsibte. To sets] aittsuch an e x- -
the oftice o1f the DAILv, Opera Housee hioch, at eceise of ed itorial jitdgmtetfa15itfaculty-
Sheehan's, at Stottlet's, or witth coy or the slappression oar censtorshiip is lt saotme- ____
rditors.what serious nmatter. paarticiltrly a
Commuications should reach the athiee ly ,
o'cltoch P.ht. it they are tt appeate the teat yoair ct'r'esplltenttcouldtI eIttveartied -
lay. Adderess all matter intended far pubhiica- the aictiial fatis at aniy titme iy callita
eemttthemuicatiosMnasoingd itoetrt.tettti
nst Manager. Communction.
THE U. of M. DAILY, --__- -"'!_
Ann Arbor, MieS. Edittoes U. tie t. DAI.ttv
Tlaerc laos lberisonie nisotader-_______-_-
EDITORS. statnding abaoatt the retat of Newvbery $505 per wseek; stu.dens assisted toFo positionss.
llt~tt SOas.,'t12,Managitte i.tititr. I lal I.'fTe butilding caitt littec hate
5.. vCeteRT Os. '52, Assist. Mianatginag Eadittar.
G'.:1,. l'ttA CMA5, 't, Assist. Mastaging Eadittar. preeparedl the folloinasag schleltl,re-
J. I'. 'ttVts, 'lit.Busness Mattager. savia ha igata-ecttae i
VI. E. JANETEt'93,.Asnist.ttataitteaelataer. saigtergtt eetayo l
t.'. IV. t;TtSot, lii.Assist. ittsitaess Man'. appiaionas. 'Toheighier rates thtaan JAS.\M. TAFiFOR.H .uI1I).G vHD1JNAx', aNebe hr"d ihroaedc

tar depaetmntt-C(tnnetai'Nottet t iaaal
or mestsetptethk- Xt gush. lartaI tlsta
letumanship.. }lt pant thWlidinag.,ttae at-
tattante, ttt'eitet intcaere.mohtt
oh, livingeeltanietitnaly ltt- .2:to
taogate. address t'. B. CLEAttY. Pretsidentt.

F. I)i(,ItLt~r , 'at. C.FB.Htant'r, '52. ''"''- - '0' '''"' y'
Wv. t'. P~tkta,'s). J-. R. Aat .t..'tli. lta-al lay experiencae:
F'..1. ltt't~t.wnata.'52. 1'C. '. Wtt. tt.'laS.
at'. S. !laIuCtttaO, 's31 i . as.iu.'017. Fa'tVENo
tIaat'' ts'florexclauaive ftelibrtr
Whaole lowter floor ac -- -- -- -- _- -
'Tue . .of 5AL shouaaldlfeel eslac- Sinaole rooatm, iatle oat tatla ataat

ally paroatt of its D~etroait Alumnni. A hri'EIINO.
Not onaly are its maler graoates .Auditoatiata samte atove
Lowaaertfloor, s'sa'ti'e oftat lirtare---
weorthy of paise, bait thae feniale !'haole to tre tlo .------------
aepresenatationiaalso comies ita foat itele raooma, samae isaove
eatuaal poartiona of jpraise. Wienattlel oser (taoor, exc'lasive'otar the llra
aquestioti of eajaag $20,000oo tteal- ((tattle ifaoor..-----------------
Sinle r l - --a ---aa - -- --- --- --- --
able the l.'niveesat toacc1a--tt Me. tLiteraary societies, aste lal, .1 rita2 Ithe
Watermtan's kitati offee, cameacupa.the 'talte eer.............-- ----
I ictroit Altiuani, thtohgi tatso smeWem-mnhl-----N-------
wealthy as the aluitini it some 1f1 ('otBldtg.C
te larger cities, were thecfiest to ye- - .----
spoond. At present aches thec eeection 'The tmeetitigs rof Untity('lath
of ther gymnoasicutamittus thec separate tar resumoed on Monuday, Janutary
apartments for tiae co-edo seems a whenci there will tar a social.


sutrety, thec Detroit alumtni are heard
from. 'fltattles have taken the
matter in lhatnd anad are attenmpting
to raise $ 5,000 s0 that the co-cd
contingentoftaf eiarUniversity' tmay
entjoy thae sante facilities thsat the
iaoys have. 'Their courage andttlulck
as seen in the very attempst to raise
so large a sti ndthi iat they- may
meaet with sticcessis otur lost cern-
t'st wcisih.
The Real Explanation.
'lie followainag letter appearedtinl
a D)etroit paper durinag the hatlidays,
wehiclt gives thte correct extplanatiotn
of floe so-calleil "stippression"''of
Mlr. Jacobs' article agaitist co-eeluca-
tion inthelc Decenmher I nlander. Let
this settle the matter:
-"As try nante is utsed ini your Attn
Arbor correspondentee relative to the
"sprsin of ant article intthle
Inlanader, allow nme to make thte follow-
ing statement: lProof of Mr. Jacobs'
article was brought use, sas one of the
twco members of thte advisory hoard of
the Inlander. An the position is not
otte of ornamentt merely, I exercised

Baths Cheap.
Thtis offer good ottly utntil Jatn. a
elnsive. Will sell tickets goodl fo
bathts fur $5.00. 'rickets transfer,
Shtetterly's Opera House BarberS
(Ntcsisrecn hsclm tt f 10 cenhts per line. Sperial rates foarh
time, anld extra littesfurttished byaptplyi
the DAtLYoffice.]
Sttadentts can receive a first-i
knowledge of lbook-keepitng aitdlpr,
cant buintess tltairs at thte Bli
Nightt Schooal of thte High Schtool.,
mnetiag anext Mondiay eveinig.
Fitl litne newc style collars, 4I ly
or 2 for 235. Mack &; Schmitt.
Ladies of thtetV. of M. will firt
greatly to their advaintage to calltt
whtentititeed of Cloaks, Dress G
or Fratncy Dry Goods. Mack & Sch
Sonmethinagitew:-JInthte line o:
of M. stationery. It excels tall itt
decessors in designt.(Gep. L. Mi
bookseller, Maita at.
We call especial attetion In cht
of ad. J. T. Jacobs Company.
Attend the great Overcoat sal
Thte Two Sams. Alan, Suit Sale.
fourtlh off. All1gloves one-fourth
Call Wednesday morning.
Hot ad cold batlas 10 cents, at
Office Barber Shop.
Ladies' Mackintoshes in beat
varieties, just received at Mac

FIN Ta ed't icnai Hamilton & Dayton
100 tatshosinAM
501 hi,'l lill t It'. 'i'.al.'aa . . th +6 '4al10 . I:> y :a 1.t t
134 ataA o- Ary';~ ' Ieochtut Ttail- tlt'silt't' Stat 8 1 . 7 25 -t ti 1'.511
I'ibiX I i. '- ttu }t ...... I1 1:5 ' th 15a:. is
ortg ,a t Ohta a~r' ".0:.
lsta itne(af Pieuc T
ri'ittttaa'(n 7 am ltont .. 1 -154 1 1 a s
s~~ll ~ Goods ta select 15 il0 St
! C i ati t.. 23)a:ss i , l
froiti. ('all fotr iatts s i
snot ci fine f'tin' F at~~r r
ata4 - .o.- I 'cie ontly'litteleatvinag'Toledoa itt te t'Vtoaita
suit.tby whiich you aitsetcatre Sleepingteltesae
reacin inc'jtinti e'arlyefotlointttgttaaarsiita
V,) . M0iN.ST., 04 t'arlttr('arcstan Day Ettes J'rtains.fDiret
19 S. AtNiS.,teonectins writh all Sothtiern Littes. See thtat
yattat'tichetsa reat iaitCI. H. &-D1., 1 etwseettI(
()na. D . B. TRACY. N. P. A..
55 2 imansNenAc.., DETROIT
wcill -.-aFaa5...
ill- State Street Grocers. NO-2W UO T
ir 50O Studtents patronage especially solicitedl. N.1 .UO T
ahie. 24 S. STATE STREET.
J. H A LL E R ld, Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
erte Rtepirtingta speitaty. 46 socon atNSr. 'i'me'Cued in aefet iDeee 6, 1891.
atager _________________ Arriva iftrtansat AtnnArhor tnly.
A tiewelhue of Neekw'ear just received
'chess atndito hbetter styles awill be ftuninitlcii ot G ORTHtt.
'atit- towit. 1Ytt wilt say thtey are oine-iialf No. t. 2-ailsrani reor.......... 70 a. at.
itiess the ptice you pity four tlueio elsewhlere. Nit:5. MinilPassenger ................ 4'z5 p.ma.
com-I Mark &Schmuid. lsnC OtteOTH.
$.580sik umbrellas wsorth $3t.00 No. z. Nlil Passenger...........1it18a.m'
Schmi(Pis. Eu. 6. Passenger, Tuledo Acrcom.... 7100 a. ta.
ul it Iot iee Trains 30and 6 reatsbetweenaAttn Arboraenud
Do' vfr et emeep sweaters, best 'Taledoonly. Diyerp ady
011sqntatity,$3.50to $4.25. Mack & Schumidi. Central Standard Titne.
utid. Deceember 5,it. t. IBtoehmn, senator
memnber of thte firm of Roehtni & Soit, '. 11. BENNETT, tR. S. GREENWOODY,
1 :.completed his forty-secontd year in the On.en.Ant LutAel.
lopre- jewelry butsiness; startiing as "slhop
[ore, boy" itt 1849). toeltn & Son's Chtrist-
moas selections include many exclusive
anige novelties anid the latest productioins ittl .-
silver of Thte Whiting antd Gormnta
he. at Man'fg Cos., antd othter leading nmakersQ
One- thteir pricea beinag reasonable at till
hoff. times. A part of tite policy of thtis
house ia, to select articles for thteir
Potmerit anad beauty,. and to suit the tastes
Potof their patronts with strict regard to #'
quality. High grade" diamonds anad Q
tiful other precious stones being a personsal
ak & "hobby" of Messrs. Roehm & Son,
marks thtis firm as te Gem dealers. ____________

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