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November 16, 1891 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1891-11-16

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Published Daily (undays excepted) durina
te College year, by
Subecriptioa price $2.50 per year, invariably
in advace Sigle ropir 3 et. On sale at
Sbenanaa and Pst Ohee newss sted at 12
o'clock, oon. aubscriptios may be left at
the office of te DALY, Opera House block, at
Sheeans, at Stofet's, or sitb any of te
Csmunications sousls reacb te otfice by
o'clock . As. if tey are to appear the next
day. Address all matter intedd for public-
ties to te Managing Editor. All bstes
commaicatonsshobuld be sct to thc Busi-
ness Maager.
Ann Arbor. Mic.
RAPHaSONEsu, '2, Mnaging Edidtor.
S. W. CURTIcSS, 92, Assist. MnagitgEditor.
G. L. OnArstAs,'2, Assist. Managing Editor.
J. C. TAVtS, '!, Husiess Maager.
F. E. JANTTEsc, '3, sist.Bosinsos atager.
C. W. RCoaTSu, ', Assist. Bsiacss Ma'gr.
H. D. JEWost. P. G. W.HDnosEsAaC,'2
F. D) Otta, '2. . E. Hvs0LES,sWc.
W. P. PARKERa, '0.3. . AEnu,, '901.
. . Dygert. '513. 1'. . WLLO, 'li.
MICHIGAN has no reason to feel
discouragcd with the result of Sat-
unlay's game. Or eleven plyd
wvning foot-ball,, and victory was
stolen fron s os by the unfair tactics of
Crasford's ean, antI the pronounc-
ed favoyitisni of tie Cicago sin-
pire. Crawford has the reputation of
a "dirty'' player wshn at Vle, aiis
he fully tmaintaitned Iis reputation
in Saturday's ganme. Michigan's
players were not treated civilly while
in Chicago. The game had not
been advertised, and tnothing was
scen of a University club represen-
tative at the hotel either before or
after the game. It is probable that
Michigan will not play in Chicago
again for a number of years to come.
Our eleven played an infinitely more
scientific game than at any time
this season, the rush line doing sup-
erb work. ' he score at the end of
the first half, o to o, shen Capen
did not act as umpire, was a correct
test of the comparative merits of the
strength of the two elevens. It was
not until H-ayes was hurt ad Pear-
son disqualified atid Chicago com-
menced to hold, that tie University
Club began to score.
Trhe game illustrated more than
anything else the necessity of the
quarter-hack giving the signals. All
the foot-hall authorities of the coun-
try ay that the quarter-hack should
give the signals, irreslective of the
fact whether he is captain or not.
Every member of Michigan's eleven
without exception, say that they
have been unable to hear the signals
clearly, and aid a, cnsequence the
team work has at times been very
ragged. The quarter-back aa the

advantage of being in a central posi-
tion and his signals can always be
heard. Messrs. Murphy and Craw'-
ford are of the opinion 'that this
change should be made, and it will
undoubtedly he done before the
Cornell game.
Medic Sports.
Tile '94 and '95 medics congrega-
ted on the campus Friday afternoon.
to see their representatives put the
shot and run tlhe too yards dasls.
Hewitt, '95, wonO the shot put, and
McClymonds '94 the dash. The
'95 men forfeited both light and
middle weight swrestling matches to
'93 Lit. vs. N. A. A.

SI I^ & Qo.1 8fate 6t.,
hsave recetved for the opetning of college 20,000 Books, nesw and seconsd
hand ot all ktnds, Greek, Latiti, French, German, Law atid Medical Bunks,
wshich they wtll sell at Greatly Reduced Prices.
Mathemattcal Instruments and Laboratory supplies. See ostr Note Books
for 1891-2.
to the LEADING1 SCHOOL sfnBUStIsEoo"
";Fear departments-Commerciat, No text-bosk
or manuscrtpt-tsork- &nglsh. Shorthandnds
-= Penmanship.IElegant tuildtng, Iarge as
tendanccr cflbcjtns tructocrsooktholbs
ough, iines xpenses 5.xtremsely l10sf.2to
$2'50 per sweek; students assisted to positions.
Forcetalogue, address P.R. CLEARY, President.

T'he Junior Lits played the Nor-
nial eleven on the campus Saturday
forenoon, Isaving apparantly an easy
tlsing of it, the score being 48 to 0
in their favor.
Thecmn inehed uip as follosvs:
┬░outassrlls.cl- -leed oa-----.emoingtont
Cleverai ----clifttckle----t--Bllinsger
Heasthl-------lcttcguard ----- Gatsgcss
at---------centre ---------- ely
ltillcc ..- ragls--- igoourd --t--Cooley
Conkaslinss----right tackl-Tsorer,Goodsac
Wbhiteheasd ----gishstd------tflyzer
taio- ------qasrter-baockt---Andr-ews
Nichlasonlu, la's. -lft-bslf---------Drgsa
Jos -- - - -rghst-hlr------ Swift. ('apt
Tsasch-clown-ss, Joes, 5; Nickelso, 3; Cosnsklis,
:l; Cssrtiss t.Gosulds; Hacrssn, 2.
Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.,
Ias recently dedicated a magnificent
newv alumini and society hall, cost-
ing $fio,ooo, the gift of the alumni.
INstices inserted ia this eolumn at the rate
of 10 cents per line. Special rates for soccer
time. attd extra lines furnished by apptying at
the DAILY office.]
Hot atnd cold baths 10 cents, at Poet
Office Barber Shop.
Full line tnew style collars, 4 ply, tile
or 2 for 25. Mack & Schimid.
Notse of the patrons of our Opera
ttouse neeid think it necessary to go to
Detroit to see Madam Rthea this sea-
soit. Shte will play here itn Marchs next
withiont fail.
Ladies' Msckintoshtes in beautiful
varseties, just received at Mack &
$1.95-SO0 silk umbrellas wvorth $3.50
to $450, marked $1.05 at Mack R
Ladies of tile U. of H. will fines it
greatly to their advantage to call on us
when in iseed of Cloaks, Dross Goods
or Fatncy Dry Goods. Mack & Schimid.
U. of M. Buttas, 50 cents eacht, atid
with class yeair, 75 cents each. We are
the only mnakers of the three-eighth
ittchsbutttotn, witho correct colors and
polished ettamel. They don't fade or
soil, slid last forever. Sent postpaid
utpon receipt of price. Studetnts are
invited to visit us whetsits town.
Rtoeham & Sotns, Jewelera, Grand Circus
Park,. 271 Woodward ave., Detroit.
A new line of Neckwear just received
and no better styles will be found in
town. Yon will say they are one-half
the price you pay for them elsewhere.
Mack & Schmid.
Don't forget we keep sweaters, beat
quality, $3.50to $4.25. Mack & Schmid.

_________ j R MICHIAN GEmNTILA
lAS ~.STAFOID,"The 2fiagara Falls Roufe.
'its Faslos18Itin1STATIONaStMall DeaySlats N V' Ni') Atll.Kal
Exp LiloRot x- Ra.'Ep Ass
,3.T0l11IN erebIatit Ta1i- - 170 s90022310en 25c a.
( U9 I Chimags ' 59310 505 1(5 10 145
'' '' osg. Elte 3 9t;- 1S l... l 58i 0, 7 11;9 4
ifline of PicC'e Delhi Mijlls..40... 3
t ~~~~AS ABBI&. 4d2'S 25a602-:) 0'7410
U Goods to Select Ysiaa.ayn e52 .. .....647'2850 50
Wayse12"6aP 1.sl.M.d' 'ill
from. Cali fot'1 Deteoit, At 6 5645a1iS 5 Calld Il121
A.M.A.AlI.tisI 1 1
Chai. Nil.
19 S. MAIN ST., N.19 aSAN. Os-Ic Chi. Liia Ryo. SlacoPoe Naall
Ti O. bo a sp up p tjim Eho Acac,
S. --ati 50A ceM.A six A. 3. ! I M . l.At)
AN ABO, C. S lanStreet. Baffalo,....... .120(630 945 340A156r. a
SA~~.M. oA.. . . ..s-t. r . P .c .
l D~~etroit, ILv... 8 20 715 t 120740 0155 9 11 445
W~aye 900- 8 51... 9 d54519
"" = F"~ psilnti.... 22 t10 205 8S ....101115 40
hAtS Al808.. 91350392 19 95518 5019103o 512
Delhi Miiis.. 9i.1 ...-..9 15....
____________________________ Denter.. 0 955... .--S5c- --6(7
Chelsea.....1010 - - - --9..... 618
_________Jackson.....___11__00_9125 314 10 51110 11 41 655
tttiencao, Ar. 755 325 9 0a6e50 4 50 80115
ODaily. *Sunday extepted.
0' . P. As T. A. Chicago. Ag't Ann A rboar
Toledo, Ann Arbor and North
71 Fort St.. West, - Detroit, Mich. Michigan Railway.
LEAVE YOUR ORDERS TimanTable goinglanta etect Septemuber 13,a1toll
-AT- Arrival of trains at Ann Arbuoc.
F. 0.ITE-93 STATPGNo.G NOn-cu.
-FOI- - o. 2 Thrugh ailand Express... -7540 a.
Newspapers, Magazinrs, Periodicals, Fsne No. 4. Ace Arbor & Toledo Acem. 1110 a.mII.
Cenfections, Cigars and Tobacco. Ne. 6. Clare Passenger . -s...... 5p. M.
No 1. Clare and Toledo Aecom-...11 30 a.I.
! - No.50. Through 1Mail- --.......920 p. m.
{I,: No.15. Ann Arbor & Toledo Accom.. 7 20 a. to.
Trains 4 and 05erun betsrcea Ann Arboranod
P MVAM OGRA HEK Toledo only.
IIERt Central Standard Time.
All Trains Daily exeept Snday.
Gen. Pass. Agent. Local Agent.
Do you need a new Suit or Overcoat: _______
If so, see thte line of samples of the
Goldetn Eagle Clothinlg Co., Detroit, A /f
Tuesday, Nov. t6th. Thcis firm have
made hundreds of suits for stndents
last year (to whom they refer). Inf
every case they guarantee perfect sat-
isfactiona in point of style, cut maket
and' trimmings, and will save you at
least $10 on suit or overcoat. Leave'
your address at: Goodyear, and St. ~ I
James', Main street, and Mr. Rosen-
garten will call on you at your conven-

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