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November 18, 1891 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1891-11-18

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r'~ ~~ game would not be played unless
n j l n'Da a Capen officiated, and Duffy and
MacPherran insisted that he should
Publishted Daily (Sundays excepted) during nt ialCiaocnee
the College sear, by nt ialCiaocnee
THE . O M.INDPENENTASSCIAIONMichigan's claims, a half hour be-
THEU. F M IDEPNDET SSOIATONfore the gatne, and Capen did not
Subscriptio price $2.50 per year, invariabty referee or umpire. In the fall of
in advance Single copies 3Scents. on talenat 0890, n0 game was played. This
Shernan s and boot Office news stand at t:I pnispti gana m
sourSoe, noon. Sabscriptios may be left at yearCae isptnagnasu-
thesoificeeof theDAILY, OperatHouse blocat pire and does more than any of the
Sheehan's, at Ste~itet's, or with any of the players to give the gaume to Chica-
Cosmiunicatonsnoebuid' teach thecafice by go. The inference from these factsj
to'clochr.M. if theysare to appear the nextisvr lan ThUiestyCu
day. Address all matter intended for publica- ey pan h nvriy Cu
tion to the Managing Editsr. All business chose Capen as being one unprinci-

ness Manager.
Anna Arbor, KitS.
RtArH STiONE,'92, Mianaging Editor.
S. W. CUR5TISS, '92, Assist. Managing Editor.
0. L. CHAPotAN,'92, Assist. Managing Editor.
J. 1C. TRAVIS, '92l,tBusiness Manager.
F. E. JANETTc, '923, Asit.tlssinss Manager.
C. W. Rcscox siR4, Assist. Busincss Mange.
H. D. JFoWELt. P. G0I . Hs.tuncLENBtACa,'52
F. D. GREaN, '52'>. F. E.. sGLcooSt, '92.
W. P. PAneii, 'hI. J. R. Aassun., 'T3
G. 5. Dygert, '19. ( C. F, watLaLi. '94.
W. E. MEN66Eso, 'S3.) CHAS. RAIns, '9i.
WE'iF have just learned 'a little of
tile past history of foot-ball at Michl-
gan whlichthirowvs some light upon
the recent Chicago game, aiidsee
are not surprised, in vie of the
facts we have learneid, that NIlichiigan
svas treated with: so little consiitera-
tion last Saturday. If these facts
hsad beeii known to the Mtsichigan
managenient, it -is hardly prohable
that tlhe trill to Chicago thlis year
would have bcen taken. It seems
that three years ago, in the fall of
1888, whcn James E. D~uffy was
captain, Michigan's eleven was treat-
ed in the same manner as this fall,
S. D. Capen refereed the game in
1888, and he was as utterly reckless
and biased in his decisions as he
weas on Saturday last.. He seemed
incapable of rendering a fair decis-
ion, and it, was as plain then as it
was this year that he had been put
in by the University Club to win the
game for thlem. Michigan c-as on
the point, several times, of with-
drawilng if they were not treated
with sousie show of fairness. -Chicago
won the game 26 to 4. Ben ILamb
was captain of the Chicago eleven,
and we are told that lhe acted more
like a "rough" than a college gen-
tleman. 'In the fall of 1889, Michi-
gan again went to Chicago, cap-
tamned by MacPherranl. In a con-
ference held in the Gralnd Pacific
Hotel between three University Clnb
riepresentatives, 'including Lamb,
and Messrs. Dunify and MacPherran
of Michigan, Ben Lamb insisted
that Capen act as referee or umpire,
but Michigan objected to a repeti-
tion of the: experiensce::of the year
before. Lamb declared that the

pled enoughl to give ganses away by
unfair decisions, and use him, as an
official, against Michigan in every
ganse possible. The outcome of it
all will probably be that Michigan
will refuse hlereafter to play foot-
ball in Chicago against the Univer-
sity Club.
Nccrll.-Tile Athletic Board will
meet 'T'hunrsday evening, 6:30, at
Alpha Nii Hall. C. A. BOWvEN,
tNotics inserted is this colamn at tie rate
of 101 cents per list. Special rates for loacer
time,.anodecta lincs furnished hr applyinig at
tbe DAnLv sffice.1
On Friday eveni~ng ni-xt the idoors of
the Ope'ra House c-ill swinig 0op111fur
the great scenice producetionl of Linseolns
J. ('arter's "Fast Mail." Thle railwvay
has oftens heets uscd by the dramastist,
lint lever beforc to suhlaitOextent as
its ('arter's fatiiisipllay, "Tute Fasot
Mail.' A freight traini with 14 ears, ai
lighitec atooseiaidliifull-sized ll-
msotive, cithiengitneer said firemans,
crosses the stage in the most reailistie
and noisy msannter, while later in the
play a great Mississippi river steam-
boat, with hells anid enginses anodcwhis-
ties in full operation, moves its and
explodes with terrific forces. A great
scene is also given cit Niagara its real
tumbling water. The company is a
most efficienit otie, ansd there is a great
deal of fun to go with the sensational
effects. A special car for the scenery
is used, atid every detail is carefuslly
looked to its the stage productiotn of
tine play.
Hot ansd cold batha 10 cents, at Post
Office Barber Shop.
Full line sew' style collars, 4 ply, 15e
or 2 for 25. Mark & Schmid.
None of the patrons of our Opera
House need think it secessary to go to
Detroit to see Madam Risesthsis sea-
sonl. She cill play hsere its Marcls next
without fail.
Ladies' Mackitntoshses itsbeanutifisl
varieties, just received lit Mack &
$1.95-800i silk umbrellas worth $3.50
to $4.50, miarked $1.95 at Mack &
Ladies of the U. of M. will finid it
greatly to tiseir advantage to call on us
when its need of Cloaks, Dress Goods
or Fancy Dry Goods. Mack & Schmid.
U. of M. Buttons, 50 cens each, atsd
c'ith clasa year, 75 cents each. We are
the onily makers of thse thsree-eighths
iecs buttots, with correct colors atsd
polished ensamel. They don't fade or
soil, and last forever. Sent postpaid
upon *receipt: of price. Students are
invited to visit us when in town.
Roelsm & Sons, Jewelers, Grand Circus
Park, 27t Woodward ave., Detroit.
A new linse of Neckwear just received
and no better styles will be found in
towtn. You will aay they are one-half
the price you pay for them elsewhere.
Mack &Sehmid."-
Don't forget we keep sweaters, hbeat
quality, $3.50to $4.25. Maek & Schmid.

KiHEHA1' & Qo., 8fade s1.,
have receised for ttie opening of eollege 20,000 Book, new and second
hand of all kinds, Greek, Latin, French, German, Law ad Medical Books,
whhths ey will ell at Greatly Reduced Prices.
Mathematical Instruments and Laboratory supplies. See our Note Books
for 1591-2
Is theLF XI1NG0SCHOOL stflltSIEF8.
-, - Four departmnts-Conmmercal Nc tetok
sr mnuscpt wor- &glihchobrthand nd
Penmanship Elgat bidinga,ge at
__ ~tend acer riBci t istuctrtok tbtor
sa-- ogh, lving expeses extemely Isws 225 o
250sOper werch stdents assise to pstins.
For catalogue, addrss P. R. CLEARY, Presidet.
"Thre .Nigara Fall Rue."
in Fashionsi TTO Sall ay srr N Y~'(t. :
1 ECp La Cp x(1-npAce
TT V IF, jiff erchant Tail- - .M A. M. .M. .rsrno
FineClean -2,.. 55 411.u 41li 50 i
jOrl11g. hir......d19 5.. 53,7,4
ine1 of piece Deli Mils... d41 . 33
m !T~~t / ACE All0.. 441 5 2 622 94F(O S 71. 0 Il
Wan uc 51 . 554138551 115
MGood'1tus selct W ayshntaac157 . 64 '.lS
lfroim. ('all forll'sailntesiA c.A. 47li2i10 411MAj14l . Va 1128l
a fine iting Bal.S60's tci __
19 . MAtN ST.. No. X I STTION~S. et, Chi. Lim, Eve. bbre ac Mini
CoEp Nasp Cap Lim C. Ac.
IA. M. A. M. A. M. A.lP. M. NT
ANN AnBeR.-MsIe. S. .Main111Street.Buffalon..... 120, 620 41 40 1251 6O
I 1 1 A.. . . . i-Y. . ,. r.N
Dtoit, L... 8251a i i1420 91 2 SB i
WanJnc 90.. 5..a 9-54 191
"""-: F '"ss-"" 15Ypsilnti - 11. 9 218s1t 2055 sly7 101 5 50
AEII AIIO'.. 95,55 839 219 9 18 1ta9s10has 151
Delhi Mill.. 9 41...... 15 .....
Chla6..... iass0..I.,9. 5 i i 1
________________________ JaIcksn.....1156 95 311011 15 6i 5n5
hiaAr. 7sin ass5 9os06 554 50 8011150
tDal. nSunday exeptd.
..&T. A. Chicago. Ag't Ann Arbr
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
71 Fort St.. West. - Detroit Mich. Michigan Railway.
LEAVE YOUR ORDERS TimTaln ginatoteffct Septbr 3, 189 1.
-AT- Arvaloftrins a nn sArbr.
-F.R 0.o.E 2.1Thrgh Mai ndExras...70 a. m.
Newspapers, Magaine, Periodicals Fine N.4 Ann Arbr A Toledo Accomi 50 am
Conecos, Cigars and Taccio. N. 6. Clare Paasengr-..... si5n05p. m.
No. Clare and Toleds Acesm. IllS 130a. m
C ~~~No.. Through Mail .....92p.m.
Ns . Ann Arbrl ToedsAcsm.. 70 a. m.
Tran4ad u6cn betwee Asn Absrand
IPIIOT GRAIPCentral Standard Time.
made ttie Tis.Daily except Sunday.
Ge.Ps.Aget. Lcal Agent.
Do you need a new Suit or Oeecoeott? _______ ______
afso ee the lite of ampea of the e
Golden Eagle Clothing Co., Detroit, A
Tueaday, Nov. 1th. Thia firm have 0\
ma undreds ofsita for tndeita '
last year (to whom they refer). In 'I
every caae they guarantee perfect at-
isfactionl in point of tyle, cut make
and trmnming, and will ave you at
leat 10 on suit or overoat Leave Af5F
your addreas at. Goodyeaa and StkK
Jame', Main street,. and.Mr oen ~ ~
iarten will -call on you at your conven- v


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