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November 10, 1891 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1891-11-10

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o' serve to be severely censured for es-
of h tbls.ig hispreednt.Th
qtaihngothisr precdent.shuThe
Pubised aiy (unay exeped)duinga auertonof asugbyemNshone
the IColeve ysear, byp
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION should say that for lack of material

HE1IIzilAI4 &- Qo., stats 8t.,
have received for tue opening of college 20,000 Books. new and second
band of all kinds, Greek, Latin, French, German, Law aiid Medical Books,
which they will sell at Greatly Rteduced Prices.
Mathematical Instruments and Laboratory supplies. See our Note Books
for 1891-2.

Sabseriptions price $12-50 per year. isvariably
in advaco Singlaecpies 3 cents. Oe sate at
aean sancd Past Office nesa stand at 12
o'clock, nooii. Sabscriptions may be left at
thc ofliec if the DAILYv, Opera House btock, at
Sheehan's, at Stcflt'cs, or with any of thc
Cosamuaications should reachtoicec by
7 o'clock P. xi. it they are to appear the next
day. Address all matter anteaded foe publica-
tion tii the Managing Editor. All business
commnications should be seat so the tBusi-
ness Manger.
THE U. of X1. DAILY,
Anus Arbar, Mick.
RAaPHSTOuNE, '92, Maaaging Pditor.
S. Wv. CeURTISS, '112, Aaist. Managing Editor.
0. U. Onoettas, '32, Assist. Msasagina Editor.
.C1. TiRAVIS, '912, Businesaslanager.
F. E. JANETTE1,.'l9, Asist. Business Manaaer.
C. Wv. iticaceTS ,'90 Assist. Business Mange.
H. D. JEWELL. . G0 W.H.Dnri csn sca,'92
F. D. GREEN, '92. F. E.tRUGGL, '952.
W. P. PARERo~t,l'9.. Rt. ARNItsc ,'it.
0. H. Dyet. '01. I C'. P. WELLER, '94u.
To-it UCH, we thsink, cannot be
said against thsethoughlsso practicc
of tiioing at public entertaiinments
or asscmblies. Besides being ill-
bred antI'offenoive it io certainty
atsything but a ptcaoitig way of
grceting a speaker, althsough it sisy
not be sirected against tutm. Andc
as for hsaving any effect its checking
applause the result is wvell known.
One would imagine that applanse,
hsowvever tuniultuous, would be msore
preferable to a speaker than a storm
of hisses. The disgraceful perform-
ances enacted when Edwin Booth
was here, is doubtless remembered
by many. On last Saturday evening
this was especially noticeable, al-
though not so much as formerly.
Mr. Powoers was evidently accus-
tomed to an Ann Arbor audience
and its ways, but to a stranger it
wvould apspear insulting, this wvay
which certain elements of the audi-
ence have ofbexpressingtlseir feelings.
Tis freshmen will not put a foot-
ball team in thse field this fall, ansd
it is very doubtful if they wsill be
able to during the scxt fotir years.
The class of '95 is ats unuisually large
one, but of the four hsunsdred fifty
men only nine ace ailling to torts
out for instructioss 00( daily prac-
lice. Thse captain and comsinittee
have tried to arouse thse proper
amount of enthusiasns, but all efforts
have been in vain. Even members
of the university eleven have offered
assistance, but the opportunity went
begging. It is very evident that
class spirit in '95 is at a low ebb,
and its attitude is by no means praise-
worthy. It is not no in other classes
in the U.of Mand the freshmen de-

and interest thse class of '95 is impo-
tent as far as athletics arc concerned.
Thsen it should be remembered that
thte first elevets, to a certain extent,
depeisds upon the entering class for
msaterial whlichs is developed by the
inter-class ganses. It reflects great
discredit upon this particular class
thsat no team is entered in these con-
trots. Every freshman should real-

_: .
-_-- = ~

lee that the reputation of his class s - -M "
agran thticabesvdonly by an exhibition of a little en- -
ergy and interest. $'2 50 per we-ek;sao
(Notices inseted in ibis column at the rate mc xie lt'F111t
of tO cents per line. Special eates toe loager ,... cisccoic
time, and extra lines furnished Op applyissg at
the DAIscY otie.]
L~adies'Msackintoshies iii teauttifuil
varieties, just receivedl at Mack &-,
X1.l95--500ttsiltk umbarellswxorths 53.50
to $4 511, nmarkedl $1.915 at Matck ts
1'. of M. Buttttso. 511censts eachl, andt~ U
with cltiss yeair, 7.5 censle at-t. We sire
the oinly smaikers of the three-eighth
isinhbuttont, withiecret eolors 11111
polishedi ensisiel. 'Ihey dott fadte or t~ys -i7
soil, suit bist forever. Sentt pootipaid ''~
tupon receipt of price. Studesits arc
inivitedl to visit us whtetn intsownx.
RoiehmnS-& Sons, Jewelers, Grsand (Circis
Park, 271 Woodwx-trd ave., Detroit.
Rttioio-Pleauatst siite at 10 South
Fourth street; iftrnacecheat.
Do you nseed a isexw Suit or Overeoat? 195MiNS.
If so, see the lute tof oamples of the
Golden Eagle Clothinsg Co., Detroit, ANN ARBOR,.'MICH.
Thursday, 5th instaint. 'This firsmshatve
insde hunidreds of suits for students
last year (to whom they refer). In "a E"
evey caoe they gusaranstee perfect sat-
isfaction in point oif style, cut, make
and trimminsgs, and will save you at
least $10 on suit or overcoat: Leave
your addreos at Goodyear & St.James',
Mails street, and Mr. Rtosengarteni will LEAVE YO1
call on yost at your convenience. -
WANTED-By a competent lady a p 0. N
piosito asmto inaFaenthse. References given. Address U. -
Of M. DAILY. Newsapers, Magazil
A tsews lisse of Neckwear just received Confectionas. ci
atsd ito better styles wxill be foutnd iii
towni. You xwill say they are onte-lsalf
the price you ptay for themt elsewhere.
Macek & Secihiid. 5
Rooms-very desirable suite itt nexw
liotise No. 5 Moniroe. Furtisce heat
atsd tse of buit. Price reasonisble. P O O
Don't for-get ave keep sweaters, best NO. 12 W.
qitislity, $.50 to $4.25. Macek & Schmid. -
Htot ansd cold baths 10 cens, at Pool GLAIND 0?]
Office Barber Shop.
Fllienwsyeclas4l,1cor 2 for 25. Masck & Schmitt. Wednesday Ev
lOANs I~N.-Mrs. Annie Wsard Foster --Oo at
xill opens s class iiidaclsning, also its H F KT
Delsarte its Novenster. Also awill have TH FIK I
eveninig assemblys tfter cluos.TEE
Laties of the U. of M. will finsd itTH
greatly to their sadvantage to esall on no Juilee
whletn its teed of Cloaks, Dress Goods U iC
or Fastey Dry (Goodhs. Mack & Sebmid. Cdrte
Choruses, Quartettes,
Smake up an even
L oat carese
71 Foft 'St., Went, - Detroit, Mich. PItES, 25, W1

* - Four departmensComCansrialNo text-back
a r mansucript work-k&ngush lShorthand and
P enmianship. Elegant Suling, lare at-
-_ tnancelcetisrcos okto-gh, living expenscae sremely lute,$2.251to
Identa assistel to petitions.
Far catalague, address PF R. CLEARY, Fresident.
"The .iiigarn Falls Route."
The Leader EASTWARD.
iti Fashlionl ~s11 STATIONS Mail Day Slice N T NitCSitl. Ks
Eap Lfi xla.l~a Ex j ,oAe.
Aferclianut Talil- IA. . M. a. M.en.P.M P.M.:A.
1 C~~iaego, L. "701jSf1CF152 3 10 9'25 10 111 5
Or'i ng.Flute JCelsea..... 35) 4 245 0SG$40 t '(xi4
Dani~er...... 4 14 . 54 : #5
Mle tuf Piece Delii Miills... 4 301 ...73
kAtN ARlOR.. 4042 125 6um.V 5 6 4 5 6 iS oi
Goods to oelect'YjssaoD . 5:511 164, 9330 '15:Os10
fro011. Csall fill- DetroitAr . 6 151 645 72010 501;i, 3'11I 111,i
A. M. 1s.At(A I1A.1. 11,I' I
a fiue fitting Bufo.....80 40172,3160SitCh. N
No 9 STATIOS. Dete Chi. tins Eve. Sie Pac. Masll
No.19x tap ExCp hap.'tim Ex. Ace.
IA. M. A. M.A. M. A. M Pi.M.A.
S. Ma~intiirelet. Buffalo,. stat. nsa so0s9 5)3 40 12tt0 6cs
A.M.A. . soP.s. e. . ini.P.
D erit v.Se2(55157i1 20u71415192915 4 41
WayueJusnc9t0 t- -8125... 9no54a19
Ypsilanti .... tI22St10 505 857d ..- lola554
ANNIARBOR. 9 5 Sat 219101951 sas3los5 5z
Delhi Mills.5945 ...-915.
Detes- o 55... 9-2s . ..ee60
Chelsea ...01la ... 9-Su ..... 618
Jacksn.l.ine00 515 3t4 15525 11 15 11 4t5655
UR ORDERS thicnsr. s.5 3 a5500650 45S em51115
AT- tDaily. *Sunday excepted.
FO--G1. F. & T. A. Chicago. Ag's Ann A rbine
inra, Feriodicals, Fine
ears and Tobacco. Toledo, Anni Arbor and North
Michigan Railway.
riae Table going into sersec Septemuber 13, 111
Arerivtato trains at Ann Arior.
-rRA j oR OINoGsNOT.
. I o. 2.Tliroughs Mail and Express... 7 40a.mi.
HURJON ST. No. 4. Anns Arbor & 'roledo Acim..51 511 a. m.
__ - - ~No. 0. Clara Passuenger-........503p..
Nol1. Clareanid Toledo Arconi.-..11:10 a.i.
---- N~~o. 31. Through Sls - - -0...... 921 p.mi.
Noebr No.35. Alni Artbor & Toledo Accom.. 120a. m.
re., Noebe I Teains 4 and 5srun betweens AnnsArbor and
adlhea- Toledaosnly.
Centraul Standard Time.
E ESEN, All Trains Daily except Sunday.
FAMtOUTSGen.Fatss.Agent. Local Agent.
- ~ingors
nanagement off
Trios, Duels and Solos AA'#
lang's entertainmentI
enjoymnent. , ________
and 50 'Cents. -_____ _____

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