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December 16, 1891 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1891-12-16

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Al. Wail II.

VOL. IL.-NO. (62.


The Regents' Meeting. for it, except those, possibly, who Webster Society.
found it a pleasure to contribute
The Board of Regents meets to- 'the fotlowing programme switi be
daye. Regent AV. J. Corker says: oadterucs fth nepi enutered at the meeting of the Wteb>-
t"he most important thing that wiltlinut nosy come some medlesome se oit hseeig
come up will be the settlement of cranks, tinder the leadership of the n ceismattin- --_________- ,i Si ehard
Tribune, who are beginning to Oration--__-_---__-L thtnicith
the gyiinasinfli (ueslion. 'We lave Esay--------------- c. w. itzei' ' W
$10000andtheplns s aproedclamor for state aid, foi in appro- 0 tate, "I(tteln, lint digni~titticne is
wouldI require ,$20,000niore if we p~riationl by the tegislature to pusti the best anwer in raise aecusa ties"
folord ien n vryieti. i'lethe vuniversity extention scherne. At i'iittve ----------- ti L Snei
followed thm in every etail. TheNeg;ative---- to --------- _T_ wuanli
builiting as lplannedt is a very large Btecause Newe fork stale tots foolish Election of officers wiii also talke (P-i-ICE
our antI the cost of equipping it enough to appropriate 0t,00 foi place at this iueeti ng. All invited.
would be very contsiderable. The ths uroet"u 'tirou wolit-
iuestion is whtethier to wail until wte little or iso originality andi self coi- t Ta 'h'
he 0c ioie rtdo ha oieuce feel it a dutyto sueStemn-s hatSilk "rt"Meeting. I LIST'
the exteinttsf our pretext fiiiits, ieso oittty leti a At Aiii Artbir, recentlythe ZSt t
putngu hemi bidngadsoniebiodtyelse upon sethoiiitoileanii.iindi'ex'ereiiilseniorshel aunit Int
potting Evniigiewt.aeopmaain Mbih iholdidnjuaicett
buying as mucs of the 0 -etotpvnigNearatulnsstietshud

P~icF, rTmmt.CENTS.
I Matted to You
Through Your
il aiumoulnt uuvvs nofFinst Ilain
andiJ.eelledl society lBadges.
itnt tlin intest Metooitilantylies
5lin is $1,a air ess thlinn eAribor
ites,tsendifor ditil:nie toi

nccessary atsxve cats. If xve were to Therapeutical Society Meeting.
dto this no arrangemtent xwoul be At the nieeting of the 'Therapeuiti-
inade for the lady students except to cat Society, Montday evening, toapers
set apsart certain hiours for thtems, atndxvere read by Miss Solit oil the spe-
miuchi would have to be doine after- cifuc gravity of biloodt and bty Mr.
waridt in the matter of purchasing Smith on acid secretions aiid extre-
eujuipteut. I regard the gyminuisiiim tions froit alkalitie bloout.Nlany of
us a vecy tiecessary pairt of our school tetere eeilsrtdb x
5csteiii, anti the people ace beginingernetadsvrlitrsig
to realize the tiecessity of suich a pinuts xvere icoiigtit out. T e nt
thinlg'. To slioivhoxw idcas uiponi the uueetitug' sill tbe ueit in the Tlicca-
subject haicithoaiigeid: It xas look- peitical latooratory, Jan ua~ry 3i ii
ugn over an olt file of one of theat ciotpi'
College papers tise other daiyandiin _.is -
ain issue of the yeair r.369 I fotund it : he Castaiian.
sittil that the regents hiaic authorized All11 the prices for thie tbistatlian
the president tot secure plant for a have at laist been axvarderd. Th'Ie
gymunasiuni to cost not more thtan prize psoetit goes to Mr. Arthur
$5,000. At present xve coulid xell Holnies, anti is entitletd,"At tOne,
use $Stonnoo for this purpose atnd At Three.'' I. K. Frciedmns received
would thin k it tone too miuich. the first hsottorary mention. 11 is poeni
f-"+ --- -- still bte piublishteid, aot is entittedt
Opposed to University Extension. ' "l'le Nighitingale." The prize
- song, calledt"Fallen Leaves,' wsa
'Thicfirst couirse of lectures undter }awtarded tot Martini I. Atkins. 'Tle
the iiiiversity extension system still stotry goes to an iiikiiowni whose ini-
riot to-nighit, and the ex periment itials are IC. ID. 'S'ite ttile is ''Ann
has miire thian satisfied the brightestIAro Psiblte. 'r.Tar
anticipations of its niost enthusiast i(- received the cut for the cover.
fricents. 'fle course was gotten tip
bly private individuals, paid for very The Persecuted Iniander.
largely Sty those wvho attended the' "The Novenir Nvmbernuniber of the
lectures, and the guiarantee fund was Attn Arbotr tnlaniler was suppressed
raised by the good will and voluntary by the Faculty as it contained an
acts of private individhuals whio are aril~odtnn oeuait.
friends of education. 'Phe next -Harvard Crimsoin. Ii the first
course under lihn auspices of the place there is no.srsuchptiblication as
Detroit institute, wyhich is te causete "Ann Arbor" Inlandier. The
of the body now giving the itniver- Inlander is published by the students
sity extension course here, wilt em- of te University of Michigan. In
brace political economy and chem- the second place the article in ques-
istry, and any one who wishes nmay Lion was xnot "~sujipressed" but ia few,,
join the classes, sentences were expunged and the
Now, so far so good. Those who issue went to press as usual, and was
wanted the education paid for it, and delivered regularly to subscribers.-
are under no obligations to anyone Eds. U. ote M. DAILY.

meaStxwnxedl xisritandtt a free light ei-
suted, iniwhich noses werebe nicteatrs
iwereSotn,tiaod blaec eyes tdistribiuted
promitiscuoutsly. tillegefottbhll,.as it
is sotmtetimtes play et, is bru ttillbt this
tloidy ocueentcexxituthitIthills otia
greatSniiesuityitidicates ditha t t-
tutu o ituniceritatin-amottiotif britli-
ity is taitetossaits tillntioSfimodtuirn
elloee tile. Slit is 'a quetstiion otbliood
iii thi'ehlss-rolii utrIblouodolte cam-

iittit ii
Whit yoI

hust1 S ulitill f xii(asic thelt r.
Adiht ti'i(Much.) imeuts. IR. H.FYFE & @G ,
ITle albosve is a failr samuplerocithtce
tesnis gooing thue roi(Its if the state _____________________________
papes, spperantly grouutdon thieii
lre Prss reohrt of tin 'g-, isv chap" Speller & @.
uueting. i University 0OltitlSs,
-- f .-- _ 01 t 'ooscItScATs Sr., ANN AitItIt.
Cotored Foot-Bait Plavers. Nek ar
'lhe Amoherst foot-hall teamt thus Dress Shirts, Gloves,
ye'ar is said to lie Slurstrosngest inii
thse history of the college. This is U dr er
largely tlume to twvo of its membters, * GENTS' FURNISHINGS, ('s
Captains William'if. testis, ansil hiil. -
I'n . S. Jacksons, bh of whvtuin F OOT1-iBi1L GOODS,",
arecvolorcetdmienitansdmatives of Vir-
ginia.SiceTestis has bieent inj English Maeckinitoshe&s,
Amhtlerst lie hinasbet the recipsient Athletic utid
of many hionoirs. Sast year hue svas I ''. Gyrnnuisitu Goods,
elected to represenit thsejunilourclass o'fsEV'RYimDS(,~' rtttN.
in the College Senate, antI he is thue
psresidtent of the Hitchcock Siiciety SAYE TIME AND MONEY
of Inqduiry'.Ie is a good stutdentt
ansd a fitte speaker, amidlint recently Istutt ~t
beets chosen a comnuencement ora-
tor. Jackson is also a good studentLA IIT ยง
as well as athlete, and is very popu-
tar with the boys. Another first- of usiwhile we ae luoe.
class colored foot-bail player is W.
A. Johnson, of She Massachusetts CALLAGFHIAXN & CO..
Institute of Technology. He is one
rof the brightest students of the insti-P5IS 15
tute, and his unassuming ways and
pheasant manners have made him a 114 Monroe St., Chicago.
great favorite with his fellow-stu-
dents. 50 S. State Si,, Ace Arbor.

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